(2006) Brides of year 2006


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The waterfall is at Kota Tinggi, JB. This is the most enjoyable time during our entire photoshoot, coz we can play in the water.


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dear all,

hehee i am so relief to hear that it is the norm that wedded gals can also be jie mei -thank you thank you ladies

bride (novia) - really agree with u!! It will be really happy that if all ur close friends can share this day with u...and really a pity that they cant just cos they are married...that is what is making me sad...cos i really want them to be with me EVEN if they are married but scare not norm.

Sharon - any ideas where to take your PS? i thinking of taking inNgee Ann poly (hehehe cos this is where i met my hubbie) but wonder have to ask permission from the office.


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thanks higgledy, I have got it. It was send to my Bulk folder. :p

I like those photos that have water fall as background. Doesnt look cheapskate la.. Dun worry.


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urs very nice..i like the grown with a cape one..the outdoor one..very special..

the waterfall effect really very nice...

your AD growns are also very nice...

no worry....money well spent


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hi Dorami..AGREE!!! need to work hard hard to be pretty pretty...

Hi Sharon, welcome to the thread. agree w meowmel..dinner venue usually need 1 yr adv booking so u need to quickly source and cfm 1 soon..(Nov is a hot mth to get married so quite a few places are secured already.)

you need to work your schedule backwards nw to get the gowns done. Nov (AD), -3mth (to hv your album done up), -1mth (PS), -1mth (choosing OTR gowns) or -3 (for MTM gowns, which is abt now cos u must hv a design in ur head liao)..

unless you want a specific AD PG, if not, some of the BS can throw in too..less headache lar, but might not be as nice as those professional wan lor..

dun stress out..take 1 step at a time k!

Have lotsa fun and enjoy the process of planning..


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- burn songs for march ins
- meet up with helpers to give them briefs
- meet up with emcee for brief

Ahhhhhh! *runs around in panic*
ok..let me start a new topic.."Accessories for helpers".

Have you girls bought the accessories for ur bestmen & bridesmaids?? etc ties, brooch, flower girl hairbands?? How abt Ang Pow Box??

where are u?? how's ur orders for the wedding favors - the rose soap? anybody else interested??


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Thanks angel and tissuebox. I'm glad you like the photos. We had a very tight budget so decided to get a package in JB. We did save a lot of money, but psychologically, very apprehensive about the results.


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not sure what to get for the guys...thinking of ties or cufflinks. My bridesmaids are getting the bridesmaids' dresses as gifts. My Ang Pao Box is the responsibility of one of my bridesmaids...haha...so i dun hv to think abt it. =) u?


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Morning suishi! :D keke..

newbbi, I bought my fridge and those kitchen stuff from TPY lorong 4, blk 94.. forgot the neighborhood store name.. we got all those at a cost of only 2200.. i.e. washing machine, fridge, hob and "air sucker".


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sorry...i dun hv any photos. I paid $85/dress for workmanship. I went down to Arab St to get e material. About $130 for 3. I guess I total...it's abt $130/dress too.


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<font color="0000ff">hi jingles, don't have to be afraid of what the norm is cos it's your wedding and you should be able to do what you want


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Hi all,

Heard from my friends that it is alright for married couples to be "brothers" &amp; "jie mei"...
Right now, still not confirmed how many "jie mei" I will be having...
maybe I will confirm min.3 - max.4 persons...

Bride (novia)- any ideas where to go for PS???



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hi girls

quick summary cos today is my LAST DAY at the office (and then back after the wedding la) so as you can guess, plenty of things to do swee swee by today.

lipstar: i'm giving my flower girls little cones (made with paper, thanks to marnie's recommendation). so no bouquets. instead they have cones with fake petals from ikea. yours chucrh wedding 9which church btw?) so prob no prob with throwing petals. mine throw and float into the sea, and fish eat and choke and all how? i scared. but never mind. chuan2 dao4 qiao2 tou2 zi4 ran2 zhi2

the cake shop near holy family is it chin mee chin? if it is, then go for the chocolate cupcakes. the frosted chocolate on top is fantastic!!! so if you get it, can i tompang one box? please? your wedding present to me?
(not shy)

btw girls, me and the parents are friends again. they know that i seldom cry (crying at the movies over cheesy love stories doesn't count) cos i'm so stubborn and i'm such a proud person i wouldn't embarrass myself in public so they took a step back to see if they really had been monsters to have driven me to let the tears flow.

so anyhow, friends again. and tonight my mother in law arrives. at midnight. :S i hate driving at night. my astigmatism causes the street lights to go crazy. hope my contact lenses won't give me problems. hope got enough space in the car. remembering my BIL is 3,000kg big. plus 2 suitcases. hmm. or maybe they can all hold on to the car and stand outside, like bangladesh public transport style?

wine: i bought mine on consignment at carefour. can check it out? they'll take back a max of 25% of what you purchased. can deliver for you to your venue too.

i got no storeroom. as you saw last saturday, my whole house is the storeroom hehe. hey but we're working hard to clean up! never mind, if MIL sees the mess, can just tell her 'messy house means luck in chinese customs!' at worst, everything shove under the bed.

argh, all this talk about cakes is making me greedy! i feel like eating mini swiss roll now!!! and the chocolate cupcake that nice sweet loving chio seksi generous lipstar with such a big heart will so kindly give me


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Hi Everyone!!!

MIA for quite awhile due to heavy and workloads and also renovations.

I have not started planning anything for AD yet.

Hi Huey

Did you select any Kwa for your photoshoot? Is quite difficult to find matching shoes. You have headaches choosing your gowns at Thomson?

I took about 3 hours to choose mine...... those very nice ones are too small and cannot alter
It is quite difficult to find a evening gown and finally a silver one.......

How about you?

Hi All

Any suggestions for matching shoes for Kwa?


ic..that abit costly for me then..cos i got 6 bridesmaids.. it'll cost me a bomb if i were to make the dresses for them..so i'm thinking of giving them 1 purple flower brooch each to wear so that they can match with my purple theme.. as for the bestmen, i'll get them a purple tie each as well..


HI ladies..
higgledy n tissuebox--> i wanna see photos too please! my email [email protected]

am flying off to perth tomorrow to do my wedding photos, so excited! will share my photos when i'm done ;) been dieting last few week to make sure i look good too..hehehe


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yeah...brooch sounds quite nice. =)
Mine are walking down the aisle with me...so i'm a bit particular abt their dresses...heheh...so i thot i'll provide for them. ;)

can't decide whether to get ties/cufflinks for the boys.
mine will also be walking down the aisle with me.. so i'll juz standardise the dresses to knee length &amp; a certain color..then they'll wear a brooch each..will get a brooch that is prominent enug when they wear it.. no choice..gotta budget the spendings..


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flower gal
talking abt baskets....for flower gals...
can I jux ask her to put into her handbag...&amp; throw the flowers..
hahaaaa.....cos no point me buying a basket for them.

I still havent order yet...
Lipstar, remember to call me when U going to order wine..
I want too....

Photos &amp; Montage
Still doing...brought the scanner from current home to new home..but didnt bring the cable...
N I left it there lying for 2/3 wks...
Till Sat...
When I decided to scan it myself, realized these stupid mistake.

Store room shelves
havent buy yet...custom made my bombshelter shelves cost abt $200

Frenz np...jux relatives with chn still waiting for them to cfm

Grp into 10
I got few tbs r of 11pax.
It will become 10 if the partner not attending.


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pinkbunny: My church cannot throw flower petals.

Now got problem. My mum-in-law booked church rehearsal on 9th Apr. But my Aunt whose kids are to be the flower girl &amp; page boy cannot make it. Then she kept on asking me if confirm only her 2 kids, cos she scared dunno they know how to walk or not, since there are no other kids to guide them. Sigh... she sounds like giving excuse, like not keen leh.

But I definitely don't want to trouble my mum-in-law to change rehearsal yet again to the 2nd aprl, so I guess the kids wont go for the rehearsal. What can go wrong? If they walk too fast, never mind, all eyes will be on me.
If they walk too slow, block my way, I kick them walk faster.

If they walk wrong way and run away, then I continue to walk. They are kids. People will just laugh it off. (Taking pinkbunny's Mum's (was it her) advice)


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panda - told u liao.. the theme of the wedding is u set one mah.. play oldies also can.. alternatively,, u can play bee gees remixes etc.. a twist more modern lah.. or madonna remixes.. also can.. ha ha ha
idea for u.. :p


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u all are having church wedding huh?

for me, i dun hv bridesmaids nor bestman.. so no need to buy ;)
thinking of DIY the Ang Pow box


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sam ~ i oso havent confirmed my jie meis yet... 1 may be going overseas lah, 1 may be having exam lah, 1 may be on duty lah haiz... tin i'll confirm closer to the date, maybe 3 mths prior...

da man ~ so happie to receive the progress package man... got $ to buy our wedding bands aledy!! haha...


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ya, don't worry too much la. yes it was my mum who said that prior to monster time. kids will bring on the laughter. i'm counting on them to gabra actually!

so. about that chocolate cupcake....


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wah....all of you haven settle alot of things lei!

- Wine: Settled by my cousin, they own a pub :D
- book church for rehearsal: No church, but we have done the rehearsal 4 times already :p
- bridesmaid's and flowergirl's bouquets: Florist settle
- burn photos &amp; songs for photo montage: Our PG and VG settle
- store room shelves: my FH got lobang for the metal type (boltless system). If you want he can help you measure and order the shelves.
- RSVP with guests: done last week
- group them into tens: My mum is in charge of this cos I dunno which relative to put with which relative.
- meet up with helpers to give them briefs: done last week
- meet up with emcee for brief: haven found my emcee.....ARGH!! ANyone got a good emcee to recommend, I dun mind paying for one...

GDL cakes: mum went to order the type of cake she wants and FH is just gonna collect and pay on Friday (GDL on this Sat, super not willing to see future ILs).
BTW, for GDL, can it be just my FH that comes? Cos I super dun wanna see his family...ARGH...


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<font color="0077aa">angel, i know i know.. but bf and i cannot agree lor.. wahhahaha..

eh, anyone setting dresscode for the dinner? i dun mean formal dresscode kind..

sam, you can get as many as you like.. for some old folks, the more the merrier.. my cousin had 8 jie-meis when she got married.. then the groom had 8 xiongdis as well.. coz my auntie pantang.. must be "fa fa"...

havent decide how many jiemei i want but already got 2 frenz (another 1 pending confirmation) as bridesmaids.. i make a distinction coz bridesmaids will be walking down the aisle with me.. the jiemeis will be helpers.. =)</font>


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Lipstar, dun worry about the kids running away, if they are above 4 years old, should not have any problems. Just tell them they are the most handsome and pretty ones around that day (other than you and your hubby la), then everyone wants to see them, so they must walk nicely

I'm still training my flower girl not to run away. I can't imagine what will happen if she runs away, will me and FH run after her like we always do? Will she get so excited about the crowd and start going to everyone and play with them?? My rinf bearer is more clam and will walk with being distracted, but wot if he decides to find himself another gf and start running away???

I'm starting to regret my choice...My dogs are gonna be my flower girl and ring bearer...I think I need to work extra hard on the training...


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hi BTBs,

I am new to this thread. Having a bit of a problem now. Hence, wld need your advice.

I had just permed my hair in Dec last year without knowing that my wedding will be held this year. As my photoshoot will be held in July and my AD is in Dec 06, I am wondering when will be ideal for me to rebond my hair so that it will more manageable and will look mei mei during photoshoot and AD.

But I have also heard that rebonded hair is difficult to style. So at a lost now. Not sure when I shld straighten my hair.


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wah yafang! 4 rehearsals!!!

hey girls, thought you might wanna know:
i read somewhere that the last night before the wedding, it's significant to have dinner with your respective families. we'll be doing it for the emotional factor la.

bluebunny is stressed out now cos of his speech. keke. i told him if i don't cry out of being touched, then FAIL! NG!!!


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<font color="0077aa">hi harpie, the best person to answer your question is your MUA.. prob you should call and talk to him/her for advice.. suggest you call him/her now.. in case if any action needs to be done,you have ample time..

dun worry, your BS and MUA should be able to help you out..</font>


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OL - me encountering the same problem too...
1 also overseas, 1 is my cousin and his brother maybe getting married also Dec'06 so cannot "chong xi"...
so far only 2 confirmed...
Ya, the progress package you mean they will give us the $600 in 1 time by 1st May 2006??? Or do they separate and give us in few portions???

Pandalic - trying to get more but most of them prefer to attend my dinner at night only...
anyway, I will also confirm 2 - 3 mths prior to my AD...


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Hi gals....why issit so quiet today??? hmmm i've been busy the last few days hence no time to login here to check on the messages and its like WOW...too lazy to back track haha :p

So how is everybody's preparations? I thought of wanna go and buy a simple box and cut my own slot to make it into a ang pow box
or maybe can DIY my own decor

Last fri i went to view furniture and found out that Nova furnishing have the same designs as most other furniture shop and they can custom make the furniture for us and price is very reasonable


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Yafang: Wah! You settled a lot oredi leh!

I got the measurement oredi - 210cm by 220cm. How much is it ah? My another alternative is to go to my best friend's papa's hardware store. But she said theirs is for industrial usage, thus will look rather ugly.

I told Mr Lipstar. He is also not comfortable with the kids not going thru rehearsal. I'm tempted to change kids, but scared my auntie get angry. How?