(2006) Brides of year 2006


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eh thanks girls. i'm excited too but it's been such a horrible day with my dad calling to scold me and say why i'm so rude to my mum. then cry. then after hang up, my mother call, then cry again. in the end i spent my whole lunch hour crying either at toilet or at smoking balcony. then come back to office eyes and nose red red :S

then my colleagues all rushing to ask for my help now because they realise (after i've been telling them for weeks) that i'll be away from wed onwards.

too much work has resulted in my inability to feel the excitement. boo hoo


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<font color="0077aa">jingles, married frens can be bridesmaids too.. unless your folks are pantang..

my married fren will serve as matron of honour and is walking down the aisle with me.. =)</font>


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Didn't go to IKEA today because Mr lipstar has to work late.

Hugs for pinkbunny.


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hi gals... my AD is in nov... seeing all of u so busy preparing for your wedding... yet i hav not start on anything ... **sob** **sob** ..any suggestion for any ballroom for AD dinner... how many mth b4 AD must we hav the PS? any recommentation for AD photograper? ling


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welcum mark, tink u r the 3rd guy in this thread...

shimei, mayb u try calling up those farm directly to get the fresh goat milk....but i do nt hv the contact.....so cant help u on this....

sweetkar, some of us hv mit up before....but nt all....juz cum no nid to shy one.....mayb we hv dinner on fri first before the party...

tingz, me bought my heels from Allure Charix located at Amoy Street...mayb u wan to go there and see if u can find any u like.....

anymore votes on the below venue?

venue : (1) Devils (2) MOS (3) MOMO (4) Zouk (5) Others - pls suggest

Application are still open for registration of Oct Bride party on 31st March....

Date : 31st March Friday Venue : TBA

1) Diana
2) Elsie
3) Cat
4) Sweet Kar
5) Fifi
6) Pauline
7) Dwarfs
8) Moninet
9) Cecilia

All candidates pls email me your mobile no. at [email protected]


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Hi Diana..
Thanks for welcoming me... This place is really huge. Difficult to find a place for me! Nevertheless... i think i found it. 3rd guy! Haha... Who is the 1st &amp; 2nd?
U guys celebrate so early ah... Wahaha...


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Allo allo Girls!

Been a crazy elephant day (whatever that means..haha). Working round the clock to get my table sorted and slowly getting through the clutter. I can begin to see my table top at last!

Congrats Hazel! You've really persevered with it. What with your horrible employers and all. Proud of you babe....

Pink Bunny, sayang sayang you...i think our families forget (in all that excitement) that it's a happy occasion and not a time to rear their imposing monstrous selves. I have my daily revenge plots myself...

Lipstar, I wanted to get the really beautiful cobalt blue plates at Ikea when I was there on Saturday (you girls were playing mahjong at that time, I think). So modern and clean - I likey!
But had to stop myself from buying cos' got no home yet. Bleh.


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<font color="0000ff">hi jingles, i will be having a bridesmaid who's married. My MIL initially said cannot i said too bad, dun care cos she's a close friend
To me, the most impt thing is that your closest friends celebrate your wedding with you and if it means the world to you that your best friend is part of your wedding party then who's to say no?


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hi tissue..

No leh! I wanted to go NZ also!! but thinking of going in july.. juxtapose with their winter.. thinking of snow trip!! heh...

How much did you book for the tour? You book during Natas?


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Hi Mark

I already have fengshui master already. I am asking who is asking fengshui master to look at their house fengshui. I have invited one to look at my house recently. Ha Ha


Thanks for your quick response. By the way, do anyone has any farm contact number? so that I can call them to check with them. Just wondering....
Take Care



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Hi Sharon,

Dont fret. There are still some time left. Maybe the 1st thing u may want to do is to make ur AD dinner venue booking. Maybe u can go to the Marketplace and exchange corner: Banquet package to see if there is any suitable date and venue from those people are selling it away.

Most important thing now is to secure the AD venue booking. The Bridal studio hunting can be done after that.

As for how mnay moths to PS before Ad will have to depend on the Bridal studio package that ties in with the PS. Some may take longer for the PS pics to develop for your album, some will be shorter. I think at least 3months on average to do the PS before the AD. U can check with the BS on that.

As for AD photographer, personally I like the works of Hilarion Goh and Ron Lee. U can do a search for their website to see their portfolio.

Hope that my suggestions can be of some help to u.


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Understand that parents r lke tat....
I sort of used to it though I still argue with them.

N yes Marnie, I finally see results..
I still gt another exam to take in Jun..tats another dip.

I had decided to choose Prima for my GDL cakes.
Unbelievable! Went to so many shops to buy cakes to try the taste. N in the end, I had chosen Prima. I would go &amp; choose the type of cakes this weekend. Dun wish to eat any more cakes though I m a dessert lover.
U know wat, I was at Dino near Thomson Plaza to try the swiss roll..FH's colleague fav swiss roll confectionery. Its better than Prima &amp; other shops..but I really cant put the cakes into my mouth. of cos still got take little bite of it.
We didnt order from them cos wanted Jiale though its mouldy. We tot its jx 1 of the rare case.
In the end, I was unhappy with the service when I called them up today, so strike them off &amp; chose Prima instead


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hi ribbons,

no prob...err..ME is actually me in standard english. haha. FW = future wife, SWC = Sophia Wedding Collection. Sorri for not explaining. hehe.

Hi mist28,

yeah...lets meet up at esplanade there and tke dual couple photos together?..hehe....provided our BS photog allows. hehe..

Hi apple,

icic...ya...some of them do not earn that much as well. I for one is among the low pay workers as mentioned by GOVERNMENT. i m referring to the progress package. oh ya..got the letter from them last nite. Progress package gt the low income workers and age above 40. i belong to 1 of the group except that im UNDERAGE. mua hahaha.

Hi pandalic,

wah good idea...dance floor...but then my parents not that ang moh pai..unless they wan deng li jun songs which are rather not gd as thats a wedding and not suitable to play her songs.....

yo princess,

wah...independence day huh....then must try a statue of liberty pose leh..heheh kidding hor...no offence...

hi jingles,

bridesmaid or jie meis can be married ah....my xiong di half of them married...they experienced...so better to help me..heheh..unless of cos like wat pandalic said, if ur parents are pantang. Agree with bride as well...but gt to be tactful in dealing with inlaws. miscommunication can easily occur.


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Morning Pals!

where did u buy your fridge? did u go to those neighbourhood shops?its cheaper there leh...Tink u can wiat for the great spore sales in may lor...

Okie, looking forward to going to your new hse ;p... Has your reno started?


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Hey Jingles, I share the same sentiments as you. Find ZWD gowns more elegant. I will look out for the pink gown u mentioned... I am also considering Ah Soon for photographer and Angela for MUA.

Hey RainQQ, I like old buildings and nature. You know where we can find lalang field? Wat abt you? where will u be gog?

Hey Da Man, you gog to esplanade for your PS? If I go there too, I will look out for you... haha... but how would I noe its you? It would be fun...haha...


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i think no prob for your married friends to be your bridesmaids/siong di(s), im also a jie mei for my best friend over the weekend &amp; im rom-ed already. hee

Oh, i thot u were referring to a dance item both u &amp; hubby will be doing! keke...If your friends &amp; relatives are the 'sporting' type, they will surely boogie the night away after the tables are cleared!

Yah, we doing PS on Independence Day. Hee. How nice if we could be in New York posing beside the Statue of Liberty. hee. Met up with any VG &amp; PG yet?


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hi tissuebox, I just view your pretty pic.
your album layout is great!! You also chose many pic?
Mine is all full size photo with no design. Becos last time when they did the design for me, I rejected it cos they put some of my fav pic into much smaller size. So I tot might as well dun want any design..


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hi sharon,

Don't stress out...
Yap, like what meowmel said, try to firm up your dinner venue booking first. The rest will then fall into place.

When's ur AD, btw...?


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Girls: Your store room shelves, are you getting the wooden kind from IKEA or metal kind from hardware stores?

Cakes: The other time Mr Lipstar's sis' wddg, they bought cakes from this traditional shop in Upper East Coast Rd, beside Holy Family church. The cakes were delicious. We will get from there too. My side will ask for 12 boxes.


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Hi Angel &amp; tissuebox
Thanks. my BS is JWN. top up $1500 for magazine style and additional photos. all pics taken in s'pore. the green tree place is near labrador park...call hydrabad rd (hope i got the spelling right =P)


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We wanted to get the seating plan from the hotel. Yesterday called the coordinator, but we can only get from her on 5th April. The wedding favours, decoration also will be settled on that day.


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hi tissuebox, ya.. Anyway, if you dun choose your fav pic, you will never get to see them again. So okie la.. At least all your pic very pretty.
But did you try to bargain with them to take back all your pic?


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hi BK, I tot normally magazine style is included in the basic package. Your BS charge you extra ah?? Wow.. your price for per pic must be quite reasonable cos you got so many pic.
My BS charge additional $80 for additional pic. I find too X. hee hee


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Hey Gals, I also sent you a link to view my AD gowns. Let me know what you think ok? I very worried they look outdated/cheapskate compared to the BS in Singapore.

In total I have 4 gowns for AD.
Day (Solemnisation): White gown with Big skirt
Day (Tea ceremony): Dress with embroidery
Evening (Dinner): White Lace gown
Evening (Dinner): Purple halter neck

Thanks a lot!


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<font color="0000ff">hi elven_princess, My PS also on 4th Jul! FH's birthday also
Easy to remember. So where you going? Maybe we can go same place :p I also looking for unique places for PS. Don't really want the usual stuff...</font>


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Still got lots of small stuff to do.

- Wine
- book church for rehearsal
- bridesmaid's and flowergirl's bouquets (I forgot all about that)
- burn photos &amp; songs for photo montage
- store room shelves
- RSVP with guests
- group them into tens