(2004) Brides of year 2004


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You are welcome..... I'm also think of going bali cos I like seasport and suntanning
But i think now is monsoon...... Need to check it out later
hi, i am back after MIA for so long again..

HB is dwn on flu.. very lazy.. helps a little bit.. tink the whole world own him... haven't finish talking over phone, slam dwn my phone..

tomoro is my big day, wow, very anxious.. n happy.. but hb dun have the same feeling with mi.. how come??...

shall be the most happening in our entire life.. our big day.. but... a bit sian nw... after spend so much time for preparation...

nw very piss off with him... cannot be angry, if nt, must happy happy..


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hi hi gals

me just distributed my cards to colls nia. So 29 another set to my gfs then gao ding le.

2mr gng to Chinatown shopping, then change currency.


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Hi Summer,
congrats to u, tomorrow ur big day!! Enjoy urself ah..

Don't get pissed off by HB la.. he sick ma.. sick pple tends to be like that, very short temper one.. so bear with it lor..

Be a happy bride and keep us posted of the happenings ya..


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not my relative. It's my hubby side.
Veil... I wore it for the church in noon at the same hotel.. so my hairdo and everything is the same. me din wear any veil for dinner. :p

haha.. you must be kan cheong. miss out this and that.. not to say you alone.. my hubby "barged" into the house and forgot to give angpao to my "sisters" so you can imagine when we were supposed to leave the house for outdoor shoot, then they remember.. he so paisei.. haha...
that's memory to keep forever....


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baobao, no photo leh...unless next monday. Coz hor I put it in my new house. I bought it @ OG...they got 20% for winter clothings (Selected ones). I paisay to borrow everything from my friend coz hor ...i intend to use it next time haha so buy loh :p

Den what about pants? U wear jeans go right? Wait ur legs will be very cold one leh....got the wei sheng pants or not.....or socking


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Yeah i will be wearin jeans. Yeah i think i got to wear sumthing inside to prevent me from shivering.....

But im not scare of cold...


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Zann & DS,

Initially we intend to HM end of Dec after Wedding.. But now postponed.

We plan to go Italy(Venice & Rom), France(Paris) and UK... 8 days tour excluding travelling time.


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i will be going after the wedding, so will be spending xmas there.


i see. At first i also worry it will be too cold there after wedding then again maybe go try.


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so funny,i went there yesterday only,i still saw the big and small AP Box,why they say dun have..
My HM also MAY 2005......Hopefully,not pregnant yet,otherwise,will be very MAFAN....


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last week i went to this shop at people's park there to buy the things for wedding.it's above the hawker centre.the unit is #03-1242.Tel:65332694
You can take a look over there

For the ladies whom are gg to winter countries,it's better to wear WEI SHENG pants and shirts inside first,then ur winter clothings,get those very thick stocking pants also,to keep ur feet warm,otherwise u will be so cold that ur feets turn numb.....


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hayashi, wah say so fast think of pregnant liaoz eh? we already got plan first yr ... no baby coz wanna go overseas...so if got baby hor how to go? and heard for pregnant woman better dont take plane coz of the pressure.... :p

thanks for the advise on the winter clothing...jus now went to chinatown OG for a 2nd buy. Bought most of my winter clothing liaoz :D but hor .. wool wei sheng pants and shirts is too ex leh...i bought the 100% cotton one......u think is ok or not ah? I scare it will be freezing leh....coz neber been to winter country before....


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Paiseh ah ...
Haven't get the fotos fm the BS yet lah ..
My hubby forgot abt it ..

No lah ... he is more hardworking than me at the workplace ..
Btw, we are working in the same co ..
Me prefer leisure to work since not the peak season now ..

Yah .. I saw your AD fotos liao ..
I liked your 'fresh flowers' hairstyle, very sweet and refreshing ..
Your jiemeis really knew how to sabo the guys ah ..
My hubby was considered to be lucky then ...


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Hi BaoBao,

where u gg for HM?

Hi Rainnie,
mi olso gg korea. borrow all the winter clothering fm sister & friends. mi olso scared of cold... but never seen B4 snow.... friend gave me those instant "heat pack" to warm my hands. hv u bght gloves? mi departing on 8 dec. hv taken yr flu injection? mi KS went to jap liao.


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Hi Gals,
Finally I'm back! Miss the whole lot here!!! Tks for all the well wishes!

Wowwoww...time really flies & after all the whole lot of preps & time involved, things juz happened & ended within a day!!! Hmmm...juz got back my AD photos, browsing thru them & den realised how my hb kena tekan by my jiemeis...so funny!! Wasabi spread on breads, etc... hhaahh..will get them loaded soon! Actually on my AD I juz blur blur followed thru & din even think of anything...is dat norm???

Many of the Nov brides haf gotten married too yah?! Muz share share with the happenings & feelings k??

Hi Summer,
Ur turn later hor? Nervous not?? U'll definitely pull thru & enjoy it!!!


hi kk
Saw your pics, u look so sweet and beaming with happiness.
Love your gown, esp the white organza one.

your hubby forgot to give angbao, mine gave 'too much' He promised his brothers that any 'saved' angbao from the sisters will be distributed to them. but on AD, he was so happy that he was not required to eat any horrible stuff that he gave all 3 angbaos, packed separately to give him some bargaining power initially, to my sisters at 1 go. Got 'boo' by his brothers later then. haha.. guys ah..

realised hor, a no of the brides here hubbies are in forces. Militaries wedding have the most sabo. ;p


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wise, huh? must take jap meh? isit a must?
wine ah.....no ratio lah....depends whether u have lotsa drinkers or not loh. i have 15 big bottles which is equal to 30 normal bottles of wine for 26-27 tables


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Hi Bao Bao,

I used wire to thread the small beads and bended it into each alphabet. After creating all the alphabets, I sewed them onto the fabric. Not difficult but a bit time consuming.


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wah, nice work leh! kekeke...hmm my hubby name longer...more work leh if wanna do like that! think i dun have such patience...haha..

weiwei..do you seal the cover to the box or you leave it loose and only tie with the ribbon so that the cover is easily detachable when you remove the ribbon or how? Then the flowers you buy yourself?


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wah.. long time nvr chat in here liao...

yipee! our date getting closer and closer liao... u happy bor??? remem i told u that i got no feeling that time, now left 3 weeks liao, mine feeling diff liao, somemore my fh coming bk on 10th dec... miss him so much... aiyo.. pai say la, so mushy... hmm... don want to say already la... hehehe..

Oei ask u gals huh, ang pow box safe bor huh? my wedding planner advised me not to have one lay.. she say not safe, but i think ok lay...


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I think I will wait for the next NATAS fair to book for my honeymoon. The next NATAS fair, I think is during Mar/Apr. Just nice, I want to go around May.

I don't really like cold countries, cos need to bring a lot of things. I've went Skiing in Melborne before, it was so cold, and skiing is not really fun. I fell from Hill top to hill bottem. Bruises all over, trust me Skiing is fun for the 1st hour only, after that I can't wait to get out of the place. It was so scary, I was stuck half way through the hill, I can't climb up and the hill was so steep that I was afraid to skii down. I can roller-blade & skate, yet it was tough to handle skiing. The course is supposed to be for beginners, but it's so steep! BAD EXPERIENCE!


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like to share with u gals what verse i am going to read out for my fh on the AD...

On this day when we say 'i do'
I give my heart to only you
But i give to you so much more,
I give you my life, forevermore.
I give to you honor and respect,
Our faith together, we will reflect.
Happiness and joy to my life you bring,
Our unity with one another, is bonded with this ring.
My heart sings out with your gentle touch,
Only becos i love you so very much.
Our lives will be like a dance we share,
Togetherness forever, is wat we will wear.
Each and everyday, i'll give you all i can,
Only becos you deserve it, you are a wonderful man.
Our faith in each other,
Will make our love grow, for one another.
In our home, yours, mine and (my dog name)
Our three lives will interwine.
Peace and harmony will be our lives,
How proud i am to be your wife.

hahaha.. mushy rite??? oso depend on that day i got stage fright or not, if too nervous, i won't read liao... don wanna to become a laughingstock.. kekeke..
futhermore, bestman going to read verse to us, so don know the time permit or not.. don want my guest all fall asleep too.. hahaha..


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So when u go to europe? After AD? So u booked a tour liao? Me also scare there too cool. According to my friend the places that I go won't not snow but need to wear 3 layers of clothes. Advice from my friend is if too cool u dun feel like going out then will waste the trip..


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Ur AP box is very nice!

So u will be reading out the poem on the dinner? My gf ask me to prepare something special like urs to my hubby too. She asked me to sing le... but very paiseh.

I think whether the A4 paper box enough or not depends on how many tables of guest u invite lor.. Maybe enough for 20 -30 tables lor.

R u gals prepare any wedding gift for ur hubby?


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ya, if the time permit la, and if i not nervous.. will read, if not forget it.. hahaha.. i suppose to give my fh a surprise by play 'canon' with cello for him that nite,already leant half way, and can play a bit liao.. but i got to fly with him for 2 mths, that why have to change plan lor... sigh.. i really like the idea...

so not thinking of reading the verse for him lor..


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wei where u mia...so long no c u "talk" leh

hahaha...same leh...now the date getting nearer and nearer..feeling months back and now also beginning to change..haha...

wei...u memorise the verse ah? i think if me memorise sure on that day on stage forget leh hahaha...

you know hor that day in car...radio playing a song and i was singing along...then my hubby suddenly ask me...so you going to sing on wedding day ah? kai wan xiao! wahhaha!

i also dunno the ang bao box safe or not leh...but seem like wedding people all use ang bao box...wei if yr wedding planner say dun use ang bao box..then use what to keep the money? lock and key ah? :p


yes, i departing next day after banquet. Will be visiting dubai, after that go london, paris, lucern, florence, rome. We have booked the air ticket then go over europe then join the land tour there. My gf was telling me london going to be at its coldest this year. In fact i also worry too cold wait cannot go out will be wasted leh. But aiya...think dun wanna worry so much now, go there then say ...if not hor we might end up with no booking on any trip...keke

wei u gals got any thank you speech or not?? hmm i dunno what to thank leh! hahah


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yup... gotta state the price, if not they dunno when to stop....

my cards r almost out, oni left some gfs who i'll meet up during the hens' nite.... heehee
anyone planning hens' nite too??


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hi ladies ...

me now at airport ... waiting for the plane .... going to BALI .... see ya when back ...

odae ... agree ... the day just end so quickly ....


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harlow everyone !!!

me not the one to start this thread, but been here quite some time liao.... remembered that initially it was quite leng qing... then after a while, all of you start to join, then more fun liao !!!!!


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welcome back !!!!!!!

yah, we are talking about u earlier...

by the way, i wanted to get the contact from you... the shop in ang mo kio that does the photo album....


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hey gals,

really would like to arrange a time to meet leh... but i understand that end of year everyone has a lot of gathering arranged... like i have 4 housewarming lined up over 4 saturdays... heehee...

hmmm, wonder when can be a good time for us to meet....


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Hi Zann,

The cover is not sealed up. I just used the ribbon to tie it so that can be detached easily. The little flowers are bought from Textile centre. One pack of 50 costs about 5 bucks but I only used less than 20 pcs.

Actually hor, the Ap box is more for decoration purpose. When I used to help out as recep for my friends' weddings, we used to keep most of the AP in the drawer....kekeke. But I think it would look nice to have an AP box at the reception table.


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Hi Chamonique,

beli nice AP box, u quite creative huh....

Hi ladies,
am asking abt hard liquor (XO, VSOP etc) not red wine. sorry, didnt write clearly. how many r u bringing (if your hotel allowed)?

mi counting down, 1 more week.... cold feet...

& yes, please help to pray for good weather... had been raining these few days...

just done mi schedule & seating arrangement + Mc scripts... tired...


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is there a specific date hen's nite should be? like the nite b4 the AD or something? mine is not so much of hen's nite leh...i meeting them abt 2 wks for a meal b4 the AD to intro each other cos they don't really know one another...


oic...yeah esp yours leh...so nicely done up there...should display keke.. :p


yeah so fast...yrs coming soon..


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wow... so many post liao.. never come in 2 days nia.. so busy finishing my office work, clean & pack our room, went to collect our portrait but still cant collect my album yet.. sighhhhh.. realli feel like having a break

halo :wave: never chat with u b4 but nice to know u
ur script i think abit too long liao, maybe u might want to shorten abit (this is my personal view, no offence ok)

ur ap box veri nice leh... i oso doing one myself but not using A4 box coz i find it too big liao and too many pple using A4 box to do.. me manage to get a box from my office delivery dept so using that to do, jus bought the materials, will do it next sat

my hotel onli allow us to bring duty paid one.. so we onli plan to bring 2 bottles of hard liquor since we r having free flow of red wine liao so dont think many pple will drink hard liquor lor


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Hi wise,

i am bringing 2 bottles of hard liquor only.As for red wine don't know the exact amount yet.Maybe 36-40 bottles.....My SIL will bring some red wine back from Israel.don't know their red wine nice or not.....


Hen nite's supposed to be the eve of the AD,but i think better not have it on the eve.Ideally few days to a week before


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hi gals,

me just came back from honeymoon liao... hehehe... went to taiwan, now tired... tomorrow need to work already...

which brides' big day is coming up huh?? or all hv cleared already??? ;p


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hi summer,april
congrat..sorry late ...must have enjoy alot in the wedding...

hi moonlight
ya everyone still on honeymoon mood....have come back from hoilday....

hi mist
I think left serenity....at 29 Nov...

congrat serene...and enjoy yourself on your wedding day tomoro.....

hi seabeeze
must have been enjoy yourself....on your wedding night.....enjoy honeymoon...at bali .....


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My hubby prepare 2 hard liquor and 2 red wine per table and just a few bottles of white wine 'cos white wine is not popular at wedding dinner...

Normally elderly will drink hard liquor and beer.. Also depends on whether they drive or not..


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Morning gals!

Been awhile since I came in...thread is real active

I'll be using the A4 box as well, have not bought the materials to design it yet...charmonique, pretty box

Sharlene & ds, i will be going Europe for HM,free and easy, booked tickets thru tour agency. looking forward to x'mas & new year
...will be going prague, vienna, paris and london approx 2weeks+

zann, when u leaving? i'm a bit worried bout the cold too, my backpack's gonna be full even without the shopping :p

the wei shen pants and shirt you gals talking bout is thermal wear right? bit blur :p

my red wine bout 1 per table, and 50l beer, now wondering if that's enough....