(2003) Brides of year 2003


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Hi ladies,

my gown is not ready yet
Quite worried cos' I was suppose to go for first fitting in end March but now the gowns are still not ready!

Photoshoot is on 16 May, so I only have about 5 weeks for first & second fitting.....

Will be collecting my invitation cards from the hotel sometime mid or late next month.


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hi white floral and Lilac...which bridal boutique did you gals sign up with?
Lilac, i also will be collecting my cards next month!


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I don't know. The schools close from 6th to 29th, so in that regard, my honeymoon plan is only a little affected. Initially I thought it's only going to be 2 weeks left of school term, my initial reaction was to cancel. But now that I know school hols is going to be from 6th to 29th, I may still go ahead, depending on FH. Personally, I really would like to go ahead. Going in Dec doesn't feel like honeymoon anymore.


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Hihi Sue
Wow u took 200+ photos tho raining. If not raining, then even more photos. I v envy leh
I only took 70+ photos.
Ya I m going to White Link on 19th April at 13:00 for final fitting. U on? Need your help to pretend to b a potential customer. I told the staff there I m brining 3 friends, she said the place too small better dun bring friends. When I went to collect photos she asked me to recommend friends, I pretend to tell her I wanna bring 3 potential customers but she said dun bring. Then she v happy asked me to bring my friends. Chae, so $ minded. May go b4 19th to re-select gown, haven't confirm the date yet. U wanna come on 19th or the earlier date?

Hihi Kare
U mean school holiday fm 6th to 29th May?

Hihi Pausini
How did u made the square shape photo into an oval shape picture in the montage u did 4 me? I m referring to the v 1st photo.
I found the CD wif the song Be my friend be my love
My 1st march-in song settled.


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Naturally, actually Linn's album at Jawn looks like it is taken some time back. I like the pics she puts up in her website though. You are right that her albums in the other bridal shops are not that impressive , in fact, i have visited her at her studio.

She has shown us some of her recent works, my hubby finds her work pretty ok. I quite like her style as she is more into the natural and candid shots. What i am worried about is that sometimes she wants to capture the surroundings, so the couple looks quite small in the photos, seems to me that the couple is not the focus, but part of a bigger picture. You know what i mean? But i am ok if these photos are only a small handful.

How about you, which photographer have you engaged? In the very beginning, i was quite keen on Benny Ang after accompanying my fren to MB and seen his works, there is a particular album with a very nice looking couple, they also look very natural and always laughing, Benny told my fren that taking that couple's photos were pretty easy cuz' the girl is very photogenic and has a megawatt smile. But i think he may be quite expensive too, haven't check out his rates.

I know Linn doesn't drive, that's a problem for us cuz' we doesn't drive too. I am surprised that she doesn't provide transport, cuz' Marcus Mok doesn't drive too but he booked a Cab on my fren's PS.

As for hotel, i am thinking of going to see Holiday Inn as well, you have any comments on this hotel? Thanks for all your very helpful advices


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Hi Cin,

i am with Universal bridal. Most of my pics are small one. I only have 1 bk. Will be getting my album on 15Apr.

bom bom

Hello Min, Meow & DK

Tks Min for your kind advice. I would just stick to the date and concentrate on my number 1 priority - Bridal shop! tks indeed

Meow, what do you want me to send u pls? sorry I don't really understand your posting...

DK, tks indeed. Have you got any comments on Divine, Dang & Jawn pls? Any advice is much much appreciated. My fiancee really running out of patience as I am still taking my own sweet time and I was given an ultima that I must book by Monday midnite, so 48 hrs to go...ya, I understand, I am the one too lay back indeed...

Tks ladies...


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How was your 1st fitting? Managed to select any WG and EG? Very sorri, didn't go to the shop this afternoon cos have something to attend with FH.
After that about 6.30pm, past by but I forgot to bring my invoice, so FH says mayb go again another day. Pris, are you having your trial make up? If not, mayb can bargain with Susan for other things.
She told me trial make up and actual day dun have to put ampuole, so only include free ampuole for studio photographing. very funny ler, going to ask her again.


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Nope. School hols close from 6th June to 29th June. Oops. Sorry!

Here's the contact for the red wines. Quite difficult to locate though. And my friend said that if you said you want it for your wedding, you may get further discounts. Tel: 64792280. Address: Blk 13 Dempsey Road #01-03A


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hi ladies

hows every1 doin???
as 4 myself, been @ home all daz long on sat n sun...
onli manage 2 hang out with ah boi on sat nite time...
went back 2 my pil place 4 dinner n also kopi @ changi airport after tat...
changi airport is super quiet n also saw some ppl in mask there...
sure looks farnie lor...
wonderin if they r suspected SARS patients or juz preventin from SARS!!!


finali ur weddin is over...
end of ur mummy's naggin liao...

hv a wonderful HM...
m lookin 4ward 2 viewin ur actual daz foto when we meet up ok...


if u invite mi 2 ur love nest, i will sure b there...
wana 2 c ur new place n also 2 meet ur amos...


u muz had a lot of fun hvin cookie ard u...
no wonder hvnt seen u online @ nite 4 sometime liao... :p
mike changin car again???


how ur cake bakin comin along???
its a successful attempt???
next time u can brin us a chocolate cake 4 our next outin lor...

serene sng


Guess i might take your suggestion cos my FH also say like that. One question: If we dun have the montage to show, then wht are things can be done other than eating?? Pls suggest

Any suggestions to the above???

They have powder & liquid form but i guess liquid form is a better suggestion cos everything is formulated to the pregant women needs. It is in purple & white packaging.



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Hi Kare: Understand what u mean by not wanting to delay until Dec. Initially I wanted to delay my honeymoon until Sept but most people told me shld go immediately while you still feel newly wed. So, we decided to go after our wedding.

Hi Shook: The earlier date will be 12 April right? I won't be free on that day. I'm on for 19 April if I din go back to M'sia. How come you only take 70 photos? I tot normally they will take a lot for you to choose.


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Hi Bortei Khan
now im having 2nd thots bt my actual day EG... initially chose a green one, now thinking of changing to a blue 1... or maybe i'll juz get my designer 2 show me the new gowns instead... hey he shd be thankful i took otr, cos it sure saved him lots of work hor? wow you're getting yr cards that soon?

Hi whitefloral
yr PS on 5/5? wow, thats very early! mine's scheduled on 18/6, very late hor?
me oso trying ( desperately ) 2 lose weight, but doesnt seem 2 be working leh.... haiya, im too weak willed as usual... always give in to temptation... ice cream n chocs!

Hi Lilac
5 wks for 1st n 2nd fitting is okie according 2 my colleague... she said you'll be surprised that they can rush the gown in a wk for u ! it takes minimal time 4 them unless you're talking bt a major alteration..

Hi Snoopy! how u doing in UK? u din use yr actual day Wh n EG 4 yr PS rite? cos u mentioned u got them designed b4 u went overseas?

Hi Rene
wow, multi-tasking is really stressful, u n Lilac muz take care
4 my case, i dun have 2 worry bt the house part cos house will only TOP in 06, so can concentrate fully on the wedding now

Gals, how many outfits u chose for yr PS? im using my actual day WG n EG, 1 kua, 2 EG, 1 outdoor. I told Santiago that im bringing in my CS for PS n they said no prob ( cos more pix, means more bix 4 them )hence total 7 outfits. Hmmmm, maybe i should seriously consider cutting down the no, cos im afraid of overspending on pix....


hello ladies...

I just came back from my 1st fitting, my MTM wasn't up to my expectations

i rejected my OTR EG liaoz, couldn't change for anything much, only got 2 15R pics out of it. But i am still using it for my PS. Since is altered already might as well make use of it! I also asked for another OTR WG for my PS

My trial make-up is sweet lah, finally i got double eyelids hahahahha but have problems keeping my eyes open, like so heavy like that

PS moved to May, more to DIET!!


Bom bom,
i hope i'm not to late replying...

Do U have a budget to meet? Have U visited & tried their gowns from the 3...Divine, Dang, Jawn? I din visit Jawn..

Divine is known for their low-back gowns...
They gots lots of Organza low backs, flowy, romantic & dreamy look...Kim the gesigner gave very informative advise too...i believe she's quite nice to work with.(They price starts from $5K for MTM packages wif photography).

Dang is runs by this lady, Dang. I click on rather well with her assistant, Cindy. She is very frank & easy to get along. U'll find varity of gowns wif nice simple embroidery, while some beaded..Oh i actually visited them twice...
There's one gown i was pretty impressed, Cindy told me they done is specially for this issue of Female Brides..it a bustier gown wif French lace. It's a pity my FH din like French lace. If not i would have got it OTR.. (Their packages falls below $4.6K).

Flamingo, perhaps U can visit them..Shirley, the designer did my FSIL's gown. Shirley is also good at embroidery. She have got very different style too. Seen some of her EG using Indian Sari material but very impression & nice. Her assistant Suping is very helpful too...
My cousin signed up wif Flamingo too for her wedding in Nov 2002. Lots of relative commented that her WG & EG was very different yet very nice... So far review from this bridal quite good & their package is also below $4.6K.
To be frank wif U, i would have signed up wif Flamingo, if my FH would not have pick Ted Wu & paid the 50% downpayment.

Bom Bom, basically it's the feel lor...
But first will U be having your gown MTM or OTR?

If it is OTR then it is simplier, your jus need to find a gown tat U like & can fit on. But this needs alot patience at the fitting gown stage, lor.

If it is MTM then it a gamble & risk situation. It's all about the guts feel. Not only U but also your FH must have the feel that U are sure this bridal or designer can please U wif his work & customise a gown which is for you.

Bombom, most FH gets bored after the 3rd or fourth gown U tried...tat's why they run out of patience...
Talk to him, hear what he has to say on the gowns u tried so far & the bridal U visited...
They might be apprehensive at 1st but they are the best feedback u can find...cos he'll want U to look best on the Special Wedding day.

If U need more quries call me @97512580


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What i mean is your personal details. I'm compiling a list of all brides here and this maybe somehow useful to you when you want to find out certain info from them. The details i require from you is:
2)Real name
3)ROM date
4)Actual date
6)email address
7)Bridal boutique
8)Actual day photographer
9)Photoshoot date
10)Dialect of bride & groom
11)Venue of banquet
12)Contact No.
13)new home add(area)
Jus sent to [email protected] Once i'm done will sent it out to everyone loh.

that's a though one. Maybe if you have a laptop but not your PC lah, you can set up your photoshoot or ROM photos in slides show and put it at the recep instead. Think that's the best i can suggest. Else nothing more to do liao, unless you jus mingle with the guest lor.


Did U go to Memphis on Sat?

Jodie still haven get back on her proposal..
so slow....my hubby have call to chase for it but still she haven get back on it..


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Hi Mrs Quake,
Just want to know how much did you pay for the extraction of your wisdom teeth? Where did you have it done?

I reckon you have two wisdom teeth pulled from the same side, ie up and down?

One of my lower wisdom tooth is growing diagonally, and the dentist said I must take it out. I am wondering what is the market price.



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Hihi Kare
When is school exam?

Hihi Sue
I oso dunno wat happen to the photographer. He seems to be in a hurried to get everything done n over. May b there was an upset of the schedule. We were suppose to have indoor in the morning, outdoor in the afternoon. The sky looked threatening in the morning. So the photographer said go for outdoor 1st. It wz drizzling. When we were back to the studio for indoor, there was another couple taking ps (ours is supposed to be morning). Perhaps dat's the reason y the photographer only took 70+ photos for us. V suay. The greatest regret in my life.
The earliest is 12th or weekday for my re-selection of gowns.


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Hi Chicory,

I don't drop in often nowadays...but saw your queries abt photography & banquet...

Benny's normal rates for actual day is $2.2K...but if you take his studio photography, then it will be $200 off for actual day....
Comments on his style is that he would capture the natural mood between the couple...hence every couple's album is unique & different.... not neccessary must be full of laughter for each shoot.... We simply like his journalistic ones for black & whites....

As for Holiday Inn, service from coordinaters are helpful n friendly, the crystal ballroom is nice with the actual setup...you have want to take note that there are 2 big pillars in the ballroom...if your number of tables do not exceed too far from 30, then should be okay...otherwise expect some tables to be blocked...Food wise, not too bad...So far from feedback of Holiday Inn thread, general comments are good....you may like to look there from other brides comments.


hi stressed,

i am using EverBliss, it has a bad reputation by i sign up the package in 2001 bcoz of the photos, now like kena conned like that


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hi gals,

here's the latest update

let me know if i miss out anything & keep us posted, ok

hey all 7 dec brides, our big day will be 6 mths from today yah
...i'm so excited

& the rest gotta confirm your bookings fast....time is running short...i guess some of the gals have gone for their 1st bridal appt rite? ganbatte ne p(^-^)q

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>02 Dec</U></FONT>
enya, KAI , MM

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>06 Dec</U></FONT>
dinny, Graceful Image , Oriental Hotel
Mrs Quake, Dang ,Crown Prince Hotel

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>07 Dec</U></FONT>
jbride, KAI , Inter-Con
happygal, JLC , Amara
freesia, Le Galleria , Holiday Inn
Sunshine, BV , Beaufort
mickey,Thomson Wed'g Design, CrownPrice
wendyl, Bridal Concept, -

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>08 Dec</U></FONT>
Roro, J&amp;C , Grand Corpt

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>10 Dec</U></FONT>
Erin, Sophia , Tunglok Rest

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>13 Dec</U></FONT>
Babydoll, - , Hyatt
Ting Ting, - , Carlton Htl
Ming, - , Sheraton
Iris, Ted Wu , Raffles Town Club
sos, - , -
sunnyday, -, -

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>14 Dec</U></FONT>
mexx, silhouette, -
Cherub, Allure Charix, MM

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>18 Dec</U></FONT>
piper, Milan , Grand Corpt
Jacq, Milan , Hilton

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>21 Dec</U></FONT>
sandgirl72, Seletar Broadway, Mandarin
Naturally, Le Galleria , Hyatt
bobomagic, Bridal Zone , Rasa Sentosa

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>22 Dec</U></FONT>
renee, Julia Wedding News, Hyatt

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>25 Dec</U></FONT>
christmas, - , -

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>27 Dec</U></FONT>
cutiechar, - , traders

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>28 Dec</U></FONT>
EL, GHA , Holiday Inn
Mio, JLC , Hyatt
Babyblue, Divine Couture , Conrad
Pam, BV , Fulleton
rinoa, BV, raffles the plaza
Cream, GHA, Neptune Theatre Restaurant

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>30 Dec</U></FONT>
loving3377, Jawn Happy Ever After, -
chicory, -, -

tintin , Jawn Happy ever after , OCC
Tiara, -, Oriental Hotel


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Kare: Thanks for the wine contact. Will get hubby to check it out.

Sue: hope u r not too disappointed that it rained and you got to go for only one outdoor location. ut agree w you that you shld postpone the ps. U already choose your photo?

Shook: one case got 12 bottles. My hotel only allowed 24 bottles of free wine cockage. Tat is why i am ordering only 2 cases. Actually, if you do a calculation for me it will be cheaper to serve wine then beer. I am not too sure abt the calculation. One bottle of wine can serve abt 3.5-4 glasses i think.

Did you complain to WL that the photographer only took 70+ shots? This is like less than 3 rolls. And why u need to share e studio w another couple. Tat is not very professional. I had like 4 rolls indoor and another 4 rolls outdoor. B/w and color.

I dont think i can go w you to WL on 19 Apr, i am making use of the weekend to do a small housewarming for friends and also to discuss w them abt the wedding plans and their roles in helping me.

pausini: i finally cleaned my windows yesterday. Feels so good now that i have settle one thing but then we forgot to clean the lights. Haha...will do so next weekend.


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Shook, now my FH's dad considering to cancel the banquet 'cos of SARS. So everything's kinda on hold. Think will most probably go through with the wedding, except do without the banquet. So feeling very sian.

Sue, wow, 200+ shots, that's alot! How many shots did you select altogether? I may face the same problem in Canada about barring too. I was looking for articles on Canada, and I read one article saying that the Canadians are proposing to send in letters to bar people coming from SARS affected areas to visit Canada too. So I dunno what's going to happen to my trip, 'cos Cathay refused to cancel my tickets.

Jan, sorry to hear that your siblings can't wait to occupy your room. It does indeed don't feel right if you don't even have a bed before your wedding. I was arguing with my mum where am I going to sleep if I were to spend the night at my mum's place? I'm now contemplating to sleep at my house, wake up in the morning and wash up in the morning, then go to my mum's place. Very pathetic right?

Kare, so is the gathering on 10th or 12th? Btw, where do you stay? I'll try and make it if I can.

Pausini, do you have a direct Ofoto link? For some reasons, I'm unable to view the picts. Can you send the link to [email protected]? Maybe, it might work. Thanks and pai sei for the trouble!


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hi jbride,

thanks for compiling. my gowns are fr white link (bought years ago) but no package. banquet is at traders.

discovered my tooth with cavity is actually my "beloved" milk teeth (I still have one ha ha). always joked that i'm the person having the most number of teeth


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hi jazz

i having the same problem too... from both side of parents.... but lot of our invitation was sent to friends and relatives!

my wedding is on 8/5. what about yours? now i am checking openly with my colleagues asking whether they will not come due to sars! very funny hor... but no choice.

so what will you be planning to do?


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Had been missing for a week. Back with surprise that Pris is pregnant and will be holding her wedding on June.


Congratulation! Must take care of yourself, Ok. You will get tire very easily during the early stage. Plus wedding preparation also very tiring so whenever you have time to rest must rest OK, those things that can let your hubby handle, let him handle. I believe you have a very cute and chubby baby, just like you, Bai Bai Neng Neng.

You are another one trying for baby before the customery. So now kana, must be very happy lor!


Just curious, don't mind hor! Saw your early posting, you are trying for baby first before your customery, why? You are still young what,
. I saw some posting from other thread saying that more sex does not mean you got high chance getting pregnant instead a short period of interval, chance is higher. Yah, I also heard that morning is a good time, more active.


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Hi Shook:
1) Add Music into the slides - It will be best to use MP3 of the song to insert into the slides. Go to the website i mention last time for u to download the song. In powerpoint, go to INSERT->MUSIC then select the music u want it to play. Remember that u can play with the time line.

2) I did some editing to your pix using photoshop so it have this effect. You grad pix is using three same pix with diff photo effect overlapping each other and using animation to create such effect. Will send u the pix that i edit for u so u can used in ur slides.

Sue: Thanks. the hse was a bit messy when i took the pix. wah... u have 200++ pix to choose from? I only got 130 pix but i think that is enough, too many mean $$ to me... ok contented when i have now. dun want to think too much liao.

Jazz: OK i tried sending the link to u again. check for my mail ok!

Kare: Now school have extended to open in 14th. U will have more time to prepare ur wedding.

May: I do understand why ur FH wants chinese wording. It is a respect to the elderly (especially PIL) Especially to those relatives who take chinese cuture very seriously. Both of u not christain right? then u dun have excuse not to displaying chinese wording. Never mind very easy one lah. relax ok.


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Hi Amerline,

I went to Ted's Collection last Sat to discuss the beadworks

I mentioned about you and hahaha complained that they charge me so exp hee hee
but din manage to negotiate a discount
ok-lah, i dun mind so much on that as i still think their prices are reasonable and service is good
afterall, cannot have the best of all things

Were you able to negotiate for more photos instead?
I have seen their photos during one of the fairs, not bad, quite good in fact
so dun worry too much
just ensure that you get the phtographer whose portfolios you have viewed and are satisfied with

Hi stressed,
did you attend the wedding fair at raffles hotel yesterday?
i went on the recommendation of syarul
not bad, they show different types of layouts

hi ladies
how are the rest of you girls?
been pretty quite lately! ; )


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I had mine extracted at $250 each. I din experience any pain or discomfort after the extractions. I was able to consume food as per normal. One exraction only per time... the second one was done only after one week.


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Hi 1027,

My PS is on 11 July and my photographer is Kelvin, i think. And yes, they are the du-ti of Chris Ling. Their package is really value for money and style also like their shi-fu...I trust Shirley's recommendation coz she won't if she's not sure.

Hi Amerline,

Try not to think about the bad reputation since you've already signed up....just make sure that they deliver what you've asked them to do loh..that way you won't make yourself feel miserable.


Hi babyblue: I had mine done at NTUC Denticare. The dentist I go to is a specialist. He is Dr Tan Min Seet. I must say he made the whole surgery very painless and least stressful for me.

Yes, I took out 2 from the same side. My lower one also grew diagonally like yours. Noticed that 5 years ago when I took out a similar one on the left. This round I took the right ones out. I paid $530 in total for the surgery and 5 days of MC after that.

DO note that the price is for a specialist and not a GP and it is after discount as I'm a NTUC member.


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Hi DK,
Yes, I did. Went there with my hubby. Met up with Wesley. He is very friendly and easy-going. I m sure will have a good time during PS.
Just give Jodie some time. They might be v busy as Wesley is having his photo exhibition in Funan now.


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Yah Jus. We were yesterday. I have to keep chasing Sharul for the invitation card but still did not receive. He jus ask us to come down. But I was not comfortable on gatecrashing. Hubbie thinking got food to eat, chio bor to see, convinced me to go. Did Sharul send you a invite?

Anyway, it was boring. The string quartet was as Simon Corwell will say in American Idol "spoil the entire music industry". Went off tune so many times! Made worse, when after the show, went to Esplanade to see kids play piano. The kids were far off better than them. GOSH !


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Hi DK,
I saw your message in Ted Wu thread. Thought it is better to tell u here instead. If you dont mind topping up, get TG. His rate is quite high if u go to him. But you will get special rate if you sign up w him from Kai &amp; Ted Wu. He is good, even TY also feel the same way. You can see his makeup on the front cover of latest Female Bride featuring TY gown. If you want more info, call me.


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Meekoo, mine's on 18th May. I've not worked on the invitation card yet. I also dunno what else I can do, 'cos it's not that we're afraid of SARS, just that if somebody got SARS because of the wedding, then we'll be feeling bad for the rest of our lives, and there's a point to it. And moever, colleagues might be obliged to come 'cos we invited them to. So if the banquet were to cancel, most probably plan a small party with friends after the ceremony.

Pausini, thanks, received your message. Will go check out later.


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Hihi May
I din complain to WL why there were only 70+ shots for ps. My hubby v easy going type. He said how can I ask for the best @ the cheapest price. Muz let ppl make profit. I wz v upset dat time. I told him he is the one paying n I m not going to bargain @ at. So I din say anything during the photo selection.
There wz another couple in the studio bcoz they arranged 2 couples for indoor shoot a day. The other couple is in the afternoon session, we were supposed to b in the morning session. Juz dat the weather wz bad so we gotta take turns wif the other couple in the afternoon. Then suay
It is ok dat u can't go wif me on 19. Thx for the thots. I oso wanna arrange for a meet up session wif the helpers but my hubby said where got ppl do dat. His friend din do dat too.

Hihi Jazz
If u cancel the banquet, u wil loose the deposit. How abt postpone it?
Hopefully the SARs will b under control by May.
Aiyoh, y your family take away your bed b4 your wedding. Will it b too taxing for u to go back to your mum's hse on the actual day? Wat time is your make-artist going to make up for u?

Hihi Pausini
We thot of doing our presentation in 3 parts. Montage of growing up photos, ROM video, montage of ps photos. Dat means switching fm Powerpoint to the software showing video then back to Powerpoint. Is it possible to play them continuously in a smooth flow without break in between? Is it possible to incorporate the music into the 3 parts or we have to use the sound system fm the hotel?


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hi pooh

Ya, the whole of this morning cos my FH will access it n then copy them to a CDrom for my actual day's photographer use. Didn't know uploading takes such a long time.

Send liao!! Paiseh n cos me plump plump!!


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Shook: How are u going to show the video? do u know which format it was in? may be can add into the powerpoint and make it as whole presentation. if u want a break in between with oncinuously flow? then u have to test it out cos whenever powerpt finished it will go back to window screen. i think u have to test it out lor...