(2003) Brides of year 2003


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Hi Lilac,

i'm also an aug bride but 1 day earlier than u - 30/8, i've read someone mentioning that it's not a good day, is it?? hope not!!!

i'm in the same situation as u, preparing wedding n having renovation now
just take things as they come...


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i agree with the gals ... as long as u n FH like them, can liao.

I agree with taddess ... but not show my hubby but myself ... cos i was the one who was heart-pain that time ... u make me feel better liao!!

Ya lor, i agree with u. V. poor at the end of the day, esp for us. Somemore, i need to reno my hse after that, even worse. Think abt this, i v. sad liao


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Hi erin,
Hope i can engage KC too!

i may be taking his basic package at $800, u may want to scroll up for details, or just call him directly at 96222707. Does GHA provide actual day photography? Or u looking for 2nd photographer too?


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hi soyabean

Me with seletar broadway at AMK.
I lazy, i only went to Sentosa n i nearly got baked liao. So after sentosa, i only go to St Teresa church then i go back to the shop already. Anyway, the photos taken at the church were not nice 2 so did not take any of it from there. I go for outdoor 1st then indoor cos there's another couple tt day n they refused to go outdoor 1st so i chin chye lor.


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hi cream,

i'm paying $800 for the package which includes a cd-rom (forgot how many digital photos in it), a webpage for my friends and relatives to download photos, a small 60 pages photobook (including art work and collages). Printing of the photo costs around $0.50 each.

Hope that this is of use.

hi naturally,
yah, hope u can engage him too. my fh really likes his work even though it is out of our budget. guess we will scrimp on some other stuff lor. oerhaps won't have videographer. will just get a friend to tape.


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weather seems a little 'messy' now ... a while sunny, a while raining. no worries one lah, the photographer will most prob persuade u to go outdoor 1st if likely to rain. If not, the most outdoor do another day only.


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ok, got all the measurements right this time. So the designer will put on all the beading now. He'll leave a gap near the seems in case i need to tighten the dress nearer the wedding.

I'm so excited to see the final product now !!!


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Hi Rene,

my wedding is 2 days before yours - 28 Aug. It is not a recommended date for weddings but actually I am not quite bothered by that. Don't worry, whether it is an auspicious date or not, it is going to be the most memorable day in your life


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<FONT COLOR="lime">Hi jady,</FONT>
how r u?

me ok... waiting for PS day!
And also thinking of how to do-up our flat for wedding. Have not decide whether to totally shift in or not leh...

<FONT COLOR="lime">Hi yi,</FONT>
weekends ahh... maybe go ikea... bring one of my own EG to alter, intend to wear it for PS.
Maybe bake something... just bought a chocolate baking book. All recipe looks yummy

<FONT COLOR="lime">Hi Elaine,</FONT>
nice to hear from u. Sounds very fun! Thanks for sharing ur joy with us.

yah...definitely lookin fwd to see ur photos n video.

Enjoy ur HM! hope ur sa-bor-kakis dun tag along??? heee....


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hi lin

like pucca, me only intend to share my photos with my fellow june brides in this thread. so after i e-mail u the link next week, we talk here instead of Seletar thread can? Me not niao lah, just tt me a little paiseh lah cos me plump plump
Ok hor?? *smooch*


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Shook: so happy to hear from you. Oh i c abt the Gui Wei, so i guess it safe for me to use the word then since my wedding is 4 days after yours and in the same year. I am actually using your card as the model to type my chinese text. Hope u dont mind. of course i change all the names and hotel location and dates lah...ha ha

I am looking at 2 cases of red wine. What abt u?

As kare explained, montage is a series of small photos. For me, i got abt 16 pix in b/w and in various sizes.

I not hardworking, just like my hse to be clean.

How much did you spend for your photos?

Kare: 18 the weekend is no good as i am hosting a few groups of friends in new house over the long weekend.

pausini: i emailed u my fax number. Can i also see for reference? Thanks.


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hi 1027,

glad that it went so well for you

I understand what you mean
for my second fittings, I am as excited as you...
and designer said that he has not seen any brides that jump up and down (literally) like me hee hee


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Hi Min,
Nick Goh from Nick Goh Photography. His contact number is 93806946. I will also be looking at Grey Matter (QinZhong) and Monica Eng's portfolio. You can get their contact number from singaporebrides directory. Maybe check out their website first and call to view their portfolio only if you like their style. If you want to know more, email me at [email protected] and I will be glad to share.

Hi Besse,
I emailed u already.


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Pausini: i got your fax. Thanks. You also got the word lah...it appears next to the year 2003.

BTW, my hubby is the youngest and only son so do i list him as you nan or wu nan? Does anyone know?


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Hi may: Pai seh, I missed it. Yah i also have the word too. hee hee...
I think have to place you nan to tell that he is the youngest son getting married. Is ur PIL very particular abt thing like that? Like the 'Feng chi ming' on top of my PIL name. It mean there is still grandparents ard. If ur FH's grandparents is not ard anymore then dun have to place on top on his parents name but on top of ur parents name if ur grandparents is still ard.

Like us both of our grandparent is still ard so place at the PIL side.

The english wording also. If i have only one sister then would use "elder" and not "eldest" but FH only got one brother so use "elder". I think english u better than me lah.

Wah i dun know it is an art of writing chinese invitation till i go thru all this...


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Hi 1027,

Here's my update :

1. 1027, 04 Oct, Raffles The Plaza (Westin), Xristos (now merged with Wedding Marriage), Jurong West

2. HF, 26 Oct, Oriental, Chris Ling, Amanda Lee Weddings, AnchorVale@SK

3. kk, 26 Oct, Qianxi (Farrer Park), Wedding Affairs (Previous Fame Bridal), Rivervale@

4. Serene, 24 Oct, Holiday Inn Parkview, Paris (at Tanjong Pagar), Compassvale

5. fishball, 17 Oct, Concorde, In Wedding, P21

6. lorraine,26 Oct, Le Meridien, Jawn Happy-ever- after &amp; City bridal (photography)

7. Jady, 4th Oct Customary &amp; 5th Oct banquet &amp; solemnization. Hilton, Jazreel Low
Bridal, Sembawang

8. blissz, 30 Oct, The Fullerton, Ted Wu n Montage Studios, Rivervale Crest@Sengkang

9. poki, 26 Oct, Hotel Inter-Continental, Amanda Lee Weddings, Utopia, P21

10. Piggy, 4 Oct, Noble House, bridal not decided yet, CCK

11. leafy, 4 Oct, Qianxi, Bridal Zone, Queenstown

12. Blythe, 4 Oct, Church Wedding, 10 Oct, Hotel New Ottani, J&amp;M Bridal, Ponggol 21.

13. cath, 12 Oct, Qianxi (Farrer Park), Seletar Broadway, Ponggol 21.

14. catlim, 25 OCt, Church wedding, Goodwood Park, Sengkang Fernvale

15. rhs, 25 Oct, Shangri-la, Silhouette, Chris Ling, not applying for HDB

16. Teri, 24 Oct. Hotel Intercon, Bridal?, Punggol

17. Joanne, 12 Oct, rasa sentosa, seletar broadway (probably), queensway

18. Jus, 24 Oct, Raffles hotel, Ted's Collection, Everafter (Albert Chua)

19. Cookiecorgi, 9 Oct 03

20. Snowry, wedding date = not fixed yet, banquet= also not yet, Bridal package = Golden Horse Award, Home sweet home = Segar, Bukit Panjang

21. Jingle Bell; 27 oct; Swissotel Merchant Court; Wedding Present; Jurong West

22. Pinkade, 23 Oct, Marriot, Chris Ling / Benny Ang, Rivervale Crescent

23. Beibao, 11 Oct, Conrad, Jazreel Low, Utopia, Punggol Central

24. Sunshine, 27 Oct, Ling Zhi Vegetarian resturant, Silhouette,Utopia, St George

25. Stressed, 18 Oct, Raffles Hotel, Flamingo, Sembawang

26. AmerlineLee, 4 Oct, Rasa Sentosa, EverBliss, Sembawang

27. Sammi, 18 Oct, Goodwood Park, Flamingo, Beetles@works, Tampines


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Hi erin

Thank you for the info. Will call him up later. Can I check with you whether the $800 will include the developing of the photographs? Coz I saw you mentioning $0.50 per photo.

Hi naturally

GHA is only providing me the indoor and outdoor photography only. I think it's better to look for the actual photographer ourselves.


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Hi ladies

how's yr preparations coming along? when's yr PS then? mine's June 18th, not too late i hope....
Ive already chosen my actual day WG n EG, and also the gowns 4 PS. for actual day WG n EG, instead of mtm, i took both otr ( less of a hassle ). But i did mtm a CS fr Amor Meus b4 i went down 2 select my gowns. It was a backup plan lest santiago screws up *HEE*


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Hey Sammi,

who's your photographer at Beetles? Is it Kelvin or Bernard?

When is your photoshoot with them?

heard that Kelvin and Bernard at the "tu-di"s of Chris Ling and Eng Howe (studio d'fia).


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Pausini: ya, i so stress with this chinese insert all becoz hubby wants it. So sian. I dont think i need to put the Feng Chi Ming on top of our parents name. I am keeping the card as simple as possible.

I actually dont understand what wu nan means. Some say it means only son.

My english invites very simple - only states our name. So i feel so happy doing it.


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seiko,so fast you have chosen yr actual day WG and EG? hmm...me very very fickle minded one..if i choose now i will sure change my mind upon seeing other gowns!

My PS is coming soon! will update you gals then!

June is still pretty okie lah, no worries!


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Hihi Kare
Ya I gotta cut the inserts to fit to the size of my cards
10th I gotta work late. 18th gotta sort out outstanding things wif my hubby

Hihi Pausini
My hubby n me will continue fm where u left us. Will shout for u when I need help. Oh yes, how to put the music in?

Hihi May
Sure u can use my file for your inserts
How many bottles r there in 2 cases? How many tables do u have? We dunno how many bottles we need. How to estimate har?

Hihi May, Kare
I spent $1,800 to upgrade to magazine album + additional photos. My hubby budgetted $6k for bridal package. All in all we spent abt $5k so he is v happy n din bargain for better px when we select our photos


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my family doctor recommended taking Echinacea herbal supplements to boost up immunity system as Echinacea specifically targets symptoms of flu and cold. dunno whether it works or not, but i think i will give it a try...sick of the liang cha my mother has been cooking...bleah, so bitter

Hi Soya Bean,
You must be excited about your photoshoot...actually even though i was 'tortured' by the photographer the whole day, i kinda enjoyed it too.

"Look here, look there, turn your head here, smile that way, put your arm here, put your leg there..." after six, seven hours of this, i was ready to scream...

haha, not that i wanna scare you lah...just give you an idea of what you might have to go through... :D


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Cream, my good fren's fren also took her package from GHA and she is very happy with their services and gowns. Her wedding was last yr. I have seen her photos, quite good actually and the photos they give are very big, is it 15R? Dang is good cuz' so far no bad comments about them i think.

Naturally, i think i should call the co-ordinator at MM and try to negotiate if i have 30 tables. You have seen Linn Kong's work? How you find it? Cuz' i am currently quite keen to engage her for my PS.

Mrs Quake, Welcome back
. Glad to know that you have settled your actual day photographer. Sok Eng's style is really nice, but i prefer conventional films than digital.

wow, so many 28 dec brides...


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Hi Min,
Hee hee, me also excited to see you tomorrow, then maybe you can give suggestion on my gown.....
My actual day and that is also my customary is on 6 June 2003.
Me also looking for actual day photographer but budget is only $500.
See you tomorrow..!


hi jady,

busy renovating your love nest huh?
understand coz i've been thru that stage b4. :p
btw, wish amos "happy birthday".

njoy yourself this weekend.
me learning knitting with my friend and bathing my little noti puppy on sat then maybe off to dinner with hubby. Sun, hubby gog to see cars.

hi elaine,

seem like both you and i have real sabo kings and queens friends!!!! kekeke
glad you enjoy your wedding day too.
now itz over, enjoy your HM and married life.

hi leafy,

wow, baking huh? gog to be housewife liao. :p


Thanks for the note..i'll let my FH know...
He's to settle the photography wif Jodie...
He had spoke wif Jodie on his requirements &amp; is still waiting for Jodie came back wif a proposal..


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HI Priscilla,

If your budget is $500, you can consider to check with Yew Kuang. His contact is 97608980.

He is one of the hot photographers that a lot of the brides talks about.


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Hi Cin,

which bridal shop are u with? My photographer took abt a total of 220 shots. My normal package comes with 22 pages. After adding the pics i have 44 pages. In this 44 pages there are a total of 120pics. But some are big and some are small (means some of it 1 page can have abt 5 4 or 5 pics). Total i top up $1776.


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heehee, chicory, i know why u want to engage Linn Kong... u've seen her album at Jawn right? When i visited Jawn, i also like Linn's album the best... but dunno whether it's because of the handsome couple???
Somehow at other bridal shops, Linn's album didn't leave as great an impression (but i did remember her couples as always laughing), could be becos these bridal shops showed us other good works from Andrew Choi, Benny Ang, Chris Ling etc... u know, the bigger names...

Suggest u visit Linn Kong to see more of her portfolio, if u like her style, then take her! I would have chose her too if i had taken Jawn's package...
Btw, i think she doesn't drive? If u don't mind driving yourselves, or book a cab, then it's not a problem.

Hope u have a successful negotiation with MM!

Cream, will drop u a mail shortly, btw, here is the list of Dec03 brides (last compiled by jbride on Mar 19): list of Dec03 brides


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Due to the response is not very good, i think i shall cancel the trip to Arab St to purchase materials for the wrist corsage thing.


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Hi all: went for my PS yesterday. It was tiring but fun. I only managed to go for one location shoot &amp; it started raining. The photographer told us to postpone but we decided not to and select from the 200+ shoots that he took for us.

Hi Jan: I think you dun hv to worry too much. Just stay away from tat person. I've colleagues on self-quarantine becos they are somehow related to some SARS victims. Some of them never developed the symptoms.

Hi Shook: When are we supposed to go with you to WL? 19 April right?

Hi Pausini: I've just confirmed with T dragon on the printing. My colleague told me she took only one day to finish tying the gold string (she has 240 cards, same as me) so I tot it's very simple. My mum is a homemaker so she offered to help me with that. :p

Hi Kare: Since the school is going to be closed for another week. Will it upset yr honeymoon plan? The school holidays will be shortened by two weeks.

Hi Meekoo: I'm going ahead with my honeymoon to NZ. However, read in the paper that NZ might bar tourists from SARS affected countries therefore, if this is true. We might not be able to go there as planned.


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Hi Pausini: Just view the photos you sent. Your house is really nice. Very clean looking &amp; neat. I dunno hv a new flat so there's nothing to share. Will share with you gals my photos once they are ready.


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Hi Pooh,

I am with Yvonne Creative. Yup, some photos will be big, some will be small... the photographer said he will split into two books - one for outdoor, one for indoor.

Which bridal studio are you with? Sounds like yours is a much better deal than mine... have you taken a look at your final draft yet? We will be looking at ours in a week or two... hope it will look nice, if not i am going to complain haha


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hi ladies

i have also chosen OTR instead of MTM like Seiko. Chose 2 WG and 3 EG for photoshoot. My actual day WG also chosen, now trying to lose weight for PS in May.