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hi abrinas,

me wanna see too

[email protected]


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Remember the link I gave some of you the last time, if you want to look at my rejected samples, can take a look cause I uploaded them. Pls remember they are rejected so don't have too high an expectation of them.


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Hi Pris,

You didn't managed to get OTR gown? I still trying to see if I can bargain for more photos. Heard from Susan that Charamine make up skill is not bad. Wow, 12th fitting, 19th Photoshoot, very rush. Take good care. BTW, where is spotlight?


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welcome to the thread YaoYap

hey, i originally wanted to bk OPH! but cos im having 30-32 tables, so the ballrm looked pretty crowded wif that amt of tables

hows yr preps coming along?


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Hi Pausini: I went to Fave Nails in the end. Recommended by my colleague & when I called them, they told me that they have off peak rate which is 2pm to 5pm, Mon - Fri. Manicure is $18 & pedicure is $20. If you want french manicure just top up $5 each. So I paid $48 for mani & pedi. You can try them, I went to the one @ Shaw Ctr. Mostly likely I'll go back there & will do nail art on my ring finger since having solemnisation.

Hi Jazz: I think I missed your qns. I hv not selected my photos yet. Just took them last Fri & in fact, they told me that I can go down to look at the sample print but my FH went back to M'sia so hv to wait for him to come back first. I can't wait to see them. :p Did you say that you want to cancel your wedding banquet?

Hi May: My hotel is only waiving corkage for wine for the 1st 25 bottles because I've 25 tables. Therefore, I've ordered 60 bottles of wine & we dun intend to serve beer at all. We figured that even if the remaining bottles have to pay corkage, it is still cheaper than ordering beer. I dun get free flow of beer for my package. I can't wait to see all your photos. I think it is a gd idea for us to meet & look @ each other's wedding album.

Hi Kare: My friend just left for her one mth Europe trip last Thu night and dun think she's on quarantine. They still let u in. You like Canon in D, my favourite too but seems like lots of pple are using it. My FH said that he want to play Canon in D on the piano while I march in alone. I told him better not in case malu! The other song I like is 'Dream a little dream' by Laura Fygi, might use this for 2nd march in. Still trying to look for a song for 1st march in.


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Hi Seiko!
so far i have only tentatively confirmed my EG which is a red halter red. Not yet confirm my WG. Cannot make up my mind leh.
for PS, i will be having 1 WG, 1 EG, 1 kwa for studio. For outdoor, i will be having 2 WG, 1 EG.
and will be going to sentosa and the tanjong pagar nearby shophouse. You have any outdoor location in mind?

Hi yaoyap,welcome!
you very cute leh. why u think 31/8 will rain har?


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Can you please check your mail? I've sent you a copy liao. Do let me know when you receive it ok?

Spotlight is located at Orchard point(beside centrepoint) and another in Tampinese(not tampinese mall but the one with challenger if its still there). They have a wide variety of stuffs from cloth material to crafts and household materials too. Price wise not really very cheap


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Hi ladies,

Yes, I think I will go ahead and postpone. I discussed with my FH, made some prelim checks with FIL, hotel, studio, got alternative dates in Jul. Hotel so far I think no prob, as long as the date got no function for them that nite. Studio also said no prob, only thing is that I wld like to retain the same make-up artist and day photographer and I'm not sure if they are booked for the Jul date. My biggest prob is Daniel, our emcee, need to check if he is able to do Jul for me.

I had thot abt it for some time, esp as the infected/death toil nos started climbing. Also, checked with friends. I think friends no prob, most will turn up. It's the relatives that may be a prob. But my friends still think that it's good idea to push it later, as long as all affected parties are ok. The way I look at it, the prob is still not ebbing or declining. It will hit a peak before it starts to die (sic!) down. That peak is not reached yet. But it's already 2nd week Apr. I fig peak will hit within these 2-3 weeks. That will already be end Apr, early May. The ebbing period will only start sometime in May and for me, 21 May is still too close. All this is on the assumption that the peak will be reached by this mth. If it doesn't, we are in for a long haul.

Of cse, I may be wrong in my estimate and just being kiasu but it's not too much a bother for me as my wedding will still be on a weekday, my guests know that. Having it later doesn't really affect me, just got to shift in to hse much later only. Gives me more time to settle the hse.

I guess I will still hang in the May thread. I was May bride after all..........


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Hi freesia, I am not taking Benny's actual day photography cuz' too exp, but i love his b/w journalistic album too, saw my fren's, very nicely done up ;-) and memorable.

Actually i am more keen on his studio/ outdoor package, i wonder how much is his rates now and if he does return all sample prints and negatives.

I went to look at Holiday Inn today, hoping to catch a wedding set up at their Crystal Ballroom but there isn't one today :-( I think i have more or less decided on Marina Mandarin since Holiday Inn doesn't have the date i want. At least my guests might remember the good food even if the ballroom maybe slightly cramped and not as grand as Holiday Inn ;-)


thanks for the tip on TG Goh.
As for Jodie, i'll only have time till my 1st appointment on 19th wif Ted Wu cos i need to let Ted know the actual PS date.

Have U confirm on the Cheongsam?



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Dear sunshine and Mrs Quake,

Thanks for your info.
My neighbourhood dentist charges $350 for the lower one and $50 for the upper one. She also says I will get 5 days of MC, but I don't think I can leave my work for so long.

What is the diff betw GP dentist and specialist dentist??

I feel so sad for the doctor who passed away becoz of SARs. He is supposed to get married this year, like many of us here.


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Hi Min,
No lar, actually their OTR is nice but I think its not worth it to change my MTM WG for photos cos me still prefer hacter neck WG but they don't have it so have to MTM it lor but got try afew OTR WG and find it quite nice lor.
Yap Spotlight is at Orchard Point and Tampines and they really have lots of small flowers and all kind of ribbons selling in their shop.

Hi Meow,
You have not update my actual day date and PS date so maybe you can do it or maybe you want me to update it and send it to everyone cos I think maybe you can update it for me cos you are going to add in a new member details in right...!
Yap, I went Spotlight to buy the ribbons and those sponge sponge type of roses with leaves but those small type and when I get home can wait liao and start doing my wrist coursage already and finish it in 1hr plus cos I use sewing to attach the ribbon and flower together.


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Hello everyone,

Nice to hear from you again.

Hi Seiko, life in UK is still the same. It's not as cold as when I first came here and we have adjusted to summer time. More sunshine now and no longer feel as gloomy as before. I'll be on a one week "retreat" with my church next week so will be quite handicap without my beloved PC
... but it's ok... God and my fellow brothers and sisters will be with me
. Yup, I did not have my PS in my actual-day WG and EG but the studio said we can have a few shots in them once they are ready. We will probably use them for the big portrait lor.

Hi rene, Lilac is right. Regardless of which day it is, it'll be the most memorable in your life. I kind of regretted asking my parents to choose the date. My hubby once mentioned that if I didn't ask them to, then we would have less inconvenience coz we had problems organizing things with the chosen date. Besides, he mentioned, and I agree, christians should not be doing this. Actually my main intention was only to please my parents. I didn't want them to feel left out of my wedding preparations as we highlighted we are not following most of the chinese/customary stuff. I thought this was the simplest thing I can involve them. When my sister got married, they chose the date and helped in quite a lot of things as she followed every rite and ritual. They may feel that I have no respect for them coz I'm christian and wants to forsake the customs/traditions etc. Furthermore, I will be living abroad after the wedding and I didn't want them to feel like I bochap them liao or my wings are hard, can fly liao. Sigh... what a dilemma... on one hand, though I know my hubby have accepted the arrangement now, I still feel apologetic to him coz if I didn't do this, he wouldn't be going through as much trouble. On the other hand, I didn't want my family to feel neglected
. Alamak, dunno liao. Heng heng my hubby quite understanding and does not blame me ...



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Hihi Kare
I already booked my honeymoon package. Will go ahead unless the tour agent cancel it.
My company came out wif a rule no in and out of Singapore unless got approval from the VP. Dunno whether I have to get his approval or not for honeymoon.
Can't agree more. Life has to go on. Wat comes, will come.

Hihi Kare, Pausini
Thx for the tips on inserting movie in Powerpoint.

Hihi Pausini
Gd idea to use the xi letter fm your card. Can save $$

Hihi May
I xchanged my MTM gown to 3 10R photos.
My hubby is v busy wif his work after coming back fm reservist , our carpentry work n printing additional inserts. So I dun wanna rush him to scan the photos. Will show u when done.

Hihi Jazz
Wish your hotel gives u a favourable ans. Wish CX cancel the flight u booked for. So u get your refund or postponement automatically.

Hihi Sue
Fave Nails off peak rate is cheap. My wedding is on Sun. Is it too early to do mani n pedi on Fri? Shaw Centre is the one in Scotts rd rite? I always mixed up Shaw Tower n Shaw Centre.
Gd idea to meet n c each other's wedding album. I gotta ask my hubby to send me n pick me coz my album is then heavy. My hubby said can oso share ideas for montage.

Hihi Maya
Wish u get everthing u want in Jul. Keep coming in to tis thread. We can share experience we gonna go thru in May wif u for your big day in Jul


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Hi Meow,
I've got the latest email liao... Noticed that you also included PS date and Dialect group...
Mine is Cantonese(Bride)+ Hakka(Groom)...
Actual day photographer is Yip...


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hi 1027,

i had a look at the website
not bad i must say... so many designs to choose from and prices quite reasonable
may consider it ; )

hi amerline,

for actual day photography, i m with albert chua from everafter
you can find his website within singaporebrides
check if he is booked on your wedding date...
but i must say he charges about 1500, inclusive of montage

hi rhs,
it has been awhile since we heard fr you! ; )


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Hello Chicory,
I took Benny's basic studio/outdoor pkg $1800 with 30 photos in album. does not include return of negatives, don't know how much additional charge this would cost. I thought it's quite comprehensive since most brides would want additional photos for album, and the cost would come up to be about the same...

Have you visited his studio already? If not, go down and take a look...We were quite impressed with his studio...very cozy...hopefully we would have a good time during the photography session


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Morning Bortei N Snoopy

wow, yr bridal studio is really nice 2 allow 2 WG n 1 EG... mine onli permits 1 outdoor WG leh......haven thot of the location, will prob ask the photog 4 recommendations then

1 wk without pc is quite torture .... but at least you've got great company
hope 2 hear fr u when you're back


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hi jus, yah, the shoes are not bad. but i think its easier to get size if you are 7 and above. my friend, a size 4, couldn't find anything! I'm size 9 ... no problems!

albert chua? oooh, he did the actual day photography for my sis and her sis-in-law. He's a nice guy .... there's a picture of my nephew on his website! Its a little boy who had fallen asleep in his baby chair inside the car backseat.

albert was very nice ... he stayed back after the guests left to take more family pictures as well as the couple being sabotaged by their friends.

the pictures were very nice indeed. He managed to turn my awful staircase from ugly to artistic !


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Hi eustoma and emailwendylee

will not e-mailing to both of you 'cos my intention is only to share with my familiar fellow pals in June Brides thread. Sorry


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Hi Maya: Is all the affected parties agree. It is still better tp push back. happy for u that all have come to a common understanding.

Sue: that is cheap, do u like ur french mani & pedi? I think nail Art also have such promotion. I need to check it out.

Shook: No rush on ur album. it wld be good to meet up but i dun think i will get my album that early. I've collected my guest signature book. Maybe i am too kiasu. the guest book is really very ugly. I bought it back to decorate it.


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HI All,

MIA fr long.. very bz with works.

How's everything??? When you gals going to meet up??

Now most airline can postpone your air tickets due to SARS. Go and check. I call Qantas yesterday, they allow us to change w/o charges.


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Hi Gals

This is from "Are". think most of you should have gotten this, but posting again for more public broadcast.. Thanks for the info Are

hi all... juz want to drop a note to tell you all that this shop Daiso @ IMM sells coloured tealights, abt the same size as IKEA ones. i think its abt 6-8 for $2. they also have scented candles in pyramid shapes and some other shapes. they also have a variety of popurri (dun noe how to spell, sorrie). you may want to check them out if you are interested.


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hi all... juz want to drop a note to tell you all that this shop Daiso @ IMM sells coloured tealights, abt the same size as IKEA ones. i think its abt 6-8 for $2. they also have scented candles in pyramid shapes and some other shapes. they also have a variety of popurri (dun noe how to spell, sorrie). you may want to check them out if you are interested.

sorrie, can't check into the forum now so can someone help post this info in case others are interested as well? thanx.



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hi 1027,

I am glad to hear that albert's competencies
And yes, he is such a nice guy
we went to see him quite a number of times before we finally signed up with him! hee hee

eh, but you did not book him for your actual day?


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hi maya

u confirm postpone? we had checked with most our frds and colleagues and most reply will be going. thus we had decided to go ahead with the whole thing.

hope it will turn out well for everyone here too..


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Hi Abrinas,

I like you in your WG best! Cause you look really sweet in that...Love your outdoor shots too cause of the relaxed composure and the blue sky...The orangy outdoor photo is created using orange filters? Cause it looks really unique!


Kare2711: yes, think all of us have to take care. already wedding preps can be so tedious yet this sars is giving us even more trouble. i agree with you. defer honeymoone is like a holiday, not a honeymoon anymore. at this rate, i expect all countries to have a few sars case then how? cannot be tourism stop right? i just hope to stay healthy.

Pausini: ok, now very stressful. that friend of mine went back to work already. nasty scare for all of us.

Shook: i am also looking for wine. let me know if you got good lobang. i looking for french red wine. any recommendation to suit my budget of below $20. best be around same budget as May's of $15 per bottle.

Sue: miss you! yeah. i know. i am very tired and stress. parents keep asking me to postpone wedding banquet. how to? i don't have the money to pay penalty. then they ask us to defer honeymoon? so many many request and yet life has to go on? postpone till when??? i am really confused and stress up. you all face the same issues?

Jazz: i know how you feel. i told my parents. if need be, i will cancel banquet. i will not postpone. don't see need to defer. it would not feel right if i have to do the banquet months after my actual wedding. no point. and to defer till when? no one has an answer right. now government also ask us to live with it. i just cannot be bothered to wait lor. so tiring and stressful. not pathetic lah. just sad lor. if no choice i guess you will have to do that lor. you in same boat as me. sian whenever i think about it. no place to go back. i also no money to pay deposit. have to pay full amount since now so near.

All: I need some help from all of you. anyone of you have contact for makeup artist? i need one for my ROM day. wanted to save money but mum was very insistent and after multiple quarrels i give in. there is this lady i ask, she quoted me $250 for both make up and hair at my place. this is really out of my budget so hoping you guys got better recommendations.

I will be going ahead for honeymoon. Can't keep track who else is going. I know Shook is. Who else? Need all the support!


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I will sent to everyone again when another bride sent me the details. I've already update the list liao. Dun worry, the next letter sent will be the new one with your details all added in.


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Jan: My Makeup artist - kieth is doing it for $100 for both hair and makeup. Would u like to consider? I need to check with him does that apply to bride not from JLC. Cos Jazreel low the lady boss want all the makeup artist to have a standard price for JLC bride, cos some of the parents wld want make up on that day. If yes i give him a call again cos i forgot his HP. Why dun u ask ur bridal shop makeup artist?


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ur WG is off shoulders one ah?

saw ur pix.. all these are the rejected ones?
saw some whereby your gown "flies" leh .. quite a unique idea


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Shook: no problem. When yr FH settle down then you scan the photos and show us. Exactly how many photos do you have in your album. It sounds really heavy.

Maya: since u r not penalised for postponing ur dinner. that is good. Think the rest of us r proceeding ahead. I have the same thinking as Jan. Dont want to drag further. I only pray very hard that our attendance wont be affected.

pausini: nail art got off peak rates too. I also paid additional S$5 for french manicure. The only thing is the location quite out of the place.

Shook: try to do yr manicure and pedicure a day before actual so that it looks fresh. I did mine 2 days before ps and my fingers got some scratches that i had to do the touch up myself.

Jan: i getting hubby to check on the wine. it seems that it is possible to get australian red wine for S$ 15. How many bottles r u planning to get. Thankfully, for my case, no one has asked us to postpone the wedding. Talk to hubby last nite and he said that life still needs to go on and people will still eat what. Maybe those attending will not bring their children which is good.
So where r u going for honeymoon?

Sue: how much is yr wine per bottle? and how much r u paying for corkage?


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Hi everyone,

Since all of us are Oct brides, I need to do a check list to see if the listed items have alreadi been done.

2.First fitting
3.bought shoe
4.Make guest list
5.book transport
6.book actual day photog
7.trial make up

I have oni done 3,4,6. Is this normal? I dun want to call my brial to chase them for fitting, altho I'm dying to try on the gown...


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Hi ladies, aiyah, I'm still fretting over my decision. Postpone or not? Now decision left to me, FH ok. Daniel, also ok bec seems like Jul no weddings??!! I think bec Chinese 6th mth, not so gd....aiyah, now half hearted already, how??

Someone helped me check before abt animals that chong on each day, but I can't remember who. Can that same someone help me find out what animal chong on 17 Jul?


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hi jus, i booked choon huat for my actual day. duuno leh ... i wasn't very impressed by Albert's website when my sis told me about her photographer.

re the shoes, size 8 should be no problem lah. Dun worry! Just give them min 2 weeks for delivery!

stressed, i've only done 2,3,4,6 and 7. but number 4 (guest list) is always subject to changes mah, just get the list out to estimate the number of tables only.

Number 5 Book Transport - huh? what do you mean? Are you referring to the bridal car or are you talking abt transportation for the ah yees ?

Number 1: My PS is on 12 june.


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Hi Stressed,

I've done : PS & Guest list (half only...my FH still hasn't started..can die, if Transport is bridal car..done as will be using my brother-in-law's.

The rest NOT yet...

Hi 1027,

I've checked out the shoe site...interesting...but not very comfy shopping online for shoes as shoes need to be tried on to feel if it fits...tho price very tempting tho. How was the fit for the pair u bought?

Hi rhs,

How much did u pay for Kelvin for actual day photography? What's the package like? Me shopping now for actual day...something candid and natural, story like...budget about $1K


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Btw, what do we need to buy for the guo da li procedure? i read somewhere that we have to buy oil lamps? what kind of lamps and where to get from? thanks.