(2003) Brides of year 2003


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Don't be wicked ah!
I don't want it to be extended ah!! Anyway, no news from school yet. But we will know by Monday. I will keep everyone informed as soon as I hear anything.


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hi everyone...
i'm quite new to SB.

i'm oso a June BTB. Cheers!

p.s. was reading ur thread and i tink u are a nice group of pple. ;)


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Hi soyabean

Welcome to June thread!!

Thanks for saying we r a nice group of pple
*hahahaha* We r indeed a nice group of pple

My wedding date's 21st n I m with Seletar Broadway. When's yr wedding date? let me guess ... 22nd June?? just guessing 'cos this date is so popular. How abt bridal?


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Kare: Oops! haha sorry i only think of myself. I got 3 colleague intended to go europe this coming 10, one have cancelled the trip due to the SARS outbreak in many place in europe. The other two still thinking. Now, i have to reserved 3 seats for them just in case they are not going then they will attend my wedding. They are quite sad, have to forefit $400 each. Not becosof the money but becos it is a rare chance that 3 can get such a long leave of 3 weeks to tour together.

Kare understand how u feel lah *pat pat*

Dun mind u showing my hse to ur FH. Actually my hse not nice leh. That is not the idea one i want lah... *sigh* althot simple i feel we still spent alot! it think i invest alot in my furniture.

infact, selecting photo after work is a very bad idea. pple get too stress in work and have to stress ourselves on the photos, especially when it doenst turn out well. just like me i saw the bad photos 1st and it change my mood totally. we made our final selection on sunday. Kare, how much did u top up for ur photos? good that ur FH allow to pay for it. My FH only give me $500 extra to choose my pix * stingy* but end up i spent less only $140 cos that is the max i can find. so he very happy.

I am fine with the meet up.. when when when? not bring FH hor...


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Hi, Pris,

Mi never make tell Susan what time I going down, just told her I going down in the afternnon. Most probably also late afternoon cos FH working half day. After having lunch, we may also be there ard your time. Most probably will see you. So excited, always chat and never see you before.
When is your wedding date and customary?


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Hi, Pris,

Mi Forgot to ask you, did you take their actual day photographing? Think thay told me is about $580. Eight rolls of film, additional roll is S$50 per roll. If not, any gd recommemndations. S$50 per additional roll too expensive.


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I din go thru my coordinator..I called up to book an appt with Helen directly..
When u book for your 1st fit, trial and PS, make sure they actually write down in the calendar in front of u cos they might forget.. B4 they agree on the PS date, they have to check with the makeup artist whether they are free on that day so make sure they do that else u will encounter the same thing again.
dun worry lah, I think it will turn out fine..
I dunno how much they will charge u for extra pic but I know definitely not cheap, we ask the other time and they say something like $60 a piece..


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Hi Min,
I also looking for actual day photographers. So far, must seen Nick Goh Photography, Yew Kwang and Sok Eng (Berry Happy). Nick Goh & Soh Eng is using digital camera which is more ex and Yew Kwang is using traditional cam. He charge $500 (8 rolls) and $40 for additional roll. There is another photographer, Alan Dai $480 (8 rolls).
If you get the actual day photographer from bridal, you might not get to see who is the person until your actual day. If this is the case, think better to find on your own lor. At least, talk to him and see if you are comfortable with him/her.


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Hi Pucca,

They took away all the sample photos to make the book. Actually this $2500 was used to make another booklet, something like digital ones which will incorporate another 80 shots...big n small....


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Hi Stressed,

My PS is on 11 July... Ya loh, Kwa is a bit hot for our weather...will go try first, if I look silly in it, will opt for CS. A modern twist to CS is interesting..something like what Zhang Ziyi wears..But of course must lose weight first..otherwise like bak chang.


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Pausini: i dont think splashing window during rainy days is a good idea. You will wet your own floor, man. Wow, you got so many windows. I dont have so many so i save alot for my binds. Actually, my binds in my room are always down. We dont open the windows caused facing opp blk. So sometimes, i forget that the windows are so dirty that it is disgusting.

I didnt take any pictures of my bedroom cause i have not really setup the bed yet. I have not even buy my bedside tables. But i am counting down the days that i will get to sleep on a proper bed and on my simmons mattress. Sigh.

Kare: thanks for helping me check w yr friend abt the wines. i mamanged to ask for 24 bottles free corkage. So will be bringing wine. Hotel gives me one 30L barrel of beer so we r quite prepare to pay for another additional. Plus,i got lots of hard liquor so i think it is enuf.

So how much did you spend on your extra photos? Agree w pausini, it is very tiring to select after work...i was so tired myself and confuse. I prefer my studio photos. Felt that the outdoor was not that great. Anyway, i selected 1 additional photo for the album tat costs me S$ 45 and i got to top up S$ 180 for a photo montage w frame. Hubby and i do not want those table top thingy and a enlarge photo of ourself. We asked for a montage of 16 photos to be done up in frame so that we can hang it as a picture. Quite x hor? It is 20" x 30" photo montage.
So all in i spend more than S$ 200 ++ for photos. I am going down to see the layout of the montage next week so will try to ask if i can get my proofs cheaper.


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Hi taddess

Wah wah, $2500!!

O, the sample photos r used to make the extra booklet. tt's nice!! Anything to show us??

Happy for u tt u r happy with yr photos. Another happy bride!!

I can collect mine 2mr, so excited!! Can finally show u all on Monday liao (hopefully)


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Me almost settled on the key items.. now will start to work on the house.. haha.. design session is fun! you enjoy k!?


You looking for Actual Day photographer? Nick is nice but can i suggest you take a look at Triston Yeo too?? you can email me and I can share with you on his pkg.. my email : [email protected]


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Thanx Amerline!

would take a look at robinsons

When would you be going down to Ted's Collection again -- for second fitting?

did you manage to negotite with your bridal boutique?


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Hi Abrinas,

Are you a teochew bride too? me too...have to reach MIL place at 8am... which means i have to get up at five am? *faint* i have the habit of sleeping very late ie. at 2-3am...dunno how i am going to wake up; guess have to change my sleeping patterns...

Hi Taddess,
How many extra pictures did you choose for that $2500?

Hi Pooh, if you don't mind me asking,how much did you pay in all for your 120 shots?

My FH and I looked at the sample photos two weeks ago, and they took so many shots of us (about 250+ shots). And as our package only includes 22 shots, topping up was a killer for us... in the end we selected about 125 poses... flat broke now... but i have this nagging suspicion we were made 'roberts' ie. kenna chopped... but they did throw in a lot of extras like 3 in 1 big photos, extra mini album, extra cd-rom etc.

Btw, how many pages are there in a normal wedding album?

sigh... getting married = being debt for next few years...


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No probs lar. I was just kidding. Hmm .. yes, let's meet up without our FH. Not that fun if bring FHs.

May & Pausini
Wah.. I'm too embarrassed to say how much we topped up. Actually FH gave me $600 budget and I was happily 'filtering' the photos when the person at the studio said that if top up to $1000, can get all the small photos as well as the negatives back. Then FH said must as well top up to $1000. Wah!!! Don't know why he's so generous with photos but wouldn't pay $1000 for a videographer! So we topped up $1400 (I volunteered to pay $400) including a huge photo. Initially we wanted a large photo but after leaving the studio last night, FH and I agreed to have a photo montage instead (forgot how big the photo is already; think it's 20 x 28). So May, I would be having a montage like you. Now you all know why I heart pain even though I wasn't the one paying for the photos.


hi jus,

shd be going down ted's collection on tues to confirm if i want a EG and pay the balance deposit. so yours all done already? no more fittings?

i will be going down to my bridal boutique on sun for my 1st fitting cum trial make-up. must start rehearsing wat to say hahhahaa

hi sammi,

u shd see jus's EG, a little Zhang Ziyi style if i didn't remember wrongly. heehee


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Yes! 22 Jun is the date...
I wasnt aware its a good day until i saw u gals toking abt it.

my bridal is bridal link. not sure if u all hv heard of it and whether hv any comments abt it.

my PS will be on cmg mon. quite excited.


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Hi Cin

No lah, me not teochew ... me hokkien marrying cantonese ... n btw, we r early not due to traditions, just 4 d reason tt we will be able to make it 4 our church wedding in the afternoon at 2pm.
Don't worry abt waking up ... my best friend is also like u but when her wedding, she wakes up w/o any assistance ie. w/o alarm clock cos excited mah!!

Wah, 125 means u choose extra 103!! a lot leh!! How much extra u paid n how cum u feel u kenna chopped?

Anyway, why "getting married = being debt for next few years"?? U shd hv savings rite? R u n FH paying on own? me n FH r.

Sorry ah, so many questions cos me curious


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May: Agree with u. I dun know how she splash water. ahh dun want to think abt it. i have two full length curtain for the living and dining area. who ask me to living at the coridoor lah. i have to cover up. then a half length for Master bedroom. total i spent abt $1k for the curtain. heart pain liao...

Your hotel so good can give u free corkage for wine. My restaurant dun allow, hard liquer ok but not wine. Actually intend to buy wine fromt he restaurant but later change our mind, we will serve beer and self bring hard liquer. I only got 20L free. ok lah i only got 18 tables.

A photo montage that wld be very nice. My bridal shop also have something like that. it was in acrylic frame and i have to pay $200 extra and that does not include the photos so it add up could be quite ex and the photographer told me is a graphic effect. Then forget it, i think i can also do it myself.. i think i DIY a small one myself and get kodak shop to print for me.

kare: not ex lah. my friend top up $1800k for the pix, my cousin top up $2k for the pix and she didnt have the montage frame. anyway, as long as u can get back ur negative u can develop as many as u like so still worth it.
Ikea mattress, can fit into ur bed? can fit the standard bedsheet? that is wat some pple told me, so have to consider lor..


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hi abrinas...
yeah.... i hope i can fall asleep on Sun nite...
btw, u r with seletar broadway at ang mo kio or woodlands?

where did u go for outdoor shoot?


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Hi Gals!

Sorrie took so long to reply...stayed in the hotel for 2 nites, then quite busy shifting my stuff over to his place, now just finished packing my luggage for our honeymoon 2molo. Going Japan for 2weeks.

My wedding was great...only veri rush & tiring
I guess it's like this. Let me share with you gals tat day.

He came about 9am, then we left my house about 10...reach & stayed at his house til about 11+, then returned to my house & stay there til 1, went back to his house to return the pig & makan. Next we left for the hotel. By the time we reach the hotel is about 3pm, check in & we started briefing our friends, hubby went to check the ballroom stuffs/contract. After finish my briefing & settle with our bags, I quickly went to remove make-up & bath (4+pm), then quickly blow dry my hair, quickly put on my WG, just nice when my friend help me to button the last button, the make-up artist came (5pm), coz our cocktail was 6.30pm

Our dinner was ok, only the video part, dun know why the sound cannot hear, in the end the hotel play music when the video was showing, also the champane pouring part...think we had too many people on stage tat both of us have to share a glass

I also almost couldn't get up the stage's stairs coz of the heavy & long WG... pretty difficult
then someone stepped onto my trail during the 1st march-in...stop for a while there.

The part I so afraid of was the popping of the party pop guns...didn't know our friends bought soooo many of tat, 1st, 2nd & 3rd march-in was full of tat...our heads & cloths were covered by it.

Finally after the dinner, comes the sar bo part...they made my hubby drink dun know wat mixture & make him drink alot of wine,liquor...til he was drunk (after sometime). Poor me already so tired had to bath him & look after him til he sleep. Not only tat, upstairs in the hotel, my friends were also waiting for another sarbo session...this time veri RA. They made by hubby take off his shirt, applied alot of melted chocolate on his nipples & made me lick all the chocolate clean, while I'm doing tat, they take pictures, after tat they made us go into the bed & remove any1 of our cloths & must throw out. After which they're happy & left the room.

When my video & photos are out, will show you gals then


Hi all,

May: i might have lobang for wine. what are you looking at. i haven't check out the contact yet. keep you updated. let me know what you are looking for so that i can sound her out. me also looking for less than $20/-.

kare2711: keep us updated too. see who can give the best price. trying to cut cost. thank you. good that your hubby didn't complain. same for me. i think 98% of my photos are outdoor. indoor not that great.

all: haven't been to this thread for a while. trouble lor. may have to self quarntine. someone i know now being tested for sars. so sian. she already got fever for one whole week. doctor ask her go TTSH but she worry so didn't go. doctor sent blood test to CDC. results don't know when coming out. if positive i will be very upset. my whole family and office will be very upset too.
sigh. talk about social responsibility.


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Oooh ok. I thought all queen and king mattresses come in the same queen and king sizes. Ha. Guess I'm wrong.

I think if school's closed for another week, I must as well use that time to come up with a montage for my presentation on my wedding.


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Hi Abrinas,

No lah, maybe not being in debt, but definitely becoming very poor
Yah got savings, but slowly being wiped out haha. Me and FH paying everything on our own too...

Is 103 extra a lot? i dunno leh, me very blur about this kind of thing... we paid $4400 for extra 103 shots. I heard from friends that it is very expensive. Aiyah, forget it lah...as long as the photo albums turn out nicely, i don't mind lah... but they did throw in several free stuff, so that does alleviate the pain in my heart and the hole in our wallets by a bit :D


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Shook: i need your help. In your insert, you got this two words at the date there, call á¡–¢ Gui Wei, what does this two words mean? I am so stress, typing this on my own and my chinese so shitty...Hel


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Can you send me your wordings too? I'm toying with the idea of printing my own inserts. Where do you get the papers?

Unless I have to pay for my leave during that time, I will still go ahead. But I'm a little afraid as my flight transits at HK. But I think the airport is ok?

I really hope we can meet up.


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wah ... a lot of $$ paid .. but as long as you are happy and satisfied with the photos .. can liao lah .. :D

like wat my hubby says .. no where else can find these photos liao leh ... heh~


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Kare: u spent so much for photos. wow. i got no budget unfortunately. But my photos also not that nice to spend so much. Yr montage got how many photos? Mine will be done digitally in one huge photo. Make sure yours is done that way too. I insisted as i have seem people done their montage by sticking their pictures and it is not as nice as a digital print.

Not too sure abt Ikea matress. So cant help but i agree it is cheap.

pausini: What do you mean abt the montage being a graphic effect? Wow, yrs so ex then i shldnt complain abt my montage loh. I exchange all the extra feebies, like enlargement, table top and the 3R duplication for the montage in addition i must top up S$ 180.

Jan: i am looking for australian red wine i think it is the cheapest. Prefer Merlot to Shiraz. Plan to go for consignment so that if no consume can return. I am hoping to get them at $15.

Oh dear, you were in close contact w the friend. I really think she shld go to TTSH, the earlier the better. If not, e situation might worsen and SARS is no joke as it affects the lungs. Can u convince her. Plus 1 week of fever already. Ya, it is such people that r not helping to curb the virus spread. I am so worry for you - yr wedding is coming soon. How r you feeling, plse check yr temperature. Take care.


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Oops. How come I can miss your post. Jan, I do agree with May you have to take good care of yourself. Sleep well, eat well, the usuals. Just up your immune system. Take Vit C too. Hope your friend will be well too.


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meekoo: No plan, so least worried one.

Jan: take care, wedding so near and yet this happen. Is she very close to u?? Agree with May, you have to take precaution. So can u meet up with ur FH?

Kare: when u plan to meet? give a date so we can plan but not next friday. I got Dnd. Ok no FH.

May: yah leh he told me is a graphic effect, for my case lah. dun know urs. so the whole thing look like just one big photo with many small pix inside lor.


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Pausini: i sent an email to yr singnet acct to ask for advice on the chinese insert words for the wedding. Shook seems to be mia today and i am quite desperate. Hope u can help.


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Hi Amerline,

I would be going down most probably this weekend to discuss the type of beadings and designs (I am particular hee hee coz dun like those bulky-bulky type...)
The first two fittings are to ensure that the gowns' size is correct
so there should be one more fitting when the gowns are ready with the beadings etc

the gown at your bridal shop, is it mtm?
already chosen the gown?
rem to bring camera ok...
then can tell them exactly the style of makeup and hairdo that you prefer ; )

hi sammi,
yeap, as what amerline has mentioned, my cheong sam is a little like zhang ziyi's style
it's a two piece with a transparent 'overcoat'
you can actually opt for a whole piece (plain) with the 'coat'
this way, you can wear the inner dress again
for my case, most prob won't unless can tone my stomach hee hee


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Hihi May
U v hardworking. I dun clean my windows every week. Only cleaned the shower screen once. The most is sweep n mop the floor. Gotta clean the entire hse after the carpentry work is completed. V worried my nails will chip after the cleaning.
My hubby replied tis morning dat his sis used Words wif 3rd party Chinese software "Chinese Star" to do the insert. Gui Wei is the yr in Chinese calender, it means 1 of the 5 elements of the lamb yr.
My mum wanted me to get ROM dress or EG as souvenir since she n my SIL have their gown as souvenir too.
I m getting wine too. My cousin gave me contact of a wholeseller but I haven't contact him yet. How many bottles u getting? Red or white wine?

Hihi Kare
Wow u took so long to select the photos? Did the photographer help u to filter the photos?
Sent u the file of my insert liao. I bought a rim of color paper fm Funan. It is a stationery shop on the 2nd flr. I dunno the name but it is quite big u can spot it easily.

Hihi Jan
B careful, avoid contact wif dat person.

Hihi Meekoo
I haven't arrange appt with White Link yet. Think the other bride is not interested to go wif me liao. She kept procrastinating to reply me when I made the arrangement wif White Link the date to suit her.

Wat is montage photo har? Looks like I spent a lot on additional photos


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Thanks! I got it. Did you cut your paper into the right size?

A montage photo is made up of several smaller photos. I think it's less boring than one big photo. My opinion only of course.

So how much did you pay for additional photos huh? ;)

How about meeting Friday after next? That's 18th? Good Friday? Or will that time be spent with your FHs?


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Hi May: i got ur email. i dun have the Gui Wei chinese wording in my insert. Sorry i dun have to soft copy to let u see. if u really need it i can faxed my sample insert for ur reference. But mine is all in Kai (traditional chinese font) cos MIL said my FIL chinese name have to be in Kai. Personally reason lah. if u need it, give me ur fax no i faxed over.

Shook: SO ur FH can handle the montages. I wash hand from now lor.


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jus: you can get nice "aunty" clothes at Rose of Sharon (Novena Sq, International PLaza, Clifford Centre etc). Bjorg at Marina Sq (near NTUC) also has nice stuff.

sammi: welcome to the thread!
Can u pls add to this list (pls copy and paste onto a new posting). THanks!

1. 1027, 04 Oct, Raffles The Plaza (Westin), Xristos (now merged with Wedding Marriage), Jurong West

2. HF, 26 Oct, Oriental, Chris Ling, Amanda Lee Weddings, AnchorVale@SK

3. kk, 26 Oct, Qianxi (Farrer Park), Wedding Affairs (Previous Fame Bridal), Rivervale@

4. Serene, 24 Oct, Holiday Inn Parkview, Paris (at Tanjong Pagar), Compassvale

5. fishball, 17 Oct, Concorde, In Wedding, P21

6. lorraine,26 Oct, Le Meridien, Jawn Happy-ever- after & City bridal (photography)

7. Jady, 4th Oct Customary & 5th Oct banquet & solemnization. Hilton, Jazreel Low
Bridal, Sembawang

8. blissz, 30 Oct, The Fullerton, Ted Wu n Montage Studios, Rivervale Crest@Sengkang

9. poki, 26 Oct, Hotel Inter-Continental, Amanda Lee Weddings, Utopia, P21

10. Piggy, 4 Oct, Noble House, bridal not decided yet, CCK

11. leafy, 4 Oct, Qianxi, Bridal Zone, Queenstown

12. Blythe, 4 Oct, Church Wedding, 10 Oct, Hotel New Ottani, J&M Bridal, Ponggol 21.

13. cath, 12 Oct, Qianxi (Farrer Park), Seletar Broadway, Ponggol 21.

14. catlim, 25 OCt, Church wedding, Goodwood Park, Sengkang Fernvale

15. rhs, 25 Oct, Shangri-la, Silhouette, Chris Ling, not applying for HDB

16. Teri, 24 Oct. Hotel Intercon, Bridal?, Punggol

17. Joanne, 12 Oct, rasa sentosa, seletar broadway (probably), queensway

18. Jus, 24 Oct, Raffles hotel, Ted's Collection, Everafter (Albert Chua)

19. Cookiecorgi, 9 Oct 03

20. Snowry, wedding date = not fixed yet, banquet= also not yet, Bridal package = Golden Horse Award, Home sweet home = Segar, Bukit Panjang

21. Jingle Bell; 27 oct; Swissotel Merchant Court; Wedding Present; Jurong West

22. Pinkade, 23 Oct, Marriot, Chris Ling / Benny Ang, Rivervale Crescent

23. Beibao, 11 Oct, Conrad, Jazreel Low, Utopia, Punggol Central

24. Sunshine, 27 Oct, Ling Zhi Vegetarian resturant, Silhouette,Utopia, St George

25. Stressed, 18 Oct, Raffles Hotel, Flamingo, Sembawang

26. AmerlineLee, 4 Oct, Rasa Sentosa, EverBliss, Sembawang

27. Sammi