(2003) Brides of year 2003


cream roses


I am March23 bride..My ps on feb18...

Hi Joy2003,

Do u have any idea how long does it take to book for the roasted pig? normally,when is the Guo Da Li? one month before customary?

Hi Shir,

No need to go for crash diet...Just eat more healthy food & exercise more...



Hi to all members for the forum! Happy CNY!
Need help here! My wedding is in 18 Nov 2003...banquet booked but now i'm having a big headache on choosing a bridal...
Is it too late to confirm my bridal package in April? Any bridal shops that i should shortlist?
Many ppl told me that phototaking if probably 3 months B4 the actual wedding date..so i will probably have to take mine in July to avoid the hungry ghost festival...U know parents..


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Gong Xi Fa Cai everybody!!

Hi Vin, I'm fine. Just that very busy with work lately. Moreover, ever since my FH came back, I've got less time to log in to the forum. I'll be going back to Segamat tmr for CNY. Have not done much for the wedding. FH said that he'll start doing his part after CNY like calling up the JPs, downloading the songs & burning them to CD.

Hi Arubagal: I prepared the wedding alone until my FH came back recently. U can try Conrad, I've heard of very good feedback abt the lunch reception. I'll be having my wedding dinner there. I'll be using Chris Ling for my wedding photos. Initially tot of using Kim but after much decision, decided to use Chris Ling. U gonna start sourcing & confirming the details because this yr is very popular for weddings.


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Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!!
How's everybody's new year been?

Kare, I just bought my tickets to Canada via UOB credit card promotion. *phew* At least got one thing settled for my honeymoon. ;p

Arubagal, welcome welcome! So, when's your wedding day? What photographer are you looking for? Actual day or studio pictures?



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Hi all Dec 03 Brides,

I'm New in this thread.. Can I join in the fun here? Phew... manage to finish reading all your interesting "conversation".

I'm also going to be a Dec bride.. We had just fixed it on the 22nd Dec 03.

Been to GH and really loved the Hibicus Room... Had already made a tentative booking and have to give them an answer by 6th Jan. Looking very positive for my in-laws, hubby and me as we like GH very much. As for bridal package, I'm still shopping around... Been to JLC and Dang.. going to Jawn Happy Ever After and Flamingo before making the decision...

I started planning late.. just started in Jan 03 and is worried seeing all your progress... Think I have to buck up..


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Think this piece of info is good for you. Its their VAT(GST) refund. We can get our VAT refund at the airport(pls put $500baht/pax for airport tax when coming back). To be eligible, you need to spent at least 2000baht in a building e.g. Tokyu or Robinson oe Central shopping centre which has VAT in their receipt. Jus bring the receipts and your passport to the VAT refund counter, and they'll settle it(form) for you. But in order to really get the money back, you need to spent total $5000baht in your stay in Thai. But do not split the bill. Eg: you've got $5000baht total, but $3000baht(form) is under your name and $2000baht is from your hubby. You then CAN'T get your refund. MUST be from the SAME person. Till now i've not got the refund. Always got mistakes. :p

Hi DK,
Yeah, i think you should start looking for the bridal service now. Unless you want a DIY style, which means ask friends for help as in makeup, bouquet, car deco and studio photography.
Think its still ok if you've make your decision by april. Shortlist? All these depends on you, you have to compare or drop by the boutiques and try their gowns. Some of them did that till they find what they want. Others look into their package and photography. In fact, once you've shortlist some in mind, you can go to the tread and learn more from the brides.

think should compile a list who can on weekend and who on weekday. Or you got better plans?


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hi renee!!!!

so u have fixed up ur banquet venue?? so now, its left with 2 major decisions - bridal package and actual day photographer!!!

what's ur budget like for these 2 items? what are ur preferences? dun worry too much, its still early! as long as u confirm these 2 items before march, i think u're pretty okay!!


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Helloo All

Happy CNY to all!!!
Happy collecting last time ang baos so far? :p

Welcome Renee!

Naturally, just like to know when u went for your 1st appt, u went on a weekday or weekend, with ur hubby along, and wat are being done during that appt.... Thanks!


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Hi everybody,
GONG XI FA CAI! I've been happily collecting ang baos. Hee Hee... collected quite a bit leh.

Hi Deborah, Pam and Renee,
Welcome to this thread. I'm rather new to this thread too. Hope we'll be able to share more information about the wedding preparations.


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Hi everyone..nice to be back! how's ur ang bao collection this year? I haven't looked into my "harvest" yet, cos family tradition is not to open the ang baos till the end of the 15 days of the CNY.

anyone know about the bridal exhibition on 27 Apr? Quite a lot of good bridal shops are participating...am thinking of waiting till then to sign up bridal package..shouldn't be too late rite?

Hi Pam & Renee..welcome! I'm pretty slow in prep too...only finalised my dinner package...so you guys are not the only ones to be panicking!

btw, been to a dinner at GH..should be hibiscus room too if i'm not wrong..quite nice for a cosy affair, n the food's not bad too!


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hi gals

Happy new year to all of you. Now I in USA Houston greeting new year to everybody. I will be back in singapore on the 12th bye will log in when back in spore


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Happy Lunar New Year to all

Hihi Jazz
How nice dat u settled your honeymoon.

Hihi Arubagal
Your FH comes back only 1 week b4 wedding day, so u won't b taking studio photos ya?
I have quotations fm a few photographers. If u r interested, I can email their quotations to u.


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Hi all,

Happy Chinese New Year.
How is the Ang Bao collecting? Whoever is giving me ang bao is telling me i am getting it the last time. Ahhhhh.... trying to remind me i am giving ang bao next year. This year ang bao strink size, but overall is still ok.. hee hee

Hi arubgal, Dun worry. I am sure will the help from all the Maybrides here. u can get as much info as possible.


halo gals,

happy lunar new year to all of u!
i'm back to work today liao. so sianz!!!!!
but never mind, gonna have to slog another 3 days
and probably taking off this friday for another
long weekend. hehehe
howz everyone's new year?
hubby and i spent S$1.5k for angbaos this year.

real siong leh! but wat to do, have been collectg
for the past 26 yrs so vomit out the $ from this
year onwards. but we wnjoyed ourselves this new
year coz happily visiting and gathering with
family & friends.


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Yoo hoo

Happy New Year of the Goaty!!!

Hope all your wishes be realized this year and count down to our wedding - 4 more months. Very near liao!!!!



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HI All,

Happy CHinese New Year.

Pausini : This is the last year you can collect Ang Bao. My pocket got a big burn....
Still collected Ang Bao but is just from parents only...
But got more to gv, as is all childredn, parents, grandparents.... pain pain

Sue : Back from Segamat already?? Yeah, for choosing the songs, buy wine and contact JP, all is done by my hubby as well. Then the rest, I'll source then he approved only.


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Happy new year to all.

Thanks for the warm welcome ... it feels great not being alone amidst the hassle. People kept telling me that I shld enjoy the process. I wish!!

We are going to do our photoshoot (indoor/outdoor)in the wk that he gets back; it's ok with us if the photos are not ready on our wedding. What to do - so last min... As for actual day, FH is thinking of asking a few frens to capture candid shots.

I am having a church wedding and had never liked a stuffy boring dinner. But as a compromise, we are doing a sit-down lunch instead. Conrad is booked on the date that I wanted. I think that I have called practically every hotel/restaurant and made many tentative bookings (KS instinct).

Due to my tight deadline, I did not visit many bridal shops. In the end I signed up with Kevin Seah (though steep) cos I liked his gowns. I was reading the forum and thot that BV's package was more value for money. I thot hers wld be expensive like Tan Yoong. Now my FH thinks that I never bargain properly. Duh!!


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dear June brides!!

How are you all feeling??!!!
today back to work!!very very tired....

yup abrinas,
Feb is a very short month soon it will be march..april...may then JUNE!!

feeling anxious everyone!!
also counting down to our gathering!17days more!


hi lyne,

it seem that both of us chose the same songs for our march-in though. my 1st march-in was "i finally found someone" and 2nd was "everyday i love you" too.
Initially, hubby chose "truly, madly, deeply" for the 2nd march-in but i'm not so keen as its not my fav so we change 2 days b4 the actual day. hehehe

hi gals,

happy lunar new year!
so how everyone's 1st new year giving angbaos?
hubby and 1 spent S$1.5k in total.


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Hihi Pausini
Ya boy, everybody oso tell me next yr your turn to give any pow huh. My dad's boss n 1 of his friend v kind. They know tis is the last time I m getting ang pow, c/o my dad tho I din go to their hse. But 2 of my dad's cousins din give me any pow
. Buay tar han 1 of them. His children came to our hse b4 married, after married w/o kids din come, tis yr those married wif kids came to my hse to collect ang pow, 1 married no kid din come. Then they din give me any pow oso. Made my mum give their children ang pow. Rascal, terrible rite.
I seen the photos u sent me. Jas77's hubby is v slim all along. She oso slim in the past. I envy her washboard flat tummy. Wow your group of friend v fun, take make-over photos together. Which 1 is u? Can't tell fm the 4 beauties leh.

Hihi Arubagal
U super fast. Juz post the question on 31st Jan, now everything settled. V efficient.


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Hi All,
Yah, four months more only... But seems to not done anything leh.... Have not do my final gown fit ( Mid of feb), not yet take my PS (early march), not yet print my card and not yet gone for good tasting.... Maybe I am too anxious....
Counting down !


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Hi Shook: aiyo, some pple is like that. Dun bother with them. Just like a friend of me and jas77, which is used to be sec good friend. She and her bf attended her wedding and she only give $100 for two ang pow. When Jas77 told me, i was shocked too. both of us cant believe it. Jas77 even asked me how much shld she give for her wedding next time. for me, this year is still good for ang pow collecting. Cos all my relatives were in Malaysia so i only have two aunties house to visit and my ang pow barely hit $50 when i was young but after i know my FH, i visit his grandma place every year. He have a lot of relatives and cousins. So some of them have married and they give us lor. only two cousins got kids. However, we do realise that the ang pow strink water lah. Some used to give $10 last two years have strunk to $8 - 6. But i guess that is ok, cos it is last year for me. However, MIL is nice and she quite me the biggest ang pow i even get, althot is not like hundreds but is the biggest this year. My FH grandma also very nice, also give me a big ang pow. actually after marriage is very siong, u not give ang pow to the kids. also have to give ang pow to the elderly one. Like Parents, PIL, Grandmas... look like next year bouns cannot anyhow spend liao.

I am sitting in the middle. the makeover is taken to celebrate our 10 yrs of friendship but after a yr of this makeover, the grp spit into two due to some arguement. SAD!
So how is ur hse now? where is ur new place?

May: got to update us on ur kitchen!


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Hihi Pausini
Middle which one? There were 4 beauties in the row leh. Is Jas77 the one on the left (the direction where u look @ the photos).
Ya, so sad dat a group of 10 yrs friends split.

My new place is @ Sengkang. It is almost done except some carpentry work. Gotta decide which carpenter to engage by tis week. Where is your love nest?


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Hi kiroro..

i think i found a friend..heehee..i also have not done all those.

now searching for actual day photograpgher though..


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Hi Gals,

Heng Heng new year to all of you. Fa Da Cai ok.

This year collected quite abit of Ang Pows. My MIL gave me the biggest...but i gave it back to her and top up some more $$ in an ang pow and ask her to buy things to eat. I dont feel good taking such a big amount from her. If small one, never mind. Last year, i also do the same. I silly hor?

But this year, really cherish the ang pows collected man...it is afterall my last year. My hubby side the relatives all give $10 one ang pow. Next year, we suffer must give back the same amount to their children..sigh...told hubby next year we escape and go holiday.

This extra $$ collected, i have used some to go buy 4d and toto..to heng heng..

Jan: How was your visit to your FHIL house and FH's grandma place. I can understand how weird it feels to go alone. But i also know got no choice must go. Hope your FH's brother was there to keep you company and not his bitchy wife.
Oh good, your fitting after CNY. must tell me about it ok.

Gal, i actually snack alot this new year...so horrible...i am going to be in deep trouble.

Shook: i tot your house finish reno already. I also left carpentry - the feature wall for the bomb shelter and my walk-in wardrobe.

Pausini: kitchen, can only update you next 2 weeks later. The people went on long CNY break.

ding dong

Hi All Mar Brides

Its lesws than 2 months now to our weddings. This morning I worke up with a panic. So many things to do and I am still taking things easy. I haven't even decided on the card design!

Have you all informed your frens already?

Cream roses, dunno how long butdo book early in case you may forget.



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Shook: the one sitting beside her. but now i put on too much. *sad*

My place at Cassia Cre. near to old airport rd hawket center, the blk beside the Spore badminton Hall. I got it thru balloting.

May: Long CNY Holiday... ohhh


Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone!

May: lousy trips during cny. visited FIL's place. had to tag along like unwanted broom. so funny. so many people but they don't really know me. collect ang pow also pai sei. end up no one really talk to me and i sit there eating away just to look occupied. same as you, i ate alot this new year. worried, very worried now. scared cannot fit into the gown. first fitting if burst gown must be terribly embarssing. even my work wear skirt also very tight. i feel so lousy now. i hope next year, i won't have to go to their house alone again because next year have to give ang pow. so funny to do it alone. wonder if i am married or not. very depress too. he won't be back to accompany for first fitting. sigh.

Pausini: life is like that one. i also got ex-friends who used to be my good friends then because of some small matter, end up not friends and didn't keep in contact or even talk for years already. very sad thing in life because life so short yet this kind of things still have to happen. sigh.

Shook: wah, these people really calculative leh! how can like that one. tsk tsk. next year you just try to give minimum lor. see if can escape them or not since they are so mean this year.

Vin: can understand your plight. i got friends who just got married and need to give ang pow. they say, burnt big hole eventhough amount given is not alot but add up add up, big hole. i don't look forward to this part of the wedding. in fact, i never really like cny because i find all these quite superficial, not many people do it willingly but for face only.

serene sng

Helo guys,


Busy with CNY so MIA...
So when is our next confirm meeting??? 22nd Feb???
Read until blur liao...


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Me also july brides nice to c that there sre still some couple choose july for their wedding!!

Hi stv, i also sign up with TWD and i also hold my banquet at merchant court.


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Saying hi to all gals here... I am a 9th Oct 03 bride... Was wondering I can join you all in your conversations... I heard you gals are meeting up?


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hi cherubies,

Mine is july 13. How about yours? So you taken your PS already? Can share with me a not? Do you know stv, wanted to ask her something about twd lei but dun have her email.


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Hi all..

Happy goat year!

Need some help.. Does anyone know a professional mei puo? need help with the traditional stuff on the actual day...


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Gals, i finally uploaded the pixs for first fitting. Who want to see? Email me and i send you the link.


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Hi mimi,
mine is 13 days after yours, jul 26...
no, my ps will only be in may. have you taken yours?

if i have the pixs, will share with you..
as for stv email, no. don't have hers... will have to wait for her to come in...


Hi Kiroro & Totoro,

You two are not the only one! Heehee...i have yet done the followings:
1. Final fitting ( 1st wk Mar)
2. PS (3 wk Mar)
3. Hubby's suit not done (unknown ,maybe late Feb take measurements)
4. Print card (Mar maybe)
5. Food tasting (May maybe)

Aiyo, the more i think, the more panic i becomes...heehee...

By the way, who are you getting for actual day Totoro? You might want to take at look at KC from Greymatters!


hi cookiecorgi,
welcome to the thread!

Yes, we're meeting soon on 20th Feb. Will u be joining us? Maybe u can send your details to cath (see previous posting) so we can know each other better.

These few days will be quite quiet cos some of them are on leave!


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HAPPY NEW YEAR GALS!!! Hope all had a great 'harvest' - last new yr's harvest leh ;)

Warm welcome to autumnheart & cookiecorgi (hee...wat a cute nickname ;P)

both can join us on the 20th! juz let jady noe n perhaps u can provide cath with your wedding details which she has compiled.

hi 1027,

u mentioned tt u dun see my info - it was keyed under Joanne (real name) instead of vio ;p


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Hihi May
My love nest all done except some minor carpentry work - side table in master bedrm, cabinets 4 2 toilets, convert studio to wardrobe, mirrors (depend on budget), shelving in kitchen n shelving in another bedrm.
I wanna c your photos. Looking 4ward @ [email protected]

Hihi Pausini
Wow u da mei ren man. U got the character kinda look. U v slim then. Can't deviate much rite.
Your love nest near old airport rd, wow b careful. The food @ the hawker centre delicious n cheap.

Hihi Jan
Oh poor u. Muz b then bored to b alone @ your FIL's hse. Did u stay long?
Next yr if your hubby still in Japan, go visit him in Japan. Then u have v gd excuse not to go to your IL's hse

I told my mum next yr I will visit her 1st coz my love nest is near my mum's hse. Then I wont go to her hse after dat or may b late late after those rascals left.
My mum said cannot
, 1st yr muz give ang pow. I will give ang pow to others but not to the rascals.

Hihi Vin
I posted my photos @ www.picturetrail.com. U may like to try tis website.


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i think u guys are not too bad..
this is the list of things i have not done
1) final gown fitting for both me and FH (22 Feb)
2)PS (mid march)
3) wedding banquet not booked yet!!
4) church wedding not settled yet!!
5) parent's meet session not arranged yet!!

my ROM is in march, church wedding and dinner in


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Hi Totoro,Delannie and Yvvone,
You gals put me at ease.... Reading those mail the posted by other june brides.... made me worry... They are ao well planned ! Most of done their photoshoot already. For me, I will only be doing my final fit in mid feb..... But I had confirmed my actualy day photography already... for those who are interested in Jornalistic photography can check out Linn Kong.


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Hi gals,


Yar lor, my relative also say same thing "so next year your turn to give oredi har!"
I guess next year when we give ang bao, they will say "so next year must collect back oredi har!"
Xian man, New Year got nothing else to say one meh???
It's never ending one lor. I have seen my cousins going thru.

Hi Arubagal - Welcome to the club. Yah lor you very efficient leh!

Hi May - Don't think you are silly. I am sure your MIL will appreciate it. You very "kwai kwai" leh. I never give to my MIL & FIL, but FH did.
BTW can you send me your pics. E-mail:[email protected]

Hi Jan - Agree with Shook, if your hubby still in Japan next yr, go visit him.This is the best excuse liao. No need go MIL hse, relatives hse and most importantly save ang bao $$$. kekeke...
My FH was saying that from next year onwards, every CNY we will go holiday until we have a child. hahaha.... (no lah just joking, wait kana scolding)


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Hi Meow, (all those who can help)
Thanks for the advise...I should drooping by some of the shops soon...been to Flamigo tried some of their gowns...Julia & Milan might be too taiwanese...jus wonder they do have "IMM services" ..."extremely good services B4 you pay & sign up"...
Is it hard to get a relatively gd designer bridal package wif the budget of $3800 to $4,000? With professional photography (min 20pcs)...
I think Ted Wed & Bridal Veil & Divine Coulture might be way out my budget right?


excited bride

Hi Ding Dong,

Already printed and written out my cards and also did preliminary calls to find out if they are able to attend my wedding. Those that confirm cannot make it, I didn't send my cards to them so that i can use the cards for other friends.

cream roses,
Guo Da Li is about 2 weeks before big day but some ppl i know do it as early as 3-4 weeks before due to prior commitments such as work and travel schedules etc. hope that helps.