(2003) Brides of year 2003


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I think most photography about the same. Else engage some outside photographer($1600-1800 with negatives)? Then try to buy your own gown lor. Really must do some homework before making the final decision. I can't really suggest mush. My bridal have limited gowns, so i can't recommend it to you. But i like my photographer, so i can recommend. Pictures very clear and sharp. Do try to turn up for our meet up session and you'll get to see them.

But first of all, you can send your details to me at [email protected] then you'll get a reply from me with other brides info.
1) Nickname
2) Real Name
3) Birthday (DD/MM/YY)
4) ROM Date
5) Actual Day
6) Venue of Banquet
7) Email address
8) New Home Location
9) Contact Nos
10) Name of bridal
Maybe can compare the bridal shop.


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Hi Shook: ur mum from china! My mum doesnt really like to have too many boy. she said luckily she only got one but 3 girls cos she said girls are more fillal. She see too many example for such. Most of my uncles doesnt give allowance to my grandma. My dad NEVER give and even very unfillal son. Sorry, i had bad relationship with my dad and parents divorced.

Dun know how is Meekoo.


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Hi all March brides,

Ya, less than 2 months to go, woh....

Ding Dong, you are getting your own cards? We have just settled the printing before CNY, now waiting to collect the cards, but I haven't officially started to do my guests list.

Is it about time to go around asking people if they can attend my wedding already? May I ask how do you normally pop the question (for those not very close ones)? And should ask personally, more sincere right?

Work... no mood for that liao, hahaha! Told my leader will leave any major things after Mar


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Thanks May.

Both your gowns are very nice. Like the back of your WG very much, it's unique. Goodness, you're slim not fat at all ok. So no worries about snacking during LNY

Pausini, can I have the recipe too. Thanks.

[email protected]


Hi kk mei,

We gave each parent S$200 each.
Tatz why already S$800 liao.

You and your hubby really very funny leh, so early count how much angpao to give liao!
Me and hubby never even count until few days before CNY.

Hi jady,

Yap, hubby gave me a big angpao and he will continue to do so every year.

Thought he gave "yi si yi si" only but realised actually quite big.

hi wenn,

I received at least abt S$500 angpao every year but coz last year I received a very big angpao so add up to ard S$1k lor.


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Hi, i have sent out the files to most of u. Check ur mail ok. if anyone didnt get it, informed me again and i will resend.


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Thanks, Priviledged. Quite scary if what happen to yr friend happened to me. Will speak to FH abt it. Maybe arrange it for same day as food tasting - talk n eat at the same time, mood is more relax.

Maybe I can print the programmes myself but might take a bit of time. Will check with printers to see how much 1st then decide.

So nice to hv a military march-in. So romantic!!!
Don't know what kind of song is suitable for 1st march in. Me using the traditional wedding song for 1st march in and for 2nd, me choosing b/w 'It had to be u' by Robert Downey Junior or Shania Twain's 'once in a lifetime'. Think this song has got a long long version. Saw it in one of the thread once. It has a long instrumental beginning, something like tt. Me like Faith Hill 2. Maybe will look for a song fm her album. I like duets 2 but cannot find anything nice yet.

Anyone thot abt what songs to play during dinner?


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Will bring samples on 21/2 if I can bring them back.

Hope I will be ok soon. I want to eat the goodies now stacked up in my hse. My FH bought them thinking tt we can eat during the long holis but who know?? Aiya!!!

Don't know why but suddenly i feel so relaxed like nothing more to do for the wedding. How ah??


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hi gals,

me just went to change my banquet date... boh pian.. got clash lor... so will be on 14 nov instead... at least got somemore time to save $$$


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hi kk

Yi hao fu qi mah

hi yi

orrhh, like that ah.. anyway for me, every year, i will give my parents part of my ang baos cos they have to give a lot... i got a lot of cousins, nieces & nephews... now i'm grand aunt position liao
Hi Ding Dong,

Let me know if you need help and i'll try my best to help. Dun panic....stay cool. I think Gwen started early cos her wedding is in 1st week of Mar, rite? (Gwen, correct me if i'm wrong). I started early cos i like to make things and wanted to get hands on to do my ang bao box, flower ball for my flower girl yadda yadda....

Hi egg,
I tried sms-ing my friends as well as making the actual calls to see if they can attend my wedding. As to how, no hard and fast rule, i'll just ask them how things are for them at work or home and then proceed to ask if they will be free to attend my wedding on that particular date. There is also another group whom i'll meet up with to give my cards personally (under very close friends category)


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hi all... GONG XI FA CAI! and a warm welcome to all the newcomers...

me been down for most of CNY, already 5 days of mc to date, finally back to work. really wish to recover soon soon...

meow.. 'fraid i can't make it for both days. i've got my 2nd fitting on 1 Mar.

wah, so nice, ava and sunnyling both on/going on holidays... me also planning a short getaway with hubby, but will be in singapore... hmm... can anyone guess? ;P hehehe...

dk... i think you need to decide a few impt things first, like :

- do you want MTM or OTR
- is your budget the ultimate? or the package price? pls take note that there will be additional costs, depending on number of pics you develop
- wat do you mean by 'designer'? some shops hv pretty nice gowns, & some designers specialise in some areas, like embroidery, lace.

hope this helps...


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thank you in advance!!

me too...think it is like that...few months ago we were sourcing for hotels,photographers,bridal shops etc..now a pause for us...think march on wards we will be busy till our wedding liao!

now relax a bit lah!


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Pausini: thanks for the recipe. looks good. will try once i move in. I also agree that girls are more filial. look at my hubby u can tell already...listen more to me..hee hee..

aiya, i uploaded the slimmer pictures. got some look so horrid that i see already cant tahan erase it already. Trust me, i am fat, even the designer says i got to lose weight. u notice that the gowns fit me like a corset!

U can wear bustier and use a shawl to cover your arms. dont worry. plus, you know your veil can also help to camouflage. u also take digital photos during your fitting and show us leh...

Shook: yap, it is only first fitting. they shld have added crystals and etc to make it more glam.
how come your chief designer still select your
gowns? i dont understand.
Lucky for me. My parents quite open mind. i already told them that i want to move in after house is ready...dad only says must come home often.

Shook, we can visit each other..i also live in Sengkang...near jalan kayu.

Peabrain: thanks for your comment on me slim. i am not..must still lose weight. only the back is slim lah..see my hubby only take my back fotos ...front too fat to take...
The designers very creative and good with back designs...
how r your gown designs like?

Actually, i told them i want low back ...but i realise that the front got no support so i look big in the front leh. need a minimizer man...


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So...you going to Sentosa. That's nice. My hubby even ask me if i want to go on our off shift day. His idea is to go there to swim. But i dun wish to sun tan leh.

Did you miss our first outing too?

can you make it? I haven't see your photos leh.

ding dong

Thank Egg.
I really need help I think. Ok this is what I have done so far and things that I think I have not done. Pls advise.

1. PS
2. Gown
3. Preliminary guestlist
4. confirm venue
5. ACtual Day make up
6. Arrange helpers

Not yet:
1. Actual Day flowers
2. Costume jewel for actual day
3. FH's shirt & tie & shoe
4. Dad's suit
5. Ang Pao box
6. Gua Da Li
7. Select the theme for the wedding.
8. Invitation cards

Aiyoh...so many....


hi wenn,

actually bulk of my S$1.5k is to parents, siblings and close nephews.
never mind, anyway they say 1st time after wedding give angbaos is good blessings.

but feel very funny coz still feel young at heart so when distributing angpaos, dun koe what good words to say to them too. hehehe
some even older than hubby and i oso must give so feel quite funny.
now my mum asked me to give birth so that next year can collect angpaos. haha


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hi all

wat i hv done is
1. giving out invitation cards for those who confirmed can make it.
2. confirmed helpers' list.
3. honeymoon trips
4. guo da li details
5. wines/ hard liquor
6. bedsheets/quilts/room reno etc

wat not yet done is
1. guo da li - sometime in early mar
2. pack/change currency/borrow books/apply visa/travel insurance etc for honenymoon trips
3. to update bridal studio on actual day flower bouquet/ car decor / fathers' coat / corsages
4. collect wedding album / portraits
5. discussion with hotel on the ballroom decor etc
6. Finalisation of Guestlist from FIL
7. songs for 1st, 2nd and during dinner
8. selection of photos for photos montage
9. groom's speech
10. curtain
11. apply for increased credit limit for credit cards etc...

anything else i missed.... getting stressed. oh yeah, hd appointed 2 friends as wedding coordinator as well. so tt on actual day can relax n enjoy....


hi hong,

quite a exprience giving angpaos for the 1st time hor? hehehe
btw, hows your honeymoon?
me got my actual day fotos last thur liao and it was quite well taken.

manage to capture the march-in. hehehe
hubby's colleagues also helping us to convert the video tape recorded throughout our wedding day into cd-rom and also gog to input our march-in songs inside too. so sweet of him!


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hi ladies

so muz of the ang pow chat!!!


ur ang pow amt reali a lot worh...
its like 'payin back time' since u had collected quite a lot since then...
din koe abt the husband hv 2 give ang pow 2 the wife...
new custom 2 mi...


u muz hv gone out 4 quite a number of visitin else u wont b eatin tat muz till u find it so obvious rite...
hows ur mj session???


mi also collected veri little onli...
sg dollars $200+ n my dollars $200+...
economy nt gd some of the ang pow shrink!!!

kk mei

nice 2 show mi ur pl durin the 3rd daz of cny...
its a pity din manage 2 chat with u tat muz...
tks kkk 4 bein there 2 show us ard!!!

i agree 2 ur pt of givin ang pow dependin on ur own pocket...
its onli a 'yi si' 4 our parents gd health...


Hi Flowee Jie,

Sorry for not able to entertain u for the nite. My friend and I have not met for 4 yrs and we are both the chatty type, so we actually chatted till 10.30 pm that nite.. kekeke... well, are u going to yan yan's place by the way?

kkk really helped me to entertain my friends that day. Too many pple around during the day.


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Hi Mrs Quake,

welcome! I've previously considered Crown Prince Hotel as my dinner venue..very nearly signed up with it too...the sales person there was quite friendly and helpful...i'm sure u'll have a wonderful experience there...


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harro everyone,

i am a dec bride too...on the 13th.i only started prepration in late Jan but fortunately i was lucky to book a venue.
read some of your comments..only 10 more mths.. its like !!oh my god!!!tot i still have a year actually it is not the far away... meanwhile waiting for hubby to come back to start looking around bridal shops. hope the time line is ok. cheers!!!


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Just saw that this thread id getting active again. Welcome Mrs Quake and sos!

Sos, where did you book your wedding venue?


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Hi Vin: I just got back today & there's flood in certain places. So how's the feeling of giving angpao?

Hi Pausini: Yah, that's what most pple said to me when they give me angpao. So it feels kind of wierd thinking that I'll be the one giving out angpao next yr.

Hi May: I want to look at your photos. Pls send to [email protected] Thanks.


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hi abrinas,

you have selected some very nice songs! Am selecting some songs now too and a video organiser suggested this very nice song, very lively and suited for wedding March in too, it is call I Need You by Marc Anthony, got a tinge of Italian flavour
and my FH love it too!

My wedding video organiser is really nice. She will do a creative scripting and am really satisfied with her service since we sign up. Thumbs up for her service and she has a good video team who can come up with great ideas. We saw some of their work and sign immediately.
But just wondering do you all know which are the good makeup artists around? Can email me? I am looking for a good one: [email protected]

hear from ya!


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Hihi Pausini
My mum likes boys (old-mind thinking) but on the other hand she says girls always accompany parents, so gd to have girls too.
I received the recipe. Thx

Hihi May
U dun appear fat to me wat.
I wz supposed to pick 2 EG for PS but I selected 3
so the chief designer chose 2 outta 3 4 m.
Where exactly is your love nest? My love nest is in Rivervale Crescent, next to Rivervale Mall. Sure we can visit each other.


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Hi Sue,

WOw, HOw long hv you been to Segamat??

Yeah, there flood at certain places. I went back on the 2nd day of CNY and back in the aftnoon on the 3rd day of CNY.

The feeling of gv angpao? Emm.. pai seh lor... and me broke laa.. so many ppl to gv...
Gv to both side parents, my bf grandparents.. which cost a lotz, then siblings ler, and my bf got lots of cousin...outsider not much as we don't invite many ppl to our wedding, so no much ppl know we got married already. BUt we did gv to our best friends.


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hi flowee,

hows yr trip bk Msia?
hvnt gambled yet! can u belif it! will hv my 1st mj session tonite...hehe

i din go for many visitings but my mum buy so much so i always eat at hm loh...:p

kk, got pics abt yr new house to show us or not?

yi, u confirm yr honeymoon in apr liao ?


Hi tingting & erin!

Thanks for the warm welcome.

I'm close to signing on the dotted line with Crown Prince. Kris is the one handling our account. She's friendly and approachable. Although a bit slow on her follow up, her friendliness and willingness to negotiate really pleases us.

Many items on the contract had already been settled. Now waiting for the finalised contract and making the deposit payment. Tingting, any reason why you gave up on Crown Prince?

Now I'm trying to find a good bridal package and hope that you ladies here can give me some advice and recommendations since so many of you started so early.

I'll be attending the Graceful Image bridal show this weekend. Anyone else going? Also trying to sign up for White Link bridal show on 21 Feb and Lezen Creation's bridal show on 23 Feb. Let me know if anyone of you is going too. Good to have a few khakis for critics at such show. ;)


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Hi May,
Like your back of ur WG. Like the transparents organsa and the four little flower. I envy you ler, can hv the organsa at ur back so can show ur nice back erh. I wanted to hv it either bare or in organsa but my gown is too heavy, so the designer don't allow me to hv it in case cannot support. And lucky I don't hv it, coz my gown is still lose on my wedding day, I do the alteration on Thrusday and Sunday is my wedding, and I lose at least 1 inch of my waist. My photographer so worried of me. Your wedding colour theme is silver???

You fat?? You look slim. Your face so small from the pic that you send to us ler.

Hi Pausini,
You try the recipe b4?? Will try it aft CNY.. busy for all big feast till nxt week.

HI Gals,
When shall we meet up huh??? Can't wait to see you all ler


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HiHi vin,
I tried the sliming one. i think is a healthier, however, have to drink it for a month to see result. BTW, u better dun try, so thin liao.
I havent got the chance to try the other dishes.

I am now collecting receipe from the net and friends and some of my own receipe when i am the home econ student during sec sch. Once i compile, i will send out to all to share. I'm trying to take pictures after each dishes that i have done so all can see the end results of the dishes. May be more complicated dishes will take some procedures pictures.

May: i look terrible. i see how is my 2nd time selection. if I managed to get something i like i will take pictures and upload the pictures.

Shook: OK, try out the dishes. Hee hee

Sue: Yah lor... My youngest sister had already started to ask ang pow from me.


Hi Jady,

I dun take photos of my love nest :p

Perhaps u gals can drop by any weekend when u all free


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hi hi...

been eating too much...feeling a bit under the weather these few days...think will take MC & go home later...

in the meantime, do keep the postings coming! really excited about so many new dec brides to be!! me going for my gown selection end of this month....hope to be slim in time!


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Hi Pausini,

Me not very slim laaa... just normal. Maybe during the wedding is too stress so automatic lose weight. Now nomal already.

My friend try the receipe by Billy, is a healty food. And her bf lose 8 kgs aft trying for 3 weeks to one mth.

Your sis ask angpao from you?? Wow.. did you gv?? ROM already?


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Hi vin: how long did her bf eat to lose so much. i think my bf need to lose weight too.

my youngest is only 16. I havent decided to give her or not. May be just give her some pocket $$ but not in term of ang pow. Aiyo, my 2nd sister spolit market lah. She have ROMed but she gave my youngest sister ONLY.


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Hi Ding Dong, think you thank the wrong person liao, should be thanking ExcitedBride

Whoa, looking at both yours and Ram's list, think I'm worse off... Actually I am quite "blank" as to do what, I sort of feel things will just fall in place
Ah hem, let me try and see where am I now. I am waiting to collect my album and invitation cards. Banquet and GDL stuff will be taken care of by hotel and FH so nothing much for me to do I suppose. Gowns, make-up, accessories, flowers and corsages all that will be taken care by the bridal so also nothing much to do. Oh honeymoon actually we were planning for a short one then a longer one later of the year coz FH couldn't take leave, but was just informed that he can liao, so we shall start looking around for tour package. Then I will do up my guest list (and write the cards after that of course!) and bring my papa to rent a suit soon. And we must buy the bedside lamps too. Brothers and sisters will meet up with them some time later to discuss what I also not sure
that's all at the moment/can think of... hmm not too bad I guess? Most importantly also: relack and rest well and look good!


Happy New Year to u all!!! & Advance Birthday Greetings for tomorrow!!

Welcome SOS, icube, ting ting & Mrs Quake(hope i didn't miss anyone one out, cos the thread has grown so long)...Yah this yr is our turn alreadi...dates drawing closer liao...I'll be going for my 1st appt for my bridal come Mar...quite excited...so many gowns, so liitle time.haha. N to every one else who have just started planning this yr, dun worry, time line is still ok, just book ur banquet fast...unless u r looking for wedding on a weekday.

Hi Piper
Do take care of urself...Flu season now...with bad weather to boot.


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do take care ok? Keep us informed of the design of your gowns ok? I still have no idea what i want.

Mrs Quake,
I've actually booked my package at Graceful Image before I realised my aunt bought a package for me. I must admit that the gowns are v. nice and that is the main attraction of GI. However, you must really try to bargain for stuff. I din cos it was my 1st visit to any bridal shop so don't really know what to ask for.

Just registered with AMore yesterday so hopefully will see effects soon...

Take care everybody and have a good day


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Hi Excited Bride,

Yes, that's right. My wedding is on 2 March. So, I only have 3.5 weeks more to go!!!
I'm doing the ang bao box too. Oops, dunno when will i start on that. =P

Hi Ding Dong,

Dun worry, things will turn out to be fine. You can start shopping for your FH's tie, shirt and shoes when you guys go shopping. Can take advantage of the post CNY sales. =P

Hee, think i'm quite chia lat. There're quite a number of things yet to be done and I haven't even list out the things that should be done. Think the list will be pretty long too. =P


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HI Pausini,

He try for 3 weeks. FOr breakfast, eat b4 7.30a.m. Lunch as normal, then dinner cut down and don't eat too oily food.

This yr I gv angpao to sibling and those cousin younger than us. And of coz parents and grandparent. Didn't gv outsider as some ppl claim tat first yr dun need to gv angpao. Somre more I jus get married.


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Shook: Mine is the new flats near Jalan Kayu and Yio Chu Kang. U know? Very ulu one. Near Seletar Hills. My flat faces Gerald Drive's private condo. cannot afford to buy one but everyday can see one..ha..ha..
Oh i c abt your gown designs. your gowns are all ready? i c tat you already have your ps.

Sue: i sent u the photos liao.

Vin: u good ah, give your best friend ang pows too. or is it their kids, actually peers no need to give one lah.

Oh, i am not very proportionate - tat why go for mtm gowns. me face very small..but body big big. even my designer also worried that face too small, say i must do hair big big to balance..ha..

really can still lose 1" on the day itself? I dont mind leh. now trying to lose 1" also so hard. really very stress nearer to the wedding ah?

Mine WG not very heavy coz the can can is not sewn on the gown. It is a separate piece. SO i guess tat why can go low back. But the can can makes it look very fluffy..not use to walking with such big pom pom.

Why dont u upload some of your actual day pictures and studio shots to show us?

Also dunno when we meeting? after our wedding and honeymoon ah? lets all gather in one of the gals house..then we can eat and chat.after wedding already no need to scare of putting on wieght.

Pausini: ok. good luck for your 2nd selection, hopefully got some nice pix to send us.
Good idea abt the recipes. Once i settle down, i will also compile some and email you. now, i very busy making the accessories for my evening gown. just completed the bracelet, must start on the choker.

I wonder what happen to SLK, she mia very long already. hope she is ok.


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Oops, forgot to thank ExcitedBride for her advice on how to approach people for invitation just now
....THANX ExcitedBride!!


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Hi vio,

Both my hubby and me thinking of going to New Zealand, chose one destination cos last round we went for 15 days Europe package..very tiring cos travelled most of the time..just touch n go like wat yr fren did..So we want to just go one place to relax and enjoy the farm stay..will be quite costly though. You are rite..honeymoon supposed to relax and enjoy and not rushing all the TIMES!


Hi erin!

I hope Graceful Image's bridal show this weekend will not be a disappointment after hearing such good comments from you
Actually, that will be my first bridal show and I go for more shows after that.

I'm also trying to slim down. My target is to lose 5kg before my photoshoot. I am fortunate that my company has a contract with California Fitness, so the monthly cost is greatly reduced. I'm trying to go at least twice a week for workouts. Anyone of you goes there?

Tingting: I'm interested to see Dang as well. Never consider LG but since you mentioned, I'll probably fix an appointment with them to take a look too! No harm right?

I was browsing through the Her World brides and is attracted to Andrew Choi's photography skills too. Chris Ling's caught my eye too but he's too expensive! ($2k and above!!!) Anyone knows how much Andrew charges? Or which bridal shop he ties up with?


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hi gals!

i had missed out a lot! make use of this holiday torest at home.... dun know why always feel very tired easily....

my brother already 22 yrs old kept asking for hong bao already! all the cousins and relatives kept saying " last year to get hong bao lor!" xian.... next year new year will burn a hole for sure!

saw u guys had mentioned meet up... are we meeting up? : )


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hi girls,

i'm back! =) dubai is not a bad country i would say but maybe becos i'm not used to the environment, it makes the whole journey not really interesting. The living standard there is quite high... foodcourt price is at least S$10 and regular coke is S$1.50... i spent all my money makan
.. there have a lot grill, bbq, deep fried food, have a hard time locating a chinese restaurant. Hmm, Dubai is having a shopping festival there which last for 2 mths ending 14 feb. Weather there is now cold at 18deg, but july can hit up to 52deg! Terrible.. It's a safe country to go and the street is still very crowded at 10pm. What we missed out is we didnt go to the dessert, wasted! :eek:

Hi cookiecorgi ,
welcome abroad to the Oct03 brides. =)

i'll send the compile info to you girls once i'm back to the office tomorrow.


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gd afternn ladies

kk mei

wow u gers hvnt met 4 4 yrs liao...
no wonder so muz 2 tok over...
so paiseh 2 b there when kkk is doin the cleanin up...
mess up the pl again with our foot prints...
dun think mi droppin by yan's pl durin the wkend...
nt sure if i will b droppin my love nest or nt...


cny in jb = borin...
no visitin till the evenin of 1st daz cny...
went 2 my elder auntie's pl...
the rest of the daz is either watchin tv programs or takin a nap...

tokin abt mj n gamblin...
i hvnt touch on them yet...

yi is headin 4 her HM @ bangkok durin vdaz...
her europe trip is scheduled till mid of 03...


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Hi Meekoo:
U getting better? I think eveyone start to recover after CNY.

May: I hope so, JLC got something nice for me. Wah u do accessories urself! Did u spend a lot doing it.

Gathering is a good suggestion. May be each of us can bring album to share with the rest.

Btw, anyone being to NZ before? thinking of going there for honeymoon. Dun know shld we self drive, self arrange the coach or take tour package. *sigh*


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hi autumnheart,

yah agreed w u 12days too short.

hi serene,

NZ v.relax, exp farm stay - gd choice!!
actually since our wedding in oct - can wait till NATAS fair to book, can get gd offer ;)