(2003) Brides of year 2003


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1027: No, no, no ... I signed up wif Chris only for studio/outdoor, not actual day. His charge for actual day is $5K!! *die* Haven't confirmed my actual day photographer yet

Budget? What budget?
Initially we thought $15K to $20K is enough (we only invite ard 120ppl), but ... spend a bomb on gowns and photo. And my friend who had ROM in Pavillion said her flower deco is $1.6K even though the room is small. Almost fainted when I heard that. Thought $500 is enough

Hi Autumnheart, welcome to the thread!


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Jan: The corian supervisor will be coming to my house to take a look after cny. Lets see how it goes, i will show a black face. I am prepared to be mean after spending a fortune on my kitchen. I told classic's designer, all i want is for my kitchen to look sui sui. Yes, house reno is so stressful, luckily i already give up trying to rush my house before cny. Otherwise, i will be more upset with the kitchen. Actually, i feel quite heartache, knowing that i spend so much on my house and yet things are not done to perfection.
Never mind you FMIL, one ear in and one ear out. She wld understand coz not paid by her mah.
So your FH coming back for CNY? Your fitting how? after CNY?

Pausini: Thanks for the receipe. Think i prefer the wintermelon drink. I hate green beans. The lotus leave get from where? the winter melon is the fresh one or dry one? Must boil everyday? Cannot boil already keep in fridge and drink? Where to get the Ji Bing. Sorry ah...i only know to go supermarket and buy stuff....heee....hee...
Yes, my resolution is to cimb stairs after i shift to my new place. on the 20th floor, so it is going to be a real challenge to climb to my house.


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Hi Autumnheart, welcome !!

HI serene, oh yah !!! now that you mentioned, i have to start buying him some shirts as well !!! Alamak! Everything is so expensive now !!! Die die die , really v broke already !!

I concentrated on my gowns so much so that i forgot about him... so ironic hor, our gowns cost a few thousand dollars each, and his suits less than $1k already complain expensive. Oops ...

NOw that you mentioned it, i better start going to his tailor with his to make some shirts !
Ties? no lah, i bought coz we happen to be there buying pants and the shop was having some sale, so since the offer was good, i couldn't resist !

rhs, oops boo boo on my part. i thot i read that employed chris for actual day. come to think of it, he didn't show me any of his actual day photography coverage. only studio shots...
you're right, his actual day is super expensive !

you're right; i also find that budgets are not realistic (in a sense). Coz we have never done it before, so we really have no idea how much to budget. Like in the case of the flowers you mentioned, how would we know it would cost so much ?!?!??? Sometimes i wonder if i should still try to budget, coz everything that i set aside, i tend to burst the budget. Sigh ...

Like honeymoon also. everything is so expensive. One friend was telling me she wants to go to portugal and spain for honeymoon, and i was wondering "wow, that's alot of money involved!" I think i'll be so broke i may just end up in kusu island !! (hahaha, that;s a joke, seriously may end up in phuket or something like that ...)

opinions / comments / feedback / experience to share anyone ?


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May: wah u really got a high floor. So good.
The winter-melon fresh one, this one must get from supermarket. no need to get one, just a slice will do. Ji Bing and Lotus leaves can get from chinese medical store. or those that sell dry food. actually one big lotus leave allow u to cook 2 times cos it is abt 20++g. all are cheap cheap ingredients.


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Waaaa, I also haven't bought shirt + tie for FH *cry*

1027, I couldn't help but smile when I read ur post "Coz we have never done it before". I totally agree with that, but I also hope this will be the only time I have to do it

I guess budget is only for guideline, so we roughly know how much the *minimum* needed. I find that we started with the idea of a simple and plain wedding, save the money for honeymoon. But when we think abt the details, the thought of this-is-once-in-a-lifetime kicks in and we want the best for everything (gowns, flowers, photos, etc). That's when we blow the budget.

We haven't even think of honeymoon. Quite sure we have no money after the wedding ...


hi all (welcome Autumnheart),
I've got a fren who tries to save a bit here n there, so she's trying to source her own florist/someone 2 decorate for her church reception. But I doubt can save much from there...
As for me, unforeseen and unbudgetted for stuff are the number of ang pows I have to give away 2 helpers n staff, whether I have 2 sponsor my 'Ah Yees' dresses (cos I may want 2 ask a cousin to help) and other gifts for them too.

So, anyone here will be sponsoring any dresses/accessories for yr helpers?


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rhs, exactly !!! i also started off thinking of a simple wedding, but in the end becoz its "once in a lifetime" i end up spending alot more!

my bonus is also not here yet, so the wait is agonizing me... dunno when it'll come and how much. Argh! Not to mention feeling extremely broke now too!

like you, i haven't thot much about the honeymoon. I know for sure if i have no money, i'll settle for somewhere nearby for just a couple of days. Can't afford a 1-month holiday to europe or something .... maybe its peer pressure...one friend getting married 1 month earlier than i is intending to go spain & portugal, while another just came back from a month-long honeymoon to south africa. So when they ask me where i'm going....my only reply is kusu island. Sigh ...

rhs, i advise to start shopping early. I rather buy them now than to rush like mad just before the photoshoot. The less time you have to spare, the more price insensitive you become. Now that i have alittle bit of time, i rather get it now.

Same goes for my shoes and accessories... accessories finish shopping already, but need to get shoes now. My first fitting is after CNY. OMigod !!!

hey fishball, i'm in the same situation. I got a very very good and old friend for bridesmaid (we made a contract back in sec 3 that whoever gets married first, the other will be the bridesmaid). So i will have to sponsor her clothes and make-up. The clothes is the headache ... custom made to suit my colour would cost me minimum $300 just for the evening outfit. I can't imagine the total bill if i include the day outfit as well ....

Problem is i quite pai seh to tell her to sponser her own day outfit. Coz several times she was bridesmaid for some other people, the bride sponsored everything from shoes to handbag to 2 dresses to make-up. And i think she's expecting the same from me (not that she's unreasonable, just that she thinks its the norm!).

Oh yah, talk about ang pows !!! so many helpers to give ang pows to !!!!!!! esp those who help more, got to give bigger ang pows !!!!!

argh !!! i think i'm getting stressed out already !!!

One more thing i want to ask you:
On the day of the wedding, typically at the tea ceremony, do we have to give our parents / grandparents an ang pow ???
all along, i thot its them who will give US the ang pow, not we give them !

I didn't know about this until my colleague told me.... adds to my worries only, cos more ang pows = money !!!


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Pausini: yeh lor. we r lucky to get the high floor. My choice unit was on 13th floor with a nicer view but 5 mins before my selection. It kanna taken. I was so sad that i almost cried in hdb. Me and hubby kan cheong...dunno what to do We end up selecting the unit that was not on our list. Ha ha. Life is so strange, god will to want me to live so high...now i only wait for my unit number to appear in 4d.

The Ji Bing how u pronounced in PinYin. Which vowel can tell me. Wait i say wrongly, people laugh.

U havent tell me can boil a huge pot and keep in fridge to drink? Must drink hot one and freshly brewed one?


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Dunno if this is the latest (coz this thread is soooo long i had to search thru the archive!)

1. 1027, 04 Oct, Swissotel, Xristos, Jurong West

2. HF, 26 Oct, Oriental, Chris Ling, Amanda Lee Weddings, AnchorVale@SK

3. kk, 26 Oct, Qianxi (Farrer Park), Wedding Affairs (Previous Fame Bridal), Rivervale@

4. Serene, 24 Oct, Holiday Inn Parkview, Paris (at Tanjong Pagar), Compassvale

5. fishball, 17 Oct, Concorde, In Wedding, P21

6. lorraine,26 Oct, Le Meridien, Jawn Happy-ever- after & City bridal (photography)

7. Jady, 4th Oct Customary & 5th Oct banquet & solemnization. Hilton, Jazreel Low
Bridal, Sembawang

8. blissz, 30 Oct, The Fullerton, Ted Wu n Montage Studios, Rivervale Crest@Sengkang

9. poki, 26 Oct, Hotel Inter-Continental, Amanda Lee Weddings, Utopia, P21

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11. leafy, 4 Oct, Qianxi, Bridal Zone, Queenstown

12. Blythe, 4 Oct, Church Wedding, 10 Oct, Hotel New Ottani, J&M Bridal, Ponggol 21.

13. cath, 12 Oct, Qianxi (Farrer Park), Seletar Broadway, Ponggol 21.

14. catlim, 25 OCt, Church wedding, Goodwood Park, Sengkang Fernvale

15. rhs, 25 Oct, Shangri-la, Silhouette, Chris Ling, not applying for HDB

16. Teri, 24 Oct. Hotel Intercon, Bridal?, Punggol

17. Joanne, 12 Oct, rasa sentosa, seletar broadway (probably), queensway

18. Autumnheart, 18 Oct ROM, 19 Oct banquet, Shangri-la & Lei Garden / Min Jiang, Margaret Brides, Benny Ang (Studio)

Any other updates? Its exciting to see this list grow!


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Ooooopppss !!! I think the list above is not the correct one. Eg the list doesn't have Vio anywhere on it !!

To those ladies i left out, i'm soooo sorry!
Do u think you can copy the list above and add your details to it please? Thanks!


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Hse reno. Sigh! Tell me abt it. I'm getting a little mang chang abt it too. Grumbling and flaring up so much that FH calls me man chang queen. Yes, I'm not happy with certain things too. And I also feel that progress is slow. FH don't think so and I'm always the one pushing for things to get going. We are STILL painting. My bedrm furniture, WashingM coming in next Fri. I haven't finish shopping for other furniture (Study Rm, Living/Dining), need to do curtains, invites....writing this list makes my blood pressure go up too.......


hi jady,

oic, reno starting soon hah, no wonder so busy! :p
oh, my march-in ah, we chose our fav song "i finally found someone" and we have our friends sitted near the aisle throwing rose petals and blowing bubbles, plus my little nephew and niece marching in front of us and the dry-ice effect and dim lighting.....can you imagine the scene?

tat was so unforgettable!


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Hi ladies,
How are u? heheee.. quite bz recently … needs to clear my work before leaving for holiday. Weirdo, how come I cant feel that I’ll be holidaying? :\ hahhaa.. maybe dubai is not my ideal country so not looking forward to it. =P

Hi Autumnheart,
Welcome to oct03 brides. Please send me yr details and once I’ve compiled it, I’ll send a copy to you.

Hi 1027,
Have you sent me your details?

Kindly send these info to me @ ([email protected]) . thankies.
1) Nick Name
2) Real Name
3) Birthday (DD/MM/YY)
4) ROM Date
5) Wedding Date
6) Banquet Venue
7) Name of Bridal / Studio
8) Email
9) New Home Location
10) Contact No

October 03 Brides:
04 Oct: jady, (1027, Piggy, leafy)
10 Oct: blythe
12 Oct: cath, vio, bonnie
17 Oct: fishball
19 Oct: Autumnheart
24 Oct: Serene, (Teri)
25 Oct: rhs, (catlim)
26 Oct: kk, poki, (HF, lorraine)
30 Oct: blissz


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Hi pooh

Don't worry. If u can keep telling yrself tt u r able to treat yr PIL n SIL like yr own, u will be able to.

For my case, it is a 'wait n see'. Anyway, don't feel so bad anymore. Must enjoy CNY liao!!

My office closed fm tomorrow until next Monday. Here's wishing all June brides HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!! Talk to u all again on 3rd day of Lamby year!!



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Hi cath, sent you details already. Sorry for the delay...

No? not looking forward to a holiday? WHY ???
Dubai's shopping is quite shiok !!
I loaded up on my perfume and cosmetics when i was there, coz it was about 15% cheaper than getting them duty free from changi.

dun think so much and have fun ok?

Die lah...i'm in no mood to work. CNY festivities kick in already....


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Hi May,

I hope i got the PinYin right *hee hee*
Is Ji2 Bing3. I never tried cook and keep leh. and one point have to drink it warm. so i think may be dun cook and keep. remember 4 bowls of water cook till 2 bowls hor.

maya: relax, dun rush.. u tend to make more mistake and make regretful decision. take ur time to choose ur furnish. Are u rushing to move it b4 CNY. not possible now. so dun rush.. take ur time... think abt it. Ur FH make sense to slow down. u have clearer mind and rush will normally make u overspent. I am a good example. i think i overpaid for certain things but i choose not to think abt it.....

CNY is coming.. Wish all happy a better year! cheers!


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Hi May brides

our wedding is about less then 4 mths!

Have a happy new year. our last year to get hong bao!!!



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cath, I will send you the details once the venue is finalised and also when I've signed up MB.

Dont' want to send you something and later have tons of changes.

most prob after CNY.


Hi all February brides!

It's probably a really busy time for all of you. Guess I'll be the first one to start the February ball rolling since my big day is just in 2 days on 1st Feb! I'm all stressed out and still have to go to work tomorrow, with still so many things to do. Hope you're all having better luck than me.

Anyway, I just stopped by to say congratulations to all of you, and may your wedding day be a dream come true! May it be "Happily Ever After".....

Best wishes to all!


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Sorry girls for MIA yesterday. In fact i was there to read. But due to time constrain, i can't reply them. When i reach home, was rushing to go out to get some last minute steamboat items. Then once i reach home need to select my photos so that i can get my album before CNY. Well i jus got it today. Very nicely done.

22nd Feb is fine with me. But does you girls want it on weekend or weekday? Even friday evening also can, provided some of them dun have to work on Sat. From there we decide a day again how?

Sorry, thou i fly there once very year. I normally stay near MBK shopping centre. Many shopping areas mah like Siam centre.

If you need more advises on how to get there like WTC or some places i've been, i can advise. But not pratunam market. I've not been there yet. Will try it out this year. But i've been to Suan Lum(think pronoun as som lom)Night market. Not sure if i spell correctly. The best is to see from the previous posting i've sent in the other forum. In fact i personally feel that i've you going to the weekend market, you can drop the idea of goging to the night market i've mention. They sell almost the same things.

I dun have the map with me. I only know how to walk here and there. If you have the map, try to look for MBK and opp is towards Asia Hotel. Diagonally opp is Discovery Centre. The one opp of discovery centre is dunno Siam what. Centre or Square? That's where i bought my beads. There's about 3 columns of shop houses like chinatown shops but quite dark. Inside sell clothings, handbags, shoes and even those hand make accessories(crystal kind). The beads i bought is 50pcs(a packet) think 100baht or so. I also can remember. I bought about 6 packets and cost me about S$70+.

I also bought my ROM shoes there. Got beads one. There's only 1 to 2 shoes selling such shoes else is norm type. Also at that area, got sell the ang bao box too. Jus one shop only and not much choices as compare to weekend market. The shop also got wedding invites. I'm thinking of buying it from there too. Can you do me a favour by asking how much they sell(450pcs) if you happen to pass by the shops in weekend market or anywhere? Thankyou very much.

MBK sells most things too. But you can't bargain much there. Basement is selling clothings like Far east plaza kind. Then first level got fast food and some got slightly name(brand) boutiques. Then 2nd and 3rd got snacks, shoes and many more. If both of you feel bored can go watch movie too. That's what we did. Cheap and its english. Only thai subtitles. Price varies on seating rows and place(centre, side and such). Go eat the restaurant there. Cheap and nice too. Else there's food court on 5th floor. They use cupons to buy food, those used ones will exchange back to cash. Dun know how to comms, jus point.
That's what i did.

Discovery centre to me got nothing to shop there. So its up to you. Maybe jus step in see see if interest you or not, else jus cross over by the very long overhead bridge lor.

Wan see photo, join us lah if you can or are you back yet? Else think i'll need to think of other way. But dun worry, it'll be easy.

please take care hor. Me also wan to fall sick liao. Hope you are better now after 2days.

think after receiving my mail, you should know when i customary right? Me been to Cairns when i was 15yrs old with my Sec. sch. Very nice place to go. Ppl are friendly but dun enjoy the travel to the Great Barrier Reef.

I agree with what Amore had said. Getting those A lines make those who have huge hips looks better, can hide. Hee


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Hihi May
The gap in my kitchen cabinet is oso @ the bottom, b/w the base of the cabinet n the cabinet. The carpenter sealed it up wif sealant. Guess as wat u said, dat is the last resort.
My hubby b the bad person bcoz he protects me in every way. Once a dog barked v loudy out of the blue as we walked dwn the stairs, my hubby stood in front to cover me by the 1st instint.
@ times he gets v frustrated he will ask me to call the contractor or supplier myself.

Can't agree more to all who faced problems wif the reno. It is really pain in the neck.

Hihi Vin
I post my ROM photos by accessing to www.picturetrail.com

Wish all a happy Lunar New Year n lucky lucky, smooth sailing in the yr of goat.


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hi ladies


wow so lucky 2 strike lottery after ur weddin...


huh u hv 2 perform nite shift???
sure hope 2 b able 2 catch up with u again soon!!!


yes been buz @ work!!!
u enjoy ur cny dinner with ur pil...

mi headin reunion lunck @ my grandma's pl ( mum sis ) n 2nite mi headin 2 my pil place's 4 dinner...
2molo nite will b headin 4 jb ( its a 'ritual' since young coz my dad's famili there )
will b back on 2nd daz of cny!!!


wishin all a happi cny!!!
its our last yr collectin ang pow muz collect more!!!
n yi ur 1st yr givin ang pow!!!


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hi yi,

can imagine the romance in the air.....i'm starting to try visualize my own. oredy chose the 1st march in song.
evrythg all ok, except hvnt write to hdb to defer producing rom cert. really hope can defer till my wedding day.
u giving angbaos tis yr cos some people don't give during 1st yr.

flowee, wah, seems like a tight schedule for u. but its worth it cos hapi family gathering mah.

ya, my last yr of collecting angbaos.

ladies, today evry1 half day? Wishing all of u a hapi cny!! see u gals on 5th mar.


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Thanks Meow, u gave a very detailed description..at least now I know where to look for what..
ok, will ask for u..
Heard that there's a Indian cloth market near Chinatown selling fabrics and wedding stuff..(dunno what stuff..will go there to see see) let u know when I come back whether it's worth going..


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Hi All, Wishing all of you a very Blessed Lunar New Year!

For all of us who have much to look forward to this year, take care and enjoy your long weekend!


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Good morning ladies, GONG XI FA CAI !!

I'll be on leave for the next 2 weeks and most likely won't have any internet access, so you all have a great time ok?


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Hi Happy New Year gals,

Have fun and do remember don't stuff yourself with too many goodies. We are all the Oct Bride this year....therefore must control.


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Pausini: Thanks. If i do cook the receipe, will let you know how it went.

Shook: u lucky gal. hubby so nice.

Meeko: yep, counting down to wedding...havent start to do anything...busy with house.

A better goat year to all of us. Happy New Year Gals!


<FONT COLOR="ff0000">Happy New Year,all!</FONT>

Hi Blythe,
u r so cute.... I can't stuff myself, cos there's nothing to eat at home! bwahahaha..


Pausini: No problem on printers. If you are a member of Singapore Brides, i think you get some discount for printing at T.Dragon. You so cute. i will use your method. nag as long as i live in the house. that should work. Man don't like us to nag at them, hahaha

May: agree with you. we spend our hard earned money so that our little patch to start of our married life can be sui sui lor. i hate it when the contractors bugged up. FH not coming back for CNY. I very sian because even though he is not around, i have to go to his house to wish his parents happy new year lor. i don't like to go alone because so funny. i not daughter in law yet mah, why must go..... plus after that still must go with his parents to his grandparents place. he say represent him but i feel so awkward. dislike doing it actually but bo pian lor. my first fitting after cny. now still trying to set a date for PS. Once we get a date he can come back, we will tell bridal shop and they will try to meet the date. they are quite nice too to accomodate this kind of arrangement. guess they also no choice lor. by the way, usually how long they take to make the album huh? right after PS, he will have to fly off, cannot choose photos with me. was thinking of delaying the choosing till apr when he is back. you think too late?

Maya: aiyoh, i am like you. Man chang queen too. reno woes. have not seen the room since dec. i hope this cny when i pop over, won't be shocked. hope everything still in order.

To all: happy new year! last year to take ang pow so no need to pai sei. sure can use that extra cash we need since i guess all of us feel the pinch! gong xi gong xi. and yes! less than 4 months to May 2003. hip hip hurray!


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Hi Autumnheart,
yap, u can send me the info once you've confirmed everything.

Hi 1027,
I received yrs.

Ending a note here, GONG XI FA CAI to all! =) See you girls next week.


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Happy New Year to all of you!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

As for the meeting up... I can only make it on Sat/Sun... Weekdays i'll be in kl leh...


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Hi all

Happy new year!!

I just joined this forum as a new May 2003 bride. Just confirmed my date recently - stressed as FH is out of town and will be back only 1 wk before wedding...

Just need advice on good venues for lunch and photographers. Am considering Seafood Garden at Goodwood hotel, Oriental (ariel Suite), Pan Pacific, Regent and Orchard Hotels. Only 12-13 tables and wld like to min costs. Any recommendations?

Photographer - thinking of Chris Ling but thot the package was quite costly. Any recommendations as well?



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oops...forgot to add..will let u all know abt the meeting..my job rubber time one..gotta work on sat..

enjoy yr holidays n collect more angbaos..


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Hi Arubagal,

Welcome to May 2003.

When is your wedding day??? You just want to hv lunch reception?? Emm...what time of food would you like to serve????

As for photographer, heard that choon huat is not bad, maybe you can try to check out. YOu prefer digital shoot or normal neg. photo???

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Happy CHinese New Year


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Hey all,

Just to share. I enjoyed my wedding day as well. Glad that all of us did

I was up at 6am to prepare as my make up artiste/video crew were at my place at 7am.

I was ready by 8am and was taking photos with the guests who turned up. My wedding entourage (3 cars)arrived at 9.20am to pick me up to Church. My wedding car was my own black Honda CRV and was decorated by a family friend. It was really lovely
The car was escorted by 2 other black cars.

The church ceremony was over in an hour and the church was also beautifully decorated by my family friend. The reception was nice as the food was catered by a relative who recently went into wedding buffet business.

Our tea ceremony at both families were rather fast and we had time to take pictures with the cars and friends who helped that day.

Hubby and I truly enjoyed ourselves even though we were rather tired. We even drove on our own to the hotel to check in so as to let all our helpers go home to bathe and rest.

I have only enough time to wash &amp; dry my hair before my evening make-up session.

I was ready by 6.30pm and went to the ballroom foyer at 7pm to greet my guests. Most of them arrived by 7.45pm and were enjoying their cocktail reception/photo-taking.

Our 1st march-song was also "I finally found someone" and were gretted with thunderous applause, whistles and catcalls as we entered.

The 2nd march-in song was "Everyday I Love you" and was greeted with the same mood as the 1st march in.

We truly enjoyed as we had a rather fun loving &amp; sporting crowd. We agreed that we never shook so many hands, said so many thank yous and got hugged ao many people in one night.

Some of our friends stayed back to drink and party at the foyer. Our 48 bottles of wine were consumed and so we had some tipsy guests. We were both sober though.

That's abt the entire day for me on 25th. BTW, I was not at Esplanade...hee hee


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GONG XI FA CAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy new year to all december brides to be!!!!!!!!!

start collecting as much angbaos as possible, and me better start learning cooking and housework!!! 10 months left onie!!!


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Ge Wei Mei Nu Men,

Zhu Da Jia ..