1. A

    Letting go Taiwan PWS @ $2000!

    PWS with France Paris Bridal @ $2000; letting go as we are moving overseas for work. Thank you! Further Details of PWS: + Unlimited selection of wedding gowns (from any range including new arrivals) + Choose 4 gowns (wedding / evening); free alteration + Choose 2 male suits; free alteration...
  2. S

    WTS : Taiwan PWS package with Gown Forestry

    Hi all, due to change of plans, we decide to let go of the Taiwan PWS package at Gown Forestry located at Suntec ( https://www.forestrygroup.sg/ ) *All gowns are off the rack* Outdoor shoot 2+1 (upgraded) Gowns + 1 Suit Make-up + Hair-do 12"x15" Album (20 Pages) + Select 20+6 (upgraded)...
  3. L

    Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - France Paris $3000 (UP $3688)

    Letting go of Taiwan or Singapore Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package (from France Paris Bridal), inclusive of: Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: 1. make up 2. Pre-wedding photoshoot gown (3 gowns) 3. Pre-wedding photoshoot suit (1 suit) Wedding: 1. Make up 2. 2 wedding gowns 3. 1 wedding groom suit Letting...
  4. X

    WTS PWS in Taiwan/Singapore - France Paris Bridal Prewedding shoot (法國巴黎) @ $2300! (inc $250 waiver fee)

    Letting go of our Prewedding Photoshoot Package in Taiwan or Singapore @ SGD 2300! We negotiated a pretty great deal during a roadshow! But selling off as we received another package from a family friend as a gift for us... Valid for 5 years till 31 July 2027! Inclusive of: - 4x exquisite...
  5. T

    WTS PWS by Tiffany Diamond Wedding (Taichung, Taiwan)

    Looking to sell the below deal which was signed in 2015 due to change of pre-wedding shoot plans. You will only need to pay S$200 (deposit) to take over this package. Price: S$1,988 Validity: Till 28/02/2023 Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/tiffany2000/ Package included: ✅3 gowns (1 set...
  6. W

    Selling PWS Package @ huge loss

    Hello all, I’m letting go of my PWS package with France Paris Bridal due to personal reasons. Original price $2,200. I’m selling at $1,500. This is similar to what others are selling on this forum. ON TOP OF THAT, my package comes with 1 x FREE AD GOWN RENTAL. Can be used for PWS in Taiwan or...
  7. X

    Taichung locations for prewedding

    Hi all, I am in the midst of planning which locations i can go for photoshoot in taichung, please share or recommend places in taichung and also the flow/schedule because the there is only 8 hours and i worry about having to spend too much timetraveling instead of taking photos.
  8. T

    WTS Cannes Taiwan PWS

    - 24” album with 36 + 10 sheets of photo - 1 selected photo for enlarge with 30” frame - CD Rom of selected photos - Indoor shooting / outdoor shooting (total 10hrs shooting time in 1 day, North Taiwan) - Free MUA to follow for outdoor shooting - Able to choose your designated photographer and...
  9. C

    WTS: France Paris Bridal PWS (includes selection from pronovias wedding gown)

    1. 1 set CD of all selected photos (36 photos) 2. Bride exquisite wedding gown and evening gown (choose 4 styles) - includes selection from pronovias wedding gown line 3. Professional makeup and modeling x 4 styles 4. Bridal veil, hair ornaments and gloves 5. 2 sets of groom tuxedos and...
  10. E

    WTS: Taiwan Pre-Wedding Package, FREE 2 NIGHTS HOTEL!!!

    本人有意转让婚纱配套,原价配套为新币4888,现以新币1800卖出(价钱可以商量)。 台湾婚纱店:有兴趣请联络我,或者whatsap :+65 92975141 **由于签约条例不能公开合约内容,若不要合约也只能转让朋友,所以就不公开。 **在台湾店成立於1989年至今于台北一带,不用担心店会关闭等等问题。 好处:- 合约保留5年有效 (不加價),簽約 2016年9月1日,所以可以到2021年8月31日。 - 可选择在新加坡拍摄,以新币1800在新加坡的婚纱店拿到这样的配套算优惠。 -...
  11. L

    WTS Cannes Taiwan PWS

    Hi, due to personal reason have to let go this package. Package comes with free 3D2N hotel stay and airport pick up to hotel - 24" album with 36+2 sheets of photo - 1 selected photo for enlarge with 30 inch frame - Indoor/outdoor shooting (total 10hrs shooting time in one day, north taiwan)...
  12. Charsiewping

    Perfect Wedding Taipei prewed shoot

    Just sharing our experience since we don’t see much reviews online. We bought our wedding package with Perfect Wedding by chance at one of the bridal fair at Orchard Central. The whole experience had been superb and we were very well taken care of throughout. The gown selections for the...
  13. M

    Help Needed from anyone going to Taipei

    Dear all, I need help to collect a photo album from Taipei, as the bridal shop can’t deliver it to me on time for my wedding. Hope any kind soul that is traveling to Taipei can help me out. Thank you and may god bless you.
  14. Y

    Letting go pre wedding photoshoot in Taiwan (La Fatte) @ S$3k

    Hi all, I am considering to let go of my La Fatte (Taiwan) pre wedding photo shoot package @ S$3000 (original price S$4500), as me and fiancé are considering to change our location to Korea due to the awesome landscapes and pictures. We are hoping to be able to sell the La Fatte package by end...
  15. Claire's wedding

    WTS: My Taiwan - Tai Chung wedding package - Asia Star

    Hi BTB, i wanted to sell off / letting go my Taiwan/TaiChung Pre Wedding Package with only $ 2788. i bought at $3388 (after currency exchange), and because of the exchange conversion they provided me 6 more photos. Reason for letting go cause i m married already. Package including 2 shooting...
  16. C

    Letting go Taiwan Wedding PWS Package

    Hi, Any BTB is interested in going for Taiwan for PWS? Due to some reasons I have to let go this attractive packages :( Item includes: - 3 sets of wedding gown and 3 night gown ... - 2 sets of men suit - 1 30 inch enlarged photo frame - indoor/outdoor shooting included. - Make up...
  17. J

    Letting Go: FranceParis Package for Pre-Wedding photo shoot + AD package, not include AD photography

    Hi, I have a France Paris法國巴黎 package hope to let go in this year. This only pre-wedding photo shoot + AD package, not include AD photography. The packages i signed on April 2017, valid for 5 years. PM me if you are interested. After you get this from me, I will update France Paris staff my...
  18. C

    WTS : Taiwan, Taipei, France Paris Pre-wedding Photoshoots Package

    I am selling away a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot package from Taipei France Paris 法國巴黎 bridal studio. Bridal Shop: 台北市中山北路二段116號 電話:+886-2-2560-1361 傳真:+886-2-2571-8612 Bridal Shop Website : http://www.fpwed.com Bought it for $2,288 now selling away to a lucky couple. Package Included: 1...
  19. W

    Letting go Taiwan bridal photoshoot package

    Due to a change of plan, we have decided to take our photos in Singapore instead. Sad to put such an amazing package to waste but I hope I can find a willing couple to take over this once in a life time opportunity! Comment with your email for details!
  20. S

    WTS CangAi PreWedding Package Taiwan

    Hi Fellow brides! I bought a Prewedding and actual wedding package with CangAi at a very good price at wedding show last year. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am letting go of my prewedding package. Details as follow: Photoshoot in Taipei 2 white gown 2 evening gown 1 suit 40 pictures...