Letting Go: FranceParis Package for Pre-Wedding photo shoot + AD package, not include AD photography


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Hi, I have a France Paris法國巴黎 package hope to let go in this year.
This only pre-wedding photo shoot + AD package, not include AD photography.
The packages i signed on April 2017, valid for 5 years.

PM me if you are interested.

After you get this from me, I will update France Paris staff my package transfer for you and I will cc you in the email.
So you can continue arrange your plan with them.

Here are the details of the pre-wedding package:
1. 1 set 24" PVC photo album made from 36 photos+ 12 unedited digital photos
2. 1 set Canvas photograph, carved frame in 24" x 30" for bedroom frame
3. 1 set Crystal frame for 10" photo
4. 1 set CD of all selected photos (36+12)
5. Total of 5 sets of bridal gown & evening gown (All range selection, no additional charge)
6. Professional make up of up to 5 styles
7. Bridal veil, hair ornaments and gloves
8. 2 sets of Groom's tuxedo & suit
9. Waist cummerbund, shirt, boutonniere for groom
10. Studio shooting and outdoor shooting for a whole day (night photography included, no additional charge for additional time)
11. Choice of top photographer, MUA at no additional charge
12. Choice of PS in SG or Taiwan at no additional charge (2 choose 1)
13. Ferris wheel decoration with photos
14. 2 x palm sized photo album
15. 1 x signature scroll

Here are the details of the AD package:
1. 1 set Chantal Wedding Gown (Latest Design)
2. 1 set Chantal Evening Gown
3. 1 set Tea Ceremony Dress
4. 1 set ROM Dress
5. 2 set Imported Bridal accessories with head pieces
6. 2 style AD Bridal makeup with hairdo
7. 2 sets of Groom's tuxedo & suit
8. Bridal Hand Bouquet (Fresh Flowers)
9. 6 set Flower Corsages
10. Bridal Car Decoration

Thank you.