Letting go Taiwan PWS @ $2000!


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PWS with France Paris Bridal @ $2000; letting go as we are moving overseas for work. Thank you!

Further Details of PWS:
+ Unlimited selection of wedding gowns (from any range including new arrivals)
+ Choose 4 gowns (wedding / evening); free alteration
+ Choose 2 male suits; free alteration
+ Unlimited locations (indoor/outdoor) to choose from; no extra charge for night shoot
+ Professional make-up and hair-do (4 styles); can choose senior photographer and make-up artist at no additional charge
+ Complimentary Flowers and Bridal accessories with headpieces, veil etc.
+ 30" by 20" canvas photograph, framed up
+ 10" crystal table top
+ Specially curated to showcase all your nicely taken photos (36 pictures)

Can be taken either in TW or SG at the same price!

PM me if you need more details! Telegram @alitangorango or email at [email protected]