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台湾婚纱店:有兴趣请联络我,或者whatsap :+65 92975141

好处:- 合约保留5年有效 (不加價),簽約 2016年9月1日,所以可以到2021年8月31日。
- 可选择在新加坡拍摄,以新币1800在新加坡的婚纱店拿到这样的配套算优惠。
- 转让名字无须担心,新加坡有分行可以直接在店里进行转让名字。
- 若是人在马来西亚不能进来新加坡,可以白纸黑字转让名单寄给你。
- 付款方式:建议面交,若对方信任也可以汇款。
- 本人在新加坡工作,需要出来讲解配套是没问题,无收费。
- 此配套不包住宿,不包机票,相信很多人都了解台湾婚纱摄影不会包括这些。

- 20寸×24寸油畫相片 (免費升級:20寸×30寸)
- 精美謝卡100張 (免費升級:400張)
- 10寸水晶相框一個
- 已挑選入本相冊CD-Rom 一片
- 新娘精緻白紗、晚禮服4套 (免費升級:5套)
- 新娘精緻白紗、晚禮服4套 (免費升級:5套)
- 提供新娘頭飾、頭紗、手套
- 新郎提供歐式西服2套
- 提供新郎高級腰封、襯衫、襟花
- 內外景精緻拍攝一天
- 以上內容不含運費、場地費、造型跟外、外景車

- 禮服3區任挑不加價
- 指定首席摄影师不加價
- 12寸一本 (跟大本一樣)
- 保留十年有效 (不加價)
- 此價錢不能公開 << 因为转让只能给朋友,所以不能公开那张合约

台湾住宿x 2 晚!!! 很划算哦这个!!!
掌中本 x 1 本
摩天轮相架 x 1 个
签名绸 x 1 条

- 加選照片每張SGD 65
- 造型師跟外SGD 230
- 保濕精華液(定妝液) 一瓶SGD 30 *可自備
- 外拍車每小時NT 500
- 新加坡內景場地拍攝客戶須自付
- 24寸PVC相片1P要用三張照片美編
- 台灣外景有些是需要自付門票及場地費
- 運費 (如需代寄相片,依實際重量計算1kg/SGD 23),請自行負擔 *邮寄马来西亚就不清楚价格

elaine yeo

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I intend to transfer the wedding package. The original price is SGD 4888, which is now sold in SGD 1800 (price can be negotiated).

Taiwan Bridal Shop: If you are interested, please contact me, or whatsap :+65 92975141
**Because of the signing regulations can not disclose the contents of the contract, if you do not want to transfer the contract, you can only transfer friends, so it is not open.
**The store was established in 1989 and has been in Taipei since then. You don't have to worry about the store closing.

Benefits: - The contract is valid for 5 years (no increase), signed on September 1, 2016, so it can be until August 31, 2021.
- You can choose to shoot in Singapore and get such a package with a SGD 1800 in their bridal shop in Singapore.
- There is no need to worry about the transfer of names. There are branches in Singapore that can transfer names directly in the store.
- This package does not include accommodation, does not include air tickets, I believe many people know that Taiwan wedding photography will not include these.

Photo shooting description :
- 20" x 24" oil painting photo (Free upgrade: 20" x 30")
- 100 thanks you small customize picture (Free upgrade: 400 photos)
- 10 inch crystal photo frame
- Selected photo album CD-Rom
- 4 sets of white gown and evening dress for the bride (Free upgrade: 5 sets) - unlimited section
- Bridal headwear, veil, gloves
- The groom offers 2 sets of European suits (Free upgrade : 3 sets)
- Provide the groom's high-quality girdle, shirt, silk flower
- Exquisite shooting day inside and outside
- The above content does not include shipping, venue fees, styling and exterior, exterior vehicles

Remarks column
- Choose Dress of all 3 area with no extra price
- Designated chief photographer - does not increase the price
- 12-inch album (same as Big one)
- Reserved for five years (no increase)
- This price cannot be published << Because transfer can only be made to a friend, the contract cannot be made public

Also sent:
Taiwan accommodation x 2 nights! ! ! Very cost-effective! ! !
Palm in the center x 1 book
Ferris wheel photo frame x 1
Signature silk x 1

Extra spending
- Add photos to each SGD 65
- Stylist and SGD 230
- Moisturizing Essence (Setting Liquid) A bottle of SGD 30 * You can bring your own
- Outside car NT 500 per hour
- Singapore interior location filming customers must pay
- 24 inch PVC photo 1P to use three photos
- Some of Taiwan’s exteriors require self-paid tickets and venue fees.
- Freight (If you need to send photos, 1kg/SGD 23 based on actual weight), please bear the cost. *It is not clear the price when you mail to Malaysia.