Letting go pre wedding photoshoot in Taiwan (La Fatte) @ S$3k


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Hi all,
I am considering to let go of my La Fatte (Taiwan) pre wedding photo shoot package @ S$3000 (original price S$4500), as me and fiancé are considering to change our location to Korea due to the awesome landscapes and pictures. We are hoping to be able to sell the La Fatte package by end of May so we can confirm the Korea package.
La Fatte seems like a reputable company with unbelievably good reviews, check them out below:

I’ve summarized the package details below. If interested, do PM me :)
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: 84500143
Package expiry: July 2021
Price: $3000 (fully paid to La Fatte)

First Day - Free pickup on arrival. Meals provided. You will be brought to HQ at Taichung to choose your gowns for bride and suits for groom, which will be sent for tailoring according to your body measurements.
Second Day (or any date you prefer) - You will do a full day photoshoot. Extra charges for night shoot has been waived in this package (details stated in the receipt).
Third Day - Choose photos with photographer.
After that, you can go back SG and wait for all the stuff to be sent to you.
If you are extending your stay in Taiwan, you may contact Judy for special prices for hotels and attractions, recommendations for food and places to visit etc, as Judy will be happy to share! Judy has mentioned that La Fatte partners with many reputable merchants/hotels at most areas in Taiwan (you may WeChat Judy for details), hence able to get better prices.
(You may have read some reviews on how great La Fatte services are and how willing they are to go the extra miles)

Photoshoot package includes:
1. Free upgrade to Chief Photographer appointment (usual price $270)
2. Free upgrade to UV coated glossy photos (usual price $340)
3. Free upgrade to Unibody album (usual price $360)
4. Custom album layout design fees waived (usual price $27 per page)
5. 30 pictures (hard and soft copies provided free of charge). Subsequent pics will be charged depending on how many additional pics you want. Negotiable, talk to Judy.
6. Free pick up at TaiChung train station upon arrival.
7. 4 sets of Bridal outfits (two sets upgraded to VIP free of charge in this package)
8. Can choose indoor or outdoor wedding photoshoot, no extra charge if rescheduling is needed due to extreme weather.
9. Night time photoshoot charges waived (usual price $90)
10. Professional make up & hair design for the bride (all hair and makeup accessories such as tiaras/pearls/clips/pins, veil, crystal earrings, eyelashes, wigs, and nail polish are provided free of charge)
11. Professional makeup and hair design for the groom
12. Groom can choose 2 sets of suits for photoshoot. Shoes included.
13. Flower bouquets are provided for the photo-shoot free of charge.

Photo album and accessories:
1. One 15 x 24 inch album with 30 photo (soft copy provided too)
2. UV-coated glossy photos (free upgrade)
3. Unibody Album (free upgrade)
4. Custom album layout design (fees waived)
5. One 24 inch canvas portrait enlarged photo with frame (high quality workmanship, your picture will be carved and burnt onto high quality wood, long lasting and will never fade, typically take longer time to complete hence do expect delay)
6. Free 10 inch table photo frame
7. Free 1 palm sized photo album with photoincluded
8. Free book for relatives & friends to pen down well wishes & sign on your wedding day
9. Free Ferris Wheel designed photo frame with multiple photos insertion
Additional charges:
1. Ampoule @ $27/vial (optional, you may bring your own)
2. Stylist accompaniment throughout photoshoot @ $320/day
3. Transportation @ $30/hour
4. Tickets or admission fees (if necessary)
5. Album shipping, to be shipped to SG (price depending on weight, will roughly range between 100-200)
6. Charges for additional photos (after the first 30 provided foc to you) - approx $70 per pic, negotiable.
This package though has been seen as worth it by most so far, however may not be suitable for couples who are looking at budget packages. If you don’t mind higher price in exchange with high quality photos, great customer service and super wide selection of wedding dresses, please do PM me and bug me with all the questions that you might have! :)