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April 2018

Chasing Love and Light with Darren and Jade Photography

Darren and Jade Photography treat every wedding like their own, and put their heart and soul into capturing beautiful memories from each couple’s momentous day.

Darren and Jade Photography was founded by a couple of the friendliest, warmest people you’ll ever meet! A husband-and-wife team who have been shooting weddings since 2013, Darren and Jade still feel blessed each time a couple entrusts them with capturing memories from their wedding day.“We can’t say enough about how it feels when someone asks you to shoot their wedding—it is just one of the most meaningful experiences, to be entrusted with capturing memories from someone’s wedding day,” they share. “It became our favourite kind of photography to do because of all the wonderful emotions attached to it!”

Darren and Jade take every wedding as seriously as their own. For wedding days, the couple adopt a photojournalistic approach to make sure they can fully cover the day’s events, and get all the angles and important moments faithfully but unobtrusively. “Like ninjas!” they laugh.

At the heart of it, Darren and Jade Photography believe that a wedding is all about precious moments and emotions. A bride’s father reading a poem to his daughter, about his pride mingled with sadness at his little girl all grown up and leaving the nest, a groom choking up over his vows, or the pure beauty of a balloon release that magically formed the shape of a heart—Darren and Jade freeze each snapshot in time so that couples can tenderly look back on their most special of days.

They’re also extra invested because of the connection they feel with each couple. “Since we always make the effort to get to know all of our couples, we are genuinely excited for them, that they are moving on to the next stage of their life together,” they share. In fact, Darren and Jade confess that often find themselves tearing up in the middle of a ceremony.

For pre-wedding shoots, there’s more laughter than tears. “We love to keep the mood light-hearted during our pre-weddings so we are constantly joking around and having fun!” Darren and Jade tell us. They love bringing free-spirited couples out into epic, open spaces for their engagement sessions, where their cinematic style really shines through in dramatic landscapes and glorious sun flares. Chasing the most beautiful light to illuminate their couples’ love, Darren and Jade frame creative shots that tell each couple’s personal love story. Open spaces allow couples to forget about everything else and simply focus on each other. “Our pre-wedding shoots are activity-based, but most of all we love it when our couples get lost in each other and just enjoy being together,” say the photographers.

Their warm and engaging personalities really help couples loosen up in front of the camera. “Darren and Jade are flat out amazing,” says one bride. “Especially if you’re a bit awkward in front of the camera like my husband and I can be, their friendliness, enthusiasm and warmth just make all those photos a little extra wonderful because you can’t help but be at ease and have a good time with them!” It’s no wonder that so many of couples end up as friends, and many keep coming back for maternity and family shoots with their favourite photographers.

Seven years since they got into photography, Darren and Jade have expanded their team with two associate photographers and two videographers to cope with their growing business. To add another dimension to their services, Jade is a certified hair and makeup artist as well as a photographer, which lowers stress and costs on the part of couples, especially when they go to far-flung destinations for overseas pre-wedding shoots.

Although they’ve tripled their team and won a number of awards from Wedding & Photographers International (WPPI) since they first started Darren and Jade Photography, the couple are still humbly grateful to be trusted with capturing such significant moments, and feel the most rewarded when happy couples tell them they relive memories through their work. As they tell us, “We just hope to continue doing this for as long as we can—our goal is to keep producing imagery for our couples that resonates with them!”

Contact Darren and Jade Photography at +65 9768 8739 or [email protected]

Images by Darren and Jade Photography

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Chasing Love and Light with Darren and Jade Photography