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November 2019

All For Love and Adventure with Darren and Jade Photography

Let Darren and Jade Photography take you on an adventure you’ll never forget during your pre-wedding shoot. Make beautiful images and memories that you’ll love to relive over and over again.

If your fiancé groans when you mention pre-wedding photography and complains that he feels awkward posing in front of the camera, you’re not alone. Luckily, the fun-loving team behind Darren and Jade Photography doesn’t believe in rigid, cookie-cutter poses and pasted-on smiles either. Passionate storytellers, the Darren and Jade team is all about telling a couple’s unique story by capturing pure emotions and creating beautiful memories.

Telling Your Story

Knowing that every couple is unique, the Darren and Jade team tells couples to choose pre-wedding locations that resonate with their story. They bring back fond memories for couples who started dating in junior college, or fly to overseas universities where a relationship first began. “It is really special to go back and take photographs at somewhere meaningful, ” says chief photographer Darren. “When you go somewhere like that, it evokes a kind of raw emotion.” The team then gets couples to talk about their memories of the place, intensifying emotions to capture genuine joy and love.

For destination pre-weddings, Darren and Jade Photography advises couples to choose cities that reflect their personalities. Ornate European architecture echoes a couple’s love for culture and the arts; the wide expanse of sea and sky in a wild and foreign land reflects a couple’s free-spirited nature; vibrant graffiti paints a picture of couple’s colourful relationship.

Let the Good Times Roll

The team also enjoys turning pre-wedding shoots into beautiful travelogues for couples who love discovering new places together. Their recent trip to Sumba, Indonesia with influencer Elaine Rui Min and her then-fiancé Gabriel was an adventure for the nature-loving couple, who got to immerse themselves in the culture and beauty of the largely undiscovered island. “On the trip, we brought Elaine and Gabriel to a savannah where we let them enjoy the sunrise, run among the horses and cows, and just have fun,” shares Xinyi, head videographer at Darren and Jade Photography. What was captured was the couple’s pure joy and awe as they watched wild horses gallop into the sunrise on the wild horizon.

When the camera is rolling, the team focusses on honest emotion and a couple’s shared experiences intensified with beautiful light and aesthetic framing. “During a pre-wedding shoot, we don’t do hard posing to make people feel awkward,” shares Darren. “The best shoots are when people feel comfortable, so we keep things exciting. We have a lot of running around, things that will generate candid moments. I always say that if you didn’t have a good time during the shoot, then you’re not going to enjoy looking through everything and remembering it!” After a destination pre-wedding shoot, their couples don’t just receive a beautiful wedding album—they get to relive the incredible experiences they shared on their trip.

Meet the Team

The Darren and Jade team takes care of everything you could need for the perfect pre-wedding shoot. With the recent addition of two photographers and two videographers, the team now offers stunning videography as well as aerial shots. Aerial photography and videography allow for unusual framing, placing adventures in the context of vast grasslands or incredible blue seas so you see the world in a whole new way. Principal photographer Jade is also a certified hair and makeup artist who will ensure you look absolutely radiant in your wedding photographs.

Before even getting on the plane, Darren and Jade Photography puts in weeks of research to plan the perfect itinerary for your pre-wedding shoot. Accommodation, local guides, transportation, sunrise and sunset times—the team works all these details out so that they know exactly when to reach locations for the perfect light. Every little detail matters; the team thinks about how half-up hairstyles would work better in a windy location, or whether a formal or casual look would stand out best against a scenic waterfall. They even calculate how mountains affect the angle of a sunrise!

Building Relationships

Believing that a good pre-wedding shoot is much more than posed smiles in front of grand backdrops, Darren and Jade Photography captures emotion-filled moments in aesthetically framed shots that couples can relive over and over again. “Our style is quite raw and intimate,” shares Xinyi. “We chat with our couples and get them comfortable with us to the point where they can’t see our cameras anymore. We like to capture the little candid moments where they’re not aware of us.”

One of the warmest and friendliest photography teams around, the Darren and Jade team know how important it is to have good chemistry with their couples so that they are comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera. “The couple has to feel like they’re hanging out with friends,” says Darren. “That has been really the key thing to all of our shoots that made them what they are.” In fact, with the close bonds forged on their overseas pre-wedding trips, the team ends up friends with many of the couples it shoots, and many couples come back for other milestones such as maternity and family shoots.

If you’re looking to discover a foreign land with your love, and preserve those memories for a lifetime, take a look at Darren and Jade’s destination pre-wedding schedule. Embark on a new adventure together; contact them here or at +65 9297 0077 and [email protected].

Credits: Images by Darren and Jade Photography

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All For Love and Adventure with Darren and Jade Photography