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January 2024

2024 Wedding Trends that Will Dominate This Year

Get inspired by the biggest 2024 wedding trends predicted by wedding experts!

We’ve seen gorgeous style and personality evolving throughout 2023, and as much as we’ve loved the green and white palette, and the wild and natural forests that have been taking the wedding scene by storm this year, we’re ready to look ahead to a brand new year of the most anticipated wedding trends of 2024. From the most beautiful wedding styles and floral trends as predicted by leading stylists and florists, to what’s in and what’s out for wedding ceremonies, dive in with us as we explore the exciting new trends you’ll see everywhere in weddings in 2024.

This year, we’re seeing a shift towards unique and personalised touches in both fashion and ceremony design. Our experts will share insights on the emerging styles, colour palettes, and decor choices that are expected to be popular among couples planning their big day. Whether you’re in the midst of planning your wedding or just love keeping up with the latest trends, stay tuned for a sneak peek into what 2024 has in store for weddings!

1. Bold Colours

Image courtesy of Vynella Events, by Lydia K PhotographyImage courtesy of Vynella Events, by Lydia K PhotographyFlorals by Liz Florals, image by Aura StudioImage courtesy of Liz Florals, by Thomas Tan Photography

While classic whites and pastels will always be around for weddings, more and more couples are choosing to express their vibrant personalities with bold colour palettes. Think non-traditional colours like blue, hot pink, corals, or bright yellow, or gorgeous spring palettes. Wedding stylist Vynella Events says, “Couples these days love to capture the essence of summer with vibrant bright yellow and orange flowers for their weddings.” Florist Liz from Liz Florals reveals, “There seems to be a shift towards a colourful palette! It’s refreshing that more couples are asking to have colourful blooms for their decorations to brighten up the venue.” Stylist Brendan of Fellow Folks agrees, “This year, we see a trend among couples of going for bolder colour selections, shifting from the usual pastel hues to a midsummer-autumn palette. They’re looking for brighter tones of pink, coral, orange, and yellow for their fresh foliage.”

2. Coral and Autumnal Hues

Joy and Josh’s Summer Coral Wedding in The Surga Villa Estate, Bali by Jiwa Photography

In particular, we see a shift from last year’s popular palette of warm autumnal hues to a fresher one including Pantone’s 2024 colour of the year, Peach Fuzz. The warm hues of orange, rust, and yellow are joined by brighter pinks and corals this year for a more modern feel. 5 Stones Florist shares, “Brides consistently request autumn-themed colours, encompassing muted tones to vibrant hues, making it a favoured choice for rustic-themed events. To create the look, we design bouquets, centrepieces, and arches incorporating dried leaves, grasses, and fresh blooms.”

3. Sustainability

Florals by 5 Stones Florist

We love how more and more couples are bringing awareness about sustainability into their wedding celebrations. From conscious use of decor and styling, to repurposing when possible, there are more creative ways for couples to be eco-friendly with their weddings. Florist Khoocoon shares how you can hop on this worthy 2024 wedding trend: “Mix faux flowers into large scale arrangements! This provides couples with a more sustainable option for wedding florals. At Khoocoon, all our florists have undergo training conducted by Thai and Burmese instructors to ensure that our faux floral arrangements are life like. Another plus point is – couples also get more florals for the same budget!”

Another way to lower your carbon footprint is to repurpose your decor as much as possible. “In anticipation of 2024, there’s a projected surge in demand for sustainable floral decor,” says 5 Stones Florist. “Couples are increasingly prioritising arrangements that can be repurposed after the event, such as using easily movable wedding floral arches.” The sustainable wedding trend continues growing into 2024, and we’re happy to see more couples and vendors alike joining the cause.

Beyond the styling and florals, you can be eco-conscious during your wedding planning right from the invitations. Wedding planner and stylist Hellen of Rosette Designs notes, “The trend of e-invites and RSVP platforms will continue to be popular as couples are more efficient and environmentally conscious.”

4. Dancing Queens and Kings

Yun Ying and Dharmen’s Modern, Colourful Intercultural Wedding by Iki Company

More couples are showing off their dance moves as they celebrate taking the stage on their big event. We love how couples are letting loose and having fun on their wedding day, sizzling up the traditional march-in, blending cultures with Bollywood-style dance groups, or challenging each other to dance-offs!

5. Non-Traditional Wedding Gowns

Tabitha and Sean’s White Wedding at Raffles Hotel Singapore and Min Jiang at Dempsey by Fiona and Dan from Smittenpixels PhotographyJustina and Yiming’s Cosy Lawn Solemnisation and Wedding at Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore by Mavericks Wedding

Brides are stepping up their fashion game. From exaggerated sleeves to colourful embroidery to custom-made designs blending two cultures, we predict brides will be even bolder with their bridal styling in 2024. Choose from bridal separates, add on gorgeous detailing like embroidered veils or colourful shoes, or go mini with your dress–whatever makes you look and feel your best on this special day.

6. Giant Silk Flowers

Image courtesy of Liz Florals, by Thomas Tan Photography

We see more whimsical giant flowers taking centre stage as couples grow more creative with their wedding styling. A giant hit in 2023, florists and stylists predict that the giant flower trend will continue blooming this year. As Liz Florals shares, “Trends in 2023 were as predicted in the past year, with large silk organza flower stands being more prevalent in weddings! I foresee this trend continuing in 2024 too. There’s a lot more focus on using them as aisle decorations too as many couples move towards making use of the large LED screens in their venues.”

7. Non-Floral Organic Styling

Image courtesy of KhoocoonImage courtesy of Fellow Folks, by ClarenceLoren and Jia Jin’s Eclectic and Edgy Wedding at Cargo39 by Multifolds Productions

There’s been a growing trend for infusing wedding styling with organic elements other than florals or foliage. Stylists predict we’ll continue to see fruit accenting the tablescape, moss or live trees creating an immersive forest experience, or stones and pebbles to add texture to floral arrangements. “Couples are definitely more receptive towards the use of different materials, going beyond just flowers for their wedding decor,” says Fellow Folks. “For example: working in fruits and vegetables, and alternative materials such stones and rocks within the decor — especially table arrangement — has been a hit.”

8. Oriental Themes

Image courtesy of Blanc Studios, by Juanmoley FotologueXannelle and Daniel’s Whimsical White Wedding at S.E.A. Aquarium by Rylz Photography

Couples are harkening back to their roots with an emphasis on Oriental culture with modernised double happiness signs, full-on traditional outfits, and vibrant florals. As stylist Amanda from Blanc Studios states, “Oriental themes continue to captivate, with a delightful fusion of modern elements and vibrant florals shaping an ever-evolving canvas of cultural richness and modern aesthetics.” Rosette Designs adds, “Maybe because it’s a Dragon year, so Oriental could be a big theme, perhaps with a modern twist.”

9. Immersive Naturalism

Image courtesy of Blanc Studios

In 2023, we saw a lot of wild naturalism and immersive forest experiences take over the wedding scene, flooding the senses and transporting guests into the wild. Experts disagree on whether this trend will continue to flourish in 2024 or begin to wilt. “The trends spotlight the enchanting evolution of naturalism, where live trees and flourishing greenery is not just a backdrop but an immersive experience, as couples embrace the full spectrum of greenery to create an enchanting ambiance,” predicts Blanc Studios. On the other hand, The Wedding Stylist believes the trend will slow down in favour of timeless elegance: “Foliage has featured in countless weddingsthis past year, I think we will start to see less of this.”

10. Glass Candelabras

Image courtesy of The Wedding StylistImage courtesy of The Wedding Stylist

Glass candelabras have been trending for weddings that exude timeless elegance and quiet luxury. “We’ve been seeing a lot of glass candelabras and I think this is here to stay for the coming year,” shares stylist Wenxin of The Wedding Stylist. Florist Khoocoon agrees, “We see couples using less florals and more of other styling elements such ascandles.”

11. Drapery

Image courtesy of Fellow Folks, by Clarence

Stylist Fellow Folks predicts drapery being all over weddings for 2024: “Drapery is definitely making a comeback, with rich velvet drapes, and hanging chiffons. They work great in small event spaces, creating the illusion of an even tighter and intimate space.” Beyond dressing up floral arches, think larger scale draperies to create closer spaces and an ambience on cosy intimacy.

12. Games and Entertainment

Loren and Jia Jin’s Eclectic and Edgy Wedding at Cargo39 by Multifolds Productions

As couples look for ways to give their guests a good time and turn their weddings into fun celebrations, we’ll see more creative games and entertainment. From drinking games to trivia quizzes to lucky draws, wedding guests can look forward to a lot more fun at weddings in 2024.

13. Large Structural Installations

Image courtesy of Vynella Events, by AirisuImage courtesy of Vynella Events, by Airisu

“Emerging as a trend embraced by weddings of all races, the use of grand structural backdrops for main stages and welcome entrances is on the rise,” says stylist Vynella Events. “For Hisham and Wirda’s wedding at Clifford Piers, we meticulously crafted a versatile installation that not only served as a stylish partition for the open-concept venue, ensuring privacy for the wedding reception, but also delivered a captivating wow factor, setting the tone for a luxurious atmosphere. In a nod to the couple’s vibrant personalities, the installation doubled as a surprise entrance door during their march-in, reminiscent of fashion shows. For a symmetrical feel to their wedding look, the main stage featured a similar theme but different arched carpentry shapes, aligning seamlessly with the venue’s architecture and complementing the overall colour theme.”

14. Bigger Personality

Yun Ying and Dharmen’s Modern, Colourful Intercultural Wedding by Iki Company

In 2023, we saw so many couples embrace individuality and go big on personality, creating weddings that truly spoke their story and gave guests a unique experience. We see the trend for more personalised weddings growing even bigger in the coming year, with couples pushing the envelope, throwing out expectations and traditions, and redefining “wedding” to be whatever they want.

Credits: Images courtesy of vendors. Feature image courtesy of Liz Florals, by Thomas Tan Photography

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2024 Wedding Trends that Will Dominate This Year