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January 2021

The Hottest 2021 Wedding Trends You’ll See This Year

We ask top wedding stylists and florists to predict the hottest 2021 wedding trends!

Brand new year, brand new wedding trends! We ask Singapore’s top wedding stylists and wedding florists for their 2021 wedding trend predictions, and it sounds like this will be an exciting year in terms of wedding style!

This year, besides fun predictions of the hottest trends in décor, flowers, and colours, we’re also seeing a few wedding trends sparked by COVID-19. With the coronavirus likely to continue affecting weddings in 2021, wedding vendors and couples are responding with creative design elements and new experiences as they celebrate their once-in-a-lifetime with their closest loved ones.

1. Intimate Weddings

The biggest wedding trend in 2021 is smaller weddings! Intimate weddings have been on the rise in Singapore as more couples seek to maximise meaningful time with their loved ones during the wedding, and the wedding size regulations in 2020 have helped cement this trend. Couples are embracing intimate and intentional weddings with alternative wedding venues or outdoor celebrations, with their many opportunities for creativity, personalisation, and meaningful connection.

Image courtesy of 1-HostImage courtesy of 1-HostFlorals by Liz Florals, from Modern Elegance in Black and Mauve at The Alkaff Mansion Wedding Styled Shoot by Annabel Law Productions

“Smaller weddings will be the way to go in 2021. Even with regulations easing up, everyone will still be very cautious and people have grown accustomed to small, intimate weddings.” – Claire, Huahee

“There’s no doubt still a ton of uncertainty over wedding dates, guest count and, well, everything right now, especially with the fast-changing safety measures and regulations. It’s safe to say weddings will be different for quite some time, so this growing trend of micro weddings might be quite a practical way to host a wedding in the year to come.

There has never been a better time to opt for an intimate wedding. COVID-19 or not, intimate weddings hold a dear place in our hearts and we have always loved the opportunity to serve smaller guest counts in this way.

Instead of worrying about the loss of certain celebratory must-haves, how about a shift in mindset to the wonderful things that can be done when the guest count is smaller? We personally think it’s a great opportunity to start digging into really special details that just can’t be done with bigger events. With a micro wedding, you have the luxury of designing your day and aesthetics the way you want. Remember, ‘quality over quantity’!” – Larry and Jophia, HellofromFlour

2. Micro weddings, Maximum style

The trend for intimate weddings sparked another 2021 wedding trend—maximalism. With smaller guest counts leaving more room in the wedding budget, we predict that more couples will take the opportunity to create unique and memorable wedding experiences for their guests. A smaller wedding venue also means less area to style, so you get more impact for your buck. From statement installations to personalised table settings for each guest, 2021 could be the year of maximum style!

Styling by HellofromFlour, photography by Jerald Saw for WEventsStyling by HellofromFlour, photography by Jerald Saw for WEvents

“Since weddings are now smaller, couples are generally more willing to stretch their styling budget a little further. As such, we can now afford to go all out on the smaller details and making the wedding really personal and dramatic. We even got to design place settings for a few of our recent weddings, which is a dream come true for us stylists. Also, the size of wedding doesn’t put people off expressing their creativity; instead weddings are getting more and more exciting and we are really enjoying it.” – Larry and Jophia, HellofromFlour

Image courtesy of 1-HostImage courtesy of 1-Host

“We will be seeing more elaborate wedding décor for solemnisations such as statement arches that would frame couples’ poignant moments and grander floral installations along the march-in aisle. As couples seek to leave a lasting impression on their guests, we may even see the use of pyrotechnics and other creative touches that would differentiate their special day from others.” – Janet Sim, Director of 1-Host (Weddings & Events)

Styling by WULALA! from Lyn and Ming Xian’s Exquisite Wedding at The Ritz-Carlton and Capella Singapore by Darren and Jade PhotographyImage courtesy of WULALA!

“Well designed cozy lounges will be huge! These are not only practical spaces for guests to mingle in smaller groups, they add warmth and character to your wedding and make the best photo opportunity! Tip: choose comfortable chairs, a chaise, and sofas for this space. You can even go for rugs, fluffy duvets, and cushions. The cosier, the merrier!” – Lalu, WULALA!

“In more intimate weddings where only the closest will celebrate with the couple at the wedding, we will see more focus on sprucing up the small venue to make guests feel welcome.” – Elizabeth, Liz Florals

“Couples would pay more attention to details given that everything is done on a smaller scale. They are more knowledgeable about floral types and are willing to spend more on premium florals for décor, partly because they don’t need to spend on big elaborate setups and would focus on just a certain area. Think phalaenopsis and cymbidiums, with phalaenopsis an upcoming popular flower type to use because of its versatility and variety in colours.” – Claire, Huahee

3. Eco-Conscious Weddings

Sustainable weddings will be on the rise in 2021 as couples become more conscious of the environment. Wedding stylists and florists offer increasingly creative ways to repurpose florals and décor to avoid wastage and go green at weddings. Some options even allow you to bring home your décor to line your newlywed nest!

Image courtesy of WULALA!Image courtesy of WULALA!

“While having lots of greenery and the use of potted plants have been trending for awhile, I believe the trend is here to stay. With the rise in interest for exotic houseplants (think variegated monsteras and Begonia Maculata), I think many couples would incorporate these into their wedding set-up. After all, they will get to keep these babies at home after their big day!” – Lalu, WULALA!

Image courtesy of Liz Florals

“We’ll see more use of floral stands instead of arch frames so that we can repurpose the decorations.” – Elizabeth, Liz Florals

Image courtesy of Florals Actually

“The trend for preserved and dried flowers will likely continue, in view of the uncertainty of planning ahead. These everlasting blooms are more versatile as they can still be used in the event of a change of plans or shift of wedding dates. The use of preserved and dried blooms for venue decor will also allow the wedding couple and guests to bring them home and repurpose the blooms as part of their home decor. ” – Cheryl, Florals Actually

Image courtesy of Huahee

“There will be more floral decor that double up as good photo backdrops. A lot of couples value the opportunity to take good family photos as they value family ties much more during this pandemic. For example, we recently created a deconstructed arc that was done slightly shorter so that they make good floor pieces when the couple sat down to take photos after the solemnisation ceremony.” – Claire, Huahee

4. 2021 Wedding Colour Trends

From classic tones to unconventional shades of grey, wedding colour trends in 2021 will have couples experimenting with bolder hues for their celebrations. Of course, you can ignore the trends completely and go with your favourite colours!

Styling by HellofromFlour, photography by Bloc Memoire Photography

“Pantone announced their 2021 colours–Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow, and we’re pretty sure these two colours will be huge in 2021 weddings.” – Larry and Jophia, HellofromFlour

Image courtesy of WULALA!

“Couples will push the boundaries of typical wedding colours! With the help of dyes and sprays, we forecast couples requesting for out-of-this-world colours for their flowers. Flowers may be sprayed to achieve metallic/gradient effects or even go super bold.” – Lalu, WULALA!

Image courtesy of 1-Host

“Modern colours like champagne, blush pink, and gold are here to stay, and we’ll also see a rise in autumnal colours such as purple, maroon, and burnt orange.” — Janet Sim, Director of 1-Host (Weddings & Events)

Image courtesy of Liz Florals

“We’ll see lavender and purple tones making an entrance!” – Elizabeth, Liz Florals

“Weddings with pops of colours. Pops of colours make it more fun and casual especially in intimate settings.” – Claire, Huahee

5. 2021 Wedding Floral Trends

Florals have always been a big part of wedding decor. In 2021, we predict that luxe desert florals will start giving way to some creative new wedding floral trends!

Styling by HellofromFlour, photography by Jerald Saw for WEventsStyling by HellofromFlour, photography by Jerald Saw for WEventsImage courtesy of HuaheeImage courtesy of Huahee

“‘Tropulence’, also known as ‘Tropical Opulence’, is quite a big wedding trend to watch for in 2021 and the years to come. This striking and fresh wedding look uses bright and bold contrasting colours–basically tropical extravagance at its core. Comparing it to our all-time favourite ‘Contemporary Tropical’ which doesn’t age, ‘Tropulence’ takes it one stride further with gold accents, lavish florals, and rich surfaces.” – Larry and Jophia, HellofromFlour

“Cascading bouquets are back, with many brides requesting this style. We have had a few requests for non-bridal-looking bouquets—such as a hoop bouquet—by brides who wanted to try something fun since they are having a small and intimate affair.” – Claire, Huahee

6. Mini Cakes

Instead of being purely decorative and symbolic, wedding cakes are often real cakes these days. With smaller weddings on the rise, an emerging trend is to have many mini cakes instead of one grander tiered one!

Image courtesy of WULALA!

“Gone are the days where couples only want one humongous five-tier wedding cake. With smaller weddings in place, single-tiered cakes/mini cakes are just as fabulous. With the same price you pay for a massive cake, you could even have a cake bar with several smaller cakes in different flavours for variety.” – Lalu, WULALA!

7. Weekday Weddings

COVID-19 has certainly caused a lot of changes, even in the way we celebrate weddings! Weddings and solemnisations have become cosier and more flexible, and more couples are opting for weekday weddings.

“We expect an increase in weekday weddings. Weekday weddings were almost unheard of previously, however, due to the flexibility of work-from-home, we have seen an increase in queries for weekday weddings and it will continue. This is a positive shift from traditionally weekend weddings as you now get more dates to pick from, and less invitation clashes for your wedding guests!” – Janet Sim, Director of 1-Host (Weddings & Events)

Feature image styling by HellofromFlour, photography by Jerald Saw for WEvents

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The Hottest 2021 Wedding Trends You’ll See This Year