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January 2023

6 Wedding Decor Trends That Will Dominate 2023 According to Experts

Here are stylists’ predictions for the top 2023 wedding trends!

In 2022 we saw weddings bursting with boldness, creativity, and personality as couples celebrated the easing of pandemic restrictions with bigger and more beautiful ceremonies and receptions. Guest size limitations turned intimate weddings into a trend to stay, and couples loved creating personalised experiences for their nearest and dearest, and being able to spend time with the ones who have cheered them on their journey together.

Styling tricks that grew from necessity have blossomed into trends that are here to stay for a little longer, such as floral hedges to separate zones, or photo gallery walls. Other trends are evolving to match couples’ increasing desire to showcase their stories, and enjoy their weddings with the people they love instead of holding a customary affair. In 2023, wedding styling will be all about adding personal touches and creating a cohesive look that reflects the couple’s personalities and style as couples look for ways to make their weddings unique and memorable. We speak to some of Singapore’s favourite wedding stylists and planners for their predictions on this year’s hottest wedding trends!

1. Naturalism

Bucket Full of RosesBucket Full of RosesBlanc Studios

“The biggest trend we’ve seen in 2022 is having luscious landscapes and mimicking of dense forests – in other words, bringing the outdoors in,” shares wedding stylist and florist Kayly of Bucket Full of Roses. This gorgeous wedding styling trend seems to have taken root on our tropical island, where it’s not always feasible to hold an outdoor wedding. Wedding stylists Amanda and Jon from Blanc Studios agree, “We will continue to see an interest in recreating natural scenes with stones, moss, and whole trees.”

Bringing the outdoors in through wild, lush foliage and dense arrangements can create a magical wedding experience for couples and guests. To style this wedding trend, Kayly suggests focusing on a key part of the wedding ceremony–the march in. “More emphasis is placed on the march-in aisle rather than the standard stage backdrops.” The aisle can be lined with stunning, lush hedges to mimic a forest or meadow, and mist can add a mystical touch!

2. Editorial

Bucket Full of RosesBucket Full of RosesBlanc Studios

An emerging wedding trend for 2023 is a more refined and modern aesthetic, with a greater attention to artistic form and shape. “More couples are also aiming for a more refined, more grown up, almost editorial aesthetic for their weddings,” say Amanda and Jon from Blanc Studios. Expect clean lines, sculptural backdrops, and emphasis on form when it comes to designing a wedding concept.

For floral styling, Kayly from Bucket Full of Roses adds, “For the coming year, we predict a more modern minimalist approach, of simpler and fewer flower varieties with more attention to shape and texture, almost treating wedding decor as an art installation (think sculptural lines and artful shapes).”

3. Giant Silk Flower Stands

Jo Ting and Ben’s Vibrant and Playful Wedding at InterContinental Singapore by The Perfect StatementLiz Florals

We’ve been spotting whimsical giant silk flower stands across beautiful weddings last year, and this magical trend is predicted to continue into 2023. “Tall silk or faux flower stands might be big for 2023!” says wedding florist Liz from Liz Florals. “They would look great on stage or along the aisle as a statement piece. Imagine walking through a field of tall flowers, and shorter hedges of fresh flowers too!” Giant silk flowers create a sense of ethereal wonder and add a touch of magic to your wedding, so it’s no wonder they’ve been gaining popularity in Singapore.

Liz has some suggestions on how you can incorporate this trend into your own wedding: “I would imagine styling them with fresh flower hedges at the base, lining the entire stage. For venues with huge projector screens, I’d use the floral stands along the aisle instead but vary their heights so that they do not take away the focus from screen, but still make a beautiful addition to the couple’s march-in, and as a photo backdrop for guests.”

4. Sustainability

Liz FloralsAngie and Hoarng Perng’s Rustic Bohemian Wedding at Open Farm Community by Knotties Frame

In 2022, we were so heartened to see conscious couples seeking to minimise the impact their weddings had on the earth, resulting in beautiful yet sustainable celebrations. With more and more couples growing more conscious about their footprints, we’re so glad to see that sustainability is a wedding trend that’s here to stay for this year, and hopefully beyond.

There are many ways you can be eco-conscious with your wedding, and repurposing your florals is a big one. “Pedestal stands and hedges are still a popular combination as they can be easily repurposed from solemnisation to banquet venue,” shares Liz from Liz Florals.“I would recommend couples who ask for this, to share more inspiration images on the type of vibes you like, and to also be flexible with the choices that your florist decides on.”

“Re-purposing flower decor is a trend that we see mostly in weddings with different locations over one day,” shares wedding planner Danielle from Create Your Story. “The flowers that we set up for the solemnisations are curated such that we can reuse them for the reception venue. This does not only support the sustainability aspect but also the couple‚Äôs budget when it comes to the amount of fresh flowers needed.”

Another way to be sustainable with your wedding is to opt for potted plants instead of fresh flowers, as they will live on after your wedding. Danielle explains, “Especially when looking at a tropical styling, we can incorporate more potted local plants and flowers into the wedding day that can be rented and re-used. This is not particularly cheaper but adds a lot to the sustainability factor of a wedding celebration.”

5. Colour and Whimsy

Rosette Designs & Co.Blanc StudiosBlanc Studios

In celebration of individuality, couples are growing bolder in their choice of colours, veering away from classically muted wedding hues like white and blush to triumphantly explode with vibrant, celebratory palettes. “Autumn themes, in many variations, have been highly requested,” say Liz from Liz Florals. “Variations include customisations to include muted toffee tones, avoid reds, to include only burnt orange tones, or to have a hint of oriental vibes to it.”

Wedding planner Hellen of Rosette Designs adds, “Colourful, whimsical weddings will be back. According to Pinterest, the Pantone’s colour of 2023 is Viva Magenta, which is bright, brave, and fearless and promotes joyous and optimistic celebrations.”

Besides tall silk flowers, we’ll see more whimsical and playful elements as couples really have fun with their weddings–from themed costumes for gatecrashes to stylised retro vibes for their pre-wedding shoots, it’s time to express your personalities. “In opposition to the editorial style, 2023 might also see the development of a gradual push back against wedding norms, and a new expression of whimsy,” say Amanda and Jon of Blanc Studios. “So expect an offbeat use of colour, more mismatched, laid back vibes, unconventional wedding playlists, unusual venues, really stylised photography, like 80s style photos, and an eclectic expression of personalisation.”

6. Destination Weddings

Create Your Story

Everyone is hopping on the #revengetravel train, and couples getting married are no exception! Destination weddings will be on the rise in 2023, as couples celebrate the freedom to travel to places they hold dear to their hearts, with the people dearest to them. “There been a shift towards destination weddings ever since the Covid lockdown began lifting,” says Hellen of Rosette Designs “A destination wedding is all about an intimate gathering with close ones.”

“More and more couples are planning either their wedding in Singapore and inviting guests from all over the world to our lovely city, or they are planning their celebration abroad again,” shares Danielle from Create Your Story. “We see an upcoming trend for European wedding destinations as well as other Asian destinations like Bali or Thailand. In 2022, I was already happy to plan with one of my couples in Switzerland and with another couple in South of France. At the same time I have had the honour to plan with a German/Austrian couple who invited their family to Singapore, and a Singaporean/British couple.”

2023 promises to be an exciting year for weddings. Lifted restrictions mean the freedom to celebrate your love wherever and with whomever you want. Whether it’s a wildly vibrant explosion of maximalist colour and texture, or a curated, art-like affair, we’re looking forward to seeing your gorgeous weddings. No matter what trends you choose to incorporate into your wedding decor, the most important thing is that it reflects your personal style and creates a memorable and meaningful celebration of your love.

Feature image from Shaun and Rainer’s Minimalist and Modern Zen Wedding at Raffles Hotel Singapore by Iki Company

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6 Wedding Decor Trends That Will Dominate 2023 According to Experts