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January 2024

Loren and Jia Jin’s Eclectic and Edgy Wedding at Cargo39

Loren and Jia Jin partied the night away at their fun and colourful Cargo39 wedding.

Loren Ang, Financial Advisor, and Leong Jia Jin, Trade Settlements Manager, met at a gym, and the relationship totally worked out! After a beautiful mountaintop proposal, the couple celebrated their union on 11 November 2023 in a fun, edgy, and colourful wedding at Cargo39, an unconventional venue decked out with disco balls, tinsel, and amazing vibes for great party with their friends and family.

How did you first meet?

Loren: We met at Body Fit Training in Paya Lebar, and we were introduced by the resident coach, Blake, and our head coach/wingwoman, Maria, during one of the sessions. Subsequently, I started coaching there as well while he was still a member at the gym. Maria would constantly approach me during class every morning to tell me how great a guy JJ was and that we were very compatible with each other (context: prior to BFT, Maria and Blake knew JJ from their interactions previously at F45 Tanjong Katong).

What do you love most about your partner?

Loren: JJ is the most kind, selfless, and giving person I know. From the way he cares for our family and friends to the little daily acts of service (e.g., waking up 15 mins earlier to take our adorable corgi, Ginger, for her morning walks before work so I can get some extra sleep, and making a cup of coffee for me every morning cause I literally can’t function without it), I’m immensely grateful everyday for all the love that he has chosen to give me and our loved ones.

Jia Jin: What I love most about Loren is that she is always thinking of and caring for people around her and how she put others before herself. I fell in love with her because of how genuine she is to everyone.

What was the proposal like?

Loren:It happened on a beautiful sunny day at Mount Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia, with the help of JJ’s friends who we were staying with during our trip there. We walked around the area a little when we arrived and I figured it was happening when he asked me to close my eyes to bring me to the exact spot he wanted to propose at. He popped the question with a bouquet of my favourite lilies, the engagement ring, and an amazing view. Pretty straightforward – no tears and the easiest yes of my life. His friends helped to capture the moment and had arranged to pick up the bouquet a day prior to our arrival.

Where was your wedding held and what was your wedding theme?

Loren:It was held at Cargo39! I planned an event there about five years ago and attended a couple of events there as well back then I so I knew that the vibes in the evening were the best, and hence decided on having a wedding dinner there. I would say that the theme of the wedding revolved aroundfun, colourful, edgy, and elegant.

Given that it was an unconventional wedding venue, we wanted to work with someone who was experienced enough to do an amazing job and we thought Yang from Substance Films was the perfect fit for the role since we also loved his works. Even though it was officially our first time meeting him in person on the actual day itself, he was so easygoing and approachable that there wasn’t even any awkwardness to begin with and we felt like good friends from the start. I think this is super important because it’s important to feel comfortable with the people who we are working with in order to bring out the best in ourselves and truly have fun. Yang made the whole process extremely fuss-free and easy, and gave us very clear directions but not too specific to the point that we couldn’t exude our creative and fun sides during the filming process.

What was your wedding day like?

Loren: It was exactly how we imagined our wedding to be–chill, fun, edgy, and elegant. We started the day with breakfast at Le Faubourg near our hotel at Amara Sentosa and hair and makeup at 12pm. Subsequently Yukling from Multifolds Productions and Yang from Substance Films arrived at the hotel to do some BTS shoots of the wedding prep and some shots of the veiling and unveiling process around the hotel as well. Even at that point the wedding vibes (e.g., the excitement, anxiousness, etc.) hadn’t really hit me yet haha. It was only when we were preparing for the walk-in at Cargo39 for the solemnisation that all the emotions came at once – the nerves and excitement, also because we were seeing the venue decor for the very first time after months of moodboard discussions. The decor honestly surpassed any expectations we had – it was literally everything we wanted (thanks to Lalu’s magic!!).

What was your most memorable moment?

Loren: The key highlight for me was definitely walking down the aisle with my brother for the solemnisation while JJ and our darling furbaby Ginger waited at the end of the aisle, as well as when we reading our personal vows to each other in the presence of our family and friends.

Jia Jin: The drinking game where we competed between team bride and groom, and when we did the thank you speech where I attributed a portion to a good friend who had unfortunately passed on last year as a victim of a drink-driving accident, which made me realise the fragility of life, inspiring me to tell my family‘I love you’ for the first time because it’s something we don’t say to our loved ones enough growing up in an Asian family. Also, one of my favourite moments has got to be when we did a shoot with Yukling and Yang at the carpark where we played with sparklers after the entire wedding – it was such a let-your-hair-down moment that really reignited our childlike zest for life.

The Size of the Wedding: 106 pax
The Cost of the Wedding: $50,000
The Venue: Cargo39
The Wedding Day Photographer: Yukling, Multifolds Productions
The Gown: WeddingCrafters
The Bride’s Shoes: Aldo
The Suit: High Fashion
The Groom’s Shoes: Aldo
The Engagement Ring: Tiffany & Co
The Wedding Bands: Tiffany & Co
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Vivien, Arly
The Nail Artist: For Duchess By Duke
The Caterer: Mannapot Catering
The Florist: Lavender Love
The Wedding Stylist: Lalu, Wulala!
The Wedding Planner: Chelsea, Holy Moly
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Melvin, Multifolds Productions
The Videographer: Yang, Substance Films
The Wedding Favours: Frosted By Fang
The Band: Mavis Lim & Ao Cheng
The Solemniser: Dr Shirley Low
The Bartenders: My Bartender

Credits: Images by Multifolds Productions

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Loren and Jia Jin’s Eclectic and Edgy Wedding at Cargo39