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December 2023

8 Unexpected Opportunities to Have a Sustainable Wedding in 2024

Want to do your part to save the planet, but not sure how to have a sustainable wedding in 2024? We present 8 unexpected yet achievable ways to be eco-friendly with your wedding planning.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift on the wedding scene as an increasing number of couples are steering their celebrations towards sustainability. This growing trend reflects a collective consciousness about a wedding’s impact on the environment. Couples in Singapore too are becoming more concerned about their wedding’s ecological footprint, and strive to minimise the waste generated by traditional weddings.

With the heightened awareness of climate change and environmental degradation today, more and more young couples are adopting more eco-conscious lifestyles. They want to extend their commitment to sustainability into the realm of wedding planning, aligning their special day with their values.

Modern couples are also more drawn to weddings that are personal, authentic, and unique. Couples are recognising that by infusing their weddings with personal values and sustainable choices, they create a more meaningful and memorable experience that resonates with guests.

In essence, the trend toward sustainable weddings represents a collective awakening, where couples are reimagining their special day as an opportunity for celebration that leaves a positive legacy. Planning a sustainable wedding in 2024 is a thoughtful and eco-conscious choice. Here are some ideas to make your wedding more sustainable.

Jennica and Xin Ying’s Elegant and Timeless Wedding at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach by Antelope Studios

1. Green Wedding Venues in Singapore

The first step in planning an eco-friendly wedding is shortlisting wedding venues that prioritise sustainability, such as hotels or event spaces with eco-friendly practices. Before signing your wedding package, inquire about their waste reduction, energy efficiency, and water conservation efforts. Choose a venue that supports local, sustainable practices and sources.

For example, Grand Hyatt Singapore uses an energy system that reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint by 1200 tonnes a year, and uses a range of sustainably sourced produce, including herbs from its rooftop garden, at its restaurants, and serves sustainable wines. Another popular wedding venue JW Marriott Singapore South Beach is fitted with solar panels and a canopy to harvest rainwater. PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering has zero-energy sky gardens and 262 solar panels that generate renewable energy.

Abigail and Brendan’s Enchanted Meadow Church Wedding by Highest Kite Weddings

2. Built-In Decor

To minimise having to style your wedding with a lot of decor, choose venues that are naturally beautiful and that vibe with your wedding theme. Hold your solemnisation ceremony against scenic views on a rooftop venue, or surrounded by lush, natural beauty in a verdant garden. You’ll save the environment and spend less on styling and decor, and celebrate the beauty of the earth along with your love.

3. Sustainable or E-Invitations

Instead of a traditional wedding invitation suite on heavy cardstock, why not send beautiful digital invitations and minimise paper waste? If you still prefer printed invitations, choose recycled or sustainably sourced paper to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tabitha and Sean’s White Wedding at Raffles Hotel Singapore and Min Jiang at Dempsey by Smittenpixels Photography

4. Repurposed Decor

A beautiful way to stay green with your wedding is to repurpose as much of your decor as you can. Work with your florists and stylists to create floral arrangements that can double up, such as deconstructed wedding arches that are repurposed for the photo backdrop, or bouquets that can be reused as table arrangements. Instead of single-use custom-printed boards, opt for vintage or recycled styling items, or versatile decor elements that can be adapted for other events or home decoration. You’ll get more bang for your buck too!

5. Seasonable and Local Florals

Being conscious of the seasonability of flowers can help reduce reduce the environmental impact of importing out-of-season blooms. Instead of insisting on a particular flower, share your overall look and feel with your florist, who can create the vibe you want with seasonable and locally sourced blooms to make your floral arrangements more eco-friendly.

Louiline and Srinath’s Incredibly Romantic Surprise Virtual Proposal by Antelope Studios

6. Potted Plants

Consider using potted plants instead of just flowers in your wedding styling, as a more sustainable choice. Potted plants could look amazing as part of the aisle decor or as table centrepieces. They can even be gifted to your wedding guests as wedding favours after your celebration!

7. Rented Bridal Outfits

Instead of customising a bespoke wedding gown that you wouldn’t wear again, consider renting your wedding outfits instead. Most bridal boutiques offer a huge range of stunning wedding gowns to choose from, and you’ll be able to get more looks at a fraction of the price and cost to the environment.

beth bars 21 Businesses To Find Sustainable Wedding Favours From in Singapore

8. Thoughtful Favours

Wedding favours are often a significant source of waste at weddings, as guests leave trinkets such as bird-shaped soap or wedding-themed salt and pepper shakers behind. Gift something that guests will appreciate, such as edible favours, or source sustainable wedding favours from our curated list.

Planning a sustainable and eco-friendly wedding 2024 might take a little more effort, but you’ll be making a big impact on the earth. Remember to communicate your commitment to sustainability to vendors and guests. This not only raises awareness but also encourages everyone involved to contribute to the eco-friendly theme of your wedding, by recycling paper waste, opting to carpool, or simply being more mindful. Your special day becomes an opportunity for a celebration that leaves a positive legacy.

As more and more couples get more intentional and conscious about crafting weddings that are sustainable as well as beautiful, it not only transforms individual weddings but also contributes to reshaping the wedding industry as a whole, fostering a more eco-conscious and socially responsible approach to this cherished life event.

Credit: Feature image from Sandy and Weilun’s Stunning Pre-Wedding Adventure in Sumba by Darren and Jade Photography

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8 Unexpected Opportunities to Have a Sustainable Wedding in 2024