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February 2021

Louiline and Srinath’s Incredibly Romantic Surprise Virtual Proposal

Separated by border closures, Louiline said yes to Srinath in the most romantic surprise virtual proposal!

Srinath, 29, Finance Controller, and Louiline, 28, Teacher, were kept apart when Australia and Singapore imposed border restrictions due to COVID-19. With his original proposal plans dashed, Srinath had to get creative when he wanted to ask for her Louiline’s hand. And he certainly succeeded! Srinath orchestrated the most romantic surprise virtual proposal that moved Louiline to tears.

What made you fall in love with your partner?

Srinath: Lui is the sweetest and most caring human being I know. She’s affectionate and loving. She always does little things to make me feel appreciated like sending long messages saying how much she loves me (which never fail to brighten my day), creating scrapbooks of our memories together, and remembering all our special dates and occasions. She cheers me on and supports me in pursuing my dreams even if it means we are going to be miles and miles away from each other. She’s a keeper!

Louiline: Sri loves me unconditionally. He’s calm, patient, and loving. He values healthy communication and has never raised his voice at me despite my crazy antics. We may sometimes have disagreements but I admire his calmness during the process; he respects my views without any judgement and shares his perspectives fairly and rationally.

How did COVID-19 affect your plans for your relationship?

Louiline: Srinath and I both decided to grow our careers and enrolled in our postgraduate degrees two years back. I got into Monash University in Singapore and on the other hand, Srinath received a scholarship at The University of South Wales in Australia to pursue his MBA. With that reason, he had to fly to Sydney to start his course.

Before he flew to Sydney, we had a solid plan to settle down together in either Australia or Singapore after our graduation in April 2020 but then, the pandemic happened!

Srinath: I last saw Lui seven months ago at JFK Airport during our last trip together. I kissed and hugged her really tight when I sent her to her departure gate back to Singapore. I felt sad when we separated because deep down inside, I was aware that we might not able to see each other for the next few months after hearing the news about border closures due to the pandemic.

Louiline: We were supposed to settle down together after our graduation in April 2020, but sadly, it didn’t happen since travel restrictions were imposed in almost all countries, including Australia and Singapore. At that point in time, I felt that the universe was really testing our relationship. Nevertheless, we tried to nurture positivity and focus more on the brighter and more positive aspects of our lives.

Srinath, how did you plan the surprise proposal?

Srinath: My original plan was to propose to Lui on her graduation day in April; however, it was unworkable since I’m stuck in Australia and I can’t fly to Singapore in the foreseeable future.

Having said that, I thought of a creative idea to propose to her virtually. I got in contact with Smitten Occasions on Instagram to check if they could help me with my proposal plan. I’m grateful to the team of professionals they worked with, namely Antelope Studios, Wulala, and 85 Flowers because even though they may not have done this kind proposal before, they still gave me the confidence to proceed with the plan and they were more than willing to be flexible to tailor the set up to my specific needs. Furthermore, Ju Lynn from Smitten Occasions opened her home to receive the engagement ring shipped all the way from Sydney! She took good care of it and ensured it reached Lui safely.

Tell us about the proposal! Louiline, were you surprised?

Louiline: Months before the proposal, I already sensed that he was going to pop the question soon. Srinath was totally acting differently over our video calls and I felt that something was going on! He was subtly dropping hints and started asking me about our future plans and my dream proposal, and asking questions such as: “Have you seen Anne’s ring? Do you like it?”, or “Do you like intimate occasions?”, and “Have you watched Kevin’s wedding video?”

It was funny how he couldn’t even look me in the eye while asking those questions! It was pretty obvious that Sri was hiding something from me. I also noticed that he was a bit nervous so I didn’t ask him anything. Nonetheless, I tried to brush off the idea of him proposing soon since there was no way he could do it due to travel restrictions.

Without a doubt, great things really happen when you least expect it! Srinath’s virtual proposal was such a surprise! It was well-planned and perfect! He put in so much effort and went the extra mile to make this special event unforgettable!

30 days before the virtual proposal, Sun, accomplice number one, told me that Chen Ying’s (accomplice number two) boyfriend is throwing a surprise for her. Sun gave me the address and asked me to be there at exactly 4:00pm on the 5th of September. She specifically highlighted that I couldn’t be late and that we all had to be dolled up for the small birthday gathering.

Twenty days before the proposal, Srinath asked my family and friends to create a short video congratulating us. My heart melted when I heard all their blessings and wishes! One day before the proposal, Zarah, accomplice number three, asked me to accompany her to a nail salon nearby to do our nails as a Teacher’s Day treat for ourselves.

Everything was so perfect! These memories will be treasured and cherished in my heart forever.

Any encouraging words or tips for couples who may be similarly separated due to border closures?

Louiline: Stay emotionally connected. To be honest, there are days when I feel frustrated because waiting for Srinath can sometimes be painful and disappointing. In times like this, he would patiently listen and remind me that this distance is just temporary. He comforts me with his future plans and reminds me why we made the decision to stay strong together until this far.

Be positive and creative. We support and help each other to cope with our emotions when we feel sad or lonely. We think of creative ways to bring positive energy to our moods such as watching comedy shows together via Zoom, meditating, having video calls throughout the night, celebrating each other’s achievements and milestones, and having virtual dinner dates just to keep the romance alive.

Srinath: Embrace the challenge together. This pandemic is out of our control, therefore, be each other’s support system and reassure each other that this distance is just temporary. Have faith and believe in your relationship.

Event Coordinator: Smitten Occasions
The Photographer: Antelope Studios
The Engagement Ring: Jacque Fine Jewellery
Location: R.A.W.
The Florist: 85 Flowers
The Stylist: Wulala

Credits: Images by Antelope Studios

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Louiline and Srinath’s Incredibly Romantic Surprise Virtual Proposal