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January 2022

The 10 Most Exciting 2022 Wedding Trend Predictions

From floral sculptures to vibrant and eclectic themes to minimalism, these 10 wedding trends are going to take 2022 by storm!

The pandemic has changed the face of weddings across Singapore. After almost two years of wedding cancellations, postponements, and scrambling to meet changing regulations, couples in 2021 have taken the bull by the horns and embraced boldness and individuality when it comes to planning for their union. Restrictions on guest sizes have turned weddings into intimate celebrations in unique venues. Social distancing rules have challenged couples to come up with creative ways to make guests feel welcome, such as personalised favours or handwritten notes. Zoning guidelines sparked vendor’s creativity as well, and this year we’ve seen lots of stunning floral hedges and photo hanging displays that not only serve to demarcate the regulation zones and prevent crowding at a photo table, but also transform venues into beautiful spaces showcasing the couples’ personalities.

Weddings in 2022 are promising to be all about expressing personality as well. We speak to our favourite stylists and florists for their 2022 wedding trend predictions, and from bold colour palettes to unconventional and statement florals, to fascinating themes, these 10 exciting trends are what you can expect to see in weddings next year!

1. Floral Hedges

Image by This Humid House, styling by The Wedding StylistImage by Vince Siow Photography, florals by Liz Florals

Zoning regulations gave rise to a beautiful new trend in Singapore weddings—floral hedges! These gorgeous organic floral arrangements line aisles or frame ceremony altars like hedges growing from the ground, and florists love how versatile and reusable they are—which is great for both the environment and for your wallet. Their sculptural form also add a lot of shape and texture to your wedding décor. We expect the trend to grow even bigger (geddit?) in 2022.

“Hedges are a popular request for aisle decorations instead of pews, and even as backdrops—either on the ground or on pedestals!” shares Liz Florals. “I think the best part of hedges is that they can be easily repurposed. Couples can use it for their solemnisation decorations, and then have them repurposed as decorations separating banquet zones, or even on stage. This is especially so for venues with large LED screens at the stage. The use of hedges on the ground adds a lush touch without blocking the screens!”

2. Baby’s Breath

Image by Pixioo, styling by The Wedding Stylist, florals by Fiore DoratoImage by Hey Stranger Photography, florals by Liz Florals

Speaking of sculptural florals, stylists and florists have noted baby’s breath making a comeback in the past year, and predict that this humble flower will become a really big 2022 wedding trend as florists get super creative with this versatile and highly sculptural flower. Elly Sera notes that requests for baby’s breath arrangements are getting more common, and The Wedding Stylist tells us, “Baby’s breath has beenmaking a comeback! It developed a bad rep as a cheap, readily available type of filler flower over the years but when used as the main highlight & when skilfully sculpted, it looks absolutely amazing.”

Liz Florals believes the humble flower will be huge next year too. “Use of baby’s breath, especially to create an all-white look, will be an up and coming trend to look out for! We see many brides using baby’s breath as a large part of their venue decorations!” they tell us. From stunning, cloud-like ceremony backdrops to cleverly coloured sculptures, the possibilities with baby’s breath are endless.

3. Personal and Individual

Image by Andri Tei Photography, styling by Khoocoon

With smaller weddings, couples are freer to express their individuality in the wedding theme and décor. Celebrations in 2021 were all about the couple’s personalities and stories, and 2022 will see even more expression of individuality. Blanc Studios says, “Couples aim more and more for thematic consistency that also involves a lot of personal touches like incorporating significant memories, favourite travel destinations, or a touch of heritage. These have been expressed in overall decor, in photo displays and personalised gifts.” If a couple loves travel, they might have a wedding themed around wanderlust with personal mementos and travel photos worked into the décor.

Khoocoon shares an example, “We did an alcoholtheme party for a couple who loved their liquor where we repurposed all their old wine and gin bottles as vases, and added touches or grapes and quirky quotes. We also repurposed their wedding car garland to style their bicycles, which we displayed at the reception. The couple had gone on many cycling dates together.” Themes and props that showcase the couple’s story will continue to be big as couples share their lives with their nearest and dearest guests.

4. Oriental Themes

Sherlene and Kenneth’s Quirky Kungfu Hustle-Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot by Iki CompanySherlene and Kenneth’s Quirky Kungfu Hustle-Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot by Iki CompanySherlene and Kenneth’s Quirky Kungfu Hustle-Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot by Iki Company

From a Kung Fu Hustle-inspired engagement session to lavishly decorated tea ceremonies, this year has seen Chinese couples celebrating their roots with Oriental themed weddings. More and more couples are taking the opportunity to have fun while honouring their ancestry, making quirky updates on traditional wedding outfits with vintage round sunglasses, or even rolling up for the bride-fetching ceremony in a sedan. Elly Sera predicts that 2022 weddings will see tea ceremonies that are highly decorated, while Blanc Studios believes that more couples will look to their roots when it comes to selecting a wedding theme.

5. Earthy Textures and Autumn Tones

Image by Knotties Frame, styling by I Do For YouImage by Knotties Frame, styling by I Do For YouShi Yun and Darren’s Hiking Pre-Wedding Shoot on Coney Island by Happyphotopeople

With more intimate wedding sizes, couples chose cosier and warmer wedding themes this year, reflected in autumnal hues and earthy, natural textures. Blanc Studios reflects that there has been “a growing trend of using more wispy dried plant elements with muted earthy tones and textures like rattan, stone, wicker, and terracotta, instead of greens, usually juxtaposed with large geometric shapes and boho elements like linens and rugs and palms.” The bohemian theme has been popular with couples wanting warm and intimate weddings, as it lends itself well to the cosy vibe with its typical stylistic elements of rugs and textiles, and earthy tones like terracotta and brick reds.

I Do For You saw many couples going for a cosy feel in 2021, with “autumn, rustic, and boho” themes, and Liz Florals attests to the this theme’s popularity: “Autumn themed colours are definitely a popular request from our brides and it ranges from muted autumn tones to vibrant tones.”

6. Sustainability

Image by Amare Pixel, styling by Blanc Studios

2021 saw conscious couples seeking to minimise the impact their weddings had on the earth, resulting in beautiful yet sustainable celebrations. Vendors got creative with foam-free floral installations, foliage instead of imported flowers, repurposing arrangements to extend their lifespans, and sourcing vintage or personal props. Dried and preserved florals also rose in popularity over the last year, and judging by how stunning some of these preserved floral and pampas grass installations look, we predict this eco-conscious aesthetic will continue to be a big 2022 wedding trend.

“I think Cottagecore as an aesthetic will inadvertently spill over into the wedding sphere,” says Blanc Studios. “People may just want a return to nature. They may also express their environmental concerns through their weddings, and may want more sustainable options for floristry and styling. Such as less or no single-use floral foam, foam boards, and encouraging the reusing and repurposing of flowers etc. Couples are also becoming more conscious and aware of how to reduce wastage for their events, which is definitely a good thing!”

The Wedding Stylist adds, “Many of the florists we know are also challenging themselves to use materials that are more readily available in the region as opposed to always sourcing from places like Europe, so I foresee that we may be seeing some very special weddings with what we would have thought were very ordinary, standard, boring flowers (baby’s breath happened this year, so I’m excited to see what’s next).”

7. Bold Colour Palettes

Sheena and Vivegan’s Stellar at 1-Altitude Wedding with Bold Florals by Thomas Tan Photography

It sure has been a year (or two). With COVID-19 dampening so much around us, it’s no wonder couples are taking a stand at their weddings and choosing to celebrate loud and proud with vibrant and unusual colour palettes. As Blanc Studios puts it, “In 2022, there may be a bolder, triumphant explosion of colour in the scene, with people moving more towards vibrancy, life, lushness, and celebratory palettes, more so after the last two years!” Stylists and florists are seeing many more couples asking for bold colours in their weddings, giving vendors freedom to exercise their creativity and come up with incredible designs.

“The industry has been playing a lot more with colours in their repertoires, particularly unusual colours,” says The Wedding Stylist. “Colourful, airy setups have been really prominent.” Elly Sera shares, “Blue and lilac, blue and yellow, these are some of the whimsical colour requests I’ve been getting recently. The contrast in colours add an interesting pop of colour to the wedding.” We’re looking forward to unique wedding colour combos in 2022!

8. Maximalism

Image by Colossal Weddings, styling by Blanc StudiosBlanc Studios

In full celebratory spirit, couples are going for maximum impact with their wedding styling, wowing their guests with a visual display of eclectic and unusual décor elements, to give them a unique experience. “A real shift will really take place where I think people will just want more visual interest and more things for the eye to look at” says Blanc Studios. “There’ll be a growing interest in fruits, unique flowers, unusual vessels and vases, statement pieces and mismatched elements, as a kind of gradual pushback against simplicity with people wanting to be more expressive, and to showcase their personalities, individual tastes, and cultural heritage.”

9. Minimalism

Image by Depth of Tales, styling by I Do For You

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the couples who prefer a minimalistic approach to their wedding styling. This aesthetic goes for bright, natural lighting, and a clean and minimalist look with light and airy floristry in muted or single-toned palettes.

10. Classic Elegance

Liz Florals

Couples are also returning to classic elegance with their colour palettes and floral choices. “I think an all-white or blush-white classic look will be popular in 2022!” says Liz Florals. “Phalaenopsis orchids may be a common request in the coming year with their luxurious and statement look!” This year, we saw many of you carrying classic cascading bouquets featuring the elegant phalaenopsis orchids with a modern touch of pampas or gold foliage, and we love how traditional wedding flowers like orchids and roses have been given new life with this trend of understated elegance.

Feature image by Pixioo, styling by The Wedding Stylist, florals by Fiore Dorato

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The 10 Most Exciting 2022 Wedding Trend Predictions