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December 2021

The First 5 Things to Do Once You’re Engaged

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now what? We tell you the very first five things you should do once you’re engaged.

With all the romantic lights and spirit of festivity in the air, it’s no wonder December is proposal season! If you just said yes to the love of your life, you might be wondering what you should be doing now that you’re engaged. Here are the first five things a new fiancee has to tick off her to-do list!

1. Celebrate!

Congratulations! You’ve found someone you want to do life with, someone who has your back and who cheers you on, someone who knows you inside and out. With the billions of people out there, this is no easy feat! Savour the joy and warm glow of love, and celebrate your good news with the people you cherish. Take these moments to soak in the blissfulness of being newly engaged, reminisce about all you’ve journeyed through together, and simply enjoy being with your fiance. Being newly engaged is a special time full of hope and joy, and you should savour every last moment of it before wedding planning hits you like a truck. And of course, show off that ring!

Valerie and Keith’s Surprise Proposal at The Secret Patio by Wedding Authors

2. Choose a wedding date

Once you announce you’re engaged, one of the first questions your excited family and friends will ask is, “When is the wedding date?” Of course, when you just get engaged, you may not have a date in mind yet. Before deciding on a firm wedding date, have a talk with your partner and discuss how long you’d like to be engaged, how much time you think you’d need to save up for and prepare for a wedding, and whether you have plans for a new home together.

When you both agree on a timeline for the wedding, you can start to think about a wedding date. Ask yourselves if you have a significant date you want to commemorate, such as your dating anniversary, or if you prefer to get married in a particular month. Talk about whether it’s important to you to hold a wedding on a weekend, or if a weekday wedding makes more sense for the both of you.

You should also consider your families when choosing a date. Do they have any misgivings towards a particular month? Do they prefer you to choose an auspicious date? Are there any other family members getting married in the same year? Will your nearest and dearest guests or important family members be able to attend? Will COVID-19 travel restrictions impact the attendance of some family members?

When choosing a wedding date, you can also consider having more than one option in mind, in case your venue of choice is unavailable on your first date. Having a few date options allows for more flexibility during your wedding planning.

Sophie Willocq and Eka Benui’s Romantic Proposal at Sunrise by Beixin and Robin

3. Discuss your dream wedding

You may have been planning your wedding since you were sixteen, and now’s the time to share your dream wedding with your groom-to-be to see if he shares your vision. Talk about the style of wedding you want, how you hope people will feel at your celebration, and if you have any specific themes or colours in mind. Have you always dreamed of an outdoor wedding? Is your dream wedding a small and intimate one or a big and grand affair? Collect images of your favourite wedding themes or dream wedding gowns, and show them to each other to get a feel for each other’s wedding vision.

Not everyone has the same expectations of a “great wedding”. Let each other know what’s important to you and what you want to celebrate at your wedding. Talk about what you’ve enjoyed at other weddings you’ve attended, and what you hope to avoid at your own. When you have differing opinions, it’s important to remember that your wedding is a celebration of the two of you and your love. It should reflect the both of you and your story together.

4. Set a budget

Now that you’ve thought about the style of wedding you want, it’s time to think about how to pay for it. You’re all grown up and about to get married, and you’re about to pay for one of the most expensive purchases you’ve ever made in your lives. To start married life on the right and responsible foot, make sure you have a sensible wedding budget. Sit down and discuss how much you’d like to spend—ideally–on the wedding, keeping in mind that you might simultaneously be paying for your new home.

Have a frank discussion about your savings, how much you can afford to put towards your wedding, or if your parents have offered to contribute towards your wedding fund. If your wedding is some time away, discuss how much you would each save a month towards your wedding. There’s no “average” amount to spend on a wedding, so do what is right for you!

Celene and Brandon’s Romantic Surprise Proposal at Blankbox by Lensofmira

5. Get a wedding planning checklist

When you’re ready to start planning your wedding in earnest, get a wedding checklist. Check out our free wedding checklist tailored to Singapore weddings, and download a copy that you can customise to your own wedding planning needs. Our checklist lists all the nitty gritty planning details you’ll need to check off to pull off the huge logistical event that is a wedding! From when to look for your wedding venue (now) to when to pick up the rings, our checklist will keep you on track.

Just want to get a feel of things for now? Don’t let our detailed wedding checklist scare you. We’ve also put together a simple 20-step wedding checklist so you can get the big picture of what goes into a wedding. It lists the major items and vendors you’ll need to source, whether you’ll holding a big or small celebration. And of course, everybody needs a COVID-19 version of the wedding checklist these days.

Getting engaged is an incredibly exciting milestone, so while you tick off these first five things to do now you’re engaged, don’t forget to savour these moments of being a brand new bride-to-be!

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The First 5 Things to Do Once You’re Engaged