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July 2021

Your Essential COVID-19 Wedding Planning Checklist

This super simple COVID wedding planning checklist will help you perfectly execute your dream wedding–amidst all the COVID-19 wedding regulations.

Whether you’re planning a solemnisation for 50 or a wedding reception for 250 pax, planning a wedding is a big task. It’s probably the biggest event you’ll ever put together yourself, and all the extra COVID-19 wedding regulations and safety measures can make things seem super complicated. We’re here to help!

When you’re just getting started planning your wedding, you want to know the big picture and the major tasks to tick off your wedding planning to-do list. This super simple 20-step COVID-19 wedding checklist will help you kickstart your wedding preparations with an overview of the major steps on your wedding planning journey. Of course, every wedding is as unique as the couple getting married, so feel free to change up our COVID-19 wedding checklist to suit your own celebration!

Essential COVID-19 Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning a wedding during COVID-19 involves a few extra considerations to conform to safety measures and guidelines, but all the essentials that make a beautiful wedding remain almost the same. First, think about the big picture, which will set the tone for the rest of your wedding preparations. Then, book your primary vendors who can only work one or two weddings a weekend. Next, secure your secondary vendors, who can service more than one celebration a day.

Once you’ve got these major tasks ticked off your COVID-19 wedding planning checklist, it’s time to delve into the details. Closer to your wedding date, you’ll need to think about the logistics that make a wedding day run smoothly, and tie up any loose ends.

Yeonhee and Pei Qian’s Elegant Destination Wedding at Andaz Singapore by John15 Photography


1. Budget

You don’t need to know the average cost of a wedding in Singapore to plan your budget, so don’t worry if you don’t have a clue how much a wedding gown or photographer costs. When you’re just starting to plan your wedding, the most important thing to do is discuss with your partner how much–ideally–you’d like to set aside for your wedding. You might be paying for your new home at the same time, so set aside an amount that feels right for you.

Many of our readers find it helpful to look through our Real Weddings to see what other couples have created on their budgets. You’ll also find plenty of inspiring and beautiful COVID-19 weddings to kickstart your planning!

2. Style

What style of wedding do you want? Do you want a lighthearted, intimate celebration outdoors with just your family and closest friends? Is it important to you to have your loved ones witness your exchange of vows, or would you rather throw a wedding reception only? Do you dream of a grand, formal occasion to honour your milestone? Your wedding style will dictate your search for vendors, so you should first think about what kind of wedding best reflects your personalities.

3. Guest List

Current COVID-19 wedding guidelines allow up to 250 pax at wedding solemnisations and receptions, however, you’ll need to undergo pre-event testing (PET) for solemnisations and receptions with more than 50 guests. You’ll need to discuss whether you want to minimise testing as you draw up your guest list. After drawing up an initial list, some couples ask their intended guests if they would still like to attend given that PET is compulsory. If your initial guests decline, you can add others to your list before sending out the formal invitations.

Michelle and Atticus’s Intimate Garden Wedding at The Summerhouse by Multifolds Production

The Primary Vendors

4. Venue

Now that you’ve got a wedding style and an estimated number of guests, you can start shortlisting wedding venues. Check out our favourite solemnisation venues and wedding venues to begin, or narrow down your search with our edits of wedding venues for 100 pax and wedding venues with overseas vibes. Tour your shortlisted options and lock down your choice to confirm your wedding date!

5. Outfits

Here’s where you really start to feel like a bride! Start narrowing down your bridal style on our Inspirations gallery and shortlist bridal boutiques and designers. Grooms, decide whether you’d prefer to rent a suit or tailor a bespoke suit that you can wear again after the wedding. Make sure you allocate enough time if you’re planning on customising a bespoke wedding outfit. You can look for your accessories such as shoes, veil, or jewellery later.

6. Photography and Videography

Unless they’ve got a team, wedding photographers and videographers can only cover one wedding a day. Start looking for your vendors early, so that you don’t miss out on your favourite. Think about your preferred style, and set up meetings with a few shortlisted photographers and videographers to see if you click. Don’t forget to schedule your pre-wedding shoot a few months before your wedding so your vendor has time to edit and return your photos and videos. Check out our article on hidden photoshoot spots in Singapore for inspiration.

7. Hair and Makeup

Popular hair and makeup artists can get booked out early too, so don’t leave your search too late. Figure out the style of makeup you’re going for—fresh and natural or glamorous?—and find makeup artists that match your desired look with our list of the top hair and makeup artists in Singapore and their rates. Evangeline and Joel’s Ethereal Impressionist Monti Wedding by Trouve

The Secondary Vendors

8. Styling and Flowers

Some venues include styling and florals in their wedding packages, but if you want something on top of that, you can look for a wedding stylist or florist. A professional wedding stylist can help you achieve your dream wedding, from designing that circular arch to beautifying those zone demarcators. Some stylists have a collection of props with which to decorate your wedding, while others work with curated vendors to create your wedding look.

If you’re having flowers in your wedding, your stylist can suggest florists who match your wedding vision, or you can choose florists who are stylists themselves. When selecting your wedding flowers, be aware that their availability is affected by the season.

9. Catering and Cake

If you’re holding a wedding reception after your solemnisation, you’re going to need good food! Check out our featured wedding caterers as well as cake couturiers who can craft you a stunning wedding cake that tastes as good as it looks.

10. Solemniser

If you’re holding a solemnisation ceremony outside of the Registry of Marriage, invite your pastor or priest to conduct your solemnisation, or look through our list of solemnisers to find your officiant. Submit your attendee list to your solemniser at least one day before your solemnisation using the home solemnisation and external venue solemnisation attendee list templates from the Registry of Marriage’s website.

11. Rings

Check out our jewellers edit for the best places to get your wedding bands, then go ring shopping together. If you can’t find a wedding band set you both like, try getting your rings separately. For something unique, why not design bespoke wedding rings?

Joanne and Russell’s Magical Horseback Wedding at Capella Singapore by Pixioo

The Details

12. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Pop the question to your bride and groom squad! While traditional wedding parties have matching numbers of female bridesmaids and male groomsmen, there are no rules about who you can invite to stand up beside you as your mark this milestone. Remember to coordinate outfits, and discuss responsibilities with them too.

13. Invitations

Design your wedding invitations a few months before your wedding and send them out six to eight weeks before. For a sustainable alternative, consider sending e-invitations.

14. Guest Experience

With mingling and entertainment restrictions in place, couples are getting more creative about prioritising their guests’ experience. From thoughtful notes to table games, these creative COVID-19 wedding ideas help your guests feel welcome at your wedding.

15. Vows and Speeches

Personalised vows can be a beautiful way to tell your partner exactly what you love about him or her, and to make your promises for your future together. You’ll also need to spend some time crafting your wedding speech as you thank the important people in your life. Don’t leave it till the day before your wedding to write them, especially if you’re having your vows designed into a vow booklet!

A Sun-Kissed Summer Love Wedding Styled Shoot at Panamericana by Presentonpixels

The Logistics

16. Hen’s/Stag’s

Celebrate your upcoming milestone with an intimate bridal shower or stag night at home a week or so before the wedding. Keep it safe with a small art jamming session, a private whiskey tasting, or a quiet mani-pedi.

17. Beauty

Book your beauty and wellness appointments for your facials, hair treatments, brows, and nail art. Make sure your appointments aren’t too close to your wedding date so any redness has time to fade, and not so far away that you need another touch-up!

Geraldine and Sheldon’s Elegant Solemnisation at VUE at OUE Bayfront by Not Pixelated

18. Marriage License

At least 21 days before your wedding, file a notice of marriage with the Registry of Marriages. You’ll need your solemniser’s details and signed Invitation to Solemnise a Marriage form if you’re holding a solemnisation outside of the Registry. The both of you will also need to make a trip down to the Registry to verify your documents and collect your marriage certificate.

19. Pre-Event Testing

Pre-event testing (PET) is mandatory for all solemnisations and wedding receptions except solemnisations with 50 attendees or less. Use our guide to find out everything you need to know about PET and its cost.

20. Wedding Day Schedule

It’s almost time to get this show on the road! Nearer to your wedding date, you’ll need to finalise your timeline and all the little details that go into making your day run smoothly. Make a copy of our free wedding day schedule template and customise it to your needs.

Now you’ve got a peek into the major steps involved in planning a wedding during COVID-19 times. Itching to get more organised? Check out our comprehensive free wedding checklist spreadsheet with all the nitty-gritty details.

While Singapore battles to contain COVID-19, do keep in mind that COVID-19 wedding regulations may change quickly in response to outbreaks or events. When booking your vendors, discuss their postponement or cancellation policies in case you need to change your plans. Stay positive and flexible, and remember that the important thing is, you’re getting married to the love of your life.

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