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April 2021

A Sun-kissed Summer Love Wedding Styled Shoot at Panamericana

We fell in love with this vibrant and summery styled shoot at Panamericana, and so will you!

Conceptualised by Withyouinmind, this zesty Summer themed styled shoot was the perfect companion to the flowering blooms around us as Summer approaches and the weather gets warmer. Featuring a talented team of wedding vendors and one of our past Real Wedding couples, Eileen and Alan, this sun-kissed Summer love styled shoot at Panamericana took our breaths away with its fun, vibrant and happy vibes. We speak to the team and couple involved for more behind-the-scenes insight on this beautiful styled shoot.

Can you share with us the idea behind the styled shoot? What was the theme you had in mind, and was there a reason Panamericana was picked as the location for the shoot?

Withyouinmind: We knew right from the start that we wanted a zesty Summer vibe kind of theme, so we decided to zoom in on the Sentosa area and it didn’t take us long to discover this hidden gem, Panamericana. Once we had a chance to visit the place and soak in its location and concept of the restaurant, we all felt that ‘This is the one!’. They even had an open lawn, which was oh-so-perfect for the set-up I had in mind! We even had a weekend brunch discussion at the location prior to the shoot to get a feel of how the ambience is like there, and we loved it.

Once we settled on Panamericana as the location for the shoot, we focused our efforts on setting the theme and putting together a team of like-minded vendors. We used the colours orange, yellow and mustard mainly for a sun-kissed Summer love theme, and incorporated some bright coloured citrus fruits for a zesty and fresh touch.

Our team of vendors were made up of creatives whom we know and have worked with before, such as Presentonpixels, Everythingwithcrates, Brenda, Souldeelight, Makeup Maestro Wedding, and so on. It’s always easier to work with people you already know, because you have an idea of their working style and that makes working on a shoot that much smoother. We were really thankful to our vendors friends for joining us for the shoot, and for their beautiful work.

Now, Eileen and Alan, we first met two years ago when we featured your wedding at Zafferano. How have you been, and how is married life treating you?

Alan: Married life is very good! Nothing has changed much for us, except for the fact that we are now living together and I am enjoying every second of it.

How did you feel about being part of the styled shoot? How different was it from your actual wedding day?

Alan: I felt like an athlete who was given an opportunity to play the best match of his career again! Our wedding was the best day of my life, but I was too anxious on our actual day to experience the fun I was supposed to have. So, this time round, I had the opportunity to appreciate every single aspect of a wedding and enjoy the process.

Putting my groom’s suit on was also a welcomed reminder of the best day of my life. The emotions I felt that day were so profound as I was overwhelmed by the love and joy from our families and friends who were sharing that special day with us, and being in my groom’s suit again brought back sweet memories from that day. Plus, I’m also glad that the suit still fits fine!

We also wrote our vows for the solemnisation scene. I had my wife in a wedding gown, standing in front of me, so I took the task quite seriously. Souldeelight did a great job of transforming my vows into a work of calligraphy art to complete the team’s vision for that scene. Safe to say, it served as a rehearsal for our official vow renewal in the future.

Were there any funny or memorable moments during the shoot?

Alan: We were supposed to shoot the outdoor set at sunset, however, at noon, a few dark clouds appeared and it seemed like our plans would be ruined by bad weather. So, we decided to push forward and shoot first. As if the weather was toying with us, the sky cleared and the sun beamed down on us as soon as the team got the set ready.

Aside from the solemnisation scene, I was also supposed to carry Eileen in my arms, run towards her, go up and down some stairs, and even dance a little. I was doing all of these under the bright, hot sun, in a three-piece suit, so safe to say, I was perspiring profusely! Just a disclaimer though, none of the perspiration was caused by carrying Eileen, it was solely caused by the hot sun!

Do you have any advice for couples who are embarking on a pre-wedding shoot?

Alan: Having done a couple of shoots now, I have met a good number of professionals in their respective fields of work, such as designers, florists, photographers, and so on. They excel in what they do best, so my advice to couples would be to challenge them. Be bold in your requests and don’t be shy in expressing your vision and what you want to achieve. Leave it to them and they’ll know how to make it special for you and your groom-to-be.

Venue: Panamericana
Gowns: Grace Atelier Weddings
Photographer: Presentonpixels
Coordinator: Withyouinmind (WYIM)
Florist: Everything with Crates
Stylist: b.whyhello
Calligrapher and Stationer: Souldeelight Design Studio
Hair and Makeup Artist: Makeup Maestro Wedding
Videographer: Kint Weddings Studio
Signage: The W Studio
Furniture: XOXO
Couple: Eileen Lee and Alan Sabattini

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A Sun-kissed Summer Love Wedding Styled Shoot at Panamericana