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June 2021

10 of The Most Creative COVID-19 Wedding Ideas

Don’t let a pandemic dampen your wedding vibe. Check out these fun wedding ideas to help create a great experience for your guests during your wedding!

More and more couples are prioritising guest experience during their weddings. But with COVID-19 still on the scene, turning to the tried-and-true wedding entertainment favourites is not an option. Without crowd pleasers such as flower bars, photo booths, and live music to entertain your guests, and with guests unable to mingle, you have to think out of the box to create a warm and celebratory atmosphere!

Help your guests feel comfortable even though they have to keep their social distance from one another, by planning thoughtful and creative touches to make them feel extra welcome on your wedding day. Check out these fun and creative wedding ideas to keep your guests entertained in spite of COVID-19!

1. Custom Instagram Filter

Image from Etsy

Enjoyed by young and old for their fun props and pretty backdrops, photo booths were a wedding staple. Since they still aren’t allowed at weddings, try customising an Instagram or Facebook Story filter so your guests can have fun hamming it up for the camera while safely in their seats!

2. Yum Seng Shots

Evangeline and Joel’s Ethereal Impressionist Monti Wedding by Trouve Photography

The traditional yum seng involves too much shouting in close quarters to be safe during these COVID-19 times, but that doesn’t mean your loved ones can’t toast your union. Up the celebration with individually served shots that are sure to go down a treat.

3. Ice Breaker Cards

Samantha and Jarred’s “Love You to the Moon and Back” Minimony at Open Farm Community by Justrealle Photography

With no mingling allowed, your guests will need to spend most of your wedding at their designated table. An ice breaker game at each table can help to get guests chatting and feeling more comfortable. Print out wedding-themed puzzles for each guest, or try a table number display that doubles up as a game with a “True or False?” segment where you write two “facts” about yourselves that guests can discuss. Reveal the answers during your wedding speech!

4. Bingo

Amy and Shiuh Liang’s Minimalist Rooftop Aura Wedding by Andri Tei Photography

A favourite table game, bingo is a great way to engage your guests while keeping them safely seated at the table. Instead of calling out numbers as in traditional bingo, you can also get really creative with your bingo game and make it about your journey as a couple or list down songs from your wedding playlist. Or, have guests play it during the wedding speeches by filling the squares with common phrases such as “Congratulations once again”, “but, um”, or “I can’t believe”. Give a prize to the first guest who yells, “Bingo!”

5. Instagram Takeover

Shauna and Rainer's Dreamy Spago Wedding Shauna and Rainer’s Dreamy and Intimate Wedding at Spago by Annabel Law Productions

You’ll be much too busy on your wedding day to be posting updates on your social media, so ask someone to take over your account for a day! Your family and friends who can’t be there with you will love to see moments of your day as it unfolds.

6. Fairy-tail Romance

Cleo and Paul’s Minimalist and Ethereal Art Gallery Wedding by Iki Company

Holding an intimate wedding at an unconventional venue could mean being allowed to celebrate with your pets! Your guests will be thrilled to see your dog walk down the aisle as your ring bearer, and you’ll love having your pets be part of your special day.

7. Stylish Zones

Yolande and Choon Kiat’s Intimate Rooftop Wedding at Artemis by Pixioo

Jazz up your wedding zone segregators with creative styling. Blow up images from your pre-wedding shoot or favourite travel photos, and display them on stylish dividers styled with floral arrangements. Big photo displays will also help maintain social distance since your guests won’t have to come up close to view your photos.

8. Lucky in Love

Angie and Kelvin’s Neon-Lit InterContinental Singapore Wedding by Antelope Studios

Want a sure-win guest pleaser? Host a lucky draw where you give away prizes or even cash! Everyone loves winning a prize, and you can have fun choosing the items. Place your lucky draw numbers at each guest’s seat, and draw the winners on stage with some fanfare!

9. Heartfelt, Handwritten Notes

Samantha and Jarred’s “Love You to the Moon and Back” Minimony at Open Farm Community by Justrealle Photography

Make your guests feel extra special by writing them a personalised note to thank them for celebrating with you, and leaving it at their seat. They’ll definitely appreciate the time you took!

10. Sassy Social Distance Signs


“Love is infectious, but so is coronavirus. Please wear a mask, and social distance.” How cute is this sign that you can display at your wedding to politely remind your guests to stay safe by practising social distancing!

Feature image from Evangeline and Joel’s Ethereal Impressionist Monti Wedding by Trouve Photography

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