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August 2019

Leann and Kar Wai’s Destination Wedding in a Melbourne Vineyard

Leann and Kar Wai celebrated their destination wedding in a stunning formal garden and vineyard in Melbourne, in what they called a mega holiday celebration with family and friends!

Melbourne has always had a special place in the hearts of Leann Choong, Event Planner, and Kar Wai Au, and they couldn’t think of a better place to hold their “mega holiday” destination wedding with all of their family and friends! The couple tied the knot in a stunning formal garden and vineyard on 18 October 2018, followed by an intimate wedding reception.

How did you meet?

Leann: We met at work in 2014. According to him, it was love at first sight! Clearly, he had a crush on me the moment we met.

What do you love most about your partner?

Leann: His unshakeable faith in God despite going through a whole lot of rough patches in life.

What was the proposal like?

Leann: He booked a night at the St. Regis in Kuala Lumpur and I thought he was being sweet because he wanted to celebrate his birthday weekend! He proposed on his own birthday, when we got back to our hotel room after dinner. It was quiet and peaceful, with just the two of us.

What inspired you to hold a destination wedding?

A destination wedding was always top of our list. A great escape. A different experience. A mega holiday with family and friends! We wanted the cold climate too as Kar Wai hates the heat back home. We love traveling and we chose Melbourne because whenever we’re there for a holiday, good things happen. It’ll always have a special place in our hearts, yes even with the erratic weather!

Having our wedding there was the best decision ever. It was a mega holiday celebration and we were able to work with a bunch of awesome vendors, exploring styles and stories that we normally wouldn’t! It was an intimate celebration, with a touch of a moody palette that reminds you of Christmas.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Leann: It was when I was walking down the aisle with my Dad, and as I got closer, it hit me really hard that Kar Wai was crying. He rarely cries. It was then the emotions kicked in.

The Size of the Wedding: 70+ guests
The Venue: Lindenderry at Red Hill
The Gown: Wedding Isle // 7th Heaven, Malaysia
The Hair and Makeup: Miss Aimmey
The Shoes: Custom-made by Rhea Benson
The Suit: Sacoor Brothers
The Wedding Bands: Chopard
The Cake: Rosemarie’s Cakes
The Food: Lindenderry at Red Hill
The Flowers: Poppy Culture
The Photographer: Rick Liston
The Videographer: Duuet Weddings
The Band: The White Tree

Photography by Rick Liston. Wedding feature submitted by B Wedding Invitations.

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Leann and Kar Wai’s Destination Wedding in a Melbourne Vineyard