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March 2020

12 Things Bored Wedding Guests Wish You Would Do at Your Wedding

Showcase your personalities and give your wedding guests an all-new experience with these fun and unique wedding ideas!

When wedding guests reach that age when everyone seems to be getting married at the same time and attending four weddings a year becomes the norm, they don’t want the same experience over and over again. Your wedding is a celebration of you and your unique personalities and love journey! Take the opportunity to be creative when telling your story at your wedding, and keep your wedding guests entertained as a bonus.

We’ve rounded up some unique wedding ideas that guests would love to see at your big day, such as choosing a venue that is really you, injecting some personality into your wedding theme and décor, and raising the bar at your wedding with interactive stations your guests will love.

1. Choose a Wedding Venue that’s You

Gucci and Jacky’s Fun and Laid-Back Wedding at The Summerhouse by thegaleriaAriel and Johan’s Gorgeous Industrial Wedding at The Ahava by Andri Tei Photography

After attending countless hotel ballroom weddings, your guests would love it if you threw a celebration somewhere they’ve never been. Better yet, make it an intimate reception where they can actually talk to you instead of just admire your sparkly dress from afar. Have fun with a unique wedding like Gucci and Jacky did at The Summerhouse and Ariel and Johan at The Ahava, or check out our list of alternative wedding venues and their rates for inspiration.

2. Tell Your Story

Lyn and Ming Xian’s Exquisite Wedding at The Ritz-Carlton and Capella Singapore by Darren and Jade PhotographyTina and Jacen’s Intimate Wedding at Emily Hill by 520 Library

Cookie-cutter weddings begone! These days, there are more and more opportunities for couples to tell their story and add personal touches to their weddings. Guests will be delighted to learn more about you and will enjoy interesting themes. Have fun with themes that reflect your personalities, such as Lyn and Ming Xian’s Old Shanghai and Roaring Twenties wedding, or Tina and Jacen did with their colourful outdoor wedding at Emily Hill.

3. Celebrate culture

Andrea and Samuel’s Mixed Culture Void Deck Wedding in Clementi by Just Like Magic Co.

Come from two different cultures? Celebrate your cultures and share them with your families and friends, as Andrea and Samuel did with their void deck wedding, with unique wedding ideas such as a lion dance, an ice cream uncle, and a chuppah to represent both Singaporean and Jewish cultures! You can also put a modern spin on Oriental style by pairing your traditional kun qua with retro round shades, or light up your wedding with a neon double happiness sign like Ying Yi and Sebastian did at their celebration.

4. Inject Some Colour

Moody Tropical Little Island Brewing Co Wedding Styled Shoot by Andri Tei PhotographyZesty Modern Romance Styled Shoot at The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar by Natalie Wong Photography

Forget blush and white weddings; inject some colour into your wedding guests’ experience with a bright and unusual colour palette. Take a leaf from our >oody Tropical Styled Shoot with dark jewelled tones, or go for bright yellow and greens like our Zesty Modern Romance Styled Shoot.

5. Install Edible Decor

Ting Ping and Edward’s Gorgeous Wedding in Capella Singapore by Antelope Studios

If there’s one thing your guests want, it’s for you to feed them! Dessert bars are a great way to inject colour and style to the whole wedding experience too. Set up a beautiful popcorn bar like Ting Ping and Edward did, so guests can snack during cocktail hour. Better yet, add a pretty donut wall with customised donuts in your wedding colours!

6. Get an Ice Cream Cart

Cara and Andy’s Ethereal, Blue-Hued Wedding at The St. Regis Singapore by Antelope Studios

Delight wedding guests young and old with an ice cream cart serving your favourite flavours like Cara and Andy did at their beautiful wedding!

7. Give Wedding Favours Guests Can Actually Use

Jocelyn and Marcus’ Gorgeous Succulent Wedding at The Rabbit Hole by Click! PhotographyTing Ping and Edward’s Gorgeous Wedding in Capella Singapore by Antelope Studios

How many times have you gone to a traditional wedding and left the wedding favours behind? Nobody needs three sets of dove-shaped salt and pepper shakers! Do your guests and yourselves a favour by giving them something they’ll actually want, like these cute succulent pots at Jocelyn and Marcus’ wedding. They create a lovely display at your wedding too! Another great hit with guests is a DIY favour bar where they can create their own favours, such as a DIY floral tea bar, as Ting Ping and Edward had at their wedding.

8. Include Your Pets

Ellen and Andre’s Fun, Animal-Themed Wedding at The White Rabbit by Colossal Weddings

Cue the “Awww”s! If you’ve got a furry friend or three, and they’ve been part of your relationship almost as long as you have, it would be special indeed to involve them in your wedding, as Ellen and Andre did at their animal-themed celebration. You can be sure it will put a smile on your guests’ faces too!

9. March In to an Unusual Song

Tirtha Uluwatu Bali David AlisonAlison and David’s Magical and Intimate Wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu Bali by Gusmank Photography.

A few years ago, all guests heard at wedding march-ins was “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. Now, if it’s not Ed Sheeren’s “Perfect” or “Thinking Out Loud”, couples are playing “Beautiful in White” by Shane Filan. Get a little more creative and choose a song that represents the both of you! Check out our Spotify playlist for some inspiration.

10. Set Up a DIY Cocktail Bar

Michelle and William’s Beautiful and Intimate Botanico Wedding by The Beautiful Moment Photography

Get the party started with a DIY cocktail bar! Everybody loves alcohol at weddings, and a themed cocktail bar where guests can mix their own drinks adds a fun, interactive element. To share their love for Pimms, Michelle and William set up a Pimp Your Pimms bar so guests could garnish their cocktails with the fruits and herbs of their choice!

11. Host a Flower Bar

Shermaine and Kelvin’s Wild, Botanical Wedding at Chijmes by Nicolethen Studio

Who doesn’t love a good flower bar? It’s great entertainment, and looks so pretty as part of your wedding styling. Let your guests get creative at a floral bar at your wedding, which can double up as wedding favours! For inspiration, here are 13 flower bar providers in Singapore.

12. Be Eco-Conscious

Marina Bay Sands Launches New Harmony Package for the Eco-Conscious Couple

It’s not just your eco-conscious guests who will appreciate your efforts for sustainability, but also the earth! These days, it’s easier to cut down on wastage as more wedding vendors jump on board the green wagon. Start with simple things like cutting shark’s fin from your wedding menu, or repurposing your wedding solemnisation flowers and bridesmaid posies for your reception décor.

Feature image from Colours of Spring, A Romantically Vibrant Styled Shoot at The Summerhouse by La Belle Couture and Rosette Designs Co, by Multifolds Photography

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12 Things Bored Wedding Guests Wish You Would Do at Your Wedding