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February 2019

Cara and Andy’s Ethereal, Blue-Hued Wedding at The St. Regis Singapore

Cara and Andy tied the knot in a beautiful St. Regis Singapore wedding in ethereal shades of blue, with a fairy light and ribbon canopy, a decadent dessert table, and lots of love!

Cara Teo, 31, Dentist and Co-Founder of Props & Crafts, and Andy Tang, 31, Equity Trader, first met when she whacked him in the face with a pen! The couple started dating in junior college and have been together for half their lives. On 19 May 2018, Cara and Andy celebrated their union with a beautiful wedding at The St. Regis Singapore, with romantic overhead fairy lights and blue ribbons, a decadent dessert and ice cream spread, and the love of their family and friends, captured by Antelope Studios.

How did you meet?

Cara: Andy and I met each other in junior college on the first day of school during orientation. He sat directly behind me in the school hall during our morning assembly. As we were passing the attendance form to tick our names, I tossed the pen and paper towards the back and whacked him in the face. I heard an “Ouch”, so I turned around to apologise; and when I saw him, it was love at first sight, at least for me! After the first day, I went round telling all my girlfriends that I found someone I really liked.

We got together shortly after and have been together ever since. It was both his and my first and only real relationship. We’ve been together for almost half of our lives. We have weathered through the good and the bad times, and yet after all these years of growing up and growing old, we both concluded that we are still better together.

Andy: When I first met Cara, it definitely wasn’t love at first sight for me. But I started taking notice of her after one week into orientation, when we went out together as a group. We sat beside each other and started talking. I realised that we clicked well and she looked really pretty when she smiled and laughed.

You’ve been together a long time! Share with us a particularly memorable moment in your journey.

Cara: My mum has always been very protective, so Andy and I dated for one year without her knowledge. During our first year of dating, Andy wanted to surprise me, so he asked if I could get out of the house for awhile. I crept out of the house and he surprised me with a whole cake. We walked to Bukit Batok Nature Park, and sat under a pavilion to eat the cake. Then I took the remaining messed up, half-eaten cake, placed it back into the box and brought it home. I sneaked in through the back door, shoved the cake box into the fridge, and went back to study.

To my horror, my mum went into the kitchen and I heard the fridge door opening. I dashed back to the kitchen and saw her opening the fridge and smiling at the cake box. Then it hit me that my mum thought that I had secretly run out of the house to buy a cake for her because her birthday was the next day. I scurried back to my room, and messaged Andy, “Oh nooo, I shouldn’t have brought the cake home! Now my mum thinks that I bought a cake for her birthday tomorrow!”

Then I waited and waited and I got no response from him, only to hear my mum laughing from across the house. She then came into my room with her phone, showed me the text that was meant for Andy and asked me if I sent the message to the wrong person!

So that’s how my mum found out that I had a boyfriend. My mum even told me that she had opened the cake box and felt confused as to why her birthday cake was half-eaten.

What do you love most about your partner?

Andy: She has the most beautiful heart and the kindest soul. She is always putting others before herself, and is also fiercely loyal. When I was at the lowest point of my life, she stood by me to support and encourage me. She has always believed in me.

How did you create your St. Regis Singapore wedding?

Cara: The different shades of blue have always been my favourite colours, and I also love white peonies, which happened to be in season during our wedding. I wanted to create something that was romantically blue, and that had a tinge of boho-chicness. I used SingaporeBrides and other wedding sites for inspiration for my wedding!

As the co-founder of Props & Crafts, I am so used to setting up and styling other people’s weddings, that it was hard to be 100% not in control of the wedding decor on the day itself.

Bearing in mind that I couldn’t be there to set up my own wedding, I started sourcing for props one year before the wedding and planning the design with both my co-founder and a good friend of mine who is a florist, The Blue Thistle. We went through the concept and drawings a few times and we got a few more vendors to help spruce up the overall wedding decor layout.

All the wedding vendors that we engaged were really awesome!Bryan from Antelope Studios and Sam from Simple Motion Videography were really very enthusiastic and passionate and it shows in the work they produce. We hired Creamier Handcrafted, Cupplets, and Winifred Kristé Cake to provide desserts and ice-cream. We got Gift of Grace Designs and Common Hands to help out with the backdrop and welcome signage.Inside the Knot did the fairy lights in the The St. Regis Singapore ballroom. Sonia and Dennis from Juillet Official did the dresses for my bridesmaids and they looked super gorgeous that day.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Cara: Having a wonderful family and bridal team to see me through the entire process of the wedding celebration was a great blessing to me. My family and close friends have always been an integral part of my life and form who I am as a person. They are very important to me and are irreplaceable. Seeing them come together to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever possible during the wedding and blessing us with their talents and time, was very heartwarming to me.

There’s this special image that I will always remember, where my partner and co-founder of Props & Crafts, who was 7 months pregnant then, was packing up and tearing down the wedding decorations at the end of the celebration. And everyone that I loved, and their other halves, all came together and were busy helping to tidy up along with her. That moment, I felt immensely loved. It’s an overwhelming feeling.

Andy: I have always wanted a simple and small wedding so this wasn’t what I envisioned my wedding to be like. But I would say the wedding day passed very quickly and smoothly. The decorations and “extras” were nice but they were not the highlight of the day. The most memorable part of the wedding was when I saw her in her wedding dress. She was smiling and she was so beautiful both inside and out, I knew for sure that this was the woman I wanted to marry.

The Size of the Wedding: 350 guests
The Venue: The St. Regis Singapore
The Wedding Day Photographer: Antelope Studios
The Gown: Divine Couture // Jessica Cindy
The Bride’s Shoes: The White Atelier // Jimmy Choo
The Suit: Divine Couture
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Juillet Official
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Michelle Makeup
The Nail Artist: Calli Nails
The Desserts: Cupplets // Creamier Handcrafted
The Wedding Cake: Winifred Kristé Cake
The Florist: CC Lee Designs // The Blue Thistle
The Wedding Stylist: Props & Crafts // Inside the Knot
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Antelope Studios
The Videographer: Simple Motion Videography
The Photobooth: Inside the Knot // Gifts of Grace Design
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Monvoir // Jenna Rainey
The Wedding Favours: Succulents by The Blue Thistle
The Solemniser: Pastor Benjamin from Wesley Methodist Church

Credits: Images by Antelope Studios

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Cara and Andy’s Ethereal, Blue-Hued Wedding at The St. Regis Singapore