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May 2019

The Best Bridesmaids Have These 5 Traits

Your bridesmaids have a bigger role than just sabotaging your groom and his best men at the gatecrash session. Which of your friends have what it takes to be your “sisters” at your wedding?

Every bride knows that planning a wedding (while fun!) can also be incredibly stressful. This is especially true if you’re not getting much help from your husband-to-be, or are feeling overwhelmed by polite “suggestions” from your mother. Enter: your bridesmaids!

Choosing your bridesmaids is about more than just including your nearest and dearest friends in your wedding ceremony. It’s also about choosing people who will support you and ensure that your big day runs as smoothly as possible. How do you go about this? Make sure your bridesmaids have these 5 traits.

1. She’s got good organisation skills

While not every member of your bridal party needs to be organized, you’ll need at least one or two ladies in your squad who can help you keep track of the details. If you’re not using a wedding planner, this is doubly true.

Ideally, your maid of honour will be a detail-oriented planning pro. She’ll be in charge of planning both your bridal shower and hen party, as well as helping you out on your wedding day. But if she’s not, have some of your more organized bridesmaids help out with planning.

And then there’s your wedding day itself! An organized, detail-oriented bridesmaid will keep handy extras in her bag for emergencies, like breath mints and a sewing kit. Even if you’re usually a control freak, you won’t want to have to be in charge on your wedding day.

Victoria and KrisVictoria and Kris’s Breathtaking Bali Wedding with an Overwater Aisle by Terralogical

2. Honesty is her best policy

Something funny can start to happen when you get engaged: people start agreeing with everything you say! It’s understandable that no one wants to upset the bride, but during the wedding planning process, most women want to hear their friends’ honest opinions. When you’re already overwhelmed with decision-making, having a decisive voice of reason can be helpful.

Be sure your bridesmaids include someone who can go dress shopping with you and tell you if a certain silhouette is not working for you. Someone who isn’t afraid to give you their honest opinion. Someone who won’t “yes” you to death just because you’re the bride—as long as she can be nice about it!

3. She’s an easy-going person

Unless you’ve had the same group of friends for forever, it’s likely that your bridal party will be a mix of family members, childhood besties, and uni friends. Choose bridesmaids that are friendly and laidback enough to chat each other up without you needing facilitate every conversation (after all, you’re going to be pretty busy!). Steer clear of friends who create drama or are too cliquey. If the group is easy-going and welcoming, everyone–including you–will feel much more relaxed.

Meiting and ShunxiongMeiting and Shunxiong’s Dreamy White and Gold Wedding at Four Seasons Hotel by Chris Ling Photography

4. You can rely on her

The last thing you want to deal with on your wedding day is a flaky bridesmaid. Choose bridesmaids who are punctual and self-sufficient. They’re there to assist you, not stress you out more.

To help facilitate this, ask your maid of honour to help you delegate tasks. This will ensure that no one bridesmaid feels too overwhelmed, and you’ll have helping hands for creating the seating chart and choosing flowers. A good bridesmaid will make herself available to you when you need it (as long as you’re not too demanding!).

It also helps to choose important dates (like for your bridal shower) well in advance, so that your bridesmaids can plan ahead. A scheduling tool like Doodle is very helpful for this, and ensures that everyone will be able to attend.

5. She has a great sense of humour

While your wedding planning journey is sure to have some bumps in the road, having a sense of humour can make all the difference in the world. If your girlfriend takes things too seriously, she might not be the best choice.

This is especially true if you are easily stressed. The morning of your wedding can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and seemingly small issues can feel like major obstacles. You’ll want to have someone around who can lighten the mood and make you laugh during these tense moments. She can remind you that your wedding is supposed to be fun!

Min and CollinAforArcade founders’ Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore by Androidsinboots

So, what about my other friend?

Do you have a friend you want to include in your wedding who isn’t exactly “bridesmaid material”? Maybe she parties a little too hard, or she isn’t super reliable. But that’s okay! Incorporate her into your big day in a different way. If your friend is a little flaky but has a great fashion sense, bring her with you when you try on dresses.Make sure she knows that even if she isn’t in the wedding party, she’s still an important part of your event.

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The Best Bridesmaids Have These 5 Traits