The Pines


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Hi Roy, Can I have your email address/ contact number?

My fiance and I are looking for place to hold a 'party' themed wedding with buffet style and place enough for dance floor and vespa to enter?
Will your ballroom be possible to accomodate to that?

My wedding will be in march 2012.
Do email me yah.

[email protected]

thank you


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Hi Haze, good recommend of him? am taking up the package with him as well, i hope he's good!

anyway, how do you rate the food and general service? how about the feedback on the ballroom wedding?



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Our biggest (and only) regret in our wedding prep is to engage TP. Their service is beyond horrible. Shockingly horrible. Persistent service lapses and broken promises, and almost non-existent follow-up despite reminders. We have lost all faith in even the director Mann himself. Full of NATO. There must be a leadership crisis in there, at least 4 wedding coordinators resigned in barely half a year since we took up their package. For your own good do refrain from engaging their services, especially so if you're just tempted by the complimentary St Regis hotel stay. ( They even needed reminders from us to book the hotel!) Totally not worth it!!!


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wic sales person u spoken to? he/she left also?

did u talk to the director Mann? he cun even solve ur problems?


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May I ask how much refund are you guys getting? I am getting more and more furious with their service lapses. And yes, we are being served by John too. I really cannot imagine having a service manager giving repeated black face and nasty attitude to not just us the couple but even to all the other helpers. Do we owe him anything? Did he sponser our wedding that gave him the right to abuse us psychologically? We are so mad that we are even considering legal action.



I'm sourcing for venues and came across Pines. The package seems okay. Is the venue nice? Yet to do a site visit.

But seems like a lot bad reviews about them. Sound scary. How bad is their service lapse?


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Don't bother about this place..
Their service really sucks to the max...
Changing of service manager is still ok as it happened...

For my case, they issue us with the floor plan, so we planned based on the the table number that they gave us. On the actual day, they actually shifted the tables without tell me. So all the pre-arrangement went screwed... totally...

I have impt guests sitting right @ the end..

Crap service in explaining whats wrong, pushing all the blame instead of shouldering it.. Not pin-pointing any of their staffs, as all of them sucks..