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no prob rubyred... its very nice weather la.. but some areas may experience rain... i didn't get rain in taipei.. but it was drizzling in yilan... so mayb u can check their weather forecast lo..


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Hi gals,

Any idea if the high speed rail travels on the eastern side?


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Babe99, when in nov you intend to go? If its me, i'll do F&E as tour group will be boring for little kids. F&E allows me to tailor the trip to suit my kid much better.


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skywolf, no the highspeed rail dun travel on the eastern side. eastern taiwan is the less develop part of taiwan.


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hi Idono

Am looking at mid of Nov. But if its F&E, i wont be able to cover many places right?
And F&E, will it be more expensive then tour package at the end of the day?
I am also a bit budget constraint.


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I think if u're bring a kid, the objective is not to cover many places right? Otherwise, it is better to travel w/o a kid.

Hmm.... if you're budget constraint, i think the best way to reduce expense is not to bring your kid. Overall, if its ur 1st time to taiwan, i think tour package or F&E will come up to similar prices. But if u try, then F&E is cheaper.


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I'm v. familiar with Taiwan also thinking of bring my 3.5yrs old kid there in dec.

anyway, if u wanna do F&E, can give u some simple plans to work on depending on what sights you prefer (ie shopping or sightseeing etc).


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Hi Idono

i hv no choice cos i hv no one to look after my kid if we go travelling. TT y either we bring her along or we cant travel at all.

would appreciate if you can guide me along with some simple plans. I would prefer sightseeing, shopping (only in night mtks, not dept stores) and if i can, would also like to try hot springs.

U can PM me. Thank u.


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skywolf, how many days and what's your main intention for touring taiwan? any specific places u might want to visit, its easier to plan around "must-visit" places that you hv in mind.

babe, i think in ur case, maybe follow tour grp easier as u dun hv to worry abt luggage + kid as tour grp usually will give some help wrt luggage. then they'll also take u from places to places as safely as possible. seems to be a wiser decision unless u know taiwan pretty well.


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Anyone go to Shangri-la leisure farm at Yilan ? How did u travel there ?

Anyone stay at Ta shun hotel (ximengting) before ? how's the stay and breakfast ? Is this a 3 star hotel ?



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Yes, TS is a new 3-star hotel. Room is v. clean & new. Breakfast is home cook style. Its ok but not the kind of spread u expect at big hotels.

Its v. popular with singaporeans and is usually fully booked during the wkends.


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H Idono,

It's our 1st time visit, so we thot will start off with the touristy places.
I have 10D9N. Unfortunately my pc crashed on me and in the midst of repair so my initial planning gone.

Anyway, as its a jetstar flight, so will rch there in the evening timing. Thus off hand I'm planning in total 3 nights in TW (split into 2 nights the 1st 2 nights and 1N @ last night), 1N @ Chiayi, 2N @ Kaohsiung. Left 3N to play ard, undecided... perhaps 1N each @ Taitung, Tainan n Taichung. Will expand the days after i checked out some bus tours... keen on Sun Moon Lake, Alishan n of course Taroko Gorge.

Does anyone know if Alishan, Sun Moon lake and Taroko are easily accessible? Or it whd be better to go w those bus tours? Saw from prev posting tt YMS is rather accessible... + hot springs... Gosh, think 9N is still not enuff. T_T


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not recommended for u to visit cities only. Let me dig out my iti for ur reference.

Anyway, why u wanna spend 2N in Kaoshiung? where u intend to go?


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Hi skywolf,

here's a sample 10D9N itinerary that i took from another forum. You can have an idea of the tours, and transportation tips. It covers SML, Tarako Gorge and most Taipei attractions.

Day one:
Arrive Taipei 5.45 (Jetstar)
Arrive Hotel 7.3o pm
Checkin freshen up 8.00pm
Take MRT from Ximen to Jiantan and then Exit on the rightand take the Free Miramar Shuttle to Miramar Complex For the Ferris Wheel. Then take the same shuttle bus back to Jiantan and do a bit of Shihlin Night Market. ,eat shop till about 11.30 then take MRT back to hotel.

Day Two: Wake up,have breakfast get ready by
8.20 and head for CKS Memorial Hall.(CKS MH MRT)Get photos taken, see the changing of the guards then head for Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall(SYS MH MRT) 9.45. Spend about half an hour or so there and then head for Taipei City hall (MRT)
Since most of the stores open between10 am to 11 am. Do the 101 first- take outside pics e.t.c.until it opens.
After you finish there,take a slow walk down the road pass the TWTC Hall 3, to Warner Village, NYNY, Neo19, and opposite the road to Singkong Mitsukoshi e.t.c. have lunch in that area and at about 4pm head for WuFenPu depending on what you want to do by bus 611 or 284,you can spend a couple of hours here
till about 6.30 or 7 pm and then exit WuFenPu on the side of Songshan Railway Station cross the overhead bridge to Raohe St market. Here you can have your dinner of a great variety of Taiwanese food.
There are also Shoe , bags, trinkets,Fung Hsui items,Jean Shops here.When you finish here, take a TRAIN not MRT back to Taipei Main Station,change to MRT Ximen to go back to Hotel
IF ALL ARE GUYS:At about 4pm head for Zhongshiao Fuxing
area for their Underground Mall, Later in the evening , take the MRT to Houshanpi and a 8 mins walk to Songshan Station, cross the Overhead bridge to Raohe St market.
Here you can have your dinner of a great variety of Taiwanese food. There are also Shoe ,bags, trinkets,fung Hsui items,Jean Shops here.
When you finish here,take a TRAIN not MRT back to Taipei Main Station, change to MRT Ximen to go back to Hotel

Day Three:
From the bus stop outside Ximen MRT across the road, Take Bus 260 to YMS. For travel inside YMS, you have to take the internal bus 108. After YMS you can take bus 230 or 219 to Beitou. Get something to eat at a coffee shop down the
road in Beitou.You can visit the Aboriginal Museum, Hot Spring Museum, enjoy the scenic area of Hsin Beitou and if you want to try the hotspring, there are many places there.

Asia Pacific Resort: Tel: 2898 3088 Fax: 2832 4053
Spa Spring Resort: Tel: 2897 9060 Fax:2897 9065

About 4.30pm, back to Beitou MRT and onto Danshui MRT.Outside take bus Red 26 to Fisherman's wharf . Take a short ferry ride to Pali,See the Sunset,Lighting of the Lover's Bridge at about, eat there if you must BUT better,go back tothe MRT and walkabout Old Danshui. Ask for directions to the food stalls along
the Waterfront.(There is a good map on the wall outside the MRT Stop)Then back to Ximen MRT .
The Tall Partyworld building - KTV on the Zhonghua Rd Sec 1 is good and close to your Hotel.

Day Four: Out of Taipei
First stop: Leave about 9 am or earlier.
Yeilou :Take a Kuo Kuang (02-2558 3060) Bus from the North Station of KuoKuang Bus in Taipei Near Taipei Main Station to Yeliou (NT92 per head).
Important Note: The GouGuang Bus North Station is now known as Taipei Intercity Bus Terminus.
I do the route as I recommend to all of you and found that doing just Yeliou,Jinguashi, Jioufen and Keelung is nice and not too tiring. The Buses are all new and Clean with good Airconditioning. The Drivers call out all the Major stops.
There are toilets everywhere including one in Yeliou across from the New Temple being built when walking towards the Yeliou Scenic Area (No Soap or TP here).
Yeliou Entry cost : NTD50 and NTD25 (Adult/Kids)
The Bus to Keelung is in front of the Convenience store across from where you get off at Yeliou.In Keelung you have to cross the bridge to the other side to board bus to Jinguashi if coming from Yeliou:
Since My Sis loves Scenery we spent a lot of time in each place, and we saw Tour buses come and go quickly.Jinguashi also needs a lot of walking especially if you hit the trails.Lovely scenes and very rustic, Entry NTD100/- (Cheaper for kids - Was not paying attention
Forumers tip on getting off at 7/11 and walking down the steps is great too in Jioufen(No energy to walk up-did I mention something about getting old!!),Buy Tai yang bing, muah chee, tie dan (metal eggs) here.However, do this last before your return trip otherwise, once down, following the road
out is residential area and leads to a large temple. There is a bus stop outside for buses that heads to Rueifang ,Keelung or Taipei.
Good to eat here first in Jioufen then walk it off before heading to Keelung Miaokow where you will also find lots of lovely local food as well.
In Keelung,getting to Miaokow: Getting off the bus, walk back passed the Sea (Keelung River??)all the way to the otherside to the Macdonalds. Passing the shops in that street, Miaokow is on your left at the First Junction. Not difficult to find.
From Keelung Station you just cross theStreet and walk along the Sea ......
http://www.wanli.tpc.gov.tw/main.aspx Yeilou
http://www.gep.tpc.gov.tw Jinguashi :Gold Ecological Park
http://www.klcg.gov.tw/english/ Keelung
http://www.miaokow.org Miaokow - Keelung Roadside Cuisine

Currently Many people are also opting for this route:
Finally decided to hire the cabby (recommended by loveecandy) for my Yeliu trip. He brought us to Yeliu, Jiufen, Shifen (impressive waterfall), Nanya, Yin Yang hai, Bitou Cape (scenic view of the Pacific ocean but be prepared to walk alot!) and Shen1 Ken1 for dinner (where smelly toufu origins from).
His charges is reasonable at NT2500 and he does speak english. Highly recommended if you have a few places to cover and want to know more about Taiwan...If you are interested to hire a cab, you can contact
Mr Meeky Yang at tel no. 09-2191-5586 to arrange.

Day 5: Sun Moon Lake
Forumer who just returned said that Greenbus is way more comfortable than GuoGuang Bus to SML via Puli. Also, Buses are Hourly from 6am onwards.
Outside MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Exit 2, bus departs from No. 274 Zhongxiao E. Rd. Sec. 3 @Reservations: (02)2752-2988 Bus Service: 6:00~22:00 Round SML Bus
Timetable:posted by CC
Forumer samstef wrote:
Gui Yue Chun (Laurel Villa) is located very near the lake too. One thing you would realise upon entering is tat the entire place is very clean. The rooms are so clean you feel you're at home! It's really comfy and cosy there! The hosts are perfect too! Price is reasonable too. Here's the website to both the accomodation. Highly reccommended for those who are looking forward to a personal yet non-expensive retreat! According to Laurel Villa's website, room rates start at NT1500 weekdays,NT2500 weekends.(Ask if they are having any promotions)
Day 6: In the morning you can return to Taichung via Puli and see some sites if you want or catch the train back to Taipei. Check into Hotel then head for Zhongxiao.Xinsheng MRT, Exit 4, turn right,walk to 2nd traffic lights, turn left- 2mins to Guanghua Electronic center. After this,you can visit the East Metro Mall at Zhongxiao/Dunhua MRT stop.

Alternative for Day 7:
Budget travel to Toroko
You got to catch the early train to Hualien:
Tze Chiang 1051 Mount Taipei 06:45 HUalien 09:37 445
Tze Chiang 1053 Mount Taipei 07:10 Hualien 10:02 445
Chu Kuang 69 Mount Taipei 07:45 Hualien 10:46 343
Tour Starts at 10,50am.~ 5pm
Hualien Tours
`You can email them and ask them how to arrange since you are
travelling from Taipei or call their Taipei Office once you are here. Book
your own train tickets the night before.Keep return open for same day travel.
Many trains back to Taipei in case of any delays.
But it will be better if you book a Tourist Cabbie,Cabbies below
highly recommended by forumers. Costs NTD2000 ~2500 for full tour
at your convenience and these guys do not take you to rip off joints.
(Works out cheaper as well as there are 4 of you. )

Mr. Lu Lai-fu - (0)928-569-081
Mr. Zhuang (0)932-142-590
Mr. Chen Guang-fa - (0)937-167-779, (0)(3)861-1353, (0)(3)856-6895

Tze Chiang 2042 Hua-lien 17:24 Taipei 20:35 445
Chu Kuang 68 Hua-lien 17:40 Taipei 20:39 343
Tze Chiang 1058 Hualien 17:59 Taipei 20:58 445
Chu Kuang 80 Hualien 18:24 Taipei 21:28 343
Tze Chiang 1060 Hualien 19:00 Taipei 21:40 445
Tze Chiang 1080 Hualien 19:28 Taipei 21:45 445
PP 1068 Hua-lien 20:55 Taipei 23:35 445
PP 1074 Hua-lien 21:15 Taipei 00:03 445

or Day 8
The above are the trains for your return. Note , make a
booking for a return ticket, you get a 10% discount.
You can spend the night in Hualien at Stone Minsu:
Mdm. Liu +886 3 8325202, hp : +886 0399 485552 Her
friend Vivian can arrange tour to Watch Whales or Dolphins
OR You can spend the day going White Water Rafting. In the
evening you can return to Taipei.

Day 9:
Then Next morning you can head for Wulai - MRT to Xindian and then catch the Wulai bus from outside the MRT Station. See the Waterfall, catch the Aboriginal show, walk the Old Street at Wulai. On your way back from Xindian , you can visit the Gongguan Market, Exit 4 at
Gongguan MRT Stop and at the Next stop: Shida Night market (More food and some shopping as place caters to amny International students.

Day 10:
Wake up,eat breakfast, Pack You can do last minute shopping at the Underground Malls at the Taipei Station (Many shoe shops here at NTD200/-), have lunch there (Local food) and then go to the Hotel to take bus to airport at about 3pm.
Hope this gives you an idea.So far, most people said it saved them a lot of
time and money!! So it should be okay. Especially covering all the spots they wanted.


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Looks like a good itinerary to follow! It didnt try to sweep through all cities in taiwan but focus on visiting the nice places around taipei with an excursion to SML & taroko.

Taroko is a definite must visit in my opinion.


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yes, especially if you like majestic mountains, rock formations, and the cliffs amidst the sky and water below. Hualien is good if you can spend 1 or 2 nights there to cover taroko and even have time for whale watching or water rafting. Scenery along the eastern coast of hualien is magnificent, according to reports i read.


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Hi Idono & Rally,

Thanks for the itins above. Much appreciated. Sorry for not replying sooner as I had just got back my PC y'day.

I'm not so sure why I wanna spend 2 days in Kaoshiung... perhaps because its one of the major towns i suppose, and the previous few days are like 1N here and 1N there. Hubby wanted a relaxing trip n not road march. Haha.

Rally, I believe i will spend 2N in Hualien. Most prob will be taking the b&b Tiffy recommended... read before its not bad.
Whale watching is in Hualien? Pink ones? :p


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Yupz, if u hubby wants a relaxing trip, dun spend so much time on the road, hence i think just stick to Taipei + vincinity & Hualien. Slowly tour each place, no need to rush, tht's the type of trip I enjoy too.

That's why i intend to go back taiwan with my wife again so do part 2/3 for her...heh heh.


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you can ask minsu owner to arrange whale watching if u interested, not sure if the season though, but you will get to see dolphins definitely. that should be along the eastern coast of hualien


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Hi Idono,

Yr wife is so lucky to have you plan.
My hubby will just go thru, say okay and that's it. Lolz.

Hi Rally, the Ocean Park is where the dolphins are? Was under the impression they are in the wild.


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You can see them in the wild or at ocean park too, I believe.

i think there are dolphins at ocean park, something like in HK ocean park, but i've not been there before.

Those boat tours out to see whale watching depends on season and luck, cos its' not certain all the time to see the whales, but almost certain to see dolphins.


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Hi Rally,

Whd prefer to see them in the wild. Had gone for the one in HK, yup, really depends on yr luck. The HK one gives u a go-again guarantee if you cant see any dolphin; not sure for TW's side.


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Hi Tiffy (shyantiffy),

Juz like to chk where did u stay in Yilan b&b? What did u do in Yilan ?

Did you pre-book your train ticket to Yilan and hualien ? Is it difficult to find out which train to take at the train station?



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hi Low... I was staying in Jiaoxi.. hmm..I haveta double check on the name of the B&B again... actually me & my FH rented a skipper & rode around...den got back to the B&B...we juz dip our tired body in the hotspring lo! & also to go eating around

for tix.. if u r going on a non-peak.. normally u can buy advance tix when u r in taiwan... can get frm any train station...borrow a schedule booklet to confirm the timing of the train they have. if not.. check out frm the taiwan railway website.


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Hi guys,

Had anyone stayed in kaoshiung before? I'm looking for a decent (3 stars is fine enough for us) hotel/motel there.


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Erm... could someone help me in some way?

i) Is the Taipei Main Station the same station to take either the high speed rail (HSR) and the normal train (something like interchange). If not, where is the HSR stn in Taipei?

ii) Understand the HSR stops in Zhuoying stn in Kaoshiung. Means if we want to go the town area of KS, we gotta chg to the normal train in Zuoying to KS?

Thanks heaps!


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Hello, anyone knows how to get to jiufen? By taking bus, mrt or transfer by cab? Would like to go on my own instead of half-day tour.


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Hi Reality,

There are a few ways to get to Jiufen, depending on where you are staying. Possible ways are
1. Getting to Taipei Main Station and taking a TRAIN to ruifang and then catch the bus to Jiufen.

Taipei-> Ruifang: train (45 mins NT$52-80)
Ruifang-> Jinguashi -> Jiufen: bus [Keelung / Jinguashi line] (15-20 mins NT$20)

2. You could also make your way to the Taipei Intercity bus terminus located behind Taipei Main Station and take a bus to Yeliu, then transfer to a bus heading to Keelung, and again another bus to Jiufen.

It's NTD92 to Yeliou , then It's NTD44 to Keelung and another NTD44 to Jiufen.

Most travellers would combine Jiufen with Jinguashih, Yeliu, Shifen since they are in the same vicinity and buses are convenient.

If you want to visit those and more, say, Ying Yang sea, Nanya rock formations, bitouqiao then its recommended that you hire a cab. Waiting times for public transportation for all these places could be inconvenient. Cab rates are typically 2000-2500NT per vehicle.


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Hi Tiffy,
could you provide more info about booking stays in Minsu in Hualien? Actually, we will be in Taiwan for 10days and planning to go to Hualian. We booked 9N in TS hotel but now if we are planning to stay 1N in Hualian, so is it possible to sort of "skip" 1N in TS hotel, say maybe on the 2nd or 3rd day of our trip? Do we need to inform the owners in the minsu earlier or we can try our luck when we reach taipei? Hope you understand what i mean! :p And I am still confused about the way to go to Hualian from Taipei... :S

BTW anybody else travelling on 21 Oct to taiwan as well??


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Hi aj,

Take the train from Taipei Main Station to Hualien. The regular trains take about 3hrs whereas the faster Taroko express tilting trains reaches in 2hrs.


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Hi rally,

Thks for the detailed info. I wld be staying at royal castle hotel, so wld try route 1.

1. Getting to Taipei Main Station and taking a TRAIN to ruifang and then catch the bus to Jiufen.

Jus one more qn - Taipei Main Station is the mtr right? And the Train station is it nearby?

Thks in advance!


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Hi skywolf, We are planning to stay at Chen mama minsu as well. I have sent her an email asking whether can pay when we reach there, so far no reply yet. Which date will you be in Hualien? My planned date is on 22-23 Oct.


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Hi AJ, give her a call. It's faster. =) Coz her reply will be in chinese (according to Tiffy). Did you have her website and no.? Apparently, the hotels there are based on trust. Once rch, confm with them via phone on yr earlier reservation and pymt is when u get there.

WAH!! we will be there at the exact date there too! In Hualien, i mean. Muah haha!


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that's good~ so you have booked with Chen Mama already? Maybe I can call her too, if I haven't received her email in the next few days.

Anyway, can I PM you? wana ask you some questions about getting to Hualian.. haha. Or if you don't mind, add me in MSN? [email protected]


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My family and 1 (total 7 pax) will be traveling to Tapei on 22 Sept 07 and thought of going to Taipei and Hualien.

I would really appreciate if someone would advise how me on the following:

1) How do we travel from Taipei to Hualien and Hualien to Cing jing?

2) Which is the best and convenient hotel to stay in Cing Jing?

3) Any nice and trustworthy cabbie to introduce and whom can guide us aroung Hualien.



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Hi AJ,

Had added you into msn... but my office has no internet access so i will only on it @ night.

Anyway, i had called to reserve a rm. As for where to go in Hualien, we had not decided but we will def b gg Taroko. Chen mama said we can decide when we reach there. Btw, the tours she ties w the ppl there will pick you up frm her side, not in town, sso it is v convenient.

Hi sotonggal,

Really paiseh, i can only tell u to take the train from Taipei to Hualien. You may want to refer to the archives for the url; i didnt have them in this pc. The rest, I have no idea as it is the 1st time i'm gg...


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Dear all,

I'm new-joined in this forum, hope 2 get some useful info from u all which I n my hubby are going 2 have our F&E honeymoon trip to Taipei from 2/10 to 6/10~ =P

Any reccomended MUST go places in Taipei within this 5 days?!


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Hi all, would like your advise. We're planning for our trip in Dec and are now deciding which hotel to book.

Is Taipei Main Station a better place to stay or near XiMenTing? If near Main Station, very convenient to take train. But if near XiMenTing, more things to see see.

Where would you recommend? If Taipei Main Station, we would take Cosmo Hotel. If Ximenting, which would you recommend? I'm looking for 3-4 stars hotel.

Lastly, those who have stayed in Cosmo, TS and Rainbow, can i just check do the bathrooms have bathtubs? =P