Taiwan F&E


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I will leave Taiwan on 16Oct. I m planning to go Taichung on the 13-14Oct. but if you want, we can probably share a driver for the outskirt of Taipei such as Yeliu,Jiufen,Shifen and Miaokou on 15 Oct. Whole day would probably cost about 3000NTD (About SGD100 for a car (Exclude the admission fee to these places) Do let me know if you are interested


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Hi all

If gg taiwan ard end nov, will it be very cold? or just nice? i kinda scare cold.. haha..
n most impt during this period nov -dec , likely what types of clothes able to get fr the wholesale fashion place like wu fen pu?


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hi happy gal, frm my understanding, nov-dec is winter period le.. all will be selling winter design clothing.. =D

hee~~ I am gg Oct.. still cracking head for my itinerary.. anyone care to share?? =D


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I'm going to Taipei from 17-27Sep to visit some friends and explore on our own.
May also pop by Kaoshiung.....
Anyone going during that period?
Can share share some sightseeing transport
Those with experience there, do you think we can book their land packages there direct? Will it be cheap?

Appreciate all advice ya :)


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i will be going package tour in dec..
cos hubby wants to visit whole of taiwan
any suggestion what is worth to buy there besides food,masks,nike shoes?

anyone know if there is a shop in Dream Mall that sells Hello Kitty products? =)



hi all,

any recommendations for themed restaurants, steamboat or Ma La Guo buffets in Taipei?

i'm planning my F & E trip in end Oct.

would also appreciate if anyone could share their itinerary with me. thanks!


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hi...im really unfamiliar with taiwan but since my hubby keen to go, i need some suggestions what to do. can anyone share itinerary with me at [email protected]

im gng on 3 oct -9 oct, so abt 6nights. main purpose: shopping & sightseeing


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hi, wil b gg 2 taipei and kaoshiung in late nov/early dec. wil b 5mths preg then and it wil be F&E. any rec on hotels to stay in either place?
bullet train ok to take? if we stay 1 nite in kaoshiung, enough? wil it b v cold as i m afraid of the cold. appreciate advice. thanks...


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Hi, for those who have driven in Taiwan, please advise if I could validate my international passport here in Singapore and where to do it. Thanks.


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Yes. u must posses an international license to drive in Taiwan. U can convert it at $20. It can be done within 1 hour. at somewhere clark Quay area. It opens until 1pm on Sat too.
We had a good ride of bike at Kenting~~^_^
Enjoy ur trip~~


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Hi All

i just came back from Taiwan recently and have some NTD left. I have the below combination for change to SGD, if any of you are interested, please email me at [email protected]. please leave your contact number in the email and i will get back to you asap.

NTD 11,600 = SGD 522.00 (rate 22.22)
NTD 10,200 = SGD 459.00 (rate 22.22)
NTD 21,800 = SGD 980.00 (rate 22.24)


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anyone knows where can i get this item in Taiwan?



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lelaine (lelaine) > My sis just come back from Taiwan (last thu). Winter but not very cold.. I saw her pic, Alishan has autumn leaves (very beautiful), she said peak is super cold. But tat one is quite far from Taipei, need to take bullet train to JiaYi.

I was in Taipei begining of Nov last yr, only 1st day very cold (windy), the rest of days was quite hot, 5th day hit to 29degree somemore (in Danshui).

Taipei must go: All the night markets, Danshui, Jiufen, Wufenpu, Taipei Main Station underground shopping area...

Kerry> I dont know where can you find it but Taiwan 7-eleven should have something similar.


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Hey ppl!! What's the average amt u spend on accommodation per night?? In addition, do they still sell not winter type clothes in feb? Coz I want buy normal clothes ideal for warm weather for sg.haha n the snow at hehuanshan last till end of feb right?
If like tt can view both snow n plum blossoms. Mini japan lol.thnx in advance!!!


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Hi All,
Is it safe to go Taiwan now since it's so near Japan? Reason I ask is because we'll be bringing our baby along...


Hi All,

Have booked SQ tickets for F & E to Taiwan for travelling in Oct for 8 days, and we are bringing parents and a toddler along.
Anyone has an itinerary for recommendation?
Didn't go with package tour as we did not like "up and down" feel and changing hotels everyday.
Kindly e-mail me: [email protected]
Many thanks in advance!