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  1. Sirithfenwen

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    Hi! Im new to this forum. I am a btb. Im chinese and my partner is chindian. We will be having an hindu wedding ceremony. Im pretty clueless about the MUA as my contacts so far have been for chinese banquets. Anyone can send me the quotation and contacts for MUA?
    Does anyone have contacts for priest as well.

    I currently am holding my wedding at khalsa. If anyone needs details feel free to pm me. :)

    Many thanks in advance!!! My email is



  2. Sirithfenwen

    Sirithfenwen New Member

    Hi all

    Sorry i managed to download the file for MUA! thank you so much. I am still unable to find the contact for anathy though. she seems very highly recommended by all.

    Just to share my experience in detail as well.

    We have currently made a soft book for Khalsa and the venue looks lovely. the person ic told us that we could conduct a hindu wedding ceremony there and the venue on the second floor can fit up to 500 people. You would have to take the cater there (Mongul Mahal) and their menu ranges from $16++ to $30++/pax. there is another ballroom but it didnt fit our criteria.

    The price of Khalsa is about the same the sri mariamman temple which we wanted initially but khalsa had newer facilities so we took that in the end.

    so far for decor, pandora tomorrow seems highly recommended and my experience with them so far has been ok. Kris seems very friendly and responsive though. I have also contacted sountracx and we have yet to make the decision. both gave quite competitive and affordable pricing

    As mentioned above, is anyone has contacts for anathy or any free lance priest, please pm me or let me know the contacts as this is smthing that me and my fiancee and pretty stuck and have lack of contacts.

    please feel free to PM me if you need any specific pricing. =)

  3. Sirithfenwen

    Sirithfenwen New Member

    hello! i hope u managed to contact her. she seems to reply fast when contacted through whatsapp. do let me know if you need her contact. Cheers.
  4. Lallax

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    Hi All,

    Just an update on my wedding on 24/11/17.

    Still deciding on which food to go for. Is Gokul really good. I have heard some say it's awesome and some say their standard have dropped. How about Ananda Bhavan? Tips pls.

    As for deco, engaging my husband's cousin to do the deco for us.

    I have booked Divya Sekar for my henna. Starting to go for makeup trials. Anyone has any makeup artist recommendations? Also please let me know where you guys go to for bridal facial and spa.

    Las but not least, is it worth it to shop and print invites in India? Or should we just settle everything in Singapore and JB.

    Too many things going on and I am such a confused bride. Please advise BTBs.

  5. Sri84

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    Hi All, I am planning for my traditional wedding next year 2018. It will be helpful if you could share the spreadsheet with me. My email address will be:
    Thank u !
  6. Raven Belle

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    I was wondering what was the lead time like for the delivery of the wedding cards? My wedding is in July 2017 and I am now figuring out where to print my wedding invitation cards.
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    Hi I'm new to this forum.
    I'm planning to have my traditional wedding between Oct - Dec 2017

    Could you send me the spreadsheet as well.
    Also, does anyone know where would be a good place to hold sanathi weddings?
    Thanks in advance
  8. Jays2018

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    Hi everyone! I am getting married in Jan 2018 so could really do with the Holy Spreadsheet that seems to be the main buzz here!
    Would also be grateful if anyone can share about their wedding hall and costs - we wish to marry in a temple but need a hall that can accommodate 500 pax
    Thank you!

  9. Gowri

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    Hello everyone. I'm so so glad that there is a forum for indian brides here. My wedding is in 2018 June. Can someone please please send me this spreadsheet that everyone is talking about please? Thanks heaps!!

    Email address:
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    Hi all :)

    I'm planning for my wedding next year. Will be so grateful if anyone can send me the 'highly raved about' spreadsheet pleaseee?
    My email add is

    Thank you so much :)
  11. shopoholic

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    Serangoon garden country club is a really nice place to consider. Deco is by sountrax and food is fantastic when taken from their caterer. The stage and all made all my pictures look fantastic.
  12. shopoholic

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    Another thing to consider when choosing mua is who will tie the Saree. My mua brought along this aunty to tie and it was so horrible. My sister sari fell apart seriously! And the lady blamed it on the sari.

    Sometimes the younger ones don't tie as well. So so take note of that as well. You will be in it for hours so it has to be extremely comfortable.

    I choose sharmila and she didn't do hair so the aunty did my hair as well. Very normal and I didn't like it at all. You need to ask all these questions on who will do everything. In their pictures online it may look good but the hair could have been don't my someone else that you need to pay extra for so please check. If you need extensions or whatever check every single thing with them. Nowadays most don't even follow to the wedding hall. My mua caused me a panic when the aunty said she wasn't aware she had to follow me for a 2nd Saree change. Seriously is that even New?!

    Malini does very elegant hair and I've done her makeup too. Super good work and fast and professional. Makeup mantra did for my cousin and it was very beautiful but she came more than 45 mins late, engaged in a lot of unnecessary chit chat on her personal life with the hmua which was annoying for us. Despite being late and ending late, she insisted on taking photos of the bride. It was such a screwup cause the bus to bring the family to the wedding hall has already arrived and everyone had to leave before the bride. Another of my friend later told me that she was late for her bangle ceremony too - but at least it was at home. Other than work, it's very important to ensure that they are professionals and understand the importance of their roles. Prices are steep and service should be of par. Mahes mua I feel that her makeup is quite nice and she is very very receptive towards feedback. She did my personal makeup once and kept asking me if I was okay with my hair and makeup until I was satisfied. Even when she thinks it can be improved she will be honest and do it again.

    Imo, wedding cards are not worth spending or sweating too much on because it will go to the bin anyway.

    Ensure deco for bangle ceremony and wedding are as you like cause that will stay in photographs forever :)
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    Hi ladies,
    I'm planning for my wedding in dec 18 but I wanna start planning now.. can anyone email me the holy grail spreadsheet please, thanks :)

    Email add
  14. Soniya yashmita

    Soniya yashmita New Member

    Hi ladies, any one can help ?

    1. MUA
    2. Deco
    3. Food
    4. Photography/videography/cinematography
    5. Wedding cards

    Any ladies can help me out with these and also the spreadsheet please ? It will be very helpful!
    Thank you!:)
  15. mistyc

    mistyc New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    My wedding reception is in Dec 2017. Currently looking for indian emcee/dj.

    Can anyone recommend?
  16. Soniya yashmita

    Soniya yashmita New Member

  17. Sadurga

    Sadurga New Member

  18. nayalini

    nayalini New Member

    Has anyone used the newer MUAs in the market like Sarsa Arul; Mitra Nathan; Nanthini Jeevan and Fee Ee
  19. kalai

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    Hi . I am planning for my traditional wedding next year 2018. It will be helpful if you could share the spreadsheet with me. My email address is . Thanks.
  20. Vidz

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    Hi MistyC ,

    You can try either Suren or Sathish.
  21. Darshini

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    Hi All,

    My wedding will be May 2018. It will be very helpful if anyone could share the spreadsheet with me.
    Thank you.
  22. shasikala

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    Would like to clarify that i did not comment my feedback on MUA sharmila as i did not engage her for any of my events.
  23. Darshini

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    Can I ask about Bubbly's saree tying for your temple wedding. Thank you =)
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    Dear all,

    I'm an Indian btb, simple church wedding in late November. HTB is Chinese.

    Settled reception caterer and venue. Still need MUA (if not I've to DIY with family) and AD photographer/videographer. Maybe be few things we spend much on as we do want to look good on once in a lifetime day.

    Doing a website in lieu of invitation cards, which will just be a postcard. Ours is going to be a budget and simple wedding but doesn't have to look cheap too, we hope. Just think too much spent on weddings, instead of marriage.

    Wondering if you could share the spreadsheet.

    My email is: gibbervel@ (

    Thank you.
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    Hi ladies,

    I'm planning for my wedding in Feb 18. Would be great if you could share the spreadsheet with me.

    thank you very much.
  26. soontobehitched

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    Hi all, My wedding is on Dec 3rd! I'm looking for a saree blouse tailor. Any recommendations??
  27. seemren

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  28. Suganya

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    Anyone got recommendation for an outgoing and jovial solemniser?
  29. LVNA

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm planning my wedding in June 2018. Would really appreciate if someone could share the spreadsheet with me too! My email is

    Thank you!
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    Hi All, I am planning for my traditional wedding next year 2018. It will be helpful if you could share the holy spreadsheet with me. My email address is
    Thank u !
  32. GK31

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    Hi, If it is not too much trouble, can someone please share the spreadsheet with me too. My email address is . Planning for ROM and traditional wedding in 2018. Thanks!!

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