WTS: France Paris PWS in Taiwan/Singapore. (法國巴黎 Pre-Wedding Shoot)


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Letting go pre-wedding shoot package by France Paris (法國巴黎) at a LOWER price than what I paid for! PM me or telegram me at @zaong!!


Bought this in Jan 2020, just before Covid hits. Wedding (supposedly in Q4 2020), also got postponed to indefinitely due to Covid.

Waited for 2.5 long years, hoping Taiwan would open their borders to us so that I could take my PWS… Hence I didn’t want to sell off as I got my PWS package at a good price for whatever I have negotiated for.

But fast forward to Oct 2022 that Taiwan finally did open their borders, there were still some quarantine restrictions, and of which it was too late to take our PWS anyway (since our wedding is in Q4 2022, cannot delay anymore lol!).
We could have converted to use for our AD, but I have already booked my AD/VG, and… I bought my gowns elsewhere, yes back in March 2020. So yes, therefore I have yet to utilise this package, hence selling this

Due to Covid, FP specially extended for me to 5-8 years more from the day I purchased! So you have up till year 2025-2028 to use it!

✨ 24-inch Photo album consisting 36 wedding photos. (**Negotiated to increase to 36 photos! Btw, it’s normally SGD80/photo, hence $$ saved here! **Take note it’s also larger album size at 24” crystal album, it’s not the 15” one!)

✨ More than 200 photos taken of you both to choose from. Happy choosing! :)

✨ 1x Printed 20”x30” canvas photo with frame (with selection of frame design. Special size upgrade from 20”x24” photo size! Larger size successfully negotiated!)

✨ 1x CD-rom with all the selected photos

✨ 400pcs Thank-You cards 名姓片 (printed with your selected pics. Successfully negotiated for this increase from just a 100pcs).

✨ 1x 10-inch photo in crystal photo frame

✨ 1x Crystal photo album (22photos printed. Special free add-on item, not in original package!)

✨ 1x Ferris Wheel 摩天轮 (Insert printed photos to display on album table, special free add-on item, not in original package)

✨ 1x Signature scroll/book 签名抽 (Guests to write well-wishes. Special free add-on item, not in original package)

✨ 4x Bride Gowns (Wedding bridal gowns & Evening gowns, from all categories! Yes, negotiated to this too).

✨ 4x makeup & hairstyle change

✨ Complimentary loan of bridal veil, hair ornaments, gloves for Bride

✨ 2x Groom Tuxedo & Formal Suits

✨ Complimentary loan of waist cummerbund, shirt & boutonniere for Groom

✨ Studio/Outdoor Shoot for whole day (can shoot from morning to night. Negotiated that there is ZERO additional charge/OT fees if I wanna shoot night scenes. It was an additional add-on item written into our contract).

✨ Can select from range of photographer/MUA team… and yes negotiated to include options for Head Photographer with no need to top-up! (usually SGD500 top-up btw).

Now, a great deal of negotiations were done for my PWS. But… I need to let it go. Hence, please help me to enjoy the above package at SGD1,600!~

Feel free to PM me or telegram (@zaong) me, and ask any questions you have. Don’t feel shy if you want to ask why did I decide to choose FP, don’t feel shy to ask any questions, really. :)

And with this, happy wedding planning! It’s a beautiful journey with your Other Half, enjoy!
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