How should I live my next 40 years?


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Admit it. You need a divorce.


You are a victim of your own doing lah, I won't call you a moron hence. Just go back to work and find your happiness in a new life.

Yes yes yes, you can ignore me and find people you can click at work. That's the whole point of telling you to work... then divorce since your man is probably focking elsewhere. LOL~

What a couple... what a woman.

I am only interested in practical stuff, I won't be so nicey sweetie, Mag. I don't really care if it sounds offensive but... to me and our tiny group, those with IQ 170 and below are considered retarded. LOL~

Go and work, and don't waste time with the morons here... But if you want to be part of the morons... know that I can't stand nosense well. I'd label you a moron if you insist being a moron should you talk too much stupidity. LOL~

That's me. Cold hard truth, without salt and whiskey. Listen or not is not problem... I find it entertaining to dish out hard rotten truth and see people jump mouthful. LOL~

Guess that settles your next 40 years. LOL~

God~ Don't understand how you could be so delusional to marry...


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Mag, correct. Just ignore that arsehole. Can see a poster's intentions from his/posts. For this obvious nutcase, he is out to provoke, not provision of well-meaning advice nevermind the harshness.

laughably, the a-hole was merely recapping what other posters had written, coupled with the disguise of try-too-hards and act-smart sentences..... it's almost like a 3-yr kid telling his parents he can fly and catch the moon if they are willing to believe in him otherwise they don't love him.

or maybe, i suppose there's only so much for someone with self-indulgence and attention-seeking at full throttles, have i mention the ugly personality inside of him?


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The only thing I always say is: "You can't change other people but you can change yourself".

Nevermind if you chose the wrong man or you chose the right man and he changed. It does not really matter at this stage. In times like this it is always good to do self-reflection - it does not mean you are at fault - but what we chose and who we married are in a certain extent reflection of ourselves... we can't blame the other party too much because we made that choice. Self-reflection allows us to look inside us and make changes (if necessary) to be a better person.

Yes, get a job. Divorce or not it will come naturally. As for your parenting style I wouldn't want to comment much except that most parents made the fatal mistake of doing things for their children which they think are the best for them. Yes, it is out of good intention but perhaps it does not have the right results. Ponder about this. Even academics.. are they so critically important? Yes, up to a certain extent, we have to give them the best education that they can have.. but beyond that, pushing them beyond what they are capable of may not be productive. I have teenage daughters as well and the most important thing is to "connect" with them. With this connection, everything is possible - you can motivate them and they will feel motivated to want to do it for themselves and for you as well.


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Sm, nice to hear from u again. I fully agree that you cant change other people but you can change yourself and it's often easier to change yourself... Ya, I'll just focus on my job for now and let divorce come naturally. A for the children, with a job, I can't be breathing down their neck anymore, I'll just have to like you said, connect with them.

Thanks to all of you for your valuable opinion, including Scope, though I only agree with you I should go out and work. You know different IQ, differnt wavelength so very difficult for us to 'click'... thank GOD!

When I quit the workforce 13 years ago, I knew I will be back one day. I enjoyed the independence and satisfaction too much.

This is IT! I've accepted a comfortable job offer today and will finally be returning to work on Thursday. The feeling is lukewarm as I'll be leaving my 2 boys to fend for themselves after school. The youngest has very quickly formed a study group in school. God bless, let's hope he really study and not be led astray.

I have come across many crossroads and this being the most difficult one to choose. But, as I took Power' advice and look down from a higher plane, I can see the need to move forward and get out of this hole so as to really become a stronger and independent person. Only then can I overcome what come may. Even if the sky were to fall, I will be able to stand on my own two feet.

So, with this new job, I am going to leave behind Magdalene the mummy till weekends, dump Magdalene the wife before I get dumped and find back my own identity. There will be no turning back this time, or I wont wait for Scope, I'll call myself moron.

To make progress, one has to move forward and keep improving. That's why I value all your opinion be it constructive or otherwise. The feedbacks I have gotten here are truly enlightening and has reinforced what I knew I had to do.

Power, it seems to me you are at a crossroad yourself, entering a different phase in life. Well, life is like a roller-coaster with it ups and downs. We have to grit our teeth, hold on to it and ride the obtacles before we reach a safe landing. Let's wish each other well as we take on new challenge in our life. And yes, if we somehow lot touch, Merry Christmas, my favourite time of the year......


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hi mag,

oh definitely... i'm basically taking myself out of my comfort zone and trying to build things from scratch all over again... so the opportunity costs i have to forego, scares me quite abit. but i guess there comes a time in our lives where we decide to do things which we will look back and say to ourselves that at least we tried...

i definitely wish u a different and more enlightened christmas this year and in the years to come...


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Hi Scope,

Be more tolerant and don't call people morons lah. High IQ does not equate wisdom.

注æ„你的身,å£å’Œæ„。 谦虚æ‰æ˜¯æœ€å¤§çš„智慧。


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Pink Dove,