Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore by Shangri-La


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Hi, after reading positive comments abt Traders, I am considering Temasek rm as well. Any photo of the ballroom to share and recommended coordinator to approach?


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Hi w3n, I was told that there is wedding show in Mar and you can check out the 2011 packages then. I have decided to hold my banquet in Traders. Anyone have done their solemnization at Traders poolside before?


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Recently attended a wedding dinner at Traders. The food was quite good but the service was really slow... Heard from other friends that they're quite "famous" for being slow~ Maybe that's something you'd like to take note and feedback to the coordinator.


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Anyone have the Gallery Ballroom photos to send to me? I thinking of taking this ballroom but I found the projector is behind the stage n cannot do any decorations on the stage that much. N their outside receiption area is too small. Anyone holding Banquet over there are u putting the cocktail receiption in the Ballroom? Please give me some advise... My email: [email protected]
Thank you
We recently had our wedding at Trader's Temasek Room. Everything went smooth. We had a lot of positive feedback from family and friends about the atmosphere and food. The reception went at our pace, wasn't rushed or too slow. Tiffany was our coordinator and she was very helpful.


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Does anyone have the package price list for 2011? Would you all know if there would be any wedding show to be held by traders? Please email me the price list if anyone has e list. Thank you and greatly appreciate!

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Hello prettypapillon,
Our menu was
-Chicken gold coin, Vegetable net roll, Roasted duck, California maki, Scallop & green papaya salad
-Braised shark’s fin soup with crabmeat & crab roe
-Sautéed fresh prawns with rainbow capsicum in preserved olive sauce & yam ring
-Crispy roasted tender chicken with crunchy garlic & fragrant leaves
-Braised sea cucumber and mushroom with spinach
-Steamed sea bass with Japanese shoyu broth
- X.O Fried rice with asparagus & chicken meat
- Mango couli with pomelo & sago
Hi come your menu looks different from what they have?? Weekend (ex or the less ex menu) or weekday menu?

Did you change or topup for anything??


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Hi~ Greatly appreciate if anyone can provide me the price list for Year 2011 too? please send to my email @ [email protected].. Thank U!!


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I have the temasek room floor plan.. let me know if you guys need it...

bedazzle_me (bedazzle_me) & berry (berries03), have sent you the temasek floor plan and pics


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Samuel ng, you got a mail.

Anyway, just to share, I received alot of good comments for the food and according to my friends whom in the F & B industry, they mentioned that traders hotel has the reputation of good food.


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thanks Fericia, went down today to view, quite impressed, but pity no perks or promos.. do you know if there is any wedding show for traders?


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Hi Fericia, Can send me more details bout Traders' Hotel 2011 packages? Actually I'm looking for a nice pillarless ballroom that can accomodate about 35-40 tables.

Would the Traders' Hotel Ballroom be able to accomodate so many tables? if you have the layout of the ballroom, can send me too please?

Can contact me at [email protected]

Thank you so much..


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I shld be taking up the traders' hotel wedding @ temasek room - wedding lunch package 2011.
And they do provide a function room next to temasek room for solemnisation.... the cocktail session area is quite nice, a big space with a couple of sofa.. so we have the whole level to ourselves.

For those that has seen the deco (from the photos), does anyone of you thinks that their weekday theme, with the blue lighted (battery operated) stands, looks weird? or is it me only?
I tried to ask them to change the stand, but they need me to top it up to the premium theme deco


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Lene, I don't have the 2011 packages. Gallery is the largest room and I don't think it can accomodate 40 tables and the ballroom have 2 huge pillar in front if you are facing the stage. After the viewing gallery, I never like the march-in as it's like a U turn shape. One thing to counter the 2 pillars are that there's screen of the 2 end and there's will be cam focuse on you when you march in.

yeosiihui, mine was at temasek room last yr. Yes, the cocktail area is big and nice. How does the blue lighted stands look like?


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Hi all, nice feedback for traders hotel so far.
Will be having my banquet AD nx june 2011 in temasek rm.
realli like the long march in, and the big recep area, like the whole area will be to my guests hehe...
gallery room is wierd w 2 pillars in the middle though...


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Hi there,

I am coordinating the wedding dinner remotely (overseas), so can anyone send me pictures of Temasek room and the hotel itself at [email protected] ?

The coordinator, Patricia, unfortunately is not very responsive to date.:S

thank you! Dawn