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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by tube, Feb 6, 2002.

  1. linslarry

    linslarry New Member

    I've sent several times too! And after the package was sent, I wanted to view the ballroom but no replies anymore! Giving up the thought to hold banquet there now.

  2. paperpiano

    paperpiano New Member

    Hi hotel Jen

    Can I kindly request for the wedding package for 2018 ? Package with and Without solemnisation. My email is

    Please advise when will hotel Jen hold the wedding show too in 2017?
  3. auntylala

    auntylala Member

  4. Hi auntylala, package send
  5. We are in the midst of planning our wedding show in 2017, scheduled date will be on 11th March 2017, 1200hrs to 1600hrs. Wedding package send to your email.
  6. fredling

    fredling New Member

    Hi Hotel Jen Tanglin

    Can I kindly request for the wedding package for 2018??
    My email address is
  7. Thank you for your message and have forwarded for your reference.

    Thank you
  8. smiley1115

    smiley1115 New Member

    Hi Hotel Jen Tanglin,

    Can I check if these dates 16 Dec 2017 and 23 Dec 2017 are still available (dinner)? Please can you kindly send a copy of the 2017 wedding package to the email

    Thank you.
  9. xSMILE

    xSMILE Member

    Would you be able to send me the wedding packages for 2018?

    Thank you.
  10. Jerniice

    Jerniice New Member

    Does anyone have the email address of the new manager?

    I'm super pissed off with their service. One coordinator leaving right after another, and there was no proper handing over at all! My AD is coming soon, and there are alot of things have I have yet to settle with the hotel. I've been sending multiple messages and emails to them, only to have the coordinator telling me that he's leaving and that's it! Nothing mentioned on who will be handling my wedding and no answers too.:mad: Better think twice before you guys sign with them, you wouldn't want to be left in the lurch like me right now
  11. saiiruss

    saiiruss New Member

    Hi i am encountering the same issue as you. I have emailed my new coordinator 2 weekends ago. And yet to receive any reply from him. Just sent another chaser last weekend. Hope to receive a reply from him soon.
  12. Fifilsl06

    Fifilsl06 New Member

    Yes me too, i am super pissed off. they have been changing coordinator. i have emailed and whatsapp my new coordinator two week ago too.
    arranging my food tasting but no news till now. by right the coordinator should be the one following up with us, but this one is the opposite way. i really hate doing the chasing and following up as i have other stuffs to follow up too.
  13. Coldtreegreen

    Coldtreegreen New Member

    Dear BTBs, so sorry to hear about your bad experiences with Hotel Jen. Just thought that I might be able to give you girls an account of what might be going on. From what I hear, I think they used to have 2 wedding specialists but one of them has just quit and so there's only one left now to handle all the couples who signed up with them. Moreover, Hotel Jen also just had their wedding show which my fiance and I went for and saw that quite alot of couples signed up, hence the solo wedding specialist must also be overwhelmed by the volume that's coming in too. I hear that they are trying to hire more wedding specialists now but meanwhile, it can be expected that their replies would be rather laggy.
  14. saiiruss

    saiiruss New Member

    Hi, i think there are more than one banquet manager is handling. How i know? Cos i happened to know one BTB here who is going to have her wedding in the same hotel. Got to know her wedding manager is a female. And mine is a guy :)

    Anyway my issue is not that urgent as wedding is another few more mths. Just wanna settle issue that comes to my mind asap.
  15. eonshe

    eonshe New Member

    hi hotel jen Tanglin,
    can you also send me a copy of the 2018 wedding package details? thanks.
  16. Newbride_TH

    Newbride_TH New Member

    Hi guys... Anyone has any recent feedback regarding the food at Hotel Jen? Do they have any wedding shows upcoming?
  17. Coldtreegreen

    Coldtreegreen New Member

    Hi! They just had a wedding show about a month ago:) I signed up with them at the wedding show but as my fiance and I decided to go for higher number of tables, we decided to let go of the package. Let me know if you're interested! All the wedding show perks can be applied for the transfer of the package:)
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  18. Newbride_TH

    Newbride_TH New Member

    Hi Coldtreegreen.. I am keen. could you PM me the details pls? Thank you!
  19. Newbride_TH

    Newbride_TH New Member

    Yes pls.
  20. Coldtreegreen

    Coldtreegreen New Member

  21. bluepaperrose

    bluepaperrose Member

    Hello! Could you PM me too please? :)
  22. deressa

    deressa New Member

    Any one has any updates on latest wedding/event coordinator for Jen? If you sign up at the bridal show, will they give you a formal contract on the spot?
  23. Treeciatan

    Treeciatan New Member


    Anyone attended banquets at Hotel Jen recently? Possible to share your experience?
    Am actually comparing Jen, Parkroyal (Beach Road) and Novotel.

    Thank you!
  24. voguecrown

    voguecrown New Member

    Btb here as well, wedding in June. New manager Cheryl went silent for 2 weeks, only when i chased then she replied and it happened again recently. Not an excuse to go silent on ppl like us who are being anxious trying to fix a food tasting date or selecting our wedding favours, in order to make things settled sooner so that it will ease our mind to get things done. I hope they see this and will be more prompt. Getting peeved.
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  25. johnathan

    johnathan New Member

    Hi Coldtreegreen.. I am keen. could you PM me the details pls? Thank you!
  26. erara

    erara New Member

    Hi there, i'm interested too. Can you PM me too!
  27. Coldtreegreen

    Coldtreegreen New Member

    PM-ed you guys!:)
  28. BabyJoanneXin

    BabyJoanneXin New Member

    anyone emailed hotel Jen recently? Email them to request for 2018 wedding package since almost 2 weeks ago but till date no reply.. zzZ
  29. Neojessica

    Neojessica New Member

  30. Gabrielee

    Gabrielee New Member

    Hi I am meeting go of my banquet at hotel jen. You can reach me at 82225048
  31. Terrakaze

    Terrakaze New Member

    First post because i made an account just to voice out about the horribly unresponsive wedding manager named Cheryl that was assigned to me after the last manager quit. A simple question (eg. "Is this day available for food tasting?" ) on average takes A WEEK for her to give me a reply. I cannot imagine how a scenario will be like when more important matters arise that requires fast response. Now I am stuck not being able to move forward with getting my wedding inserts printed because the wedding manager has gone MIA since last Friday failing to reply my SMS/Email simply asking for the hotel's printing vendor and florist contacts because I plan to customize some things. Anyone with similar issues just like mine?
  32. 13thluck

    13thluck New Member

    Hi Terrakaze! May I know when is your wedding date? I'm assigned to Cheryl as well, and my wedding is in December. I'm worrying if everything will turn out well.
  33. Terrakaze

    Terrakaze New Member

    My wedding is coming in about roughly 2 months+ time. Previously it was handled by another manager who isn't that much of a difference when it comes to response speed but isn't as bad as Cheryl and has since left the company therefore the project was transferred to her. I have sent her gentle reminders again and again on whatsapp and email as well, still not getting the response at all. I'm not even demanding any freebies here or trying to haggle for anything that puts her or the management in any sort of difficult situation that requires time for them to give me a reply. But I guess I am done with being the nice customer soon.
  34. Sugarloaf

    Sugarloaf New Member

    Hi, still available? Can pm the details or can email me at in advance!
  35. Warmest Greetings from Hotel Jen Tanglin!

    We are elated to share our Flash Promotion for the month of August 2017!
    Confirmation of weddings to be held in January, February, April and August 2018 by 31 August 2017 will be entitled to a 5% discount off package price.
    Email us at now for more details!
    We are looking forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to help you plan for your dream wedding!


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  36. sotote

    sotote New Member

    Just had a wedding lunch in Hotel Jen Tanglin last weekend, and it was way better than what we expected!! First and foremost, we felt that the pricing was very fair, especially considering it's a hotel in the Orchard belt area. In fact, this was one of our considerations. Relatively convenient for guests to get there. Secondly, while we had a number of changes of coordinator/events sales mgr over the past 1 yr plus, however we felt that it was handled pretty well. Our actual wedding manager, Vaal, is extremely nice and friendly and really helped us tons in terms of our logistics. We had some requests that were out of the ordinary, and Vaal assisted us a lot in making sure everything was settled properly. Thirdly, while the room is relatively small, however we had 2 nights there, and they gave quite a number of freebies! I won't say what they gave for free here, but we felt that it made the whole experience very worth it, and it was a great gesture to make us newlyweds feel very welcome :)

    You can choose to upgrade the room to a larger suite, but at additional cost. We didn't choose this option as we felt it was not necessary to have a huge room.

    We were glad that we were given quite a lot of flexibility in the payments leading to the wedding. I know of people who got married and had to make a deposit, and thereafter either a strict installment scheme and a final payment on the actual day, or just a large final payment on the wedding day itself. We were given flexibility in paying multiple payments at a time of our own choosing, and this allowed us to utilise many different credit cards to get maximum cashback or rewards. Win-win all around!

    Two gripes that we had. One, was that the ballroom aisle to walk in is not very long, so we had to walk in very slow. Not a big issue. But also because it is not a centralised aisle, so guests at the other far end won't be able to see much during the march-ins. They did give the tables along the aisle rose petals to throw and also bubbles for the different march-ins. The other gripe is that the 2 pillars in the ballroom are huge! If you are maxing out 30 tables in the ballroom, I don't think it's a very wise idea because the tables directly beside the pillars will be blocking the stage quite a bit. But if you don't have that many tables, say around 25, 26 tables; should be fine for the guests! Haven't really had complaints from the guests anyway.

    Anyway, I think overall, our experience for the wedding at Hotel Jen is very positive. The food is also very good! Asked around, and it does seem like this is one of the best amongst the various hotels for food quality. No drop in quality between the food tasting and actual day also. Breakfast in the morning could either be had in the lounge, or downstairs lobby side. Both sides the food are good, but downstairs got more variety.

    And last thing to add. Both our solemnisation and tea ceremony was done at Hotel Jen also. So everything just over there. All completed in that 1 morning. The changeover was fast! Also, both are all included as part of the package so we didn't have to come up a single cent for those! ^^ We would recommend Hotel Jen Tanglin to others for their wedding as well :)
  37. Warmest Greetings from Hotel Jen Tanglin!

    We are proud to present our newly launched themes for 2018.

    1) Eternal Bloom
    Eternal Bloom.jpg

    2) Classical Tales
    Classical Tales.jpg

    3) Timeless Moment
    Timeless Moment.jpg

    Do not hesitate to contact us at for any queries.

  38. lalapoh

    lalapoh New Member

    Review by my hubby :)

    Wedding lunch date: 24th September 2017

    Stella and i just had our wedding lunch celebration at Hotel Jen Tanglin. This is our review and our overall experience:

    1) Sales manager and team

    After signing our wedding package with Hotel Jen, there were some ups and downs, including a part where we actually waited 1 to 2 weeks to get a reply. Soon after, the Director of Events, Ravi, had gotten in touch with us and assigned to Cynthia Tan, the new Event Sales Manager to us. From then on, things changed as Stella and I were well-served by Cynthia and she is very responsive to our queries and were able to accomodate to most our requests. During our meetup, she is very professional in explaining the details and we did not feel lost, neither did she left any of our queries unanswered. Up till the day of our wedding lunch, our needs and queries were entertained and answered professionally. She is also very meticulous to our requests, for example, by providing a customized floorplan for our solemnisation, as well as the banquet itself. We were very lucky and are very happy to be served by her!

    2) Venue

    Cleanliness of the gallery ballroom and rumpoles bar was great and it exceeded our expectations. The set up was also up to our expectations. The only downside was that the main AV projector did not meet our expectations as it was a bit blurry and discoloured. But overall, the ambience is great and our guest feedback that they liked the venue

    3) Food

    I must say the food was awesome and really exceed our expectations by leaps and bounds. The roasted chicken was very nice and dessert yam paste was superb. The food is better than some of the 5 star hotels banquet and restaurants which ironically do not even serve decent banquet food. Many of our guest were full of praise for the food and the empty plates and bowls is a great example. Their halal menu and vegetarian menu was also given many thumbs up by our vegetarian and Muslim guests.

    4) Support and assistance rendered on AD

    We wish to give our compliments to Ai Lian, the banquet team leader. She took great care of the details and movements. She is very professional and know her job very well. For example, the coordinating of the tea ceremony and briefing of the programme so that it can flow smoothly. We felt taken care of and that greatly lessen our worries as the banquet programme was on going. She also has eye for details and made sure that our wedding went on smoothly, for example she listened to our march in songs and timed it perfectly for the opening of the door for us to march in.
    In summary, we are very satisfied with the wedding package at Hotel Jen and will recommend to anyone who are looking to hold a wedding banquet. Once again, Stella and I wish to express our sincere thanks to Cynthia and the team at Hotel Jen for making our wedding very memorable, as well as a great experience for our guests. Really love their service!
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  39. Heah Yong Chian

    Heah Yong Chian New Member

    We had our wedding lunch at Hotel Jen, Tanglin on 7 Oct 17. After 2 coordinators who were not good. We finally had Vaal Lim who was a fantastic coordinator who was not only efficient but also very understanding of our needs and did her best to cater to our requests. She was able to coordinate everything very well on the days leading up to our wedding and the wedding itself. We had constant questions, but she was patient and took the time to answer them and ensure we had peace of mind for the proceedings.
    The food was also fantastic and our grandparents enjoyed the food, which is saying a lot! We would also like to mention Ai Lian who was there to assist with the proceedings and she even came up to bring us down for the 2nd march in to ensure that we were on time.
    Overall, it was a smooth experience and we are glad we decided to have our wedding there.
  40. Cynnie97

    Cynnie97 New Member

    I recently did a site visit and my i liaised with Guha. I actually enjoyed talking to him and can see his passion in his job. He is also very open in discussions on what he can offer and whats not.

    I am surprised to see so many negative remarks in this forum though.
  41. Good day BTB!

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  42. creamxcookies

    creamxcookies New Member

    Anyone has any latest reviews for Hotel Jen Tanglin? Will they be having any upcoming shows? Heard great reviews about them pertaining to food, perks and service, and heard they have a full wedding team now! Really quite keen to check them out, haha. :p
  43. Cynnie97

    Cynnie97 New Member

    Hi there. I believe their wedding show just passed. The co-ordinator who liaised with me is Guha Shan. Very nice friendly guy that i would definitely recommend you to arrange for the site visit. He is not pushy at all and even throw in the perks which at that point has no roadshow promotion yet.

    Good luck !
  44. creamxcookies

    creamxcookies New Member

    @Cynnie97, thanks for sharing! The person who handled my enquiry is someone by the name of Elaine. She seeems really friendly and prompt in her replies too! Can share with me the perks that were thrown in by your coordinator? ;)
  45. Cynnie97

    Cynnie97 New Member

    Will pm u instead
  46. Leassy

    Leassy New Member

    @Cynnie97 hello!im also interested in hotel jen. Do you mind to share with me the perks you were offered? Thanks!
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  48. Pin Pin

    Pin Pin New Member

    Hi Cynnie97
    Thank you for sharing. Able to share the perks given by your coordinator ? Thank you.
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