Cats Lovers??

same name as your cat ;) yes he is so cute right... sleeping like us, humans. 1st pic is after a bath, so his fur still messy

he is very naughty. like to sprint out and hide in neighbour's pots. he made 1 neighbour very angry... he just enjoys chewing on ppl's plants and i know that is not nice at all! dun wanna be a "bad" neighbour...

now with wheatgrass, i hope he stops his nonsense!


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so he is named ginger too
ya he's so cute and handsome. he has innocent big eyes too

oh dear, will this angry neighbour complain to ur town council? pls don't let ginger run out of ur hse to play with neighbour plants. plants may be poisonous and town council may issue warning... u know i so scared of neighbour complaining (b'cos most ppl don't fancy cats), i never let my kitties out. i know it is pitiful but i have no choice as HDB doesn't allow cats. sigh!


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This thread is still alive after so many years.

Just thought I will drop by to say hi. I was active in this thread a few years back.

The Wife and I have 5 cats. Oldest is 8+ and with us for 7 years. Youngest is 3+. All adopted.


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Hi my wife and 1 have 8 cats...all strays we took in from young...oldest 5yrs, youngest 1.5yrs...some pics of them
Babi 3.5yrs

Boy 5yrs

FatFat 2yrs

Gal 5yrs

Ginger 3yrs

Hua 2.5yrs

No 2 2yrs

Tinklebell 1.5yrs


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Is wheat grass the same as the cat grass we grow ourselves bought from pet stores? Just kinda confused, hehe!! Will love to let my darling have some organic wheat grass if it work all the same.

All the cats here are beautiful!! I'll sure pics of my baby soon. Think she's one of the fattest already, 8kg. Lolz.


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greetings to all cat lovers

hi april, i grew cat grass before, they should be the same kind of grass ba. anyway, i prefer to buy from supermarket now, bcos i impatient to wait for the grass to grow :p


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I love cats too.
unfortunately, my husband does not love them .
so, when we go to our parents at the country he doesn't like me to play with them.
nonetheless, I like cats as long as these are obedient, do not climb on the table and do not "mew" often...