Carlton Hotel


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i'll put in the picture of the bridal suite over the weekend...

but not the whole suite though.. cos the bed room was something like a normal hotel room in find in the city.. it's only the so called hall that is the difference.. but to me.. the view was prety WOW to me...


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Hi Alex: Thanks in advance! Look forward to see the bridal suite pics =)

arsenal gal: Which ballroom are u taking? Joanna shared that there will be new themes for the new Empress Ballroom (new wing) once the ballroom is ready.


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anyone have any updates or news on their renovation progress? any delay expected? when is their completion date? any management problem/issue lately?


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dear all, sad to say simon has left carlton with effects from jan tis yr.
i just signed up with carlton yesterday.
currently joanna is the one handling my wedding preparation.

as mentioned by joanna new wing should be in operation from may or june this yr.
my wedding will b in dec this yr.
cross fingers that everything goes well n on plan.

seems like there are few bad reviews abt carlton - especially their staff service on the actual day itself as well as pre-preparation???
anyone who has been there recently and see any improvements??

joanna told me that serving ratio on the wedding nite is 2staffs to 3tables.
Is this the norm for other similar star hotel too??



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Can someone tell me will complimentary parking coupons be included in the banquet package as well? If yes, roughly how many is the norm?


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really? Most hotels I visited will give minimum 20%. Then they'll increase depending on whether the car park management belongs to them. I think I know which one you were referring to. That 5* hotel has limited carpark spaces, thats why I think they cannot give you more. But I think I read somewhere that someone successfully negotiated for 15% complimentary from that hotel. Maybe he/she has many tables like 40 or 50 ^^.


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dun worry bout the parking coupon...
just remember to get ur IN-CHARGE (jie mie or xiong dis) to get from the captain if it's not enough...

make sure the Wedding couple dun go asking that during the day itself..

i had a 34 tables banquet at Carlton 3 months back... and the number of parking given by them was more than enough...

sorry to those who wanted to see the pic for the suite.. didn't have time to upload them ever since i got married..

will try over this weekend..


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CK, the service ratio is not the issue. They are not short-handed. It's the attitude of the staff. You just have to hope you get good attitude staff that night/day. I'm surprised Simon left. He just took over from Zack in second half of 2009. Joanna assisted Simon when he was on leave. The turnover is so high there....


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Zactor, the bridal suite i got was just a combination of two regular deluxe rooms combined into one without the wall, of course. It's kind of different from other hotels which my friends got.


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helo all!

To all the BTB in 2010s at Carlton, how's your wedding prep?

Thanks for the reviews shared by couples who held their weddings already. great to share and learn from you!



Is the new ballrom for Carlton ready for viewing?

Just to check your expertise, coz noticed recent yrs hotel prices increase a lot.

how do u determine how much budget per table?
was trying to look for marquee kind of wedding...but it seem all so exp.

Quite worried that i will suffer a big loss if i go for my dream wedding..


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Hi Carlton Brides/BTBs,
I'm currenly considering Carlton Hotel as a banquet venue. Any recommendations for coordinators? Can PM me their contacts..



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I don't think you can choose coordinator. Mine told me they are assigned based on the groom's surname. ;) The Esplanade room can hold up to 15 tables in theory. Mine was quite crammed with 12 tables so you may want to note the constraint.


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Dun bother with coordinator.. they normally run around the hotels in singapore.. there's nothing to protect us from them running away.. as long as what is written in black and white and it's being honoured.. you'll be safe...


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Just wondering is the renovation at Carlton Hotel still in progress? I'm thinking to go to Carlton Hotel to have a look-see-feel session before deciding the venue.

Also usually the person you meet up with on the day you go to take a look at the venue, will he/she be the co-ordinator for your wedding? Thanks!


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Actually i feel like asking more friends to attend so that i can get 30 tables. Alot of places give better packages for 30 tables.

But invite more scare lugi more =(

Joanna told me no wedding show too.


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Haha... i dun mind the old ballroom.
New one would be gd but if old one also can.

anyway the old one is still reno so can consider as new wahaha


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Going to hilton this wkend.
Raffles say their ballroom under reno so going in july.
Then traders at the end of the month.

U leh?


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Hi all,

I'm interested in holding my wedding at carlton.
anyone has photos of the new ballroom and bridal suite to share? is there new bridal suite?

Do you mind to email me your packages @ [email protected]?



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Hi All,
I am thinking of getting Carlton for my wedding. the food is quite gd..

arrange for a meeting with Joanna this coming thursday..
any ideas what i should look out for when i bargain the tables with them?


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hi gers. i just went to view carlton's new wing ballroom.

high celling, led light at the side can be change, 2 lcd included, cosy lobby. smell VERY new~

might have a few photos in my cam. let me know if you interesed to see :D

i also have the 2011package price list. do let me know if you want.