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hi bride-to-bes,

this is a mail my friend forward to me. i think the "story" is real because this is some one she knows:
here comes the mail...Prepare for the shock...

>This is really a very bad experience.....
>Just in case any of your friends are getting married and holding a
>So Angry that I felt I should disclose to my friends on the bad
>experience one of my friend had yesterday. True experience, as I am
>physically there experiencing it.
>My friend Gary had his wedding dinner at Carlton Hotel (opposite
>Lets begin from the initial stage when he booked his
>wedding banquet last year.
>Originally a Carlton Banquet MGR liased with him and
>confirmed his booking one year ago. My friend cancels all other bookings
>from other hotels.
>Few weeks after the confirmation, MGR called and told my
>friend that he is on waiting list cos another couple had book on that day.
>My friend was so angry. Few months later then they confirmed his booking.
>Then they changed another MGR and my friend had to re clarify with
>the new manager what has been agreed previously. There was no
>proper handing over and taking over on the hotel side.
>Most funny is such a big hotel supposed to undergo
>renovation, doesn't know about the renovation 9 months ago. The hotel
>doesn't even brief my friend that the hotel is supposed to undergo major
>renovation few months later when my friend make the booking and confirm
>payment of deposit.
>Renovation was only found out later by my friend and upon confronted, the
>MGR promised that the renovation work will not affect the wedding banquet.
>Now comes the big day.
>The coordinator requested to meet the bride and groom and emcee and
>coordinator at 5.30pm in the complimentary suite.
>And when we were there (your friend me was the emcee), the
>coordinator came up and get the wedding album and hard liquor down and
>that they will set up the wedding photo album ready. No other "unpleasant
>thing" was mentioned. The coordinator even asked us to go down to the
>hall at 6.15pm so that they can rehearse through the night plan.
>My friend (Eugene) pop down at 5.50pm to have a look and to his shock, the
>cocktail reception place was not properly setup. Worst of all the
>whole place was like a sauna, or even a discarded place. Air was stale.
>When we went down at 6.15pm to confront the co-ordinator, what we
>saw was even worse. Greeted us the moment we step out of the lift was
>"big bulky industrial fan" and many dryers (like those U find in public
>toilets where the cleaners use to dry the wet floor) lying around. Wire was
>dangling here and there and to make matter worse, they use masking tape to
>cover some of the wires. Very very unsightly.
>When we ask the co-ordinator about the aircon, they claimed that the
>broke down since noon that day and they are repairing. When we ask how
>come such an important issue was not make known to us, they claim
>that they don't see it as a matter and their mechanic are solving the
>They promised or hope to get the aircon up by 7pm before the start of the
>cocktail reception.
>When we demand to see the manager, the coordinator says he will call
>him, and he went into the banquet hall, giving excuse of looking for the
>manager. We waited for very long and still no sight of the manager and the
>7pm came. Aircon still down. Everyone was sweating. We grab another
>coordinator to ask about it, and guess what we get, "today's Sunday, our
>chief mechanic is off so we cannot fix the aircon. Have to
>make-do with the fans and dryer which is blowing out hot air."
>We are stunned. But since the guests starts arriving, we ask the
>groom and bride to handle the guest while we look into the matter. My
>friend (Eugene) then went to tell the coordinator outfront that we are
>dissatisfied and will not pay the full dinner cost. We will negotiate after
>dinner. The coordinator agreed.
>U know what, throughout the cocktail reception, music was not on.
>The staff stand leaning against the wall throughout and no one took the
>initiative to serve the guest drinks. Looks like the wall is falling and
>staff have to lean and support the falling wall. They wait for the guest to
>the drinks from them. Light was not on. The whole cocktail reception place
>was like a mortuary, no music, no aircon, stale air, dark. In the end, we
>had to get the guest to be seated in the banquet hall with air-con and
>U know what, if not for some guest who asked for the photo album,
>we would have forgotten about it. l I quickly grab hold of one
>coordinator and ask about the photo album. He says he doesn't know abt it
>and refer
>me to another. Luckily I managed to sight the one who get the album from
>us earlier and asked him about it. "Oh yes the album is here" was the reply
>and he walk to the groom's table to get the album, still in the carrier
>I have to carry the album out myself to setup. As I couldn't find any
>photo album stand, I went in again to look for the same guy which I
>find of cos. Then upon asking one of the waiters, who show me to the stand.
>I have to carry the stand myself to setup. Can U imagine my temperature
>at that moment?
>We totally give up on the cocktail reception.
>Now comes the march in. I was told to get the Que. from the
>coordinator at the main entrance. When he signaled, I step up onto the
>get the guests to stand and welcome the groom and bride. Lights dimmed.
>Music started. Guests clapping. For one solid minute. Nothing happen.
>Door not open even though the groom and bride standing outside the door.
>Then the door opens abruptly. Very very embarrassing.
>When the bride and groom marches in and onto stage for cake
>cutting and then back to their seats. I announced for the guests to be
>seated and
>dinner will be served shortly. This happen twice, on two march in.
>I walked back to my seat which is at the entrance. Again lights
>dimmed. Music started. Guest waited. Three minutes passed by nothing
>happen. Lights on again and music stopped suddenly, one minute gone by and
>guests starts wondering what happen. Eugene went out to see what happen.
>what he saw? Staff coordination was in a mess. Missing staff. He can hear
>from the loud walkie talkie conversation that the coordinator are
>searching for the missing staff to start the food presentation.
>Then as sudden as "usual" lights dimmed and music suddenly blasted.
>Then door open and the staff paraded in "kalan kabok" . Comically,
>some waiter serve the food immediately when they are in while some still
>holding to the food in their hands until the music stop. Definitely no
>In between the dinner, U can hear waiter/waitress break glasses, cling
>clang here and there.
>After the dinner ended, we demand to see the manager. And finally
>he shows up. When we confront him the issue, all he tries is to find
>excuses for all the hiccups.
>I was so mad that I bombarded him when he claim that the hotel has done
>the best in providing backup for aircon break down. And now he indirectly
>blame us for choosing a wedding dinner on Sunday where his chief
>mechanic is on leave and no one can repair the aircon so nothing can be
>We were so fed up that we proclaimed loudly that whether his staff is on
>leave or MC is none of our concern. That's their internal problem. We are
>interested at their story.
>We ask about the photo album set up as promised. The manager twisted
>his words and say that it is the hotel's policy to wait for the bride
>and groom to arrive at the banquet hall and ask the couple where to place
>the album.
>For goodness sake, there is only one entrance. And at 7.00pm sharp,
>everyone of us including the groom and bride are there at the cocktail
>reception hall. A lot of coordinators saw them but chose to ignore. None
>came up to seek the couples' idea on where to place the album. It is only
>when I went to ask for it then they realised that the album was not setup.
>What a lame excuse.
>When asked about the cockup at the march in and food serving, now the
>manager twisted the words that they are supposed to wait for my Que.
>(emcee). What nonsense. They are the one who ask us to wait for the Que.
>to go up stage and announce. And once the couple marches into the hall,
>we would expect the door is closed and the coordinator will start to
>line up the staff for the food presentation. But all this was only our
>expectations and not reality.
>Can U imagine my anger at that moment? When the manager keep on
>harping that they had done the best, not even apologizing, I just fired him
>question," Carlton Hotel is charging us 10% service charge for all
>this. And how many percent of the service charge do U think your staff
>The manager was dumb.
>"Honestly, speaking, none. I felt you all deserve not even one percent of
>the service charge." That's what I said to him although I almost screamed
>Initially, he refused to give in to our demand to have three tables
>and a barrel of beer cost cut, only willing to have two tables and a
>barrel of beer.
>We told him that we cannot accept that and we refused to give in.
>I even threaten to stop negotiating with this manager and demand to see
>the GM. Only then that the manager went out for a while and came back to
>say that he agrees to our demand.
>But we told him that we will still write formally to file complaints
>to the GM.
>Dinner ends at 10.30pm and we have to spend 1 hour plus negotiating
>for this nonsense.
>This is really a traumatizing night for us and the couple. I cannot
>bring myself to imagine the embarrassment my friend is facing.
>Thus I sincerely urge all of U reading the mail to spread the word
>round to your friends planning to get married - not to even consider
>Carlton hotel.
>For your information, the cost was not cheap - they are charging S$638 per
>table (equivalent to some other 4 star hotels).


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Must have been a terrible nightmare for the bride & groom. I guess that's why some people are willing to pay so much for the 5* hotels...apart from being "high class"...these elite hotels probably have more reliable services as their brand names are @ stake!

Of course, not only 5* hotels can provide quality and reliable services...the most important factor that wedding couples have to consider when choosing their wedding venue is the hotel's/restaurant's service track record! Of course, recommendations from those who have had experience with the hotel/restaurant will be most useful.


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Hi Uma,

Wow I would have asked them to compensate me at least 50% of full price. COnsidering the embarressment and reputation/emotion damaged caused. I do agree that it's not a good time to wed at Carlton now. Especially with the renovation going on. Went for a friend's wedding not long back. The aircon at the reception was really warm. And there was construction workers walking in and out of the "walls" And every now and then you hear a bang here and a crash there.
And agree with the part the waitress all like glued to the wall. And considering there was only one exit point the exit at the end of the dinner was a painful and "HOT" experience. Imagine few hundred ppl waiting for the pathetic lift.

sok leng

My fren too had a very unpleasant experience from Carlton too. I was also present when unpleasant incidents happened. My fren had her wedding at Chijmes and was given a complimentary room in carlton (which is just oppostite the rd). The room allocated to my fren was full of M&E faults.

First, the TV wasn't working, then the plug wasn't working too. They sent a repairmen to fix the TV and plug and finally, after 2 hrs, it was fixed. My fren washed up and went over to Chijmes for her makeup. Then some of her frens who have been helping out with the church deco came back to Chimjes for a quick shower before the dinner.
To our horror, the bathroom light is not working now. Again, they sent a technician to try and fix it. But after one hr, it's still not fixed and he don't even know where the fault is!!!Imagine, we have to rush for a dinner and bathe in pitched darkness! Called the reception and requested for change of room, waited for 30 mins before they tell us that we can change the rooms and we have to call them every 5 minutes to check on the status !!! Finally, another 15 mins later, we were allocated another room to us BUT they have the cheek to ask us to go down to the reception to get the keys to the new room!!!!! What kind of customer service is this?! They should have brought it up to us. It was too late to swop rooms and we just wash up to the best we can and go for the dinner.

So, be it wedding dinner or stay at Carlton, pls think twice.


Hi All,

Wow, That's a lot of negative comments on this Carlton Hotel. I'm going to make sure that it's not in my listing for my wedding dinner.

Thanks alot for sharing all these bad experiance.


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Hi All,
I jus had paid my deposit for Carlton. With regards to the service quality, I had assurance from the banquet assistant manager that all hotels, including Ritz Carlton uses part time waiters so hip cups are expected. Even in Ritz Carlton the waiters there do spill water on the tables. I find their service at least the service of the assistant manager quite impressive. We had free international buffet twice, 1 was even before the signing of the contract! I had surveyed the place twice when Carlton happens to be holding wedding banquets and everyone looked happy. The waiters there will eager to serve. Their hotel lobby will be ready next month. Fortunately for me all renovations will be ready by next year. Let's just pray that everything goes on fine with the renovation completed. Anyway, I will bring this unpleasant matters to the manager for further assurance. By the way, Uma, they are charging $688 nett next year and they ARE 4* hotel.

Thanks for sharing.


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hi Panicky,

i felt bad to make you worried...

when i received this forwarded mail, i thought twice before posting it on. i guess it would be better to share this as to prevent same things happen to bride-to-bes.

pls high light this to the hotel staffs who serve you and make sure these won't happen again. hope everything will turn out smoothly on your weddding day !!


My friend had a bad experience with Carlton recently too. She booked the place and when she wanted to sign the contract, the manager said that the date has been booked! She was furious and at a loss...looks like Carlton is not very reliable!


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I had read this same email forwarded from a friend but didn't know whether it's fake or not. Then my fiance watched a programme and told me abt this website. Thank God I checked it out cos' we were about to sign the contract but held on because of some issues.

We had the same experience of their asst mgr leaving and she didn't do a decent handover so I had to chase up the banquet sales dept. Thereafter we had to start all over again, clarifying things, adding, minusing items.

Right after we decided against using this hotel, another friend of mine told me that the MC for the above-mentioned wedding was an acquaintance of her friend. Scary, we thought.

Anyway, for our peace of mind, we've decided to hold it at a reputable 5-star hotel down at Orchard Road. A little bit more money but worth this once in a lifetime big moment.

Thanks Uma for sharing the email and the others too for their experiences with Carlton.


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Any comments on Carlton Hotel? The hotel is still undergoing renovation. I heard that the ballroom will be done up too. How about the food, services, etc?


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Hi Chin Fong,

You can do a keyword search here using the word carlton. The result will show you where the postings are.

Chin Leng.


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It's a total disaster !!!!!!!!

I couldn't even bring myself to believe it right at this moment. KPO, I totally sympathize with you and the couple for all this bad experiences at Carlton. Gosh, I guess I would have been as furious as you and not even pay up the rest till they give me 10 tables cost off. I mean, wedding is such a big thing in one's life and you are paying such a high price for it.

My goodness.. what a nightmare!


I'm keen on making a booking at Carlton. Anyone can share their experience after it's renovation?



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Hi bridegroom-to-be,

I have booked my banquet dinner with Carlton. i was initially put off by the bad comments on SB but after several encounters with the pple there, Was quite pleased with their service.

The hotel certainly looks much nicer after the reno. maybe by my wedding day (NOV), the reno will be completed and maybe it will become 5 stars. hee hee. The new annex is coming up so I may request for a bridal suite in that annex.

I heard that they will be changing their table cloth to full length so it will look more grand. Seat covers are also provided. I have eaten at the restaurant (Wah Lok)... The food is pretty good...

The person I dealt with was Isnarni. I think she is the Banquet mgr or something like that....

The ballroom is pretty alright just that it has 4 pillars if you open up all the 3 rooms. One thing that i like is that its location is pretty centralised...

Go and take a look.... Have you got a quotation from them? Mine is a weekend package and it is $698/= .

Looking forward to hear from you.


Wiz: Thanks for the complete acc on ur experience with them.

I'm still a bit worried abt their service on the wedding nite.

Anyone who has just held their wedding there willing comment on it?



Hi blue ocean

Here a friend's story when she attended a wedding there recently.....

The dinner did not start till 8.45pm, then the waiters only busy rushing to get the food out. Therefore, the drinks are not topped up after several requests. The worst was without asking my friend's table if they are done with the dish... they got them clear off... leaving the guests on the table dumb-founded.....

But maybe that was because the dinner started off late and lack of manpower....

Just a story to share....


Hi Rik,

Thanks for sharing the story. I guess the couples must be quite upset over it.

No matter how late the dinner startd, the waitors shld serve the customers well.

Maybe those who have already booked with Carlton shld highlight this to your coordinators and see what they offer to avoid situations like the above.

I'll reconsider whether to book with Carlton ...
Somethings can be avoided or maybe not...I used to be a part-time waiter at Carlton Hotel a few years back and i've seen this things happen at other hotels too..I hope that i can help those with a bad Exp. durring weddings to know what's going on "behind" to sofften thing out abit and hope to let others take note of what to look out for during the selection of the place to hold ur big day...I've also listed a few suggestions in hope to help others..Ü

*Dinner starting late : This cannot be controlled as most hotels will only start the dinner with more than 80% of the attendence or as instructed to do so,so try to have your guest to attend the function on time.As 4 both sides,starting late means ending late which is sad to say makes everybody fustrated because some may miss their rides and have to take a cab home W/O claim.Hotel staff transports?This only applies to staff who are working till mid-night and does not apply to staff working untill 11pm as planned on their bookings.All this might cause the service staff to rush which will lead to poor preformance. (there's nothing anyone can do about guest coming in late,so i guess abit of luck is needed.)

*Service standards : Sad to say this depend on luck..Some staff might be new and dun have the Exp to handle the function even with proper briefing before hand as they really need some time to get the proper attitude.Some may be due to shortage of staff which u can find out during the first course presentation..Normal table ratio for a dinner is 1 waiter to 1 or 2 tables and 2 to 3.Imagine having to attend to more than 20 ppl if there is a shortage of staff.But some staff simply have A.P(try to bring this up to the Bqt. operation or sales manager about this matter or hold ur Wed. during Sch. holidays when there will be more ppl avilliable to work.Find out about the staffing of the place and tell the opertion manger what u'll expect for the night e.i Drinks to be topped so ur guest can have something to "do" other than sitting around waiting to be served because waiting can be boring n catching up on old times can be thirsty.)

*Rooms : Try to check in early to avoid what happen to the unpleasnt Exp. that happened in the earlier posting as more time allowence is avil. for sudden situtions.Make it a point to Check the ballroom early be4 the final coordination with the Ops. Manger,in this way,things can be changed to what u have in mind without the flops of last mintue work.The best timming will be from 3.30pm to 4.30pm 4 viewing the ballroom.Hand overs are offten a big headach for couples as posted in others postings,try to note down what was comfirmed earlier on so that u will not forget anything and it provides and overview of what will be done on that day.Alway check on the operation side b4 heading to the sales side because there is no such things as a "perfect" event order and there will always be mis-communications between sales n Ops. to a certian degree.

*MCs 4 the big day : It is best to rehearse with the mic to test the sound system and for better preformace. My advice is,if those who were attending the dinner are all chinese,try to skip the english part because there is no point in repeating thing all over again.Make it a point to check on the sound system..Ü

*Music for the monent : If u r bringing ur own songs for the march ins and tostings, stick a small piece of paper with the traks u wish to use written on it.What if the song u wanted wasn't played?Well,just play cool,the truth is no ones knows about it!Even if someone knows about it,u can count them with ur fingers. :Þ

*Corktails : In most places, it starts at 7pm and ends at 8pm.Just tell the Ops. manager that all the guest attending ur function all very dear to to,so u hope that they can at least be welcomed with a drink after signing the guest book n their juorny there. This will alert them of what u expect to see during the corktail.

*Planning of time : Let me give u guys the usaul time table for what happens be4 and during the function..

1200-1730 : Setting up of the ballroom
1730-1800 : Dinner for staff
1800 : More staff reports to work
1800-1900 : Row call and briefings
1900-2000 : Guest to arrive n corktial
2000-2030 : Guest to be sitted n attendence taken
no. of
2030-2230 : Expected starting n endding of
2230-2300 : Guest leaving n clearing takes place

I hope what i've posted could be of any help to others because all i read was complains for the unlucky ones and comments for the lucky ones,anyone can have a shitty day at anywhere n at any time.All the best to all those are getting married soon... Ü
All that i've said is from my point of view,i applogise for any offence made to any one with this posting..


Hi [email protected],

Thanks for providing such a detail outline of what's going-on on a normal wedding setup. I believe it is very helpful to our preparation of the "Big" day.

I wonder is it OK to do a RSVP 2-3 days b4 the banquet to remind pple to attend our wedding puntually? I think it's ok to call up friends and tell them to be punctual, but how abt relatives or parent's friends? They r our elders, is it ok to remind them to be puntual?
Hi blue ocean,

It will be better to call up and say that -u really hope that they will attend ur dinner and remind them at the same time to be there at around 7.00pm to "see the bride n take photo" b4 the place gets pack.For elders, leave some to ur parents to do the talking, maybe u can say that they can come early to get the seats facing the stage b4 they "run out". Photo taking with friends or relatives (not the table to table photo shots) n good seats might be good "plots" to have them to come early, let ppl know that u want them to come for ur dinner, play with ur words abit.. let them know about the cocktial if it's not writen on the invi. card n try to clearify on the location part,ppl dun go to hotels to do their shoopings...heehee.. Sad to say that there is no %100 way to "make" ppl come early.It's all in the mind -ai ya,never start so early one lah- the killer thought... If they really turn up early,just try to do what u promise on the phone and entertain them abit to let them know u appreciate them 4 doing so,it's the E.Q. thingy.. :Þ

All the best for ur wedding day and i hope that all things will turn up well... Ü


Hi [email protected],

Thanks for the useful advice and your well wishes. We'll think of some good reasons for them to be punctual for our banquet


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Hi Wayne,
I just went down to see ballroom over the weekends, I must said that the location is very centralize, price is reasonable, it is a bit pity to said without the pillar , that ballroom will be 100% perfect. But the most important food are prepared by their chinese rest. that's make my parents comfortable.


Hi all,

Kinda worrying to hear so much unpleasant comments about Carlton. Thinking of signing with Carlton hotel coz location convenient.

Hope to hear some kind recent comments...or any




I have signed up my dinner package with Carlton. So far I think food is good and location is centralise. My wedding is in Oct 02 and the banquet manager has changed from Isnarny to another lady. Preferred the previous though.


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When did you sign up for your package? IS it a weekend package? Do you mind telling me how much per table you paid for and any freebies???

I also signed up with Carlton. My wedding is in Nov 02. Felt that the ceiling is a bit low and of cos' the 4 pillars but liked the food from Wah Lok restaurant



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hi all,
my dinner is oso @ Carlton, 2 wks from now : ) Reasons for choosing Carlton are similar - convenience of location + award-winning Wah Lok restaurant. However, some of my guests got mixed up with Ritz-Carlton, so need to emphasise that it's the one opposite Chijmes/Raffles Hotel.

I've got the ballroom (level 2) layout plan & find it a little weird that there's a table on each side of the stage. Wondering who should I place there?

hi SLG, if u r thinking of booking Carlton, I maybe able to share my experience after end Sep



I am paying $698 nett per table for the weekend package. Freebie is the additional night stay and 1 free table.

How abt yours?


hi yukic

my dinner is on weekday, paying 618 nett per table. not much freebies lah. got one extra nite though. any things to look out for ? care to share ?

quite worried abt this mix-up thing too. dats y i decided to be a little hardworking lor. print a map and enclose together wif my invitation card. heh !

ok lah, do share wif us ur experience soon ! looking forward to it. last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS !!


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HI, Who did you all talked to? i didn't get any extra one night stay and an extra table... Who is your co-ordinator and when did you all booked the banquet?? Hmm,..... maybeI should also negotiate for more... Hee.

Thanks and Congrats too.



Hi Wiz

I booked my package with Isnanry who has already resigned. The extra night and table is becos I booked with them during their bridal show last year.

Did you pay the same price too?

Congrats to you too. When's your wedding?



Hi Yukic & FYI

Thank you very much...look forward to hear from you after your BIG DAY!!

My sincere congratulations to both of you, too!

BTW..I kay poh abit..which wedding package did you all sign with?...



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Hi Yuki, FYI and SLG,

I signed the weekend $698 package too but I didn't get any freebies at all. Anyway... think it is a bit too late... Did you go to take a look at the suite? Do you all like it? The one that I went to see is at the old wing. I wonder if we could get the one at the new wing..... Didn't even get a chance to view that one. I booked with Isnarny... now my co-ordinator is Peggy...

Why did you gals choose Carlton? Be,cos of the food??? I don't really fancy the ballroom... quite a bit of blockage... but it really looks quite posh on the outside... better after the renovation


When is your wedding date


Hi Yuki, Wiz and SLG

I have not seen the bridal suite yet and of course hope to get the one over at the new wing. As for ballroom, I feel that it is just normal. Nothing really special. Hope that when they actually set up the whole place it will look better.


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hi all, thanks for the well wishes

mine is oso the wkend pkg (level 2 ballroom), but after changing 2 of the dishes, it becomes $728. So far, I've yet to meet up with Peggy - the coordinator, as I was caught up with work on each of the appointments. My MIL was there & says the bridal suite is nice, so I trust her lor. The only freebie I got was the extra table.
If u haven't book yet, one thing u might wanna negotiate is the no of invitation cards Carlton gives, 50% I think. It wasn't enough for me.
The level 2 ballroom was quite presentable when I went there prior to booking, with the entire place setup for a wedding dinner that evening. But one consideration was that the reception area wasn't that spacious.
If u book level 4 ballroom, u might even negotiate to use the open air little garden for ur reception area
Place candles there & it can become quite romantic, provided the weather permits. Just my thots.


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Wiz, FYI
Are your wedding banquet held in year 2002? My package is $728.

Yep yep the ballroom on the 2nd level has 4 gigantic ugly pillars and the foyer area is narrow n odd. But the hotel lobby is nice n grand. Couple dun have to share foyer area. The candelier in the ballroom is very nice. The comments on the food from wak Lok restaurant is very good. Considered the pros n cons before I chose Carlton.
Do u gals mean the bridal suite in the new wing is better??
BTW u gals considered taking studio photos in Carlton?


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Hi Shook

My wedding is also held in Carlton. Such a coincident that we have the same bridal studio and hotel.

My package is $698 nett for this year's wedding. So you are paying $728 nett for next year?



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Hihi acquarius 888
Here we meet again
. Think we have dat yuan fen
Perhaps we meet again during honeymoon

Ya my package is $728 for next year's package. Juz signed up on Wed.
Who is your banquet manager? Could u give me some feedback after your dinner, please


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Hihi acquarius 888
Okie. Then we can discuss both bridal package n wedding banquet. U r my senior in terms of both of them, got a lot to learn from u


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Hi Shook

Juz in case you get my email address wrong

after aquarius is a underscroll followed by 888

aquarius_888 then followed by


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Hihi acquarius 888
Sorry I din send u email soon coz I was fairly busy at work. Reply u lao. Look forward to your reply.


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Hi Shook

I did not get the email leh. Did you get the right email address? cos I see you type my nick as acquarius 888 and not aquarius_888.


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Hihi Aquarius_888
Finally, managed to get to this thread. Saw your name on the newest postings, but can't get to this thread.
I noticed my mistake when I sent the email to u
, so I corrected your email address to [email protected] and sent one more time. Din receive your reply. Thot u r busy preparing 4 your wedding.
Perhaps u email me at [email protected]


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hi all,
Finally my wedding dinner @ Carlton is over! For those interested in the hotel, or those whose banquet is coming, I've some experience to share... Do check with the hotel the waiter-to-table ratio. On my wedding day, there were 2 dinners, one was mine on the 2nd floor (40 tables) & the other on the 4th level, so I guess the hotel was short-handed & the service was not up to mark. There was also some problem in the coordination amongst the staffs as there was a rather long wait after our 1st march-in before the 1st dish was served. As for the food on that night, altho' it was better than the food tasting but still it's not up to its award-winning name that the restaurant deserves. The above are my personal experiences & fyi only.


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Hi Yukic,

I will be having my banquet at Carlton. Just want to ask if it was very cramp for you. How many tables did you have? Were many of the tables blocked? Heard that many of the waiters and waitresses are Malays. Is it true, of cos' not that I racist... just wondering if it is true.

So did you make a complaint? So far, did everything go according to your plans...any hiccups? How is the bridal suite?