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Is any1 gg to BKK next mth?

Wld u consider pulling out or change your travel date given the current situation there

Had called my travel agency to ask if i could refund/change my travel date but was told cannot unless BKK airport was shut down again

WTH! means i still got to go even if the riot gets worse

pls share ur tt cos im quite kan cheong nw thou i still ve sometime awy frm my actual travel date


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Hi Jen

I juz came back abt 1 week plus.. Its not as kua zhang as what is shown on the news. I still enjoyed throughout my whole shopping trip. And i think they have somehow 'settled' down le ba..


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Hi Jen,

Incase of Emergency, Singapore Embassy in Thailand
Address :
129 South Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10120

Telephone : 02 - 286 2111, 02 - 286 1434

Fax : 02 - 286 6966, 02 - 287 2578
E-Mail : [email protected]

Operational Hours :
Monday to Friday: 9.00 am to 12.00 pm; 1.00 pm to 5.00 pmSaturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Singaporeans who require urgent consular assistance after office hours should call Duty H/P No. (66) 81-844-3580.


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can anyone please help?I am looking to go to Bangkok around Aug and I want to know which hotel I can stay at, a good central location with easy access to their MRTs (equivalent to Orchard maybe) - my budget is around $76 per night - someone fairly nice (preferably not Asia hotel though).Thanks everyone!


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Hi all,

Anyone stayed in Grand Watergate hotel before? I need to chose between Samran place and this hotel. Read the reviews and found this hotel not bad, any better suggestion? I will travelling with my girl friend, we only need a decent and safe place to sleep as most of the time we will do shopping.

tks, Jenny


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Hi JennyNg
about <a href="">Grand Watergate Hotel Bangkok</a> and <a href="">Samran Place Hotel Bangkok</a> I think the Samran Place is suite you more

because this Nearby Attractions.

* Asia Hotel (by walk) : 5 minutes
* Siam Discovery &amp; Siam Square Shopping Center (by car) : 15 minutes
* Mah Boon krong (by car) : 15 minutes
* Donmuang International Airport (by car) : 40 minutes
* Suwannabhumi Airport (by car) : 60 minutes
* Jomtien beach (by car) : 80 minutes

easy for shopping right?


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Hi all,

Do we still need to pay the tax at the aiport when we depart from Bangkok? How much is it? hav't been going to BKK for 4 yrs so dun know is there any changes...
Thanks in advance....


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Hi gers,

josie - you dun have to pay tax anymore, cos' it is already included in your return tax. it used to be 500btt. Now no need,

Michelle, you can try Bangkok City Inn.. it's near Big C, quite cheap. S$50 per nite. 3* hotel... I like the price cos' it is convenient. Walking distance 5 mins to platinum mall.


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thanks blanqq,

erm, how about the duration frm bkk to pattaya or bkk to koh samui? is it very long? and wad transport can i take?


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I didn't travel to pattaya or koh samui. I usually only stay for 3 days enough for my shopping spree.

Sorry, Can't help u on these..


S'porean charged $100 for cab ride in Bangkok
AsiaOne | Tue, Nov 10 2009

Cabby deliberately takes tourists to Patpong instead of Kao Shan market and hands them exorbitant bill.

A Singaporean tourist was charged $100 for a taxi ride in Bangkok and deliberately brought to the wrong destination by the cabby.

The incident, which occurred three weeks ago, was reported by a local female blogger called Yu Le Yuan (, the Shin Min Daily News said on Friday.

According to the blog, she and her friends had hopped into a red-coloured taxi flagged down by the hotel concierge, on the evening of their third day of holiday in Bangkok.

She said they were wary of taxis that "asked for a fixed rate (which was usually more expensive than running the meter)" so hence chose their cabs carefully.

This driver agreed to use the meter and so they got in and asked to go to the Kao Shan night bazaar.

During the journey, however, the cabby repeatedly tried to persuade them to go to the night market found at Patpong instead, a famous red-light district in the Thai capital.

Despite his claims of Patpong being near and fun, the blogger felt differently and they declined his offer.

"After zipping around a few streets, we were told to alight because 'we have reached our destination'." she said.

The fare? A whopping 2550 Thai baht ($106) which left them shocked.

She glanced out the vehicle window and read a sign saying "Patpong".

"The fare surge was ridiculous and I totally had no idea how the driver did it," she wrote.
They refused to pay the exorbitant bill, dropped some 100 Thai baht ($4) instead and got off. The group stormed through the Patpong night bazaar and found another cab - a pink-coloured one - which eventually took them to Kao Shan market.
"The driver was listening to English music and could somehow understand the ordeal we’ve just been through."

"Pink cabs are the most reliable, the other coloured cabs like those yellow/green/whatever ones, you’ve got to judge."

Do the cab colours in Bangkok really determine their trustworthiness? Read on to find out.


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I tried Ascott Sathorn during my last trip to BKK last month, real value for $$$
Opposite the hotel is Healthland Spa also, just walk across for a massage to sooth your tired and aching legs after a long shopping day. Can give it a try =)


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Hi there

Does any1 here kws hw can i source for 1-day transport in BKK

Meaning tis transporter can bring us to whichever venue tat me and my hubby wan 2 go

I dun tink i ever heard any1 had the above arrangement asked in this thread b4 so if u do kw, pls share with me the contact



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Hi all,

i letting go this 3 night stay at banyan tree bangkok, Grand Club Suite at half price. the usual price for 3 night stay is $1300,

i am willing to let go at $600, email me at [email protected] if you are keen. the voucher is valid from now till 22 Aug 2010.

All Grand Club Suites come with a separate living room, spacious bedroom and functional working area. Furnished with elegant contemporary Thai designs of silk and wood and decorated with locally sources object d'art, the Grand Club Suite is the ideal place for your lifestyle needs.

THB 9,100.00
per night


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Hi, we're back from BKK trip yesterday.. I would advise those going to BKK to be wary of the tuk tuk &amp; other taxis beside the pink color one. Coz we are always over charged by the tuk tuk and brought to wrong destination by yellow cab. From my observance, I felt pink cab is the safest one.

The tuk tuk will charged you 20 baht to plantium mall (from baiyoke) which is actually a very short distance away..but u must go visit a jewellery shop before u reach plantium mall..when we refused..he said then 200baht if we wanna go platinum mall.. they can all eat "shit" pardon me ya.. but I was feeling very angry..there are a few more instances..
1 day before we flew home, we ask the tuk tuk to bring us to platinum mall again..he told us that he bring us to a fashion mall opp platinium mall and we are already on his tuk tuk..and u noe the fashion mall which he claimed is a small tailor's not a FASHION MALL and it's not exactly opp platinium mall..we wasted some time in there listening and pestering by the sales staff there..when we told the sales that we wanna think about it..he said all sort of stuff like "once customer is out of the shop, they will never return back..and he never trust those customers telling him that" and he said further that "Asian ppl are not rich and so he offer a very good deal..better deal than to those Ang moh" hey WTH, he is obviously turning his customers away by saying all these..anyway the so-called "good deal" he gave us is 4900baht for a suit,pant,shirt &amp; a tie..but I told my hubby to "eng chiu" him only..the more he talk, the more I can't stand explaining to him coz he never give us a chance to say our piece so I walk out of the shop but my hubby still stand there trying to explain..which I felt it's not necessary..anyway he said enough to turn me off liao..then after we board the tuk tuk..we tell the tuk tuk guy off for bringing us to such place and wasted our time..he kept quiet..and dropped us off opp platinum mall instead of beside the mall..
Another experience is we told the yellow cab that we wanna go to a night market but he said evening time have traffic he bring us go eat authentic thai food, we told him we wanna try those street food, not restaurant type..but he eventually bring us to a thai chinese restuarant and the bill came up to around 1000 baht for 1 tom yam kung,1 pineapple fried rice &amp; a plate of vegges..hey the yellow cab did not ask us for the cab fare too and disappear instead of waiting for us and he also never appear at our hotel to pick us up to go night market.. so that should say enough for the "experience" we had during our bkk's a great place for shopping and spa massage.. just TRY your best to hail PINK cab instead of tuk tuk or other color cabs..

Happy holidaying...stay safe...


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Hi hi,

Anyone selling your leftover Thai Bahts. If yes, please pm me. If rates are good, then I'll get from you rather than the money changer.



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hey all,

just wondering if anyone has been to chinatown and if its crowded on weekends? didn't really wan to go on days when its less crowded.. haha...

Thanks =)


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It depends where you actually are. Yesterday i changed money in close Nana Station. But when i was at Asok station (see bts map) i found a good rates in Terminal 21 - shopping center. I am located close 51 Sukhumvit Soi 26 in one hostel and there was one exchange place close to the bank too.