Any comments on Sealy Mattress


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Hello all,

For backache problem, I guess I should go for the following 3 brands right?

- Sealy Grande (around 3.6k)
- Simmons Ultimate Supreme
- Dunpillo mattress latex top

Anybody tried these 3?

Can give some feedbacks? Thanks.


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Hi Diaodu,

I bot Sealy Grande in May but it will only be delivered in Dec/Jan 07. Depending on when we AN CHUAN. :p

My hb and me hv backache problem. So we find this comforting when we lie on it...Simmons Ultimate Supreme is also good but exp...more exp than Sealy Grande.

Where did u see the sealy grande? at robinsons? cos now they hv promotion at 20% off selling price + additional $200 off.

I hv not tried Dunpillo though so no comment.


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Thanks Lyn.

I got backache problem. Actually I dont' know anything about mattress.

Also, I didn't know about Dunpillo until my relative told me about it. He's in furniture line so he said this is one of the good brands.

Just now logged on and tried to do some research and saw that most pple recommended Sealy Grande and Simmons Ultimate supreme.

Maybe I will ask him about it. Thanks...


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Hi Diaodu,

U and ur hb have to try on each mattress to find one tat will suit u all. :p

We tried many then decided on Sealy Grande.


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Dear All,

For mattress, currently I only know few brands.
Four star,
Magic Koil.
Although I cant compare them as they have different range of products.
But if I compare apple to an apple........
Latex to latex but different brand which brand above is value for $.


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well let me give u all some advices i have done research for the 3 Ss(simmons ,sealy,serta).

For simmons they r renowned for the support for their original pocketed coil technolgy .Simmons is the first that bring in individual pocketed coil decades ago it is the orginal only orginal pocketed coil are pre-compressed. I know u all dont understand. For example when we pre-compresses a coil from a 7 inches(Simmons have the highest coil height in the market) to a stardard height simmons set, the coil actually will be insisting on getting up so we slp on the mattress we can feel the support.Imported from USA,Japn,Korea,Canada,OEM malaysia,OEM China n OEM Thailand

Sealy entered Singapore market not very long Sealy are renowned for their Posturepedic coil we call it open coil all the coils are fully connected with wire.Posturepedic coil have sensory arm n triple off set it is said to be able to adjust to the correct alignment for our body.Sealy mattresses are mostly very comfortable.Sealy is the world's best selling mattress. Total Sales figures (world no. 1) Sealy + its two other sub companies.Sealy also have very wide price range(cheap to very expensive)as compared to Serta n Simmons.Most range Asemble in Thailand.Only some Unicase(expensive) from USA

Serta is the youngest in Singapore mattress industry compare with the other 2.Serta is renowned for its mira coil technology is also name open coil fully connected with wire among the coil, n their comfort level for mattress.If serta says it is no.2 no one dare to compete with it for comfort level.But Serta these recent years did come out with their pocketed coil series for their mattresses.Serta did also won the title (We make the world's best mattress).Most range asembled in indonesia. practise OEM(original equipment manuafacturing).Some from USA.

Well If u wanted support higher can go for Simmons,if u wanted Comfort level higher go for Sealy or Serta open coil(motion transfer high) are used to make soft n comfortable mattresses.If you want support n no motion transfer between u n ur partner can go for Individual pocketed coil.If u only more concern about enjoying of comfort level 3 minutes before u slp u can go for open-coil Sealy or Serta.Only Simmons USA range can be compatible to Sealy n Serta for the comfort level.If u r more concern about the 8 hrs of sleep u will need good support u can go for Simmons.Choose a mattress according to what your needs.Hope it will help u to choose a mattress wisely


wow, what a load of sweeping nonsense. pocket coils have been around for ages - early 1900s - and i believe it was sealy which first bought all the patents around it. if you shop around, there are many variants of pocketed springs mattresses. some are very inexpensive. think about it, how difficult is it to cover springs with soft containers?

ALL major brands of mattress try to come up with models that will appeal to individual preferences. you can't say simmons or sealy is better for (partner's) comfort/back pain support because it is this or that. surely a $8k simmons is more different from a $2k simmons than a $8k sealy. and please, don't believe the taglines! we make world's best mattress... haha. i am sure the ten of thousands dollars rich folks spent on their customized mattresses can't compare with a store-bought serta.

a generally observation is that singaporeans tend to buy way-too-hard mattresses thinking they are good for the back. when the reverse is true, too-hard mattresses don't provide adequate support for the curve of the back.


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hi.. i made a deposit for luxembourg at robinson..till now, still deciding between luxembourg and san marino..
wat a dilmena..
have not delivered so still can think about it


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<font color="aa00aa">Mebbie,

Luxembourg is new series for Sealy?? First time hearing this name...guess shd be new range for them.

How much r they selling it now? Btw, wat is the price for san marino now?? From wat i understand, they raise the selling price of their mattress in Jul/Aug period.

I had placed an order for Grande in Jun last yr. Delivery is next sat, and our an chuan is on 15 jan...they better make sure they dun deliver the wrong mattress or get the wrong date.

Cos one of my fren kena wrong delivery issue. Supposed to delivery on a sat but they din turn up. So in the end, they hv to arrange another day for delivery.</font>


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It's confirmed that Robinson card holder will get $200 extra discount on 2k or more purchase. Only valid from Fri to Sun this week.

Good time to get good Mattress now..


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hehe...yup, esp the GST is gg to increase in Jul so try to get those big/exp item b4 Jul.

I also gt my Sealy mattress from Robinsons. Service gd.


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Hey...i feel review of the mattress may varies with individuals ,so i guess the best is to go there and lie on the bed.

From what i heard from those "expert",when testing on bed, don't be shy on lying down..unless u wear short skirt haha, be made sure that u r lying in the 3 common actual sleeping position, if u are side sleeper,made sure u do that too..and also don't test more than 3 different type of mattress a day cause it may confuse u as there will feel the same after that.

Me also bought a sealy monte carlo at robinson sale on wife is the one who choose the mattress cause she know that i 'm ok with every mattress as she know i can sleep anywhere even the floor due to my army all terrain trained sleeping condition..haha


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Hi, i have a Dunlopillo Orthorest : Viscopedic Mattress to let go at $900. Used for only 3 months and the plush top is brand new as I actually flipped it over(as the plush top is too plush for my hubby). I can give you the pillow top and the bedframe for free too...

Bought at Courts at $1574. If interested, do email me at [email protected]...


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using 'Atlantis' for a couple of weeks now. For me, i feel very comfortable on the bed, it is soft yet giving the support needed. My hubby, who weighs over 100kg still not used to the softness


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Anyone have comments on Sealy Grand Excellenc-(Taka), Queensbury-(sleep boutique) and St Lucia-(Harvey Norman-Millenia)??


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I have been using sealy mattress. It is alrdy 5yrs and still in gd condition. Good n reliable mattress


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hi jamie,

Can share where u purchase beddings?
Sealy mattress thickness is ard 14inch, we had difficulty sourching for beddings...

Our sealy mattress will arrive end of this year, should have plenty time to source for suitable beddings.

Thanks melissa.


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hi ryanmel,

I got my sealy from IMM, looking forward to the delivery next mth.
Yah, sealy mattress is ard 14 inch. and the bedsheets range around 100+ if there's no discounts.
The saleslady told us just get two sets will do.

Where did you get yours?


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Just purchased my Sealy mattress yesterday. Had the same concern and asked the sales consultant. Was advised that generally bedsheets with 36cm breadth should be safe; if it's bigger, can just tuck the excess in.

Was told yesterday that Tangs was having a sale on bedsheets, prices going for as low as $39.90. Not sure when the sale ends though


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Hie forummers who have purchased matresss,

Is there really an effect buying very high(>3k)matress or buying those lower range matress? Does it really help ur back?
Do share ur experince

Im planning to buy Sealy Mayfair, costing about 2.3k @ the gallery in IMM.


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Hi Jamora,

Good decision on the Mayfair.

It really makes a difference to have a good mattress, I used to have a regular spring mattress and it had no support at all and when I changed to something firmer it was uncomfortable.

Ended up getting something that had a good spring system but still comfortable.


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curry, i am using sealy polarville. if you like a bit soft to medium firm... this is the bed for you. I love it alot. It feels really comfy sleeping on it.


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I bought my first matress ensemble just over 10 years ago when i moved out of home, and it was a Sealy Posturepedic mattress
I definately got 10 years worth out of it for the 1K i spent, though it is quite a bit softer now than when i got it. It now lives in the guest bedroom, but i have a lie down on it everynow and then and it still feels soooo nice to me compared to my BF's mattress. It is a LOT of money to spend when you're young but choose wisely and look after it and it will last you well.

I had to store mine on its side when i went to Europe for 3 months, and it was never as good after that i thought. Choose a good firm one, and you'll be happy.


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We bought a Sealy Amberly is firmer than it felt at the store, but there is literally NO movement when my husband gets in the bed. He is a big guy, so this is quite an accomplishment IMO. Of course time will tell, but I was very pleased with it. And this was after 3 months of looking and testing mattresses.
Good luck--it's a very individual decision!


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Hi everybody!

I have a dilemma!! Juz went to IMM to c mattress,end up I can't make up my mind between Simmons or Sealy mattress. Both r within my budget though the Sealy one is cheaper by ard $200.Both comes with bed frame and the Sealy one will come with mattress protector and 2 pillows.The Simmons saleperson was saying she will b able to throw in some other freebies though i m not sure wat.
So i need to c some comments from current users of these 2 brands of mattresses whether r u happy with your mattress and wat series did u buy.thanx!
Hi Andrea,

I have very recently bought a Sealy Vintage Pillowtop for my matrimonial bed. Me and HTB only compared between 1 to 2 brands, because for me, I have been sleeping on a Sealy single bed (since I was a young girl) and up till now the bed is as good as new. Thus, I am a supporter of Sealy!

If you talk to the Sealy salesperson, they will explain to you their patented mattress system and this is different from other brands.

Try to ask for 2 more pillows and 1 more mattress protector..

Not sure if the model you want is available from Courts. Now I think they are having some promotion...we bought ours from there too..

Hope this helps


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Anyone here can share when is the best period to buy mattress to take advantage of the promotions? Am considering king koil, Serta n probably sealy. Is CNY promo better or wait for GSS? Buy Fr robinsons/taka/Harvey or go to individual distributors?


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im also looking for a new mattress urgently. Newly pregnant &amp; the pregnancy is giving me aches all over the body.


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Mattresses returned through the 100 Night Trial offer are donated to selected charities chosen at the sole discretion of Onebed.

They value the relationship which they have with their beloved customers and are committed to respecting the confidentiality of your personal information. All goods sold in Australia come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have guaranteed legal rights for goods and services you purchase. They are fast repliers for your queries, once you ask them questions, you will receive answers within no time. read more about our next article here


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In the first plc, I m thinking of getting a king koil queen size mattress. After yesterday when I went to harvey norman, the salesman recommended me Sealy Mattress. After lying down, I feel its more comfortable than king koil but the price is very expensive.

The one which I like for King Koil is $1500 but Sealy is $1999.

So I am wondering anyone have any comments on Sealy Mattress before I decide coz me &amp; my hubby are worrying whether will it last long as we didn't know much abt Sealy brand.

Pls help

Just dun take their FREE bed frame? Else, may have termites like mine after 4 years:

Then the only service from @SealyAsiaSingapore after 2 weeks is Lip Service:

- Coz Termites in their FREE bed frame does not feed on mattress.
- So no need for them to send someone from HQ to check / clean.
- And if still worried, we can give you 20% off for your next mattress.

Thank you for the "Premium" service after spending $3,000 as well as "valuable" science lesson though they agreed with me that termites do move through the mattress.

Such a SILLY response from @SealyMattress / @SealyThailand / @SealyAsiaSingapore

Apparently, I'm not the only victim, so free stuffs are never good:



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hello brothers and sisters... me and my wife have been searching for a good mattress for around one month now, we see many brands already like simmons and serta, their mattress is good but the salesperson not very friendly... anyways we headed down to TradeHub 21 in Jurong yesterday to have a look. Stumbled upon this shop called Plan B which sold Englander mattress, their sales person was also super friendly, he was a very young teenager, which was surprising since most of the sales people in the furniture industry is from the older generation haha... his service also really good!! super friendly and patient even though we ask a lot of questions haha. in the end we decided to get our bed from him, we strongly encourage you to head down and have a look from him if you are looking for a bed. i also attached his name card so do look for him yah!! WhatsApp Image 2020-10-01 at 11.23.52 AM.jpeg