Tips on how to look good on your wedding day & every other day!


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Hello ladies!!

I would like to share with you some tips on how to look your best not only during your wedding but also every other day!

1) Drink lots of water! Yes, this is extremely important.
Drinking lots of water will helps your skin to glow! Not only on your face, but your overall skin complexion! Before 1 month of your D-day, whack water! You can really tell the differences, I promise!

2) Taking beauty supplement
Some of us have dull skin, pigments and worse of all, ACNE ON OUR CHEST AND BACK!
I'm sure you wanna wear some low back dresses or something really attractive right? All of these dresses usually show more skin.
It's really awkward to have acne on our bodies!
Beauty supplement can really improve your complexion from head to toe. I personally believe in clearing and detox from "inside out"

3) Having the right make up look
Engaging the right MUA is really important. Find someone who does a good EYE make up. I believe you’ve seen and feel that the brides make up looks weird.
Get your eyebrow done beforehand. Drawing eyebrow is the toughest part of make up and eyebrow really can enhance your facial features! So don’t underestimate your eyebrows.
Wedding pictures and banquet pictures are all for lifetime. I’m sure you do not want to look back at your photos and find that your eyebrow is unbalance.
Go for eyebrow tint or eyebrow embroidery, which you can look good not only on your D-day but also everyday!
Where should you get your brows? It depends on you. I’m a brow beautician myself, and you can view my works at Instagram
I do more natural looking brows and have done lots of restructuring of brows for lots of ladies and men.

4) Try to avoid eyelash extension
I did eyelash extension for almost whole of my life and on my wedding day, I still have my extension on. And omg, my eyes looks super heavy and small on all the pictures!! The biggest regret ever..

5) Wearing comfortable heels
On my wedding day, I wear only 2cm heel lol. I was really comfortable the entire night. I can walk freely around. No point for me to get expensive heels if my dress is going to cover the heels. Just get a shimmer heels anywhere. You can just borrow expensive heels if you have to from your friends for your videos.

Hope all these tips helps! All are based on my personally experience.
And also, I've attached some pictures of my eyebrow embroidery works.

Feel free to DM me if you need any help!


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