Half Price! King Koil Queen Bed of Roses Everlasting (still in original packaging)


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Hi, my HTB and I bought this Queen mattress from Robinson's last Oct (only he has slept in it), and it's still in its original packaging. It's very comfortable - his back pain has stopped! - but because he tosses at night, we LOVE the bed so much that we're upgrading to a king size :)

Looking for fast sale (needs to go by Oct) at $2500 (original cost $5.5k+), will include 2 high end pillows and bolster all from Robinsons in original condition. Queen mattress with storage bedframe (using durable Nyatoh wood with German-made hydraulic pump! - better than what you get from the stores). Have tested queen-size mattress from all the high end brands (Sealy-Serta-Simmons-King Koil) and performance wise this has almost NO disturbance from a tossing partner. The Everlasting bed is the highest end of 3 beds available in the Bed of Roses range (normal, Eternity, Everlasting)

Please PM me if keen :)

Here are the specs:
- Individual 5 zone pocketed spring system
- microgel alternative down (feels like pure goose down)
- visco elastic foam, space technology
- improves blood circulation and reduces pressure points
- 100% natural latex, hypoallergenic protection
- open cell structure for air circulation
- high density resilience foam padding
- unique wallguard system
- chiropractor endorsed sleep system
- turn free technology
- 15 years warranty


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Just to clarify, the mattress has never been taken out of its packaging, so it is as clean as the day it came out of the warehouse :) Robinsons @ the Heeren has a sample bed which is where we bought it from