Any advise on selecting a suitable mattress ?


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almost same. depends on your own feeling...

I decided to buy Beautyrest Glendale Non-flip a week ago... but end up I bought king koil ultimate posture presidential visco-elastic King size divan set from Robinson @ $3155. Hopefully it's worthy.


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No problem. I guess its personally preference.

You got to go down and try them out:D

Sealy is just next to Simmon gallery over at IMM


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Hi avocado,
sorrie for the late reply, got to miss yr posting. me, not sure where to find such mattress, sorrie can't help. my bedframe is a beige color. I bought it at $299 fr Star furniture. so maybe one can take a sample look at it shop at Kallang outlet.



just come back from the Simmons Galleries, there have a Simmons Beautyrest Tribute Plush-top similar to Simmons Lakeview.

Except it is 9 inch in thickness for tribute, lakeview is 11 inch.

Current promotion : The cost is $3299 for the mattress and the bed frame only.

What do you all think....

Is there a better buy.

Simmons Beautyrest Tribute Plush-top (Non Flip) from Canada

Simmons Beautyrest Lakeview (Non Flip) from Korea


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hi all..just joined this husband and i are considering either a king koil visco-elastic or a sealy sapphire..anyone has tried one of the 2 models? any feedback?

landsay, noticed that you have placed an order for the king koil viscoelastic one..can share why you decided on that one? thanks.


finally i have get the Simmons Beautyrest Tribute Plush-top (Non Flip) from Canada .

i feel it is better as the thickness of the mattress is only 9 inch, so that it would be not too high after include the bedframe thickness.


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I only paid then after I fully checked the mattress I order. No deposit in advance.

So far, the sale people is very friendly, but the showroom is not very presentable.


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yeah, i just heard it too. Its one of my shortlisted brand with model Grand Royal i think .. $2680. Not sure if this is a good buy.


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ya I also couldnt find anything after a search. I bought a grand royal model. The top is full latex. I guess u need to try the bed before committing..


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my fiance and I had a hard time deciding which matterss to buy because we are layman.

We have consider from low to high range of mattress.

In my personal point of view, brands like 4 star, seahorse are consider hard mattress.

some people say hard mattress are good for spine but some thinks that a mattress must be one that can support our uneven body weight when we lie down. such as a lady will have her weight focus on her buttock and men will have his weight focus on his back.

some mattress has pillow top that gives a soft feeling. some has pocketed spring that claims that there is no disturbance from partner.

every mattress has their own characteristics, so you ought to know what are your needs and also your bugget.

For those couple who is heavy weight, can go for harder mattress. for those who are light weight, can go for softer ones. and those couples who has a weight difference between them, then they should go for middle firm ones.

dun be shy, lie on them, and rotate on them. a good mattress is the one whom you feel well supported evenly on your back and you dun feel like "floating" on top of the mattress - means its too hard for you.


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hi, have anyone heard of Severus mattress??
was told it's from Europe & have been in the market for many years...however did a search on the internet.. nothing found..


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hi BP

your can consider Slumberland, king coil etc. these mattress cost $1000 -$2000+

some people think we are paying more for the brand, some people thing its value for money.

you can take note of newspaper advertisments for sales.

have fun shopping.


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yesterday, my tempur mattress and pillow came.. but i never sleep well.. hopefully its because i'm not used to it.. have been sleeping on those pocketed spring mattresses since young..


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hi hi,
where's the best place to buy mattress?

robinsons, taka, metro all having sale but is it worth it to buy at these departmental shops or the shops selling matresses?


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i think most imptly, you must like that mattress.. so you must really go and try them out at all the different places..

at those big departmental stores, they usually rename the mattress so that you will not find them at the outside bed galleries.. but if you really go compare the materials, maybe you will see similarities..

as for where to buy.. departmental stores got their privilege cards discounts and some may allow 12 to 24 months instalments.. i'm not too sure abt outside galleries...

i went to both to test.. but in the end, i got mine at robinsons.. the customer service.. the mattress.. and the instalment plan they arranged with ocbc robinsion card.. most imptly, they promised me that if prices drop below my purchased price before delivery, they will refund me the difference..

this is good enuf.. for me..


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has anyone bought a getha latex mattress before? we were quoted $2.8K. it's very comfortable but i'm just concerned about how lasting it is and if it traps heat as compared to spring mattresses.


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I just bought my King Koil mattress from Robinsons at Centerpoint.

I tried mattress from Simmons, Sealy, Serta, Slumberland, Dunlopillo, King Koil & unkown brands before deciding. Tried at small shops as well as galleries and Robinsons. Overall, I feel the Robinsons one is still the most comfy. Even the King Koil ones at different places have differences. Some subtle but the feeling after lying there for 15 mins or more is a bit different.

I tried the mattress that I eventually bought about 4-5 times: weekday lunch time, weekend (start of shopping trip), weekend (end of shopping trip), weekend (mid of shopping trip).

My advice: Try all different kinds and at different types of places (small shop, gallery, departmental stores). Dun listen too much to what salesmen say. Trust your own feeling. If try one day not enuff, try a few times.


Hi Fifi & Min,

I also bought my King Koil at the recent Robinsons sale too. The salesman show us their records n indeed the prices hv been increasing. So guys are there better go get it nw.

Which model did u gals get, can share. Mine is the individual pocketed with latex on top, the european top.