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Paid a good $7,500 sgd in total for a Japan pre-wedding package in May 2016, including a $1,500 surprise proposal video/photoshoot one day before the pre-wedding shoot.

1. Since they were unwilling to waive the surprise shoot unlike most other studios, I went ahead and paid an extra $1,500 due to the comprehensive services available (gowns and suits rental, MUA, photographer, wedding album etc) and in hope of a quality surprise shoot/video.

But oh my god they used a selfie stick + iPhone to video the moments even though I had explicitly told them that I expected something more professional such as a camcorder. Therefore, there was no audio throughout the video shoot.

2. The wedding gowns were stunning, I must admit. However, there were not much variety or selection for the groom.

3. Contrary to what most people feel about the photographer Zi En, we felt that he was way too egoistic. Apart from wanting every shoot/pose done his way, he decides on where and when we do the shoot. No discussions, opinions or suggestions please, otherwise he'll give you a black face with an irritated look.

Oh yes, we ended up looking away from the camera with hands in our pocket 80% of the time, lol.

4. On the other hand, thumbs up to their Taiwanese MUA (I forgot her name) for being so dedicated and taking care of my wife while ensuring she looked her prettiest throughout the shoot!

5. Ivy was terrible. We really regretted asking her along for the shoot because we really couldn't recall any help she provided except for taking up a space in the car.

6. There was zero effort on their part to research on locations suitable for the pre-wedding shoot even though we clearly mentioned we would be going to Osaka (for Osaka Castle) then Kyoto (for Arashiyama Bamboo Grove). What was more interesting is that when enquired about shooting at Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Ivy got their "consultant" to speak to us and he insisted that the place to park to the Grove was no less than a 15 min walk, therefore it isn't logical to travel so far since we would most probably in gowns or suits that are heavy and stuffy.

In the end, we insisted and I managed to drive to the Grove and parked like 20 meters away merely using google map-_-

7. Any and every problem we encountered during the Japan pre-wedding shoot turned out to be our problem in the end. According to them, at least. I will never forget the way they push every single problem before/during/after each event or photoshoot to us.

Guys, be careful, you're dealing with saints over here!

8. We were going to continue our holidays in Japan so we asked to negotiate if they could help us bring the huge luggage full of gowns and suits back after the pre-wedding shoot. We didn't even mind topping up for this additional service + the baggage fees but was flatly denied because they insisted that this is the arrangements they have for each and every single couple who signed up with them (to collect and bring the gowns to and from destination and return personally). Despite repeated requests, they were all turned down with zero flexibility or workaround.

Then, when we returned from Japan, I got a call immediately in the afternoon to demand the return of the gowns and suits. If you were indeed so desperate, why couldn't you accommodate the slightest? Ok can.

9. I initially didn't want to make the full payment before receiving all the items in the contract but was coerced to do so with promises such as "we are not like other companies, ...We ensure full satisfaction... We need the full sum before we fly... etc etc". Since I had already paid the deposit, I had no choice but to submit to their request. But it had been 4 days since my actual day wedding and I haven't received the 2 diamond portraits and 1 table top. Hence, the bridal room on our wedding day was left without the most important element - Wedding portrait - to the disappointment of our parents.

We did not want to destroy your reputation or the good reviews you have garnered so far (more about this later) as long as you fulfill your part of the contract but we can't help it now that you guys are worse than we thought you were.

10. We feel that we have the duty to inform the public because looking at their reviews...... Well, that's what gave us confidence to sign up with them too. But as the saying goes, "If it is too good to be true, it probably is."

Now, I highly doubt the authenticity of their reviews. Either that, or these people are like us, being "forced" to do a review (we did a video review in Japan) before getting the wedding items - therefore have to say good things about them.

Ladies and gentleman, I am already trying to be as objective as possible, so try them at your own risk.

I had enough of arguments with you, so I shall see you in CASE, "dream wedding".


Those really interested in their services, do think twice.

Above was my review for them back in Dec 2016 and posted on their facebook page.

Surprisingly, people have started to contact me after that to voice out that they, too, are victims of dream wedding boutique.

Initially, most of them had wanted to skip the hassle or to get over the negative experience, henceforth not pursuing further for the distasteful service provided. However, it was my review which encouraged them to voice out.

Right now, we have started a small group to discuss on further actions and one of which is to lodge a complaint to CASE (and this singaporebrides forum review, of course) to flag this business so that with a substantial number of complaints, CASE will be able to make an in depth query into their operations.

Also, after discussions, we realised that they sometimes do "censor" the reviews by "hiding" or plainly deleting reviews on their facebook page.

Such unscrupulous actions and shows a lot for itself and made us more determined to no longer suffer in silence against them.

All in all, do think twice before signing up anything with them!
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Hi, lately I had extreme bad experience with Dream Wedding as well. May I know did u all file CASE in the end and what is the outcome.