The Aisle Bridal Bad Review 2016 - My happy wedding that unfortunately went wrong


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My fiancée and I had a very negative experience with The Aisle Bridal Boutique. It all started in Sep 2015 when we visited their outlet at Ubi to look at their offered wedding packages. My fiancée and I were approached by a sales lady, Chui Ting. She appeared to be very friendly, honest and sincere. However, you will soon find out that our impression of her was wrong.

First, she walked us through the off-rack wedding gowns and suits. She kept repeating this: "see see, we have a lot of selection right". So after browsing the gowns with our EYES, she sat us down to show us a few photo albums that previous couples have engaged them. Next, she went through their current pre-wedding package as well as actual day wedding package. We told her we need to consider and get back to her another day but she kept asking us what our issue that we are considering is. We frankly told her we just need time to research on other bridal boutiques as this is the only place we have looked into. But she was very persistent. She told us that if we want to compare selection of bridal gowns, they are one that has one of the most selections (this is not true), and that they are the only bridal boutique has this Korean Artz theme. Only bridal shop that can fight with them is Zwedding. Otherwise, we should have nothing to consider. Also, I asked whether I can try the gowns and she told me we can't. Moreover, she said that many bridals don't allow us to try too. Only a few bridals will allow us to try 1-2 gowns (this is not true). Upon hearing that, we kind of come to our consensus that we can consider taking their wedding package because we believed her that any bridal shop we go, we won't be allowed to try the gowns so there was no point to look around at other bridal shops. And the most deciding factor that made us sign the package was when she said any MTM gown I wished to do, they will be able to do it for me at this fixed cost (this is not true). She said they do not have any hidden cost as well. And yes, we signed the package in the end.

Lie no. 1: So now come to our first gown fitting session. I was choosing some gowns to try on and my fiancee picked a few gowns for me too. However, my coordinator told me that some of the gowns I chose will not be able to fit me and there is no point trying them cos they wont be able to alter it to my size. I WAS UPSET because this isn't what Chui Ting said to me. She said all the gowns here I can select for my wedding.

Lie no. 2: While trying some gowns, I asked my coordinator whether I can MTM this particular dress that has French lace throughout the gown. She told me there will be addition cost to it. I WAS STUNT because this was not what Chui Ting has promised me verbally during our conversation. Adding to that, my coordinator told me that they may not be able to ship in some type of lace or materials which I may want. THIS UPSETS ME further because Chui Ting promised us that I can do whatever design I want and they will definitely get it done for me. In the end, my fiancée and I have to go through the trouble with our coordinator to settle this issue and we only manage to get the bridal shop to agree on the fixed cost of MTM. We did not manage to get any type of materials we want for our gown.

Lie no. 3: When selecting gowns for my outdoor shoot, my coordinator told me that they have different selection of gowns for indoor and outdoor. THIS SHOCK me once again. We clearly told Chui Ting that we are going to do our photoshoot mainly outdoor. Only 1 indoor photoshoot for us so the gowns we want need to be outdoor. Again, she lied to us saying the gowns we viewed at the bridal shop can be worn for any photoshoot. Not only that, their selection of gown is limited. Even if u found a nice gown, it doesn’t mean that u can fit into the gown too.

Lie no. 4: During our second visit, we actually saw a couple that was trying several wedding gowns and suits for about 3hr long. When we were about to leave, we realize that this couple had not sign any package with them! THIS IS REALLY UPSETTING as Chui Ting told us we cannot try the gowns.

Lie no. 5: Chui Ting mentioned that if we have issues, we don’t need to worry. Their package is very flexible and we can exchange things inside the package if we want even after signing the package (Not true). Not only that, when we were chatting with our coordinator, she also told us that we can do exchange of stuffs in the package (Not true). Because of this flexibility and some changes in our wedding plans, my fiancée and I wanted to remove some items on the list to exchange of something else. So we talked to our coordinator and guess what.. She said we are not allowed to change anything from our package! UPSET!

I really felt helpless after being deceived by TA bridal. But there was nothing we can do as we had already paid a deposit. Before you sign the package with them, they will treat you like a king, after signing, they will treat you differently. They have totally destroyed our wedding mood and happiness in the planning process.

Anyone who is looking at signing up a wedding package, my best advice is to do your research properly and never believe fully the words of a sales person. Make sure you write down in black and white whatever has been agreed with the sales person before signing it.

In conclusion, you may want to take note of these:

· TA bridal only has 1 in-house photographer. And 1 freelance photographer. Ah Lim only does Pre wedding. Actual day shoots are done by a freelance company who works with TA bridal, whom is jacky.

· There are only 2 types of veil available on the wedding day. So do not believe them if they say they have many different types of veil.

· My make-up artist is xiao Kelly. She is friendly but I must say her skills aren’t very good. She wasn’t able to give me hair style which I want. And she wasn’t able to maintain the hairstyle she did for long. The spray she used isn’t good and my fringe was messy halfway thru the day, it keeps dropping down. My fiancee's hair which was done by her wasn’t the same through out the shoot as it has dropped. In the end on the actual day, my fiancée rather style his own hair himself.

· Chui Ting is a huge liar. She is not able to make any changes to the package after you sign it. All the decisions lie with the manager or boss. Never trust any of her words.